June 9, 2023

The Inn Laws (Episode 3) [18+]
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The Inn Laws (Episode 3) [18+]

“I know, I just took a shower, but it’s a little late to get all shy and modest after you just blew a load up my ass.” I turned around and looked back over my shoulder.

“What’s wrong, you afraid you’re gonna get it up again?”

“I mean it, I love your sister.”

“Even though she doesn’t give you what you want?” I bent over, slowly, and dropped the towel. With wet hair, so it slipped off my back and hung down over my shoulder.

“Stop it, I’m serious, but I think I found you a guy.”


“Put some clothes on.”

“You mean it?”

“Yeah, just put some clothes on, and come out to my room, when you’re dressed.”

“Should I dress slutty for him?”

“No, you better put your Sunday dress back on, he likes that.”

“He does?”

“Yeah, he says you look like a church girl in it.”

“Oh!” I grabbed the towel to dry off my hair.

“Of course I look like a church girl. I am one.”

“Hahah, yeah.” He hung out in the doorway, but I guess he was getting used to being around me naked, which is nice. I’d never just gotten dressed, in front of a boy. Let alone after sex.

“What’s he like?”

“I don’t know, he’s just this guy from your school, he hasn’t graduated yet.” As if he didn’t drop out, to get a job, and start saving up for a family.

“That’s great, but does he like anal?”

“Yeah, probably. He’s pretty much a sex addict just like you, and how long have you been a nympho?”

“God, I don’t know.” I had to think. “Since my JSS 3? I guess.” I nodded, then shook my head.
“Well, why don’t you call him, and tell him, I’ve got rules.” He rolled his eyes.

“Of course.” Well, he was married to my sister, and he’d gotten to know my mom and dad. Just for example, I knew that we had all day to get dirty and clean up after because mom, and dad would argue over every little detail until the church people kicked them out so they could lock up.

It’s just a christening for Christ’s sake, but try to tell them that. Negotiating the wedding took longer than the actual wedding, and reception put together. She didn’t get a wedding shower, nor a honeymoon, it was so rushed, and they spent all the college money on bridesmaid dresses.

Nigerian parent vibe.

“Huh!” I got that out and called him waiting out in the room. “What about this?” I held it up over my clean underwear and turned around. “It’s way sluttier than those stupid modest church clothes.” Honestly, I hate them too, and I’m starting to think that I don’t want to be Christian anymore after that.

Not when sin, and sodomy feels so good. Yeah, it hurts, but it hurts so good.

“Yeah, just put it on, and I’ll drop you off, over at his place.”

“Okay,” I said his name,

“Broda Lekan! How do you get 2 dicks, in 1 asshole at the same time?”

“I don’t know, honestly. I never got a chance to do it before.”

“You mean you’re a virgin?”

“Of course not, I’m gonna be a father in a couple months.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like you lose your Virginity all at once. I just lost my anal cherry, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a virgin, where it counts.”

“You Church girls are weird, but what you’re saying is I was an anal virgin, until.” He shook his head, and looked away, but too late. I saw him blush, it was cute, in a shy kinda way I’d never seen him before.

“Yeah, exactly. We both lost our anal virginities together.”

“Yeah, I guess, but I better get you over there, before his balls explode.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t want to waste that.” I giggled,

“I wonder if he wants to give me my first facial?”

“Yeah, tolu the bad boy, Unilorin?”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, “I’m a bad girl too, in Unilorin, so stop pretending like bad boys are hard, or a sure thing even in Unilorin.”

“Yeah, well you’re Christian.”

“Not any more!”

“Oh yeah?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I decided. I don’t want to be a Christian anymore, if it means we never get to do anything fun like assfuck.”

“Hahaha, yeah.” He shook his head and started up the car. “Buckle up.”


“Huh, I wish your Foluke was so open-minded.”

“Oh, well I’ll have a talk with her. I’m sure I can get her to loosen up.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Yeah, of course. What are little sisters for?”

Story written by lilfola

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