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The Inn Laws (Episode 5) [18+]

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The Inn Laws (Episode 5) [18+]

And then I heard a slap, followed by a yelp.

“The fuck, what was that for?!” I yelled.
“I think it’s time I reminded you who is boss around here
“Izu! Argh!”

And then there was nothing but silence.

But then I noticed Izu’s attention was no longer solely on me. He had seen Otah by the door right as he continued to pound my ass, making me cry out. The more he was pushing into me on autopilot, staring at the doorway – at Otah, while he fucked me, the more I was becoming concerned that there was something I wasn’t aware of.

And that was when I finally saw him too.

“Otah,” I had breathed. “Otah, it’s not what it looks like, honey!”

“No” Izu grunted,

“No, Otah, look at her. Look at who you call your girlfriend. I want you to see this, all of it.”

He pulled out of me and flipped me onto my stomach even with my struggle to get away and I started crying while with the tease of pain and pleasure. He twisted a hand in my hair again and lifted my head so Ota could look at me too, a slave of pleasure.

I thought my ass couldn’t get any redder, my shame any greater, the fever in my body any higher.

“Honey, let’s show Otah what an ass fuck is like, okay? Try to make it look fun for your boyfriend, sweetie… Otah froze while he stood not knowing what to say

“Otah, please, I beg you, baby, Don’t watch me like this, this was a mistake we didn’t actually mean to do this.”

I looked from Otah to Izu, hoping for mercy, but I found none because Izu then thrust harder into me and I howled.

Otah’s sights had been set on the way my body was bouncing with the force of Izu’s thrusts into me. Otah became less frowny as he laughed and clapped forward, he couldn’t tell if Izu was still fucking my ass or had buried himself in my pussy instead.

But I had stopped struggling and was even letting out soft moans after I got a seventh sense that i have been set up, I was upset but I needed to let out the anger.

It was becoming rather hot.

“This is what happens when you set a bet on your girlfriend, bro” Izu addressed Otah.
“It’s called losing. I was fucking her mouth earlier, and now I am enjoying her ass. She’s enjoying it too, by the sounds of it,” he mocked and as if on cue, I moaned again.

I had closed my eyes, retreating into myself. I didn’t have that luxury, Izu was looking right at Otah as he continued his anal assault on me.

I feared the manic look in Izu’s eyes, the creepy smile he was wearing, the slightly dangerous edge his voice had and, above all, the way he was making me come undone, even while being so rough with me.

I was writhing under his heavyweight, begging him to fuck me faster.
“Izu, oh God, please don’t make me cum in front of Otah, I could believe that came out from me! Please spare me this humiliation, please!”

“Then I won’t make you cum,” he said, and I watched him pull out of my ass and aim his cock at my glistening skin.
I let out a frustrated growl.

“Not what I meant,” I cried.

He shot his load on my back. Streaks of cum landed on my skin, my fair skin, painting my ass cheeks white, thick dollops landing on my spine, here and there. He smacked my ass once before fully getting off me and sighing, contentedly.

I had then zoomed in on his nakedness, the rapidly rising and falling hairy chest, the abdomen tight with recently sustained effort, then lower, to the still glistening with my ass juices, but now deflated, long dick that was limply resting between his thighs.

His big, thick cock.

Like the ones in my porn collections.
His bare cock.

Better than lekan or otah.

Speaking of Otah, he was gone from the scene, but my mind went back to Izu’s dick again

I was oddly salivating at the sight of it. That was exactly the kind of cock I had been craving.
And he had fucked me with that monster. He had had me bent over and he had buried himself in my ass, pounding me as I was watched.

Something had been building up in my belly, and it was now making me want to rub my clit again, as my mind replayed everything I’d experienced.

I had wanted to let my lust take over, to deliver me to the same finish line I had almost crossed, but then I had realized that I wasn’t supposed to see things like this because my relationship with Otah was already done for that I made him watch us fuck.

The bleakness of the situation had finally dawned on me, then, one piece of the puzzle at a time: my happy relationship was no more. My life, as I knew it, was going to be no more.

What sort of normalcy could ever be expected from a relationship, from me, after Otah was forced to watch me getting fucked, used, abused?

How could I expect his mind to stay pure at me and my body innocent? How could I not want…

“Otah, I’m so sorry, honey,” I cried.

“Are you sick upstairs? Sho wa normal bayi, you dumb bitch!” He gasped.

I had thought that he was going to hit me, but his raised hand had stopped mid-air. He was now shaking with fury, but he eventually lowered his fist and he just sighed.

“You’re not fucking worth it, you olosho of a woman,” he had spat at me and then dragged off the bed to the parlour.
“Kemi, move it. You’re coming with me.”

“Don’t! Otah, I beg you, leave her abeg! She’s a good girl,”Izu said mockingly.
“What do you mean by that?”

“Don’t… don’t take her, just don’t take her,” he had mumbled.

I had been on my knees, begging, naked. Stripped of clothes and of pretence, there I was, a simple lady, defeated by her lust and pleading with the man who ruled over her life.

“You ashewo!” He knew exactly what I had done, that’s why the look on his face looked so dirty. He was trying to hide it from me, but deep down, I could see the dirty look for what it was.

He looked so much like his brother,

I just closed my eyes and realised I was in front of his house leaving after 10 minutes of dressing up.

It was all gone, having struggle to walk a little bit before getting a bike was dreadful, the pain was present, the pleasure wasn’t.

Standing on the edge of the street to find a bike, I got splashed water by a Camry spider.

I couldn’t react because I was at my lowest but the car stopped and that was when I met Chika, her hips were the first thing I took note of,

“I’m so sorry, can u give you a ride?”

If she had a dick I’d probably let her fuck me inside out but at that moment I just wanted to go home

Written by lilFola

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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