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May 16, 2021

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The Goodluck Taxi

Hello, my name is ‘Folabi, i drive a cab for a living. Don’t worry am not an illiterate,i finished from OOU. I studied psychology, came out with a 2.2 and dont insult my school, not unless you want an ass-whopping. If you finished from OOU of recent, you will notice the tiring and unyielding process of getting a certificate out. I was meant to start a nice decent white collar job but for the most part of it, It dint happen.

My folks stay in Abeokuta, but as a rebellious child that I am, I left home for school in Ijebu Igbo and never went back to Abeokuta asides on visits during the holidays. My father is exactly my biggest fan because I changed universities a couple of time due to cult wahala.

Moving on, after finishing in school, I moved to lagos with or without my parent’s blessing. Not my first time in lagos anyway, during school I followed a cult squad to bust a guy in lagos,I was the driver, it kinda felt like Jason Statham for a bit. I love driving thats one of my hobbies, i have driven all sorts of cars, I was the designated drunk driver for my group, alot of my friends felt safe anytime I drive. The first few months in lagos without a job was crazy.

I am managing a minimal accommodation with a friend at Fola Agoro, been a good homely boy that I am, my friend’s uncle owns a private cab company. He gave me a cab to manage for him. I was grateful because I was sick and tired of all the sitting at home, doing nothing and chasing neighborhood girls and bored house wives.

I have been doing this for quite sometime now, friday nights are the craziest nights and fun of all, taxi drivers see all sorts of things on that night, things that make the male member jerk in my trousers with all the indecent dressings and some of them changing into outrageous outfits in the cab, they dont usually mind me peeking at them through my rear-view mirror.

Last friday night started like the usual one, I had already picked and dropped some ladies on the island. Ladies can like to price cabs despite that my own cab has A.C.

How can you hope to take an A.C cab to the island for N800? Hian!

I was driving around the town, it was like 11pm. I drove to eCenter at Sabo to chill a bit. Most people who came to eCenter on fridays usually move over to the island for some more intense clubbing. I was having an awesometime looking at what daughters of Eve wore the night.

Some times, I think i should actually be clubbing and live my life like some of these people but the thing is I don’t have a choice,I escaped pass in school by whiskers, if I don’t fight for my right to good life, no one will. The simple fact that third class isn’t classified as brilliant spurred me to strive for more.

My cab was parked infront of e-Center, when a girl stumbled out of the entrance to the gate. Not really stumbled, she almost tripped, I looked over the floor but nothing was there, parking close to the exit of the building allowed full view of everywhere. She came over to the side of my car, she knocked the window, I pulled the window lever and it came down slowly.

She opened her mouth and alcohol oozed out of her breath,

“V.I,” she said
“Where in victoria island” I asked
“Megaplaza” she replied
“N3,000 ” I answered

She laughed gently, removed her face and looked above my cab, as she did that, her chest was in my full view, her boobs were big, her body tone was a problem, she was almost white. Already in my head, i could imagine how red her nipples would be. How her areola would be, her brazilian hair was disturbing my view and she re-adjusted and brought back her face into the window.

“N2,000” she bellowed with her eyes shut.

“You seem like a nice girl, how about N2,500” i said in my fake British accent which I acquired from watching hundred of hours of American TV shows…

She took herself back, surprised with my accent, my favorite accent is British accent.It just rolls off the tongue differently, very sexy.

She was definitely surprised that I could speak fluent english. I wasnt looking badly myself, I am not ugly that I am sure of.

She got into the front seat and that was when I was lost for a second, her sexy thighs looked like heaven. she flung her head to the back totally oblivious of the situation, she was stoned for sure. She was high but quite visible that she could still manage herself. I was stealing glances at her when she asked when we would be leaving.

I told her I had to do check something in the glove compartment and then we would be off in a second.

Her tanktop wasn’t helping matters, imagine if Salma Hayek or Sofia Vergara was wearing a tanktop, that’s disaster for everyone who would be walking or driving.

The ignition came on, I wrote some party jams into a cd at home, I put it in and the first song that came off it was M.I ft Brymo- Action film.

The speakers in my car are the ones to die for, I brought special speakers myself and yanked out the manufacturer’s own to put mine in. She was brought back to life with the upbeat song, music animal.
We got talking, I asked why she was going to Marquee.

“My friends are on the island.” she replied

“You don’t party alone? How about your boyfriend?” I responded

“I broke up with my boyfriend when I moved back in February” she replied in American accent

She was responding to me with her head back, trying to catch a little sleep before she gets to Marquee.

I was staring hopelessly and for the sake of my life, I wasn’t speeding, i was doing less than 80km/hr.

I was enjoying my selection of music as my male member kept pushing me to look into tanktop. I ran into the smallest pothole I saw, just to make sure the boobs fall out of the tanktop. It almost fell off somewhere along 3rd mainland as I swerved away from one stupid driver who was trying to overtake me, some part of her areola showed.

She came back to life with that swerve. She looked around, almost like trying to recollect where she was. she saw me, and noticed my hard-on and totally ignored. She opened her bag to look for her phone, she brought it out and no call had come in yet. She was feeling uncomfortable at her side, we were almost entering into V.I, we got off the bridge from the Muson Center area. She slipped her hands into her thighs, at this point, i was losing it completely.

She moaned out softly “I seriously need a shag, this alcohol isnt helping me at all”

Firstly, I wanted to believe this wasn’t happening, that I was merely imagining things… but this is happening for real.

