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[Short Story] Web of Deceit by Sixtie9ine (Chapter 1) {18+}


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[Short Story] Web of Deceit by Sixtie9ine (Chapter 1) {18+}

Here’s something to consider, even small events can change your life dramatically. For instance, if it hadn’t been our 10th wedding anniversary, Chisom and I would have been eating dinner at one of our usual favourite places, not at the fanciest restaurant on the Island.

If we weren’t at such a fancy restaurant, I wouldn’t have seen her face when she sat down, I would have been standing behind her, holding her chair instead of letting a waiter do it. Missing that look of discomfort on her face would have made a big difference.

She noticed I was worried, and before I could ask, she told me, “Oh, don’t worry babe, it’s just a muscle cramp. My calf feels sore today for some reason.” Then she quickly changed the topic, “Kunle, this place is so lovely. Thanks for bringing me here tonight!”

Sometimes we understand things without even realizing it. Chisom’s expression reminded me of something we playfully call the ‘Honeymoons.’ Let me explain: When we got married, during one of our honeymoon nights in North Island Lodge, Seychelles, we had too much to drink and had so much sex that the next day she was uncomfortable and sore down there.

We had to take a break from regular sex for a day or two, but we found other ways to please each other. The same thing happened during our second honeymoon six years later in Marrakesh, when we left the kids with her parents for a week. One night of intense passion led to a couple of days of discomfort for Chisom, hence the name ‘Honeymoons’.”

Our anniversary dinner was fantastic, and the rest of the evening was great too, but there was a surprise that I didn’t fully grasp until later. We enjoyed delicious food and two bottles of champagne during dinner and reminisced about happy times.

We talked about our two teenagers, who were away at my parent’s place for the mid-term holidays. We laughed about our awkward early dates in the university and joked about how it took us a few tries to figure things out together in bed.

When Chisom and I got back from the restaurant, a bit drunk and deeply in love, I carried her to our bedroom and started taking off her clothes. But then she asked me to stop.

“Kunle, hold on. Let me change into the new nightdress I got for tonight.”

She went into the bathroom, and by the time I got undressed and into bed, she came out wearing a long, light blue nightdress that was almost see-through. You could clearly see her beautiful breasts, perfect nipples, and dark pubic hair.

Chisom, at 36, looked stunning. Despite having two children, her good genes and regular exercise kept her looking youthful. To me, she was even more attractive than when I first met her almost twenty years ago. I have been in love with her ever since.

After some passionate kissing and touching, I moved down the bed, lifting her nightgown to eat her out. Chisom loves it when I do that, although she’s doesn’t quite like giving blowjobs. Usually, we spend time together with her enjoying my kisses and oral pleasure. So, it surprised me when she stopped me.

“No, Kunle, please. Tonight, I want to focus on you.” She gently pushed me back onto the bed, stroked my dick, then took it into her mouth. When I reached for her pussy with my hands, meaning to finger her while she sucked me, she again stopped me.

“No, baby. Tonight has been amazing, let me take care of you.”

As I mentioned, Chisom doesn’t usually enjoy giving me oral sex, but this time was amazing. She teased me with her warm breath, tongue, lips, and hands. She brought me close to climax, then playfully stopped and softly stroked me, ignoring my pleas to let me cum.

She licked down my penis and gently sucked on each of my testicles. Then she started again! “Oh fuck, babe, please! Let me cum!” It must have been nearly thirty minutes of intense pleasure before she finally brought me to orgasm, taking me deep into her mouth, letting me shoot an enormous load of cum down her throat and swallowing everything. My body spasmed with pleasure, and I couldn’t control my moans.

I lay there, exhausted and trying to catch my breath. “Wow, mamito, that was incredible!” I said, using the pet name I usually use for her during sex. By the time it had occurred to me that we hadn’t fucked, and that I hadn’t fingered her or sucked her pussy.

The room was dark, and she was cosy beside me, relaxed and warm. When I asked again, “How about you, honey?” she sleepily answered, “Everything’s for you tonight, darling.”

So, why would I even remember those significant moments from that night? There’s no point. Who cares about a little frown or turning down of cunnilingus? Nobody did, including me, until exactly eleven days later when everything began to unravel.

I got back late Saturday night from a conference in Abuja that lasted two days. I work as a civil engineer, and we met about the new federal government connecting roads, a contract I had won with my partners. When I got home from the airport after 2 am, I knew Chisom would be asleep.

I went to the laundry room to unpack my dirty clothes from my suitcase. As I was bending down, I saw a pair of Chisom’s thongs that had fallen behind the hamper and were almost hidden against the wall.

It was a smooth black thong, her only one of its kind, a sexy gift I got her a year ago that she only wore on special nights with me. Chisom isn’t a fan of thongs, she once joked they’re like using floss for your ass crack, but she wore this one a few times to please me.

I hadn’t seen her wear it in a while, but now I found it, stiff and dirty in the crotch, clearly stained with a man’s semen. A sniff confirmed what I saw.

You know in stories when a character says “I saw stars” and it seems like just a saying? Well, I actually saw stars. I felt dizzy and like I might fall over.

I stumbled back into the kitchen and sank into a chair. It felt like someone had hit the back of my head with a 2-by-2.

In the next few minutes, my mind tried hard to come up with explanations other than the obvious. Could the panties have been there for months, from the last time she wore them with me? No, we move the laundry basket every few weeks when we clean the room.

