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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 1] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Volume 2][Episode 1] (18+)

I watched the young lovely-looking damsel dressed in a flimsy white flowing transparent robe twist her hips from side to side on the yacht and my heart almost gave in to the palpitations that ensued from watching her sexy gaits. 

I had been watching her for about an hour or so now but I had no clue how to get her to notice me. The place was filled with about a dozen of people of different races and sizes. It was a small party for a multi-billionaire oil tycoon who I learned organized these special events on a monthly occasion.

This was my first assignment, after the day of the revelation at my aunt’s place. I had accepted the offer to help her infiltrate ‘the camp’ of a stranger, to help her recover some stolen heritage or something. 

I smiled to myself as I recollected the crazy days and weeks after that day. I experienced some of the most incredible things I would ever get to find myself involved with in my life, during those few weeks. My prick twitched in remembrance of the mind-boggling sessions of sexual therapies I was mandated to attend and practice.

I sighed deeply and rested back in my easy chair, on the deck of the yacht. It was a large cruiser, coated in ebony and silver, with three decks and a handful of staff to cater for the needs of the guests on board. I had been on the pleasure boat for a day and a half now and yet, I had not been able to get to execute the assignment I was delegated to handle. 

The yacht was cruising lazily on the lagoon and I could see other boats and ships around us. The fair-complexion young lady in a white flimsy robe walked back to the deck from inside the inner quarters she had disappeared into and I salivated, watching her take those majestic and blood-boiling steps again. 

The job was impossible, I thought. My aunt and her gang of sirens had assigned me this young lady. I had to fuck her and make her want more of me before the end of the party or the entire project was off! 

How was I going to get the hottest music sensation in the country, if not on the continent to bed in such a short space of time? Sasa was her name and she was already a household name across almost all of Africa and the rest of the music world. 

I had studied a lot about her since the assignment was offered to me in the previous week, and I learned that she was from a very strict background and had grown up brought up by a disciplinarian of an aunt, who I learned was still her chaperone and manager. 

Another hurdle was that I learned that my host had the knack of inviting difficult and beautiful women to his parties, with the intent of eventually taking them to bed. My aunt told me that Raji Soba, the billionaire oil magnate, tended to bet with his friends to see who took the latest victim to bed first – with a large bounty waiting for whoever was the winner. 

I smiled to myself, wondering how I was going to be able to get the young damsel to myself, with the daunting oppositions I had to confront. What do I possess to win against a billionaire who had his eyes set on the same woman I wanted? How was I going to dislodge an overbearing aunt – whom I had seen hovering around Sasa on several occasions? 

“You can’t get her sitting around and daydreaming, you know.” I heard the whisper in my right ear. 

I smiled at the familiar voice and turned to meet Sonia’s beautiful face. She was clad in a flimsy, yellow robe, exposing her sumptuous thighs and voluptuous body. Her light brown eyes twinkled mischievously and I watched her take the chair close to me. 

“What are you doing here? I’m supposed to go goat this alone.” I accused. 

She picked up my glass of wine and drank from it, grimacing. 

“What is this you’re drinking?” She winced from the taste. 

I laughed. 

“Lime, water and a few concoctions of brandy and wine.”

She shook her head. 

“Are you trying to get yourself killed before you meet the girl?”

I chuckled. 

“I should start learning how to make my poison if I fail in the assignment.”

She laughed at my joke and followed my eyes to the front of the open deck, where Sasa was standing with Raji Soba and another man. 

“Have you even made contact?” Sonia asked.

“Hey! Stay away. This is my business.” I protested.

“I’m just here to help. No matter how good you are, you’ll always need help.” She said.

I grunted.

“We can help you get her away from Raji and his friends for at least an hour. You have to do your thing within this time frame.”

I frowned.

“Who’s we?”

“The girls and I are here on the yacht too. We only kept away from your way.” She replied.

“What about her aunt?” I wondered aloud.

“When has any woman been anything than a good fuck doll?” She returned and rose up.

I watched her walk away, swinging her hips and I sighed. She had just repeated the same words drummed into my ears throughout my training period.

“Every woman is a good fuck doll! Find her weaknesses and her desires. You can fuck any woman, simply believe in yourself.”

I remembered the first time I stood in the room with my aunt. She had allowed me with the other women for a week. It was a daily three-session routine; the morning period was dedicated to marathon sex, with the intent of making me keep from ejaculating until I had fucked my woman to exhaustion and she accepted defeat.

The afternoon session was dedicated to counselling and psychoanalysis. Where I was taught about the different types of women around and how to approach each one. I learned about the aggressive, the proud, the spoilt, the overconfident, the religious, the frigid, the shy type, the submissive, the romantic, the controller, the manipulative, the sadist, the player, the seductress and others.

Ralia and Ekanem were very good counsellors, while the evening sessions were mostly times for outings and parties. I was taught the rudiments of mingling with people, sorting out the loneliness in parties and how to woo any woman of my liking among the crowd.

After I had completed this month-long tutoring, I was invited one evening by my aunt herself. When I was alone with her in the room, she was sitting on a couch, wearing a sexy outfit, which was cut from the hem to her hips. She had her legs crossed but I could see the tiny pink fabric of her pants, under her right buttock raised in the air, as she leaned against the armrest of the couch.

I could say it unashamedly that it was Aunt Steph who made me accept the proposal. I wanted this woman, I wanted her really bad! Whether she was my relative or not, I wasn’t interested. I just wanted to bear open her cunt and stick my prick into her. I wanted to kiss her and have her moan in my arms. 

As I stood watching her that day, something seemed to have changed, I wasn’t the same innocent, inexperienced young man who stepped into her house months ago, I was now a different person. These women had worked something in me and I was a predator now! I studied women differently now; assessing and reading them, knowing their every move, like a wild cat watched and kept its gaze on its prey. 

We watched each other for a while as my aunt assessed me. She toyed with her glass of wine and I stood there, calm and unperturbed. She was a confident woman and she was experienced. She had shown that to me a couple of times in the past. Handling my childish, wild passion with ease and putting me in my place. 

But this time, I saw her fidget after maintaining a starring game for a few minutes. She sighed. 

“You are becoming a man now.” She said gently. 

I drew down my trousers without a word and stood there with my cock, erect and proud. I saw her eyes flicker and her gaze moved down to admire the huge appendage aimed at her like a rifle barrel. 

Another waiting game ensued and after a few minutes, I saw her place her glass of wine down and lay back on the couch. I refused to move and reached out to hold my nodding prick. She sighed and spread her legs to show me her thighs and clean shaved pubis, covered with silk pink panties. 

I remained where I was and kept playing with myself, as I met her eyes in an open challenge.

She untied the strap that held her dress on her shoulder and drew down the clothes to reveal her nude full body, glowing before me like a golden goddess. 

“It’s all yours.” She said and lowered her eyelids in a sexy look.

I smiled at her.

“You know you’ve always wanted your young nephew. Come get what you have always dreamt of.” I offered.

I felt a touch on my arm and jumped out of my thoughts. I looked around and realised that I was on the yacht and there for an assignment. 

“The stage is clear for you to meet your girl,” Rosie whispered in my ears.

I looked up and saw Ralia standing with Raji and laughing, nursing a glass of wine. I saw Ekanem with his friend and Sasa was alone on the deck. 

The stage was free for me to go for the young starlet but I wondered where her aunt was.

Written by Big Mak

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