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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 7] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 7] (18+)

I was already on fire when I left the room and stepped outside into the compound. The entire place was already so boisterous. Laughter and howls here and there as people danced and flirted. As I walked toward the party grounds, I couldn’t see Ralia anywhere, nor could I see Ekanem or Rosie. I wanted one of them.

I had to fuck someone or I would do something crazy. My aunt had triggered something in me with her sensual touches and I wanted release!

I looked around and wondered where the ladies had gone to. The party ground was a beehive of activities and there were people there dancing and partying.

There was a gazebo to the right, where several cars were parked, at least four of them belonged to my aunt, while a few others were owned by her closest friends. Most of the other vehicles were parked outside the fenced perimeter, where some security personnel stood watch over them.

I heard a loud laughter from the direction of the gazebo and a squeal. The female voice squealed again and I was curious as to what was going on there. I was afraid someone was being hurt and headed in the direction of the noise.

When I got there, several chairs were arranged under the gazebo in a circle. Men sat on the chairs and each one of them was in the nude.

The place was dimly lit by several small bulbs and I couldn’t see the faces of these men but in their middle was a young lady, who was dancing seductively, clad in only a loose, transparent negligee that reached her loins.

Soft music came from hidden speakers somewhere close and this place seemed cut off from the entire party. I realized that the young dancing lady was held by one of the men who was seated around her.

She was trying to get out of his grip but he wasn’t letting her go. She screamed again and undulated to the music but the man drew her closer to him, he was stronger than she was and was winning the tugging battle. I was mesmerized and stood by a car parked nearby to watch them.

As my eyes began to get acclimatized to the surroundings, I realized that the men were all sporting hard erections, some of them were busy playing with themselves. As the dancing lady was drawn into the embrace of the man fighting to hold her down, I saw her undulate her body once again seductively, her hips swinging side to side, before the strong hands drew her down forced her down on his lap.

She let out another scream and I saw her flimsy dress raised away from her backside as the man’s iron grips held her to himself. I saw his phallus disappear between her fleshy bums and I was moved by the animalistic movements of the couple.

She twisted her waist on his thighs and danced to the music seductively. To my surprise, he sat back and she began to do a sexy lap dance on him. She was good at it and he held her shoulders as she rode his strong prick.

The other men watched, as she did the seductive dance, for a few minutes and I heard him grunt and began to convulse in the throes of powerful orgasms. She jumped off his laps and began to dance again within the circle. And I saw her move toward the men, each one tried to grab her but she evaded them, in a tease.

I heard movements behind me and felt hands on my shoulders. I smelled a sweet fragrance in my nostrils and immediately knew who it was.

“You’re surprised?” My aunt’s voice filtered into my ears in a whisper. “This is the dance of initiation.”

I frowned and turned to look at her.

“Initiation?” I asked.

I saw her beautiful face in the light and she smiled at me.

“Yes. The Sirens.” She said.

I frowned again.


She drew me away from the place and walked me toward the boy’s quarters behind the main building. I knew there was where her staff lived.

I didn’t say anything but followed her sheepishly. Men and women greeted her as we walked past and to my surprise, I saw that the entire place had been turned into a public orgy.

I saw women held against walls and their offered backsides being fucked by men. Others were laid on the ground, on grasses and were been mercilessly grinded by horny males, the moans and groans sent waves of passion through me. My already turned-on state went into hyper–drive, it was as if my throbbing phallus would burst.

When we got to a building, she pushed the door open, without knocking on the door and I followed her into the room.

I saw at least six people in the room. There were two men to a woman and the postures were similar. A woman was sandwiched between two men. It was like a classic porn movie scene; each woman laid on a man under and was being fucked in her cunt, while the man crouching over her was fucking her exposed asshole.

The moaning was deep and I staggered in the shock of witnessing such raw sexual display before me. I had never seen such brazen coital activities publicly showcased.

“Come on.” She whispered in my ear.

I was led into the inner room and I saw another couple of women tied up and laid on the bed. Two men fucked their carelessly bared pussies, I realized that both men were into their sixties; but well endowed.

Both ladies were in their early twenties and they were very pretty. I had not met them before.

“These men are very powerful men in the society.” My aunt whispered. “They like young and innocent girls. I make the girls available, whenever they want.”

