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The Inn Laws (Episode 2) [18+]

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The Inn Laws (Episode 2) [18+]

He pulled me roughly, and practically tore the buttons on my dress. Swinging me around to the couch, and pushing me down. On top of me, kissing me roughly, and sticking his tongue in my mouth. I slapped his hands,

“Let me,” and unbuttoned my dress.

My Sunday dress, it’s hard to believe that Unilorin girls are even allowed to wear such skimpy clothes to school. Slutty clothes, to show off their underwear, boobs, and ass.
Let alone any school with such a familiar structure like that.

Of course, the computer wasn’t just for looking up porn on the internet. It also had the biggest screen in the house, so we had a sectional in here. Where we could watch movies together as a family, instead of down in the living room.

I had time to think about that, while I fumbled open the buttons on the dress, so I could say “Let me up.” He took his shirt off too late, I already had the smell of semen in my nose, and the lust was almost overwhelming.

Finally, I kicked it off and turned around to bend over the Apoti(a wooden tiny chair). I wiggled my hips out of my panties, pulling them down.

“Now, kiss my ass.” but of course he didn’t stop there.

He’s not even a real Christian, he just married a Christian. So, he got dragged off to church with us. “Oh!” His tongue slipped down, and wiggled to split my lips wide open, and dig deep in my virgin baby hole.

“Oh, God!”

He patted my asscheeks.

“You like that?” I propped my shoulders up on the back of the sectional, so I could grab my asscheeks, and pull them open but eventually fell down from the Apoti, so it’s floor time I guess.

“Don’t just kiss it, uhn!” My head hit the tune when he touched me.

“No, my ass, finger my ah!”

“Relax,” he rubbed my back.

“Smuip!” Licked his fingers, and rubbed my ass gently at first, but then he started pushing it in.


“Try to pull it out,” I grunted, but instead of pushing it out, my ass stretched over his fingertip.

So he could wiggle it in, and twist it. Swirling around, and pimping the knuckle, so the tight ring loosened up.

“Uh, uhn nh!” Popping in and out with his next knuckle. “Ihn!” It popped back out, and my asshole kissed his fingertip all by itself.

“You like that?”

“Huh, yeah. I love it up the ass, give me more.” This time, he sucked 2 fingers and crossed them, so he could screw them in and out. “Ah ah ah ah!”

“You ready?” He pulled them out, and I pushed up. Dizzy, and swaying a little. I had to hold onto the side to steady myself. Reaching up behind me to unhook my bra.

“Huh, yeah.” I slipped it off my arm. “Now I’m ready. Whahah!”

He picked me up, and turned me over and held my legs upon his chest.

“Relax,” but he kept pushing hard, and I remembered to try and push him out. Just like taking a big dump, only instead of pushing him away, that just stretched me tight around his head, so he could keep pushing inside me.

“Auh!” Now I know why “Slow.” They make that sound. “Slowly, auh auh! Fuck! Auh fuck me! FUCK MEEEE!”

“So tight, so fucking tight, uh!” He didn’t slow down, he sped up until he was pounding me deep in my bowels.

“Fuck me, fuck the shit out of me, Broda Lekan! Oh yeah!” It’s halfway between an Oh, and a moan, “Auh auh auh auh!”

“Uh yeah, uh! Huh!” He stopped and made this face. As if I was so tight, it hurt him too. “HhuhHhuh!” I didn’t even feel it twitch, let alone his cum load splashing on my insides, but I realized then that he was cumming.

Right up my ass, so I kept rubbing my pussy, hoping I could start orgasming before he finished. “Huh!” He slipped out and flopped over his leg. Practically diving for the other side of the room, he just caught his breath.

Dropped my legs, so I felt a little come out when I sat up.

“Oh,” I covered my asshole and even felt how soft, and lose it was. Running for the bathroom, I had to put the lid up, and sit down.

“Ooh!” Even taking a dump felt good, after that. It hurt a little, but it felt a lot better? The pleasure and dirty lust drowned out the pain of stretching so tight, and the friction from fucking with not nearly enough lube.

Finally, when I got out, he knocked on the door quietly while I was drying off.

Satisfied, and refreshed, without even getting close to an orgasm. He knocked again, and said my name, quietly. “Kemi?”


“We shouldn’t have done that.”

“I know, but.” I opened the door, and he backed away.

“You’re naked.”

Story written by lilfola

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