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Short Story: The Onitsha Night Bus Experience by KelXXX (18+)

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Short Story: The Onitsha Night Bus Experience by KelXXX (18+)

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Growing up in a middle-class family meant we couldn’t afford flying as a means of transportation, so the luxury bus otherwise known as the “Night bus” because of the night journeys the luxurious buses were famous for.

I had fantasies of fucking someone on the night bus someday. As luck will have it, I fulfilled that fantasy and here is how it happened.

The bus hardly moved around 10:00 pm when I opened the windows fully and watched the landscape pass by speedily while enjoying the breeze on my face.

The Legend extra stout I had taken in addition to the “Arizona” I smoked before boarding the bus was beginning to take effect and I was feeling good while my playlist jammed away in my ears.

I was cautious not to disturb the aunty that was sitting beside me.

From my point of assessment, she was in her mid-30s while I was a sharp-mouthed 22-year-old who had just graduated and was preparing for NYSC.

A few things that struck me about her were her light flawless skin tone, cute slim thick shape and very nice perfume that kept wafting around all through the journey, I also suspected that the boobs covered by her scarf were sizeable but I couldn’t tell how big just yet.

I also noticed she had a friend who wasn’t able to get a seat so she was behind her and they were chit-chatting away although very uncomfortably as the bus sped into the cool dark night.

As a sharp horny guy, I was scheming on how to start a convo, get her number and arrange sharp knacks if possible especially after eavesdropping on her call to her man and prolonged gist with her friend.

All the info I had, pointed towards an unhappy relationship, in addition to the suspicion that the guy had hit her a couple of times, I sat patiently and schemed on.

An opportunity presented itself after two passengers on the bus got into a verbal exchange and the next thing we all heard was a thunderous slap: the woman had landed the man a terrible slap and there was chaos in the front end of the bus, thankfully, we were seated at the rear end.

My condemnation of the violence regardless of gender was what opened the discussion between us.

Shortly after we started talking, I deduced her name was Aisha, she was from Southern Kaduna, had a business that was doing well and she was on her way to Onitsha to get goods to restock her shop in Jos, I was impressed and her voice was sonorous and sweet to listen to, I imagined how she would sound when she was moaning.

The bus stopped at a military checkpoint and the inner lights were turned on, I got the chance to see her face clearly and she was not as stunning as I thought but she was cute in a different kinda way with prominent cheeks and slant eyes, oh, she had dimples too and she oozed mad sexual appeal.

I was attracted in an erotic way, the thoughts of what I could do with her full lips gave me an almost instant boner.

As the journey progressed, we got deeper into the gist and I was stylishly finding out more about her relationship which she was surprisingly giving me details about, I was willing to be the shoulder to cry on as well as the dick to ride on.
From what she spilled to me, she seemed tired of the relationship but couldn’t leave because the boyfriend was rich and influential, he was the person who started her business for her and she was scared of what he would do to her if she left him especially after being together for about 6 years.

Since I understood she wasn’t looking for a saviour I took the route of being a shoulder to cry on, one information that gave me joy was when she confided in me that the bully had a small dick, at that point, I knew I would fuck her but never thought it would happen so soon.

When I felt we had become acquainted enough and I noticed that her friend was weary from standing too long, I suggested we shifted in and tried managing the two seats so her friend could sit, both of them were very grateful but I had my plans.

For us to have any semblance of comfort, I had to hang my arms over Aisha’s neck and that was where the action started. While the bus swayed and ran over gallops and bumps, my arm kept swinging and brushing what felt like big mangoes that were not held up by a bra, I assumed she was falling asleep when she laid her head on my shoulder.

At some point, I thought I noticed she seemed to be pushing her boobs into my palms but I dismissed the thought so that I wouldn’t be the next person to get slapped on the bus, but the next time the bus braked.

She pushed her boob into my hands and I could feel the unmistakable sensation of a hard nipple graze my palm, as a sharp guy, I gripped it loosely and waited for her reaction, alas it was nothing but heavy breathing from her, so I knew she was awake and aware.

Subsequently, I began trailing my index finger around her nipple in a gradual manner through the scarf she was using to cover her upper body from cold as was common amongst people who travelled via night bus.

I could almost feel her thick nipple increase in size as I trailed, after a few minutes, I pinched the nipple and felt her jump a little, all the while she was moaning slowly in my ears, at this point I wasted no time putting my arm beneath her scarf and the handle of her ‘spaghetti gown’ to feel the boob I had been fondling through various layers of thin materials.