I turned to look at my aunt. She met my eyes in the semi-darkness and smiled. My heart palpitated with the shock of realization. Was my aunt some kind of pimp? I asked myself.

“Come on. Let me show you something.”

I followed her through the corridor, into another room and I stood for a few minutes before I could see clearly in the dimly lit space. Three people were on the large bed in the room and I frowned, as I realized that they were all women. I recognized the last lying under another one, because of her body shape. 

This was the body I had been enjoying in the last few days of my stay here. The petite form of Ralia was perfectly encircled by the woman lying above her. Her legs were spread apart and wrapped around the woman crouching over her, and I felt jealous immediately. This was my woman! I thought and felt angry. This pose was mine alone.

I felt my aunt’s arm around my waist and her hand found my lower belly and she stroked me gently. My already pulsating prick jumped crazily and I had never felt such caresses before. She knew how to touch a man.

“What’s going on?” I asked. My voice was obviously furious.

“Sonia takes what she wants.” She replied.

I jumped in shock as Ralia moaned and gave a short scream. I could see clearly a huge phallus between them, half-buried within the young Fulani girl’s cunt. What was going on? I wondered.

Was Sonia fucking her? Does she have a prick?

I realized that the other lady with them was Rosie. Sonia was kissing her, with her left arm wrapped around her while fucking Ralia.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Sonia is a she-male. She has all that a woman has and all that a man has.” My aunt replied.

I gasped in shock. I have heard of such people but I had never met one. Now, I was staring at the first human with both male and female genitals. I saw her rise up from Ralia’s body and I was shocked to see that her breasts were bigger than the girl under her.

“She fucks you.” I accused my aunt.

She smiled at me.

“Are you jealous?” She whispered and leaned against me.

I could feel her hot breath on my face and I tried to kiss her but she moved her lips away.

“I don’t think you’re worth getting jealous yet. Prove yourself. Get her to do your bidding and take me from her.” She said and snaked her hand into my trousers.

She played with my erect and pulsating phallus for a second or two and withdrew. I reached out to grab her but she resisted and I followed after her. My grip was strong on her arm and I drew her into an embrace.

My aunt’s body was mature and so soft. She didn’t say anything but instead stared into my face. I bent to kiss her but she tried to move her head and I gripped her head. Her expression didn’t change.

“Do you want to force yourself on me and never earn my respect or do as I say and have me forever?” She challenged.

I sighed and played with her huge backside. She has such a lovely derriere and I would love to see her naked, even though I knew it was taboo. But the thought of it increased my passion.

“I will have you to myself,” I promised her.

She shrugged.

“It’s up to you. I’m waiting.”

She turned away and walked off. I watched how her rich body undulated under her dress and I felt such an indescribable urge to fuck this woman, like I had never felt for any other lady before her, family or not.

I turned to watch the trio on the bed after she left the room and I heard moans from the other rooms, to remind me of the crazy orgy that was going on around me. I stared at Sonia, who was undulating her hips against Ralia’s offered loins and I felt so angry to hear the young lady I had fallen for, wimping under the other’s onslaught.

I met Rosie’s eyes as she lifted her face from kissing Sonia and she smiled at me. Without thinking, I unzipped my trousers and let out my furious member, hard to its zenith. Stepping toward the bed, I stood watching very closely now how Sonia fucked Ralia with reckless abandon. 

But I was also attracted to Sonia’s backsides, they were not the buttocks of a male gender, even if what dangled between her thighs was masculine. Her bums were so spread and sexy, flared and soft, I reached out to touch her and she didn’t stop her movements, she probably thought it was Rosie.

I climbed over the bed and crouched over her, as Rosie reached out to grab my hand. I stroked the flayed backsides that were moving up and down underneath me and aimed my fierce erection toward the hole I knew was there.

Sonia stopped moving and looked over her shoulder at me. I met her eyes and she jerked in fright. Pressing down against her, I poked at her nether orifice with my flaming prick and I hit a tight spot.

She tried to twist out of my grip but I pressed down and continued to search for the opening. Rosie smiled at me and reached out to help me keep the buttocks down in place. 

“Don’t!” I heard Sonia whisper, in a furious tone.

