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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 5] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 5] (18+)

For the first time, I knew myself, I was exhausted from sexual activities. That day and the next were like nothing I ever experienced before. Rosie was the sexiest woman I had ever met and she was also so willing to do everything to please a man. 

Ralia was content to play the humble, subservient lady who was also willing to make me happy. I thought of the kings of old, we read about in history and wondered if this was the kind of thing they used to enjoy. I was treated like royalty and Ekanem was also eager to get into the picture. She cooked me sumptuous meals and hovered around me like a busy bee.

Her dress changed, even In uniform, she decided to show me she was more endowed than the other two ladies and I couldn’t help but notice her. Her backsides were huge and I was a bum man. Occasionally, I would squeeze her buttocks and she would laugh, twerking for me to admire. Ralia never left my side, all day and my sexcapades with her continued relentlessly. 

Though Rosie was the sex siren, and she introduced me to new adventures in the coital entanglements, Ralia was the favourite still and I took her out on occasions, to spoil her with gifts and expensive restaurants. She was the only woman I always took out within the few days we had together.

My aunt called daily, to apologize that she was held down by business meetings but she sent money to me that made me happy. I started saving toward helping Ralia out of her situation; she had already informed me about the exact amount of money her father owed and though, it was huge, I believed I would be able to offset it.

One evening, six days after I had gotten to my aunt’s place and still basking in the special attention from my ladies, I received a call from my aunt that she was already in the country and I met Kola in the compound, ready to go pick her up.

Kola made fun of me when we met and I grinned gleefully. Ralia stood beside me as I climbed into the vehicle to go welcome my aunt at the airport. Rosie and Ekanem touched me and I kissed both of them. I was getting more attached to Ekanem now than before. 

Before I move on from here, it will be good to discuss in detail how she eventually came to sway me and got me hooked, like the other two ladies. I told you guys that I love a woman’s bum, more than anything else on the female species. One night, I was involved in a cosy, lazy mouth job with Rosie in my room, Ralia had already been fucked, as usual to exhaustion and she was sleeping soundly beside us on the bed.

Rosie was an expert at blow jobs and she could deep-throat me and make me sing sweet songs. She was kneeling by the bed as I lay back to enjoy her lips and tongue on my swollen and battered cock, when Ekanem entered, bearing my tray of supper. 

Rosie didn’t falter from her fellatio. She was deeply engrossed in it and moaning. Ekanem placed the tray down and stood watching us, transfixed. I smiled at her and she smiled back, literally licking her lips. Rosie was naked – I had fucked her once that day earlier before I ended up with Ralia as usual – and her slim body was shiny with sweat, despite the air conditioning unit dishing out cool breeze.

I beckoned to Ekanem, who eagerly jumped toward us and I drew her into a deep kiss. I was feeling sorry for her by now and I knew it would be unfair not to bring her into our love-making bouts. 

We kissed, as Rosie deep-throated my huge phallus. I always wondered how she got the bulbous appendage into her mouth and down her throat. 


“Let me fuck you,” I whispered into Ekanem’s ear and she giggled.


Rosie drew back as I withdrew my standing prick and stroked it proudly, the entire ten inches covered with spittle. Ekanem hurried to crouch before me, from experience, she knew I loved taking her from behind. I loved looking at her dancing pair of derriere as I fucked her.

She lifted her dress and revealed her neat, extravagant buttocks in all their glory, she was without any panties under the dress. Rosie was still on her knees and watched as the huge buttocks were displayed close to her face. I smiled at her and she looked up at me with puppy eyes. 

As I held my prick and started introducing it into the wet dark, hairy hole before me – spread so carelessly in front of me – Rosie reached out to take it from me. I smiled again at her and she smiled back. To my surprise, she bent over the huge twin mountains before me and spread them apart, her left hand still playing with my erect baton.

She stick out her tongue and began to lick at Ekanem’s spread nether regions. The Calabar lady jerked in pleasure and squirmed under the teasing tongue. Rosie concentrated on her anal hole and salivated on it for a while. She looked up at me with a mischievous smile and poked at the other woman’s shit hole with my enraged appendage.

Ekanem groaned as Rosie forcefully punched at her other hole with my prick which had gone bigger at the prospect of the new adventure I was being introduced to. Ekanem had her face on the floor and she looked over her shoulder to me and I could see the fear in her eyes mixed with a sensual gaze. I leaned forward and felt the tight entrance give a pop.