Her boob felt very warm and I noticed the boob was actually heavy and bigger than I had thought earlier.

While her friend was sitting with us, she was facing away from us but I suspected she knew what was happening beside her because Aisha was wriggling as the torment I was giving her was sending shudders through her entire body.

At some point, the bus stopped so that passengers could buy things to eat through the windows of the bus.

Aisha said she wanted to buy suya and I offered to help her since I was closer to the window, but she declined, saying she would get a better deal since she spoke Hausa fluently, I told her I could speak Hausa fluently too however she insisted on buying the suya herself.

I relaxed my back on the chair so she could have better access to the window, she stood up and tried buying the suya but couldn’t reach the seller, I suggested we swap seats so that she was closer to the window but she declined again, next thing I know, she sat on my lap, then put her head outside the window.

The first thing I noticed was how soft her ass was, I started to caress the soft ass with my arm that was hidden from the rest of the passengers.
Her friend was enjoying sitting properly, as she moved over to our aisle, and jokingly said

“I wish Aisha could sit on your lap for the rest of this journey so I can have the full seat to myself, I am feeling so sleepy”, inside my head, I concurred but kept my thoughts to myself, her suggestion gave me an idea, so I told her that as the journey continued.

I will carry Aisha for some time so that she could get some naps and she was overjoyed.

After Aisha had bought the suya and the journey continued we all ate the suya, I was careful to use the toothpick so that my future plans will not be ruined. The moment the lights inside the bus went out, we continued our escapade.

This time, I passed my right hand under her gown and was caressing the soft flesh of her lap, I made a go at her pussy, expecting her to stop me but she offered no resistance. We were now talking in whispers so that her friend will not overhear us.

I was complimenting her body while she was mostly moaning in my ear. Next, I grazed my nails on her pubic area and she shivered, after running my fingers delicately in the area surrounding her coochie, I felt she was aroused enough for the main course.

I pushed my middle finger inside her pussy and she hissed and whimpered at the same time. Her coochie was soaked with what felt like thick very warm cream, I was aroused af.

As I started to finger her, her moans were almost becoming audible so I removed my left hand from her boob and covered her mouth with my palm while I went ahead to finger her vigorously till she came.

Her vibrating body must’ve alerted her friend that something was going on because I noticed her turn and try to look at us but the darkness in the bus provided enough cover, I really didn’t care what happened at this point…

After Aisha’s vibration subsided, she calmly placed her hand on my crotch and was feeling my dick, then she whispered in my ears telling me that the time she sat on my lap to buy suya earlier, she felt my dick and she noticed it was huge, she went on and on about how she hasn’t been fucked properly in a long while.

She passed her hand through the waist of my joggers and was working my dick which was growing in size. She continued working my dick while we gisted and I could tell she had profound skills in giving handjobs.

I was squeezing her boobs and she was moaning quietly while she was squeezing and pumping my dick like a pro, after a while, I knew we either had to progress or stop till we got to our destination where we could make proper arrangements to fuck ourselves to stupor.

It seemed Aisha was thinking the same thing, however, her next move had me stunned, she spat into the tip of her finger and used it to cover the cap of my dick, she then told her friend to sit properly since she was sleepy so she could sit on my lap.

Under the cover of darkness, she stood up, hiked her gown up a bit, shifted her G-sting to the side and sat on my dick, her pussy felt so wet and tight that I suspected that either she hadn’t fucked in a long while or her boyfriend had a very smaller dick than I had imagined, regardless.

She swallowed my dick inch by inch till she was sitting on my lap with my whole length inside her wet hot pussy, all the while, I gripped her mouth very tight so she wouldn’t scream.

When she had adjusted to the size of my dick inside her, she started bouncing in very slow motions in tempo with the bus as it bobbed while moving, uneven road the bus was bouncing on helped her bounce while she was wailing into my hands as my dick stretched the walls of her pussy making them soak my dick in its grip.

As Aisha fucked me, I kept looking around if anyone was watching but no one paid us any attention, Aisha held the headrest of the seat in front of us while she rode me calmly but with intensity.

She would try standing and the moment the dick was at the tip of her wet hot and very sweet pussy, she will sit down fully on it and grind like a stripper, she was driving me wild in a very calm manner and that was the best feeling in the world at the time.

