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Thank God It’s Friday (Episode 3) [18+]

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Thank God It’s Friday (Episode 3) [18+]

Suddenly her legs began to tremble as she attempted to stand upright and fell on him. “Aaarrhhh…ooohhh…babyyyyyy…..” she moaned out. He held her with one hand and used his second hand to lean on the bathroom wall for support.

His dick was still inside her pussy as the last spurt of cum was emptied in her. He held onto her for one minute, till she could stand on her own.

Then she turned around and faced him. She kissed him softly and said,
“Baby, I feel like a beautiful woman right now. Thank you. I love you”.

“I love you more,” he said,
“You’ve always been amazingly beautiful to me”. They kissed under the shower, and she ran her hands over his chest in appreciation.

She reached for the soap and they both washed again.

After cleaning her body, she stood in front of the dresser and admired her naked body in the mirror. Then she sang to herself Aretha Franklin’s “you make me feel like a natural woman”.

He came and planted warm kisses on her neck as he held her waist from behind.

There was just something special about this Friday night. All the stars in the galaxy seemed to have aligned themselves perfectly tonight, and she was determined to enjoy it.

He made to go to the living room and he asked her

“Dear you are still up for movies tonight”?

“Ah…baby tomorrow na” she replied. “Come let’s go to bed, pleeeeaaase”.

She said this not because she cared about sleep tonight, but she had noticed his erect dick again, and she was determined to make up for those four weeks he starved her of the sugar stick.

They had fucked to her heart’s content, but now she wanted passionate lovemaking…not fucking. Gentle, loving and romantic lovemaking.

She even wondered what was happening to her this particular Friday night…
” Me?…wanting more? Hahahaha…I can’t believe this” she thought to herself but determined she was going to enjoy it.

He returned to the bedroom after he had turned off the TV in the living room, and ensured all the doors were properly locked. He lingered at the bedroom door watching her smile to herself in the dresser mirror. How she looked so sweet with those charming smiles.

He loved the encounter they just had in the bathroom and wished she could unleash that side of her more often. He got so lost in thoughts, he didn’t realize he was grinning.

“Baby” she called staring him in the face. “What’s making you laugh?”

“I …ummm…me?…laugh? haaa. No o. I am wasn’t laughed”

He knew he was busted once again. “Damn! How many times in one night na?” he queried in his thoughts. His incoherent answer and resultant grammatical blunders got her laughing, as she sashayed towards him.

“Oya confess, tell me what’s funny” she said as she came within centimetres of him and stared him in the eyes. He carried her in his arms and rocked her gently. She closed her eyes as she savoured the moment.

When his arms began to get weary, he took her and placed her on the bed (just like a Daddy would do). He joined her on the bed and she pulled the sheets over them.

She turned and faced him, pulled herself to him, and then wrapped her right leg over his thighs.

Then he said, “let’s pray”. They held their hands together, and he led them both in prayers for about fifteen minutes, then they said grace and Amen

They opened their eyes and looked each other in the eyes, as though their eyes were doing some talking. “I love you Jewel” he whispered softly. “I love you Gem” she replied.

Then he ran the back of his left hand so tenderly on her beautiful face and then moved in to kiss her. He lingered above her face for a few seconds, still gazing into her eyes. He gave her a smile, and then planted a warm, gentle kiss on her forehead, then her nose tip, and then on her lips.

She responded to his kiss by wrapping her hands around his neck and pulling him closer to her so that his weight was now resting on her, and they were once again lost in a passionate kiss, although they were gentle and romantic about it.

This time, they were in no hurry. They kissed and rolled till she was atop him, rolled again until he was atop her.

Then both their hands began to wander and explore each other’s bodies, without disengaging from the kiss. Their legs were interlocked, and she began to grind her hips against his thighs. She was trying to position him in between her legs.

He kissed her neck and she moaned out. Then he planted kisses on her shoulders down to her elbows and wrists and the back of her palms. Then he returned to kiss her lips. He kissed her chest, kissed in between her breasts, down to her navel.

Then he went downwards and kissed her knees. He lifted her legs and kissed the back of her knees too.

All his kisses were setting her on fire “he better be up to the task of quenching it, or else…” she thought to herself.

He kissed her thighs and their insides, as she kept up with her low moans. She was itching to be touched, but he was torturing her with sweet kisses instead.

She closed her eyes and bit her lower lips as he kissed his way upwards her body, avoiding her breasts, whose nipples had become hard from arousal. Although they were all screaming for his attention, he was determined to avoid her e-zones and appreciate the rest of her body.
As his tongue touched her lips, she opened her mouth to receive him in a hungry kiss. Now his hand found her breasts and began to fondle them gently. She loved the feeling, as he was really taking time to pleasure her.

He kissed his way downwards again, and he lingered some kisses between her breasts until she pushed his head onto one breast. She let out another moan as his hot wet mouth encircled her nipple. The pressure was building up, howbeit gradually.

He knew she wasn’t like this “…Make love back-to-back twice in a day? Christmas! I have to make this worth it for her”

He was just getting the touches right…the exact way she desired them, and she knew she wouldn’t last another 3 minutes from his touch.

She was hopelessly grinding her hips against his thighs now, while he massaged her breasts with his hands and their lips were locked.

As he returned his mouth to her breasts, he used his tongue to circle her areolas, then graze over her nipple with his tongue.

As he repeated this a third time, her moans became audible groans.
“Oohhh…oohhh…babyyyyyyyy” she groaned, as she locked her arms around his head, forcing him to suck her nipples. This caused her to jerk repeatedly as she let go of his head and wrapped her arms tightly around him. Her orgasm lasted for almost one minute, as she kept trembling.

When she had been washed through by the orgasm, she sighed a deep sigh and stretched herself throwing her arms above her head.

He felt a deep sense of satisfaction from what just happened to her and wondered “I wish I knew exactly what I did right this night. In fact ehn, all of today sef!”

He laid beside her and put his arms around her as she turned to face him. She had the look of post-orgasmic bliss on her face, causing him to smile as well.

She put her arms around him as well and was waiting for his next move, but he did nothing.

She waited some more, but all he did was stare at her and smile.

“Ah ahn?” She thought “but he should want to make love to me na”. She slid her hand down to his bum and then brought it to his groin.

She wanted to ‘check if everything was OK’ down there. There was a hot raging hard-on!

“@#$%!&&#@##$&&@!!##&&????” That’s how to describe the thoughts that instantly raged in her mind. All the while he just had a gentle smile that would have disarmed her, but not right now.

When she could take it no more she calmly asked him “baby, is anything the matter?”
“Huh?” he replied “I don’t understand”. He looked genuinely puzzled.

She continued “Yes, what’s the matter? Why don’t you wanna make love to me?
“Me? So not true. You know I’m up for it any day, any time….”
“…and right now?” she interjected

“Now? Well…I know you usually shut down after you climax, and this is the second time you’ve climaxed just this night alone, so I wasn’t sure you were up for further lovemaking…..”

“I can’t let this turn into a fight,” she thought as she immediately cut off his words with what she calls the ‘shut up’ kiss while mounting him. She began to glide her clit and petals along his shaft.

He let out a stifled moan as she took his erect member in her hand and guided it into her. She stayed still and enjoyed the throbbing of his erection inside her. He held her hips so as to beckon her into grinding, but she held his hands and remained still.

Then he tried shifting his weight under her to get some thrusting leverage, but she pinned him down with her bums. Now she felt ‘powerful’ (in her evil mind).

Written by Peter Grens

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