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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 3] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 3] (18+)

We stepped into my cabin and I gave her no breathing space. I made her feel like she was special and wanted. But I intentionally left my door unlocked and unjammed, there was a small space for anyone outside to see what was going on inside.

“Stop!” She protested gently as I played with her breasts inside her dress.

“You’re already in my lair, said the spider to the fly.” I whispered in her ear.

She giggled and tried to push me away but I took her hand and drew her toward my raging bull. She gasped, as she touched me and I kissed her on the lips. She tried to fight it but I was insistent. My tongue pushed through her lips and I tasted her mouth. She was clean and I loved that.

I drew off my zipper and pulled out the huge appendage. She ‘wowed’ her surprise and I made her play with it.

“You’re rushing me.” She whispered.

“Sorry but it’s you who’s doing this to me,” I replied.

I watched as she played with my inflamed cock. Her eyes were filled with admiration and passion. I drew her to me and kissed her deeply. She moaned and looked into my eyes.

“All these because you want my niece?” She said.

“It’s you I want.” I returned.

She sighed.

“I’m not a fool.” She said with a trembling voice.

“Stop talking and let me fuck you,” I whispered.

I squeezed her left breast, as I felt a bit of resistance from her and she squirmed. Her breasts were large and I was red to see how they looked bare and free of their confines. 

“You know it’s wrong if you ah… ah… touch me and go again for my niece.” She protested but I put my finger over her lips. 

I drew off her dress and she tried to stop me, making a feeble, last effort to avoid the inevitable. I was not the inexperienced guy of the few months back, I had undergone one of the most intensive training under the most experienced women I had ever known. 

I grabbed her waist as she attempted to stand up and drew her into my embrace. She gasped as I found her lips again and planted a strong and fierce kiss on them. She moaned and I moaned in return, as if to tell her I wasn’t letting her go.

When I broke the kiss, she was breathless and her eyes were shining with passion. I stared at her and loved what I was looking at. She was a slim woman but her body was richly luscious and voluptuous. Her hips were so wide and her panties were rolled up and hidden within folds of flesh in her private area. I could see a huge mass of public hair poking out of the confines of her white underwear and I liked this woman despite the age difference. She was a stunning beauty under the hard exterior.

I dropped my trousers and pushed my hard-on toward her and I saw her swoon. Most women would do the same, I knew I was hugely endowed and my baton was well-shaped and smooth.

“It’s all yours,” I said and she breathed deeply and in gasps like an asthmatic patient.

Margaret looked up into my eyes and was unsure what to do with the gargantuan appendage I offered her.

“Come on. Have a taste.” I said and she rose from the bed.

She looked glorious without a bra. Her breasts were huge and shaking as she walked. Her hips were flared and she looked unlike the stern woman I stood before some minutes ago. She looked so ‘fuckable’ and sexy. As she stood before me, I placed my hand on her shoulder and whispered.


She obeyed me sheepishly and I pushed the leaping phallus into her face. She opened her mouth instinctively and I played with her lips with the tip of the prick. I coated her lips with my precum and smiled as she licked at it.

“That’s a lovely girl,” I whispered. 

She looked up at me as I pushed my huge membrane into her oral cavity and she tried to smile. It must have sounded funny to her that I called her ‘girl,’ But she was my girl now and I intended to do with her the way she would not forget in a hurry.

She licked at my prick, making it harder and bigger. Her saliva coated the entire frame and I moaned in pleasure as she expertly tongued me toward release. I stroked her headgear which remained on her head all the while. I knew she had done this before and she was good at it.

“Come on. Take care of me.” I urged and she deep-throated me to my surprise.

I gasped at the pleasure of getting so deeply sucked. She wretched a couple of times but expertly kept away any unpleasant vomit. I drew her up after a few minutes and drew her into another embrace, kissing her passionately and tasting her excess saliva.

I pushed her to lie on the bed and looked at her with unbridled passion. She stared back at me and I saw her tremble. I smiled and climbed over her, spreading her legs apart. I decided not to remove her panties but used my fingers to push them aside to stare at the most hairy pubis I had ever seen.

