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[Short Story]Family Bonds and Forbidden Desires by Sixtie 9ine (Part 1) [18+]


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[Short Story]Family Bonds and Forbidden Desires by Sixtie 9ine (Part 1) [18+]

The awkwardness between my cousin, Yosola and I started the summer after we graduated from the University. Our parents treated us to a week-long trip to Accra, Ghana as a reward. Even though going on vacation sounded fun, I was pissed because I was taken away from my friends and girlfriend right at the start of my first free summer. All I wanted to do was party and fuck, and spending time with my family was the last thing on my mind. That changed when we met up at the airport, and I saw Yosola for the first time in years.

We weren’t really close; we only saw each other every few years because she lived in Port Harcourt with her parents, so our families only met up for holidays once in a while, not regularly. The woman in front of me now looked nothing like the skinny girl I remembered. She had grown up, and she looked really attractive!

She and my uncle stood by the gate to board the plane as my mother and I walked over. Since both our parents were divorced, it was just the four of us on this trip. My cousin had her back to me as we approached, and for a moment, I thought my uncle had a new girlfriend with him. I almost asked my mom about it, but then she turned around, and her eyes lit up when she saw us.

I was caught off guard at first but played it cool. I shook my uncle’s hand and then awkwardly paused before giving my cousin a half hug.

“Hey!” I managed to say with a cheerful tone.

“Hey, you! It’s been a long time!” she replied.

“I’ll say! I hardly recognized you! I thought your dad was bringing a new girlfriend along that he hadn’t mentioned,” I said, half laughing.

She laughed too, her cheeks subtly flushing, and her eyes darted away. In that moment, I realized I might have shown too much in my reaction, so I tried to rein in my objectifying gaze.

My uncle reached out and grabbed me in a half-head lock before tousling my hair. My mother smiled and rolled her eyes. My uncle had always been crude in his sense of humor and he sometimes seems to forget I’m now a man.

Just then, the plane began to board, and we gathered our things to head to the gate. I couldn’t help but steal a side glance as my cousin bent at the waist to grab her backpack. Her perfect onion-shaped ass was truly a wonder.

The flight was smooth and an hour later we were landing at Kotoka International Airport, Accra with the final destination of Bojo Beach Resort for a week.

We boarded a taxi to the Bojo Beach Resort. My cousin and I sat together and caught up for a while since we had been seated separately on the plane. I made sure to focus on our conversation and not let myself get distracted by how stunningly beautiful she was. I knew it was wrong to entertain such thoughts, especially since I had a girlfriend whom I cared for deeply.

Not entirely sure if it was genuine love, but we lost our virginities to each other on graduation night, which created a strong bond between us. Eventually, our conversation turned toward our current romantic partners.

“You have a girlfriend?” she asked.

“Sure! How about you?” I replied.

“Well I have a boyfriend if that’s what you meant” she laughed.

“Of course, that’s what I meant!” I confirmed.

“You guys fucking?”

I was taken aback by her forwardness and chuckled.

“Mmhmmm” I smiled. “You?”

“Yes na!”

I was amazed at how quickly and casually she brought up the topic, but it actually made things less awkward between us after being apart for so long. It felt like a barrier disappeared, and we suddenly had a real connection because of this shared secret.

Realizing she was sexually active stirred something inside me that I don’t think I directly acknowledged. As the bus rumbled along and conversation faded, I occasionally stared at the beads of sweat gathering in the small amount of cleavage her tank top revealed.

We finally reached the hotel around sunset and feeling exhausted from the journey, we all agreed to have dinner at the hotel restaurant and save any exploring for the next day. Dinner was pretty ordinary, except our parents let us have a drink with ours. We had chill parents, and it felt like a good sign that we might have more fun on this trip than we initially thought.

We all said our goodnights and I retired to my room and hopped in the shower. It wasn’t long before I was jerking off in the shower, thinking about my girlfriend. Right as I was about to cum, the image of my cousin’s thick round ass in her jean shorts crossed my mind and I came so hard I could not feel my legs.

The next day, we all woke up and gathered for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Our plans for the day included exploring the area and spending some time at the beach in the afternoon. My mind wandered, wondering what kind of swimwear my cousin would be wearing. She certainly didn’t disappoint.

It wasn’t particularly daring compared to some bikinis, no thong bottoms or tiny tops, but I didn’t expect that on a family vacation anyway. Still, I couldn’t help but have a strong reaction when she took off her tank top and jean shorts at the beach that afternoon.

“Want to race to the water?” she asked me with a raised eyebrow.

