September 28, 2023
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Short Story: Welcome to Lagos [Finale] by Sixtie 9ine

Our discussion was productive, despite my wandering eyes and mind. We set a list of things she wanted exposure to, and I grabbed my tablet and began to pull up some examples. I showed her one document I had written many years ago, and she leaned in close to me to read the screen.

Her leaning in caused her dress to drift away from her breasts and gave me a direct view down her top. There, I was gifted a peek at her breasts.

“Very nice,” she said, giving me that mischievous smile. She leaned back and stretched her arms up and out wide, her firm tits pressing against the dress and showing off the little bumps where her nipples were pointing through.

Adura sat back and made a show of scratching her thigh, the hem of the dress creeping higher and higher with every movement. The smoothness of her ebony skin was just intoxicating. I should have looked away. I couldn’t. She patted her leg and gave me a smirk.

“Let’s take a break Mr Seun.” she said, pulling her phone out.

She dove into her phone before I could really react, so I went back to my desk and sat in my chair. I pulled up some other things on my tablet to show her and tried not to think about the sexy girl sitting on my office couch.

One foot was tucked up against her crotch, and the other stretched out, showing off her entire toned leg. Her bare skin was exposed all the way up her inner thigh and just inches from her hip, as her dress was now hacked up in the middle to cover her panties.

My eyes met hers and she winked. I was busted and I knew it. Her response was to slowly draw her hand up her exposed leg and toy with the dress in her lap. Did I just see a flash of red panties? My eyes were now rooted to the spot.

Adura didn’t seem to mind at all. She fluffed out her dress to spread it out for maximum coverage, but what it did was flash even more of her intimate area to me as she did so. I was able to confirm the color of her tiny panties; they barely covered her p*ssy lips. Edges of intimate flesh were visible for a moment, teasing the treasure close by.

She hooked her finger into the neck of her dress and ran it back and forth, tugging the top further and further down until I could just see the edges of her areola. I ran my hand through my hair. She was clearly trying to get a reaction out of me. It was working. My dick was hard and starting to throb in my pants.

Adura stood and sashayed her way over to my desk. She stood across from me and put her palms flat on the desk, bending over to see what I had on the tablet in front of me. I gazed at her, before letting my eyes drop to the view I was getting of her rock-hard nipples. She bent down lower, with her elbows on my desk, lightly shaking her shoulders and making her breasts dance under the dress.

“Very nice.” I said in a low voice.

She looked down, clutched her hand to her chest dramatically, covering herself and whispered

“Sorry about that,” I stammered. She giggled softly at me and blew me a kiss.
“You’re kind of cute,” she said.
“You’re very cute too.” Her blue eyes trapped my gaze.
“Do you want to know something else?”

“My pussy is very, very wet right now.” Her hand palmed her crotch over her dress as she spoke.
“Oh.” I don’t know why that shocked me like it did.

“And I really could go for some dick from a good-looking man.”
I gathered my wits and stood up. Slowly, I walked around the desk to stand in front of her. “Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I thought you might know someone who could fuck me like a naughty little slut.”
I pulled Adura close and kissed her. I put my hands up under her dress and squeezed her soft, supple ass.

She leapt up and wrapped her legs around me, her mouth still attached to mine. I held her in mid-air, using her butt for leverage. I could feel the heat from her loins on my midsection. We continued to make out, all the while I was grabbing handfuls of her little ass as I kissed her.

This was no sweet, timid make-out. She kissed me vigorously, her tongue probing deep into my mouth. I sat her down on top of my desk. Her hands pushed my jacket down my arms. I threw it to the floor and ripped the tie from my neck. My hands went right for her boobs, palming them and squeezing like a randy teenager would in the back seat of his parent’s car. I could feel her stiff nipples under my hands as if they were trying to rip their way out of her dress.

I grabbed the hem of her dress, and in one motion pulled it up and over her head. I tossed it in a pile with my jacket. I kissed, sucked, and licked her nipples frantically, as though they were going to disappear at any moment.

Adura had worked my belt and pants open, and they fell to the floor. She leaned back on her elbows and scooted her butt close to the edge of my desk. I yanked my boxers to the ground as she pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was covered in a light layer of hair as if she had shaved the day or two before, but not today. I ran my cock up and down her moist slit, then pressed myself inside her.

We both let out groans of relief as my shaft entered her tight little canal.

I fucked her hard and fast, and she thrust her hips right back at me for every thrust. I rubbed her protruding clit, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from Emily. She covered her mouth as I continued pleasuring her. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she laid flat on her back now, pinching her nipple with her free hand, the other keeping her panties tugged open.

She took over rubbing her clit, going for a hard up and down stroke as against the slow circles I was doing to her. I gripped her hips and slammed into her, focusing on my own pleasure as she took over hers. I was grunting and gritting my teeth to keep from making too much noise. Adura kept thrusting her hips at me, and I leaned in to suck on her nipple.