“Shut up and keep still!” I heard myself reply.

“Stop it!” She lashed out again as I found the opening and pushed down.

I hurriedly spat on my palm generously and coated my phallus, as I pressed down again. Sonia hissed and cursed me. She lashed out with her right arm and her elbow caught the side of my head but I was adamant.

I rested on her buttocks and felt my huge membrane pierce her opening. She screamed and I pressed further, spreading her anal hole with force. 

“Please stop. I’m hurting.” She whispered fiercely.

“Shut up!” I heard myself saying and to my excitement, my cock slid in gently and deeper.

I knew this hole had been fucked before, it was obvious from the way I was sliding in. Ralia was staring up at me by now, she knew something was wrong, her liver had stopped moving.

I pushed deeper and pulled out again, before invading her inner recesses again. Rosie kissed me and played with my phallus as I remained stuck within the woman beneath me.

“Please,” Sonia whispered again but I had started moving by now.

I pushed her head down to rest on Ralia’s shoulder and began to fuck her offered backside with vigour. She moaned and I reached beneath her to play with her heaving breasts, squashed between the two of them.

After a few minutes of securing a consistent rhythm, I drew out of her and pushed Rosie down to suck at me and get it wet. I stepped down from the bed and tore off my trousers. Sonia lay down on Ralia and stared at me. When I reached out to pull her toward me, she didn’t resist. I drew her into an embrace and kissed her deeply. I felt her erection stab my thighs and I wasn’t comfortable with it. 

She bit my lips and I winced, pulling back. She glared at me in a silent challenge and I reached out to her again and kissed her. She tried to push me away but I insisted.

“You will belong to me eventually.”

“Never!” She spat back.

I looked down at her erect phallus and frowned. It was just about my own size but there was something off about it. No normal prick could be so straight and firm, without a slight droop to it. I was a medical personnel and I knew my body parts well. 

Reaching out, I touched it and immediately knew it was some prosthetic. It was well constructed and well adorned by her but I knew it was artificial. I jerked at it and she pushed me back but I was insistent.

I realized that she wore it via skin-coloured belts and as I drew it, I saw that the other end had a certain plug that was embedded within her cunt and a well-constructed scrotum covered the spot.

I was relieved, this was not a she-male but a full-blown woman pretending to be one. Holding her to my body, I grabbed at her heaving breasts and kissed her again. My other hand held her by the waist and I felt my throbbing prick straining to have a go at this lady again. My first experience with her was still ringing in my head. 

My hand moved from her waist and went between her heavy-set buttocks, to search for the hole I had invaded some minutes earlier. It was wet and I knew it was as a result of my penetration and her seeping cunt.

I held her to me and played with her anal hole, she squirmed and tried to wriggle out of my grip but as she did all of this, something about her drew her to me. She was a sexy dame and there was no denying it that she exuded class. I remembered her portrait occupying the sitting room and how I felt the animal attraction to her upon sighting her. 

“Pull this off!” I ordered.

“Do it yourself!” She responded.

I glanced at the bed and saw Ralia and Rosie lying there and watching the drama unfolding before them.

I bent to kiss her again and she didn’t resist this time. I kissed her deeply this time and passionately, she didn’t respond but didn’t bite me either. 

“You can’t escape the inevitable,” I whispered. “Do as I say and I won’t have to force myself on you.”

She giggled and gave me a sexy glance.

“Are you afraid?” She asked. “You are just trying to pass off as someone you’re not.”

“And what am I not?”

My fingers were busy all the while. My left hand was searching between her buttocks, I had found her cunt hole and it was dripping but the knob from her artificial prick was disallowing my intentions.

My right hand encircled her huge breasts, playing from one to the other. I teased her erect nipples and she moaned quietly under my caresses.

“You’re not a violent person. Stop pretending to be what you’re not.” She said.

She was right! I hated violence but I wanted to subdue this woman and I was thinking of how best to do that.

As I toyed with her private areas, I noticed that she was more affected anytime I poked a finger into her anal cavity than when I tried to get into her pussy. I knew what to do and I didn’t hesitate. Somehow I realized that if I didn’t take the advantage I had over her now, I might not get another one anytime soon!

Written by Big Mak

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