“You bet!” I said.

We dashed towards the water, side by side, in a dead heat. We were neck and neck for most of it, but I found myself slowing down just a bit to catch a glimpse of her bouncing and swaying ass right before we dove in.

The next few days followed a similar routine of exploring shops and enjoying meals, while afternoons and evenings were spent relaxing at the beach. The limited one-on-one time we had together was always effortless and comfortable; we laughed and talked easily without any forced conversation. I genuinely enjoyed catching up with her.

There were even times when locals or other tourists mistook us for a couple, and once she even had me pretend to be her boyfriend to fend off advances from a drunk pair of travellers. I tried not to dwell on it too much, but I couldn’t deny the chemistry we seemed to share.

I tried my best to control where my eyes wandered, but it became increasingly difficult as I found myself stealing glances or outright staring whenever I had my sunglasses on. On more than one occasion, though, I felt like her gaze lingered on me longer than it should have, but I was sure it was just my imagination.

Every night in the shower, I found myself jerking of and thinking about her in her bikini, not even considering the forbidden nature of it, and each time, I found cumming harder.

It wasn’t until the day before we were set to leave that I caught the slightest hint of possible mutual attraction, but in that moment, doubt crept in and kept me from making a move.

We had spent the afternoon by the water and heard from some fellow travellers about a small cave a mile or so down the beach. It sounded intriguing, but my mother and uncle weren’t interested. They said we could go check it out. Yosola and I headed off towards the rocky area where the cave was supposed to be.

We found it easily enough, but there was a short hike up through the rocks to the opening, and I found myself stumbling as I had trouble focusing on walking with my cousin’s perfect ass swaying mere inches from my face.

We got talking as I pulled a small bottle of rum from my back pocket, and we leaned against opposite walls, taking sips and discussing our plans for the rest of the summer.

“You’re excited about life after school?” she asked.

“I guess so. I mean, I’m glad to be done with Babcock and looking forward to NYSC in Abuja,” I replied. “What about you?”

“Same here, it’ll be nice to get away from home. But honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing either. What are you going to do about your babe? What if she doesn’t want to go to Abuja?”

“Yeah, we haven’t really talked about it, and we might be able to make it work. She knows I’m serving in Abuja, but I’m not sure if she wants to. What about your boyfriend?”

“I’m leaving him abeg,” she laughed. “He’s a nice guy though, but he’s not ambitious and I don’t want him to hold me back. But I mean, he fucks me well!”

I choked on the sip of rum I was taking and sprayed a little out as I laughed. She laughed too.

“It’s true! He may not be my ideal man, but he’s great in the sack. See ehn, I can’t wait to go home and get fucked. I’ve been so horny the whole time we’ve been on this trip!”

“I feel you!” I managed to agree, doing my best to hide the fact that it was her who was making me feel that way.

“What’s the sex like with your babe?”

“Err…great actually!” I said, though it might have sounded a bit unconvincing. Truth is, I wasn’t exactly sure. My girlfriend and I had a good time, but we were still figuring things out.

“You don’t sound sure.”

“I just feel like uhhmmm, it’s great.”

“Trust me, you would know if it was great.” she said with a wink.

I blushed a bit, feeling embarrassed and kind of nervous all of a sudden. I found it difficult to look her in the eye.

“Hey! It’s all good, you guys will figure it out, just keep practising,” she beamed. After a long pause, she added, “Maybe I could show you one or two things?”

I looked up and met her eyes, trying to read her expression. She had a subtle smirk on her lips, but her eyes were intense and held me transfixed. Time seemed to slow for a moment, and I became hyper-aware of the stillness in the small cave and the beads of sweat cascading down her neck and between her breasts. I noticed the faint outline of her nipples poking through her top, which I was sure weren’t visible a moment ago.

I felt like my body was being drawn towards her, even though I hadn’t moved. Then I chickened out.

“Stop playing, Yosola.” I said managing a slight but forced laugh.

She laughed too, but for the briefest of moments, I swear I thought I saw total disappointment flash through her expression.

“Yeah actually I was just joking, don’t mind me?” she said.

“We should probably head back,” she suggested. “And besides, the rum is gone.”

We made our way out of the cave and hiked the small path back to the shoreline. There was an overwhelming sense of awkward tension between us as we walked in silence back to our parents. My mind was racing the whole time, replaying the scene in the cave.

Had she really been serious? Did she feel even a small amount of the desire I had been hiding for her this whole trip? If that was the case, then I had completely messed up, and my mood was low by the time we made it back.

