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Short Story: The Setup with Dr. Mark by Big Mak (18+)


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Short Story: The Setup with Dr. Mark by Big Mak (18+)

“But you can’t deny that he fucked you good,” Linda said, her eyes shiny with mockery.

I squirmed where I was sitting, embarrassed and praying that she would keep her voice down. My boyfriend was in the next room and I didn’t want him to hear this.

“Please…” I begged, my eyes pleading.

She giggled and rolled her eyes. “Wow. I didn’t know you could moan and scream like that.” Linda continued as if I had not spoken.

I knew she took pleasure in torturing me since she claimed that I had always been the better-looking woman among the four of us who tagged together as friends.

“If Joe hears this, I’ll never forgive you.” I threatened but she rolled her eyes again and made faces at me in mockery.

“You can always go back to him. After all, Joe has never fucked you in the last year or so that you have been together like Dr Mark did last night.” She leaned over and whispered.

I shook my head at her and sighed. “Ok. What do you want me to do?” I tried to be diplomatic.

She chuckled. “Nothing, I just can’t take the image out of my mind.” She answered.

“Wow! Sincerely, looking at you wimp and weeping as he bent you over the table was something I will never forget.”

I got angry! I thought of her as a friend! Yes, Dr Mark Femiwa had invited me to his office for an examination but I knew he always wanted to fuck me and so I had invited Linda along to avert that but instead, the craziest thing happened.

We were discussing with him in his spacious office for some time when he suddenly said the unthinkable.

“Belinda! I’ve always wanted to fuck you!”

I literally choked on my glass of chilled coke and splashed the liquid all over my dress. Linda laughed where she sat beside me and I met her eyes with an incredible expression. She winked at me and shrugged.

I didn’t know if it was a planned thing or maybe it was just a crazy moment or maybe something else was at play but before I could recover from the shock, I was startled to see Dr Mark standing in front of me.

He had his trousers’ zipper opened and the most beautiful erect penis I ever saw was nodding at me.

Linda smiled at me as I met her eyes again and before I knew what was going on, strong hands drew me up and I was bent over the huge desk of the doctor.

I felt the cold air of the air conditioning unit hit my bare ass as he drew up the hem of my yellow dress. He never bothered to pull away my panties but shifted them to a side and without warning, he found his way into my soaking, wet cunt.

I went damp again thinking about it. I smiled and shook my head. It was crazy but I enjoyed it so much. I climaxed four times before it was all over in the most intense, most passionate fuck in my life.

I thought he would be in a hurry since my friend was in the room but he took his time.

I moaned and wimped and wept as he held my big backsides in his strong grips, slamming against my shaking buttocks as he pumped his hard cock in and out of my dripping vagina.

My eyes opened and I turned my head which rested on the table to stare at Linda who was smiling the whole time, but I noticed that her thighs were exposed and she was playing with her private
area, under her skirt which she had pulled up.

“Please! Please!” I remembered as I begged him but he was like a crazed animal.

He fucked me like I had never been before and he pulled off my dress and flung it on the floor after about ten minutes.

I stood naked and bent over the huge desk, with my panties torn and hanging around my waist like a piece of rag. Linda had removed her skirt too by this time and she was masturbating like a mad woman. Our eyes were locked and I had never seen her so intense.

“You belong to me! Belinda! You belong to me!” Dr Mark said under his breath and continued to fuck me like I was a piece of doll.

The orgasms hit me one after the other and I heard the ripping of my bra as he took the other last piece of clothing from my body. I whimpered again and begged him but he was not done.

“Come here!” I heard him bark an order and Linda crawled over to us.

From over my shoulder, I saw him feed my friend his strongly erect phallus which was generously coated with my cream, as she obediently liked him clean and suck him so eagerly.

“Make it wet!” I heard as he gave the order again.
Linda coated his erect penis with her saliva and to my surprise, he pushed his huge cock against my anus. I screamed. I was a virgin there and I felt the initial pain as the head of his penis pushed its way through.

“Sshhh.” He hushed me and drew back a bit before forcing his way in again.

I felt the tearing pain and then my anal cavity expanded to accommodate him. He grunted as he found his way in and waited for a little while before he began to fuck me again.

Damn! It was true I had never been fucked like that in my life. Well, I was not really experienced anyway. Aside from my boyfriend, only one other guy had ever made love to me and it was a hurried thing that never went beyond the outer lips of my vagina.