“Please. Take it easy. It’s been a while.” She whispered.

I smiled and poked at her entrance with the inflamed cock. She winced and jumped as I found her smooth passage which accepted my incursion with a bit of resistance. I pushed into her dark cavern and she moaned. It was so smooth and wet and I loved her hole immediately. She bit her lower lip and looked up into my eyes.

I smiled at her and withdrew before pushing back inside her deeply. She closed her eyes and moaned again. I loved the way her entire public area was bared part for me to have unhindered access to. Her panties were rolled away from her impaled, dripping privates and I began to fuck her gently.

She moaned as I began the seesaw movement. Her pussy was so wet and welcoming. I wanted to keep fucking this woman until I could no longer move but I knew I was using her to achieve a goal. I had to keep the mission in focus. Bending over her, I took one of her bulbous nipples in my mouth and sucked at it. 

Margaret moaned louder and I kept fucking her. She reached out to touch my face and we locked eyes. I smiled at her and she gave me a mock angry look, I laughed. I knew I was hitting the right spot, she had her legs spread eagle and I watched as my huge prick spread the labia of her hairy cunt. 

It looked so puffy and reddish as my pole impaled her and dug out her inner folds. She moaned again as I twisted my hips and went fully into her. She gasped for air and her legs shook. I didn’t stop digging into her spread pussy, which was giving a wet sound by now. I reached out to touch her erect clit and she jumped. 

“Gosh! Damn! Oh… Mark! Oh my gosh… Mark!” She kept singing in my ears. 

I crouched over her again and took the other nipple in my mouth and played with it with my teeth. She screamed for pleasure and I began to slam my hips into her in short but deep jabs.

“Mark! Oh, Mark! Please, Mark!” She sang.

I turned by instinct toward the door and smiled. As I anticipated, her niece was standing behind the door, peeping into the cabin. Her eyes were wild with surprise and passion. Our eyes met and I winked. She blinked her shock and withdrew reluctantly but I had already achieved my aim. I wanted her to witness the blatant fuck of her aunt. It would either repulse her or evoke the animalistic drives inside of her. I was counting on the latter.

It was a gamble I had taken and I knew I had gone a bit too far. But that was how this was going to work, with the short time frame I was given to execute my assignment.

I watched with intensity and interest as I held Margaret captive in my grip, her legs wrapped around my sides, how I battered her cunt. It was a tight orifice and I could attest that it had been awhile she had been fucked but it was also a well-lubricated hole.

Aside from the fact that her pussy was hairy, it was puffy and wet and she had done a great job keeping it so neat and clean. Aside from a few grey hair scattered around the lush mass of ebony bed, the entire thing looked lustrous and so inviting. No one would be able to imagine that this ‘iron lady’ could be so sexy and attractive in her secret places.

“You’ll be a good girl and take every last bit of my cum.” I whispered huskily, the imminent signs of the release hitting me.

She nodded and moaned again, my phallus drew out a mass of her inner flesh and I smiled at the sight. Damn! I was fucking this woman! I pushed the whole thing inside of her again and began the short jabs one more time.

She seemed to live it and she would touch my face in admiration, eyes half closed as she enjoyed my deep incursions inside her cavern. My prick jumped as she twisted under my grip, I adjusted and held her down, afraid that the slightest move could trigger the lava.

But there was no holding her, she twisted and convulsed in the sudden climax that took her entire body like fit. I slammed deeply into her wet and mushy hole, cream of her cum formed a poll over the entire face of her well fucked cunt. I drew out and climbed over her as she danced to the throes of her body-wracking orgasm. I aimed my baton at her mouth and allowed the first sprout to jump out.

Margaret was surprised but I held her head down and pushed my cock between her open lips, coughing out layers and layers of milky release into her mouth. She looked up at me and I moaned my pleasure as I forced my cum down her throat.

“Swallow it.” I admonished.

She nodded and licked her lips, swallowing the mess in her mouth. I lay beside her and my eyes went to the door again. Sasa was there, watching everything!

Written by Big Mak

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