Luckily, I managed to pretend I was just disappointed by the cave. We went back to the hotel for our last night. Even with the extra drinks our parents allowed us at dinner, I couldn’t stop feeling confused and down on myself.

That evening, while I was showering, I kept imagining what could have happened in the cave if I had followed her suggestion. I envisioned scenarios where I passionately kissed her and explored her body, or spun her around and ripped her bikini bottoms down to hungrily tongue fuck her ass before taking her from behind.

When I came, it was a mix of pleasure and regret because I hadn’t actually acted on those desires, leaving me feeling conflicted about what could have been.

The next day when we headed home together, I felt unsure and like something was missing. We were all going back to the Abuja International Airport before taking separate flights to our bases. Yosola seemed quieter than before on the trip back.

I figured it was exhaustion from our big adventure, but part of me wondered if I had disappointed her by not taking her up on her offer. Was she just joking around? Or were those little hints of attraction I thought I’d noticed during our trip actually real? Maybe they were amplified by our recent shared experiences of sexual exploration.

Either way, the more I dwelled on it, the more I felt like a coward. I was pretty quiet on the way home, choosing to spend a lot of time with my headphones on, lost in my thoughts, and attempting to nap away the unease.

The ride home was long, and I was lost in my own thoughts most of the time. So when it was time to say goodbye, I couldn’t express myself as deeply as I wanted to. But as a last effort, I tried to gather my courage and keep our connection strong.

“I really enjoyed getting to know you more during this trip,” I said with a smile.

We had just grabbed our bags at the end of our trip, and my mom and uncle were chatting about random stuff like the hotel. I realized I didn’t have long to hint at my thoughts about her offer, even if it was just a joke. But I knew I’d kick myself later if I didn’t at least give it a shot.

“I think we should stay in touch. How about I get your number so we can text each other if we happen to be in the same area?” I suggested. “It would be great if our families could make more of an effort to spend time together and hang out.” Ugh, I wasn’t exactly smooth sailing with that one.

“Sure thing!” she replied, and then she took out her phone to swap contact details. She told me her number while I punched it into my phone. “Send me a text with your name so I’d know it’s you.”

“Cool!” I said as we both leaned forward, concentrating on what we were doing. “Maybe we can, you know, talk later about, maybe we can share tips and learn from each other… like you mentioned.”

I waited to see how she would react. She stopped tapping on her screen for a moment, like she was thinking about what I’d said. Then, she looked up at me and stared at me, like she was trying to figure something out.

I looked her straight in the eyes and tried to express exactly what I wanted without saying a word. I wanted her to know I was interested, eager, and open to pushing boundaries. My lips started to move, but I fought the urge to say something else that might backpedal on what I was silently communicating. My heart stayed resolute, keeping me from saying anything that might mess up the moment again.

She said slowly, “That would be… good for both of us, I think,” with a hint of a sneaky smile creeping onto her lips. I decided to respond with a subtle smile of my own.

Our staring contest was cut short by the clear sounds of our parents finishing up their goodbyes, signalling that it was time for us to go our separate ways. I snapped out of my daze and gave her a hug goodbye, making sure to keep it friendly to avoid any awkwardness. She hugged me back right away, as if she had also been lost in her thoughts and just snapped out of it.

At first, it was just a regular hug. It had been the most physical contact we’d had since we greeted each other at the start, so it felt like both of us were holding our breath. My body was rigid, just going through the motions and trying not to overthink things.

But as her soft breasts pressed against my chest, I felt the tension ease, and my hips instinctively moved forward slightly. Almost like clockwork, I sensed her relax too. She seemed to melt into my arms, her breath leaving her body, and her hips gently meeting mine.

The warmth and softness of her body triggered an involuntary reaction from me. Suddenly, and without warning, my erection twitched with such force that it swung forward. There was no way she didn’t feel it. Her arms were still crossed around my neck, but I sensed her hands gripping my back in a sudden response. I held my breath once more, feeling embarrassed by my body’s unexpected response.

I started to snap out of it, realizing that my mom and uncle were finishing saying goodbye and were looking at us now. We let go of each other quickly, but I felt confused by what I thought I felt in her body’s response, so I couldn’t bring myself to look her in the eyes.

My uncle and I gave each other a handshake and a bro hug while Yosola chatted with my mom. And then, suddenly, we were heading our separate directions. As we walked away, I shook off my daze and looked back to catch one last glimpse of my cousin. To my delight, I noticed she was doing the same. Even though there was some distance between us now, our eyes met, and I could have sworn I saw her wink.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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