Suddenly, Adura snapped her legs around my waist and sat upright, one hand still pressed on her sensitive nub. I could feel her Kegels contract around my cock. She shook and spasmed for a good eight seconds before exhaling loudly and falling onto her back again. It took three more deep thrusts, and I finished as well, filling her pussy with my cum.

As I pulled out and sunk into my chair, she made a show of fingering herself and pulling out a cum-soaked finger, sucking it into her mouth. She pulled her panties back in place and slid off the desk. She bent over in front of me, giving me a view of her thong as it split her ass cheeks in two.

She grabbed her dress and pulled it back over her sexy body.

“Now when Brother Yomi drives me home tonight, my little cunt will be full of your cum,” she said with a devilish grin.

I was speechless. Adura kissed me again, grinding her body into mine. She broke away suddenly and headed for the door.

“See you tomorrow, Seun,” she said in a sultry voice, blowing me a kiss.

I couldn’t concentrate very well for the next few hours. I gave up and headed for my car. Without thinking about it, I found myself driving back to the bar from yesterday. It was much earlier in the evening than my previous visit had been, but I did not know where else to go.

I stepped in and saw a few more customers around than the previous night. There were a couple of guys seated at one end of the bar, and five or six older women sitting at one of the tables having fun.

I didn’t see Promise anywhere so I took a stool at the opposite end of the bar from the other men and waited. Promise came out from the back carrying a crate of drinks a moment later. She looked my way and smiled.

“Hey Mister Blowjob,” she said with a sexy smile. She wore a similar top like she had worn yesterday.

“Hi Promise. Let me have something stronger than yesterday.”

She nodded and put the box down. She poured the guys at the other end of the bar a fresh shot each before mixing me a drink.
“I get the feeling you’ll be here a while tonight.” I got a wink from her.
“I’m sure I will be.”

“So, was today any less weird than yesterday?” She was bent over, sorting glasses below the bar, peering up at me as I stared down at her rack.

I shook my head and chuckled. “Actually, more complicated.”

“Tell me all about it.” She went out to check on the ladies at the table and brought them more drinks. I watched her ass swaying. Her tits were bouncy too, especially as she bent over to put fresh drinks in front of her customers. I closed my eyes and remembered the feel of her warm, wet, willing pussy enveloping my hard dick.

When I opened them again, Promise was back behind the bar and standing right in front of where I was sitting.

“You’re either very tired or deep in thought.” She poured us each a shot of whiskey.
“Just clearing my mind.”

“I see. So, tell me about this even weirder day you had.” We clinked glasses and downed the liquor.
I launched as I narrated the tale of my day. Chidinma fucking my dick with her face again, then me fucking her throat on the couch in my office.

“You have a couch in your office? That sounds very classy,” she said as she poured me another shot.
“I guess.”
“So, you got another lunchtime BJ. Very nice,” she said.
“And then after lunch. I met my boss’s younger sister.”
“Oh really?” That made her head tilt back towards me.

And I went on to talk about Adura flashing and teasing me for most of the afternoon as we talked about the business and things she needed to know. I told her how she exposed more and more skin, flashes of nipples and how I fucked her on my desk.

“Wow. I’d say Lagos is treating you pretty fucking great so far.” Promise was setting up a round of shots for the guys at the other end of the bar and dropping one off in front of me.

“I’m definitely not complaining. In the past two days, I’ve had more sex than I got in the last two years of my marriage. It is all just so out of nowhere for me.”

“Well, hang around a while, you never know what else you might get to do tonight.” She threw me a mischievous smile over her shoulder and patted her round butt cheek as she walked away to check on her other customers.

The ladies at the last table finally left. The older guys went to play pool, so Promise leaned on the bar beside me, and we talked a bit about ourselves. She had just turned thirty-one, having left home as a teenager. She had ended up in Lagos several years ago. She said she was kind of an adrenaline junkie, always up for whatever can get her a thrill.

I just shook my head.

“I don’t know that I could ever keep up with a woman like you,” I said sheepishly.

“You did a pretty good job the other night. Let’s see if we can improve on that tonight.” She leaned across the bar and kissed me, licking my lips with her tongue seductively.

She strutted away, heading over to the pool tables with one last round of beers for those guys. I watched her wiping tables and arranging chairs, her nice tits jiggling in her corset top, round butt shaking as she walked. I was most of the way to an erection already.

Once the last customers finally left, Promise locked the door behind them. She beckoned me over to her and pulled me by the tie to the pool tables, where she hopped up to sit on one. I kissed her and put my hands on her soft titties once again.

“You like my boobs, daddy?” Promise mused, now nibbling on my tongue.
“I love them.”
“Well, you can have it all, Daddy. My big tits. My wet pussy. My fat ass.”

She unzipped her skirt, and I unzipped my pants. We kissed again, our hands got busy undressing ourselves until we were naked. My throbbing dick liked the visual of her wearing them and nothing else.

“Does daddy want his cock sucked?” she purred.
“I do, but I need to get you off too.”