At intervals, I would squeeze either of her breasts as I noticed it drove her wild and made her pussy convulse on my dick…

As Aisha increased the pace of her ride, I knew she was close to climax as I could feel her soaked pussy walls clamping and releasing my dick, driving me wild.

I could also feel my cum coming, she was wailing into my hands now, next thing I felt was warm liquid flowing down my thighs, Aisha was a squirter and the position she was sitting while riding me ensured that my dick was constantly rubbing her G-spot with every bounce, five thrusts after her squirt soaked my thighs and joggers.

I emptied my full load into the deepest crevice of her pussy while her tight pussy walls milked my dick of the last drop of cum, the exhaustion that hit the both of us after the cum knocked us out, and we slept off like that, thankfully, her gown was covering our lower regions.

We were awakened by the loud sound of a burst tyre, the inner lights of the bus lit up as the bus ground to a halt. In the midst of the commotion that ensued inside the bus. I quickly housed my half-rigid tool inside my boxers while Aisha stood up and was pretending to stretch while covering me from the view of the rest f the bus.

Even though I had just fucked a total stranger I met less than five hours raw, I knew I wanted more of that sweet pussy and I was sure I would get it shortly.

In an unorganized manner all the passengers who were on the bus alighted to the road and gathered in groups around the bus and were discussing, I quickly retrieved one roll of loud and my bottle of action bitters and joined the rest of the passengers outside the bus with Aisha towing behind me holding my hands like we’d known ourselves forever.

Having travelled via the luxurious bus on night trips more times than I can count, I knew that it would take the bus crew about 2 hours to successfully change the tyre (since it was the inner tyre of the paired tyre sets), that is if they had a spare because the managements for some of those companies are not serious.

I took Aisha for a walk in search of a good location for her to ease herself, I smoke also, so I could fuck her properly. About 200m away from the bus I spotted a closed shop in a dark and serene location, we could see the bus from where we were but those around the bus couldn’t see us.

Aisha called her friend on phone and told her she took a stroll with me so that she wouldn’t panic. After the call, I showed her where to ease herself and I stayed a short distance away to grant her privacy and wash my dick, she then busts out laughing saying

“We just finished fucking, what the fuck is privacy?” We laughed heartily but I instantly liked her some more.

When Aisha was done, we sat down an I lit my loud and took a long drag and instantly the aroma filled the atmosphere, after a few puffs Aisha asked for a few puffs even though she wasn’t a habitual smoker, she said smoking turns her on and I would find out soon, we smoked and gisted while sipping a combo of action bitters and Fearless energy drink.

While we were smoking, we were smooching ourselves, I couldn’t keep my hands from Aisha’s smooth skin and heavy breasts, it was at that point we realised we hadn’t kissed but we already fucked, we both burst out laughing, after which she drew close and I kissed her full soft lips.

I got an instant erection from that kiss as I felt her tongue searching my mouth like she lost something there earlier and it seemed to do some magic to Aisha’s body because we couldn’t keep our hands away from each other after that kiss.

One second we were kissing, the next second, Aisha was kneeling on some sacks that were arranged in front of the shop where we were, she pulled down the waistband of my joggers and brought out my dick from my boxers and was marvelled at the size, she used the flashlight from the lighter to admire my dick, she said she wanted to see the tool that made her squirt in the bus.

After the session of dick admiration was over, Aisha covered the cap of my dick with her gorgeous lips and started sucking and swirling her tongue on my dick like an expert dick sucker, she then went ahead to lick the length of the dick in a very passionate manner, within a few seconds, her hand joined in pumping my dick that was now wet with saliva, while her other hand was working her pussy vigorously.

I could feel almost the whole length of my dick disappear inside her mouth as she sucked my dick vigorously while bobbing her head as if she was miming a rap song.

The skills that she showed while sucking my dick made my dick harder, fuller and appear longer, often times I would feel the cap of my dick trying to open her throat, other times she sucked on the cap like a kid with a new toy, all of which as driving me wild.

It didn’t take too long before I poured my seed into her throat making her choke. When she recovered from her choke, she continued sucking my dick and I started feeling the familiar feelings of hardness.

Once my dick was hard enough, I bent Aisha over the bench we were sitting on earlier so that her forearms were resting on the bench and her beautiful curvy and thick backside was pointing to me and raised her gown in a seductive manner and she was bouncing the ass, driving me wild.