Even Joe had only fucked me twice and that was because he had threatened to get another girl if I would not allow him.
But now, Dr Mark was having me like he truly owned me and the strange issue was that I never once resisted him.
He fucked me to a stupor and I felt the earth-shaking climax again as he withdrew after battering me to his heart’s content.

To my shock, I saw him step toward my friend who had knelt beside us throughout the drama and he held her head as he began to rain cum into her widely opened mouth. It was the largest release I had ever witnessed and I saw Linda gulp at it as if she was drinking from a tap.

She licked him dry and I remained flat on the table, my shredded panties around my waist and I realized that my hair was dishevelled and scattered, my legs shook and I trembled all over.

He drew me up after he had arranged himself and helped me put on my dress. I watched as he wrapped my bra in his hand and drew his drawer before dropping it inside.

“You’re mine!” He said again and I sat on the chair before him, still shaking.

Linda smiled at me and helped me out of the office without a word. I could feel my torn panties around my waist and I trembled as I was walked. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

“You can as well shout it for everyone to hear!” I spat back at her.

“I don’t give a damn! We are in this together, I saw how you sucked him like a bitch and took his cum down your throat.”

Linda chuckled again and licked her lips. “At least I’m not trying to behave like it was a mistake.”

She returned. “As if you’re are not a slut too.”
I blinked at her. “Oh… Is this what this is all about?”

I was furious. I knew why she was taunting me now. We had an argument last year about all women being sluts and I had refused to accept I was one.

I had witnessed Linda and Dorothy being fucked a couple of times by some guys and while they had accepted it that they were sluts when they meet the right guys, I had vehemently rejected the idea that all women were sluts even in the presence of the right guy.

“Yes! Now, you’re also a slut of Dr Mark.” She replied.

“That makes two of us.” I retorted. “I guess that was not your first time with him.”

Linda smiled and shrugged. I noticed that she squirmed under my gaze and I gasped.

“Oh my! Has he also fucked you before?” I asked, getting angry. She couldn’t meet my eyes. “Since when?”

She couldn’t speak and I heard my boyfriend whistling in the bedroom as he ironed his clothes.

“Since when?!” I asked angrily.
“About two months ago.”

“God!” I was furious. So, he had fucked my friend just as he just fucked me. I was not special after all as I thought I was to him. I was just his slut indeed.

“Don’t beat yourself up over this,” Linda said.
“I threw myself at him. After I heard him confess his feelings for you.”
I blinked at her.

“He confessed his feelings for me?” She nodded.

“He said he would rape you if you deny him and wouldn’t mind going to jail.”
Linda chuckled as she noticed the expression on my face. “Is he crazy?”

“That guy has something for you that’s not ordinary. Do you know that he screams your name when he fucks me?”

“You’re crazy!” I flung my hand at her and she jerked away, laughing. “And you still allow him to have you?”

“Come off it, Belinda! We all can’t be as beautiful as you are. I’m ok standing in your shadows.” She confessed. “Just stop rubbing it in.”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “I have never done such a thing. I don’t even know what you are talking about.”

“Well, you heard it now.” She said.

“I have an arrangement with Dr Mark. I deliver you and I get to be fucked when I want and how I want.”

I thought of it and laughed.

“So, you’re the one who planned all these?” She nodded.

“How did you know I would not be able to resist him?”

She shrugged. “I know that you love him.” She confessed. “Aisha told me.”

I chuckled and shook my head.

“So, he’s going to be fucking both of us from now; is that it?” I said thoughtfully.

Linda shrugged. “If you will have me as your third and submissive partner.” She said and winked.
I laughed and shook my head. “So, that makes me a slut, right?”

Linda squeezed her face.
“I don’t know what you are to Dr Mark. But I’m the willing slut.” I giggled.

“If I am a slut to him, I don’t give a damn,” I confessed.

“But I’m not giving him up for anything.”

Linda looked at me like I was a stranger.
“Hey! What have you done to my friend?” I smiled.

“Go and meet him. Tell him I’m coming to see him tonight and I want to be fucked again like I’m his slut.” I ordered Linda and she gaped at me like I was an alien.

“Are you sure about this?” She whispered fiercely, I could see the excitement in her eyes.

I nodded. I was sure about it.

Slut or not, that man had given me a pleasure that I had never met anywhere before and I was not going to lose it.

Written by Big Mak

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