I wasn’t sure how to respond to her proposition. I used all the braveness in me, i summoned all the strength i had in me and gently placed my hands on her laps. I was expecting all sorts of insults to rain down from her mouth, in fact, a slap would have been appropriate but what happened next baffled me more. She did nothing!

This definitely was gonna be a swell night, i had sex a couple of nights ago but this one is definitely gonna be spectacular.

I passed through Adeola Odeku,looking for all the long routes to the destination. I thought of parking in one of the deserted streets on the island but she wasn’t even bulging, she wasn’t stopping me. So, I moved into her temple, my fingers looking for the pleasure zone, trying to locate her Clitoris somewhere down there, pushing ther panty aside, she was all wet like a rainy morning. She let out a small moan…..

That was all I needed, her permission has been granted!

My fingers probed the wet pot, seeking for more intense pleasure, she slid down the chair, opened her legs wider, enjoying my finger penetration. She sat there with her legs ajar as far as the sitting area could allow her, I was beyond control. I wanted to park off somewhere on the road. She said no,so we proceeded to Parking place at Megaplaza, went all the way to the top, cooly parked in a very dark spot.

I switched the A.C to the highest and faced the vent to the window, I pulled the lever beneath my seat and shifted it all the way to the back. I reclined her seat as well, first thing i did was to unleash those bad boys….

I pulled the tanktop down to her belly, i was impressed with what i saw, it was a beautiful sight, her boob sack was big, her areola were darker than I thought, her nipples were very inviting, i wanted to smooch them, suck them put my member in-between them all at once. I just wanted to do everything at once.

I was losing composure but i calmed myself from within, more like practicing Tai-chi like Jet Li does in his movies. I called ‘Inner Peace’ in my spirit, then I picked one action at a time. Before i went on, I unhooked my belt, zipped down my zipper and released my male member, it felt free, the air was cool, she looked at it, looked at my face.

Kissed my lips, took her hands to my shaft and stroked it up and down, the skin of her palms against my hand was something else, her palms were so soft, it was like a massage down there.

My member was jerking at the stroking she was giving out, I moved back to the finger activity.She was moving her waist to the rhythm of the movement of my finger. I used my other hand to rub her nipples. I was rubbing her nipples in between my fingers, gently.

She was arching her back of the seat of the car, she was trying hard to get to my member while I was fondling her, but she couldn’t stroke it as much as she wanted to. She was way beyond wet, when I took a break. She grabbed my dick, bent her body over to my seat, planting a kiss on the tip of my member. If felt good despite the fact that the fellatio hadn’t started yet. She bumped her head down my shaft. Her mouth was warm, she was going for the deep throat. At this point, I totally forgot she was my passenger,dint know if she was infected with the deadly virus or even if she was sent from the Pit of Hell. I was living in the moment, the moment of sexual ecstasy.

She sucked onto my dick with passion, flapping her tongue over my balls in the process. I couldn’t do anything but enjoy the ride, running my hands through her brazilian hair, I tried to sneak my hand underneath her to twist and rub her nipples. We were both lost in lust.

My boner was getting way out of control, i gently moved her up and took out a condom from my emergency stashbox in the cab. She wore it on me expertly.

She pulled up tank top to belly, the elastic material was on point and it obeyed. Her ass wasn’t very biggy but super shapey and cutely small. She moved over and straddled me in the driver’s seat. She guided my boner into her honeypot, it was warm and felt so good the way her honeypot welcomed my boner. I could feel the pussy hugging my member.

She started riding me slowly, because of the size of my member, she had to do it slowly, she put it in stages.
Firstly, the tip and a little of the shaft for the first few strokes and more deeper with more strokes until my member was fully in her.

She was a jerking alone at first but then I moved my waist to meet her strokes mid-way which wasn’t easy but still felt good. I was trying to jerk faster but the sterling wheel and pedals weren’t helping. I held her small shapey bum in my hands pressing them down into my waist, she was moaning, I felt the car bouncing in the parking lot. We were bumping as fast as our bodies could carry us. The tempo became erratic at a point.

We stopped for a bit and tried to change position, we tried a doggy but it was the best position we really had in mind, it was stressful but we couldn’t stop. I was afraid i was gonna damage the roof of the car as we were both allowing our private part guide our actions, during the fast thrust, my bum hit the horn on the steering wheel, I collapsed on her with laughter and she laughed harder beneath me. Her complexion was so bright that when I collapsed on her, her sweet fragrance filled my nose, I resumed pummeling her from the back and then her laughter turned into moans, something that thrilled my ears.

I felt my load coming after some strokes. I pulled out and watched as my cum filled the condom. I usually practiced this to make sure that the condom didn’t break during the main action.

I removed it and kept it discreetly to dispose of later, we both relaxed on the seat, trying to catch our breathe. We spent another 30 minutes in the cold catching up where she revealed more about herself.

She told me she lived abroad for about 10-15 years coming home to practice Law with a Fortune 500 law firm…. a few moments later, her phone started ringing. Her friends were inquisive of where she has been for over 1 hour.

I reversed the cab, dropped her infront of the Megaplaza, she paid me in full. She collected my number and we parted way, I drove home and had a thorough shower, thats all for me.

Took a decision to go for deliverance session, just wondering who shags someone he picked up in the cab.Anyway, thats why happened a particular night. I gently crawled under my duvet and allowed sleep to take me away, thinking of our steamy session in my car. Hoping that my car doesn’t develop fault the next day because people say its bad omen to shag in the car.

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