It was my turn for an inspection, I turned on the torch and admired the size and curve of her waist. Her ass was as spotless as the rest of her skin and very soft, her pussy lips shone from the wetness seeping out of the pussy, her pink inner pussy lips were engorged with arousal and were peeking out of her outer pussy lips, I could smell the aroma of her arousal from her drenched pussy and I instantly felt the need to plaster my tongue on her pussy and clean out the juice that was visible.

I had instant pictures in my head of how I would spread her open on a bed and suck her pussy lips gently one after the other while running my tongue through the slit of her pussy, all in repeated motions.

I also knew I would suck that pussy like fruit, I was pretty sure that by the time I was lip fucking her clitoris, she would have almost passed out from cuming and squirting in my mouth while her eyes rolled in her head and her legs quivered.

I knew when and if the time came she would wake the others with her moans and I wouldn’t care, I didn’t like them anyways.
When I was done with the inspection and admiration of Aisha’s beautiful coochie. I lined my dick to the opening of her beautiful pussy and started pushing in slowly till half the length was wrapped up by her pussy, I was intentional about enjoying every moment of this fuck and the fulfilment of one of my fantasies.

I started thrusting in slowly at first going deeper with every thrust, by this time almost the whole length was inside her wet warm pussy, I increased the pace while Aisha moaned, hissed and cursed, she was speaking gibberish by the time my waist was slapping her soft warm butt.

I imagined the way her eyes rolled to the back when she came, her cum almost splashing out of her pussy, she was a squirter with reckless abandon. I continued fucking her while squeezing her big breasts and tweaking her nipples, she was wailing now, and with the way her pussy walls were gripping my dick, I knew she was cumming again soon so I increased the pace and drove her over the edge.

I would pull out my dick, put the head back in after grazing her clitoris with the cap of my dick, and then I will slam my dick into the deepest recess of her pussy where my dick could reach.

I could feel my dick rubbing all the contours inside her pussy, shortly after, her knees gave way and she nearly crumbled to the floor but I caught her early enough and laid her gently on the bench and inserted my dick again and started going slow so she could rest a bit.

I was still far from cumming so I kept pummelling her sweet pussy in slow torture, I loved the sound of her moaning, the combo of the scent of her pussy and perfume had a crazy effect on me, I didn’t want to stop fucking her but I had to since she was already tired and needed some rest.

We rested for a few minutes, while she was resting, I was smoking my loud and drinking, when I checked the time, I noticed we had been there for over an hour and would need to hurry up and get back to the bus before they finished, Aisha scooted close and took my dick in her mouth licking up the residue of her juices that were beginning to dry on my dick.

I was amazed by her sluttiness but I loved every bit of it. Once my dick was rigid enough, Aisha sat on it facing away from me and started to grind me slowly and she was very good at it, I was enjoying her bumping and grinding till she stood up, bent down and positioned her curvy ass as though she wanted doggy.

I had barely fucked her for a few minutes and she came again, this time she brought her hand backwards and removed my soaked dick from her pussy and put the head of my dick in the entrance of her tight asshole, without waiting for her order to start.

I started pushing my dick into her very tight asshole while adding saliva to improve the entry, once I felt my dick inside, I started thrusting slowly, her reaction to the anal fuck was 2-times the reaction from fucking her pussy.

Aisha went wild in a frenzy as I fucked her ass with reckless abandon, we both came together and almost collapsed.

After resting for a few minutes, we cleaned up and went back to the bus just in time to get on the bus with other passengers, few minutes after the bus started moving, Aisha and I slept off. We both woke up very early in the morning as the sun was rising.

The moment I remembered the episode last night, a smile was plastered on my lips, Aisha smiled lovingly too and her dimples knocked me off, I wished that moment would last forever.

We gisted and planned more escapades we had lined up for the future as the bus sped, few hours later, the bus arrived in Onitsha, and we went our separate ways after exchanging contact details.

Subsequently, we became fuck buddies and I had the opportunity to explore her beautiful body and her mind, I also found out that she was very brilliant and had a high sex libido just like me we went on to fuck in weird places such as the back of the church during a crusade, and in a bus stop after we were drenched with rain in Jos cold.

That fuck still plays in my head in HD. Aisha left the country for Dubai and we lost contact since then I have been searching for her.

Aisha, if by chance you read this, just know this dick is still here waiting to drive nuts and bolts.

Written by KelXXX

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