She squealed and tried to move her huge buttocks away but Rosie was my ‘partner in crime’. She held the shaking bum apart and helped to force my membrane into the inviting cavern. Ekanem moaned as I pierced through, she was so tight and I was enjoying it like nothing else.

“Oh… please. Take it easy. You’re too big.” I remembered how she pleaded.

“Shh. You can take it.” Rosie whispered and smacked one of the mountains. “Relax and experience the wonder.”

I pushed further inside and Rosie spat thick spittle on the staff, which was already halfway into the cave below me. It helped to push me further and further within her until I was almost close to the hilt. Ekanem moaned and groaned, scratching at the rug on the floor, desperately trying to move her dancing derriere out of the way.

Rosie helped me draw it out and push it inside again for a couple of times before smacking the buttocks again. She looked up at me and winked.

“It’s all yours, Master.” 

I rose up from the bed and crouched over her bent body, gently fucking my way into her inner recesses. Ekanem moaned under me and I screwed my way into her shaking buttocks. Rosie played with my enraged phallus, kissing it, smacking the other woman’s backsides and stroking the length of my prick as I invaded the dark caverns below me.

I looked beside us on the bed as Ralia moved and opened her eyes to stare at us. Ekanem was fucked like I was sure no man ever fucked her anal cavity that day. She begged and moaned and pleaded to be handled gently but I was crazed with passion. My prick was enflamed with fire and I began to enjoy the slick feeling after a while, my entire rod becoming slimy with her fluid and Rosie’s saliva.

I must have gone like that for over a quarter of an hour before I felt the lava approaching. When I was sure it would erupt, I drew out of her and stepped toward Rosie, who had been on her knees beside us all along. I caught hold of her head and drew her to my pulsating cock. She opened her mouth, knowing instinctively what I wanted and pushed my slimy member between her lips.

I groaned as the thread of semen forced its way out into her oral cavity. She closed her lips over my pumping hose and to my surprise she deep-throated me at that instant and the feeling was like nothing else. It was heavenly and I saw stars. 

When I rose up and stepped back, Ekanem was on the floor, her battered buttocks exposed and she was shaking with pleasure. Rosie licked her lips and Ralia watched me with awe. It was the beginning of a new experience for me. Rosie had introduced me to anal sex and I loved it. 

Ekanem became my main test subject but Rosie herself was not left out, she offered me her anal hole to fuck too.

When we got to the airport, I saw my aunt from the distance and my heart lifted in joy. She was still so beautiful! Fair in complexion and so sexy looking. While my mother was buxom and pretty, having the same fair complexion as her sister, my aunt was slim, curvaceous and sophisticated.

She wrapped me up in her arms and gave me a kiss on the lips, rather briefly but I was embarrassed all the same. I smiled at her and took her bag. She ruffled my low-cropped hair and made eyes at me, putting her arm around my waist.

“So, my baby has grown so much. Look how tall and strong you have become.” She teased.

I smiled again, always smitten by her beauty and charm, especially in her presence. But that was the moment I met the most attractive woman I had ever set my eyes on. Attractive? No, that’s not the right word to use. Because my aunt takes the position. My aunt was so attractive but the woman standing behind her was something else!

She was of average height and of a dark caramel complexion. I immediately recognized her as the woman whose portrait I had seen in the living room at my aunt’s place. While my aunt was in a free-flowing, short gown, the woman was in black denim jeans and a blue–orange spotted shirt, two of the upper buttons were undone and the mound of her breasts could be seen.

My aunt noticed that I was staring at her companion and she laughed.

“Sorry. I forgot to introduce the two most important people in my life to each other.” She said. “Mark. Meet Sonia. Sonia, Mark, my nephew I have told you to do much about.”

Sonia stepped forward and removed the dark shades over her eyes. I stared into the purest pair of grey-coloured eyes I’ve ever seen. There was something in her eyes as she looked at me. A fierceness and an animosity that wasn’t receptive at all. 

I offered my hand for a handshake but she looked at me like one would look at a piece of rag and moved on, placing the glasses over her eyes again. My aunt acted as if she didn’t notice what transpired between us, she held me by the waist and pulled me after her companion who strutted on like a peacock.

This woman hated me, I could sense it. Why? I didn’t know at that time but she was the only woman among the numerous close to my aunt who showed me from the onset that she didn’t want anything to do with me and I braced myself for the confrontations that I was sure will come soon.

Written by Big Mak

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