She crawled onto the pool table and beckoned me to follow. I climbed up and was pushed onto my back. Her tongue went straight for my hard cock, licking it from base to tip and back down over and over.

I put my hands on her hips and helped her swing her legs over me. I looked up to see her piercing glistening with wetness, and then I saw it. A silver shiny knob was sticking out of her ass. The naughty girl had a butt plug in.

“That’s different,” I said out loud to myself.

Promise replied, but the words were muffled by my dick in her mouth. She lowered her pussy onto my face, I stretched my tongue out to lap at her labia as they drew closer. I was licking and spreading her wetness everywhere I could, her clit, her opening. I kissed the rim of her ass where the plug was pressing out of it. She shivered a little.

“Does daddy want his dick in my slutty ass? Mmm, I was hoping you would.” She groaned at me, stroking my cock non-stop.

She pulled away from my face and adjusted our positions. Now crouched above my throbbing cock, she leaned back on one arm and thrust her hips forward. I had a wonderful view of her wet, slick pussy as she lowered herself down towards my dick. Using one hand, she pressed the tip of my cock between her slick labia, coating it thoroughly. Her hand stroked my cock, then went on to retrieve the lube she tucked in her skirt pocket.

I watched in amazement as one-handed, she popped off the top of the lube and drizzled the contents all over my cock. She resumed stroking me, getting me fully coated and slick.

She had lube all over her fingers, and she put it to good use. She grasped the knob of the plug and eased it out of her asshole. It came out and her fingers busied themselves spreading lubricant all over the rim and pushing what she could inside with her fingertips.

Her ass was gaping from the plug. It seemed to pulse at me from time to time. Her finger went inside her asshole and past the knuckle. She raised back up and grasped my cock now, directing the head against her opening.

“Don’t move,” Promise whispered.

Even with the pussy juice and lube, and with her ass opened up due to the plug she had been wearing, I still felt an immense amount of intense pressure on the head of my cock as it pushed it’s way up inside her. One inch at a time, she eased herself downward, pressing me further and further inside.

She exhaled loudly. “Soo big. Soo full. Soo good.”

Once the head was all the way inside her, the rest of my shaft slid inside her asshole a little easier. The tension eased somewhat, but I still felt much more pressure all around my cock than I ever had before. I was afraid to move, afraid to hurt her.

Before I knew it, I was fully inside her. She was still for a moment, her eyes closed as she began to rise back up and allow my shaft to slowly fuck her asshole.
Tantalizingly slow she dragged her hole up my dick and then eased it back down. The intensity of the feeling of it is indescribable. After a few of those torturous, long, drawn-out strokes, I was able to gently thrust into her on my own. She growled at me, like a unleashed animal.

“Fuck my ass, daddy, please.”

I turned the tiger within me loose and grabbed her hips. She was still riding me, leaning back with her hands behind her, her sexy tits bouncing up and down in a show I will forever remember. I was fully fucking her in the ass now, guiding her body down and the up again, ploughing my cock in and out of her at a pace I would not have expected her to allow.

With every stroke, she grunted and cried out in pleasure. She kept begging me to fuck her, to fill her up. I did my best to give her what she wanted. The tightness, pressure, and pleasure my cock experienced while deep inside her cannot be fully described in mere words.

I watched as Promise started to repeatedly smack her pussy lips and clit sharply with her hand as my dick impaled her ass. She was grunting and panting loudly, telling me repeatedly to fuck her hole harder. I was thrusting up inside her, timing my motions to meet the rhythm of her bouncing on my dick.

She pulled herself up and off suddenly and went down on her knees. I got on my knees behind her and lined my cock up with her gaping hole once more. The entry was easier this time, and the position much more familiar.

I grabbed her hips and slammed myself into her forcefully, over and over, just like she was begging me to do. She put her face on the green felt of the pool table as she continued to spank her pussy and clit under us as I fucked her tight asshole.

All good things must come to an end, and in swift fashion, I felt my balls tighten and my cock erupt inside her. I pressed my shaft inside her and held it in place as I let loose. She was rubbing her pussy faster and faster. She shook violently under me as her orgasm arrived.

I fell back onto my bare ass, my head spinning and trying to catch my breath. I had a front-row view of some of my cum oozing out of her sphincter. Once she caught her breath, she rolled off the table and went in search of her butt plug.

I watched in amazement as she ran her fingers through her labia to get them wet, spread the wetness over the top of the plug, bent over seductively for me to see, and slid the silver plug slowly back into her ass.

“I’m going to keep your seed inside me all the way home,” she said, kissing me as I climbed off the table and went in search of my pants.

I dressed and shared one last passionate kiss with Promise before I drove back to my apartment.

I laid down in bed, trying to keep my mind from reviewing the day’s events. The next day would be even more interesting. I was scheduled to meet with Chidinma first thing in the morning, and Adura again that afternoon.

The prospect of even more sex tomorrow was very real. I couldn’t wait to see what else Lagos had in store for me.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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