Could she have worn them recently without me noticing? No, I see her get dressed every morning. Could it be from the last time we had sex? No, that was three days ago, and she wore different panties the next day. Could it be her own juices from masturbating while I was away? No, I know what cum smells like.

In the end, I realized what I already felt deep down. My wife, whom I had loved completely for over 16 years, was seeing someone else. I didn’t cry right away; I was too shocked. I just sat in the kitchen, looking around without really seeing, sipping a beer that I couldn’t taste.

Questions flooded my mind, crushing any happiness I had left. Who was he? How long had this been going on? Did she love him? What would happen to our marriage? Was there anything left for us? What should I do now?

I’m not the kind of guy who gets excited by the thought of his wife being with another man. Actually, the idea disgusts me rather than turns me on. I’ve never fantasized about her with someone else. I don’t want her to be with anyone else, I don’t want to see it happen, and I don’t even want to think about it. And she knows that about me.

Chisom and I had promised to stay faithful to each other. Most couples make this promise at their wedding, but we have talked about it since then.

One day, at a neighbourhood barbecue about 4 years into our marriage, a casual friend, Tega pulled me aside and told me in an indirect way that he and his wife Fejiro were swingers. He said they were interested in us joining them.

I was really surprised by this, but I told him calmly that I’d think about it and talk to Chisom. I added, “I’m not sure how to bring this up with her, I think she’ll be really shocked.” Tega just smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, my guy. Fejiro is talking to Chisom about it right now.”

I found it funny how well they planned it, and I promised Tega I’d talk to Chisom and let him know. I was a little tempted because Fejiro was short, curvy, and a lot of fun. But I couldn’t see Chisom being interested in swinging or in Tega.

After the party, while we were walking home, Chisom brought it up before I could say anything. “Can you believe it, Kunle? Tega and Fejiro are swingers, and they want us to join them?”

After the party, while we were walking home, Chisom brought it up before I could say anything. “Can you believe it, Kunle? Tega and Fejiro are swingers, and they want us to join them?”

Chisom laughed. “I was surprised, but I just said we’d discuss it and let them know. No need to be rude.”

Later, in our bedroom, I brought up the subject again. “So, Chisom, are you interested in their offer?” “No way, Kunle!” she replied. “Can you imagine me with that Tega guy? Please I’m not doing abeg!”

“But Chisom,” I joked with her. “Aren’t you curious to see what he looks like when he’s having sex?” We both burst out laughing. It was obvious that this wife-swap idea wasn’t going to happen.

I continued, “Seriously, babe. We’ve never talked about the idea of swapping. I don’t think I want to do it, but are you interested? I don’t just mean Tega and Fejiro, I mean anyone?”

She looked at me and said, “Kunle, I have to admit, I’m a bit curious. I’ve only ever been with you, so I sometimes wonder what it would be like with someone else. I love you and being with you, it’s not that I’m unhappy. I can’t imagine anyone better. But I’m just a little curious, that’s all.”

She said, “But I don’t want you fucking anyone else. The idea of you touching, kissing, or being intimate with another woman, of being close to her in that way, makes me feel sick. I want you all to myself! Our lovemaking is special because it’s just between us. I want us to only share that.”

I smiled at her, feeling a deep sense of affection for my amazing wife. “Chisom, that’s exactly how I feel. Sometimes I might notice an attractive woman and briefly imagine things, but our life together and our special connection mean so much more to me. The thought of you with someone else is unsettling. I suppose what I’, saying is I have eyes for you only, mamito.”

“Then come here, Papi. I’m in the mood for some sugar!”

A few minutes later, we were deep in steamy hot sex As we fucked vigorously in the doggy position, the two of us nearing orgasm. Chisom suddenly exclaimed, “Papi, fuck me hard! Give me all of that big black dick, papi.” That was all it took to get me over the edge as I came powerfully in my wife’s pussy, which in turn spurred her own orgasm.

As I looked back on that joyful evening, my sadness grew. Where was the wife who once loved me and chose only me? I’ve always been someone who thinks carefully and takes time to understand everything before acting. Despite my shock and despair, I knew I needed to learn more. I couldn’t confront Chisom just yet, express my emotions, or make any decisions until I understood the full truth.

I felt disgusted thinking about having sex with her, cuddling in bed, and pretending to be happy and in love when inside me, I just wanted to scream. How could I hide my true feelings from her? I even thought,

“How can I lie to my wife?” But then I quickly realized: she’d been lying to me. She’s been cheating on me! She’s been with other people behind my back, for who knows how long!

By the time I finally climbed the stairs to my bedroom, it was after 2:30 in the morning. I was relieved I didn’t have to see Chisom that night. When I got into bed, she quietly greeted me in her sleep and cuddled up closely behind me, wrapping her arm around my chest. I couldn’t bear it. I felt nauseous. I wished someone would tell me it was all just a terrible dream.

I quickly got out of bed, pretending I had to use the bathroom. I waited a few minutes until I was sure she was asleep. Then I quietly returned to bed, keeping my distance from her, and stared wide-eyed into the dark, hoping to fall asleep, which seemed unlikely.

The next morning was a Saturday, and I didn’t wake up until after 10:30. Chisom let me sleep in. I heard her downstairs, humming in the kitchen, and smelled coffee. I stretched and yawned, enjoying the bright sunshine coming through the window.

Maybe Chisom and I could have a picnic today? But then I remembered what I found out the night before. It hit me hard, taking away my smile. I thought July 11th, when I came back home, would be the worst day of my life. I was wrong. It turned out to be the 12th.

Written by Sixtie9ine

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