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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 4] (18+)


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Short Story: The Making of A Legend by Big Mak [Part 4] (18+)

I woke up the next morning with a slight headache and a sore prick. I opened my eyes to see Ralia curled up beside me, in the nude. The duvet had rolled off our bodies and her lovely body was displayed openly and clearly in the open. She looked so beautiful and her backsides were jutted and invitingly pushed out, as her legs were curled into her belly.

I reached out to stroke her bum and I loved the soft feeling under my fingers. I couldn’t just believe that this lady was all mine to enjoy, despite the fact that her revelation the previous night was unsettling. I wasn’t ready to lose her to anyone else.

She stirred in her sleep and stretched, I watched as she turned on her back and opened her eyes. She was perfect! Her brown eyes were so alive and cute. She smiled as she met my eyes and my gaze went to the pair of heaving marmalades swinging on her chest. I literally licked my lips and she giggled, noticing my gestures.

“You better allow me to get to work. Ekanem will report me to madam when she gets back.” She protested.

I leaned into her and took hold of her left breast in my hands. She giggled again and I bent over her to sample the nipple with my tongue. She jerked in pleasure and I gave the hardening tip another lick. I felt her shudder in my arms and she closed her eyes.

My penis began to stir, despite the dull ache in it. I felt her dried sticky cream on me as the cock grew in length and girth. The nipple grew in my mouth as I sucked and chewed on it gently. Ralia stroked my head and laid back to enjoy the morning’s attention.

I wondered where I got the strength. I had fucked this enchanting woman throughout the night. The bed sheet was a testament to our entanglement and love bouts. There were stains all over the cloth of my semen and her body fluids. I also wondered where she got the stamina to take my lovemaking. I had been quite demanding on her and she had not complained or rejected me for once.

I knew from the way she had been trying to move her cunt away from my jabs in the last sex round that the place was sore and thoroughly battered. Her moans were deeper than usual and she clung to me as if for dear life but she still eagerly kept her legs spread out and her sweet pussy presented for my incursions and invasions.

The last coitus was In a spoon fashion. She had her back to me and her succulent buttocks firmly locked into my pubis. I had her legs trapped within both of mine and my flaming phallus found its way into her dripping cunt which she offered to me from behind. She looked so petite in my arms and I kissed her continuously, turning her head to face me, as I gently but deeply ground my pulsating hose into her inner, dark and wet recesses. She remained locked within my grip for over half an hour and I could say that was the time I really had her as I wanted.

I remembered that her tears had been on my arm wrapped around her body and she silently sobbed her pleasure into my embrace. When I climaxed into her already full wet love hole, I heard the obscene sound of my semen and her cream pushing out of her onto the bed sheet and my lap.

We had slept off like that until I woke up to the light of the morning. Now, I was ready for another bout! Which I readily gave her and for the first time that we had been together, I heard her beg me.

“Please! Be gentle! I’m sore there.”

I grunted my response but gently kept pushing my stubborn and rigid membrane into her splayed cunt, which was making farting sounds now and then.

To my surprise, the door to my room busted open without any forewarning. I turned to look toward the direction of the interference and saw a young tall lady in a black and white uniform, holding a mop stick and a bin. What a picture we must have given her, for I was as naked as I was born and so was Ralia whose thoroughly fucked pussy was openly displayed, as I gently pushed and withdrew my enflamed prick out of it.

“Who are you?!” I croaked. “Can’t you see that I’m busy here?”

The woman just stood there watching us, her eyes were locked on our joined privates. I glared at her but she didn’t make any effort to step away.

I stared at her and she stared back at me. As if challenging me to a duel. I was short of words and didn’t know what to do. What further took me aback was that Ralia simply laid back there and watched the other lady.

“Can you please step out? I’m busy!” I croaked.

“I’m here for Ralia, she’s supposed to be at her duty post!” She returned, with equal strength in her voice.

Who was this woman? I wondered. What audacity did she have to speak to me like that? She was just a domestic staff! I thought. She must know who I was!

Yet, instead of my prick dwindling, it further increased. I guess I must be an exhibitionist! This was the first time I was having someone barge on me in the thick of the action.

“As you can see, she’s busy! Get out of my room!” I ordered.

Ralia curled up under me but I pushed her back into position and pushed my cock into her wet cunt. The other lady refused to budge and I was livid with anger.

Raising the young Fulani lady’s legs, I began to fuck her again. My eyes were on the other lady who stood by the door, arms across her bosom as she watched me fuck her colleague.

For the next few minutes, I continued drilling into Ralia who was panting under my weight as I laid on her prone body, angrily pumping my stiff prick into her farting vagina. I was like a man on drugs. The audacity of the other woman, instead of deflating my fire, seemed to add to it. I maintained eye contact as I continued to fuck Ralia.

What got into me that day I couldn’t explain. Maybe it was anger or the urge to show who was in control or something else but I suddenly rose up from the bed and stepped on the floor, my phallus was displayed in full glory. The other lady stared at me and I walked toward her with calculated steps, our eyes locked at times and other times, she was held captive by my harsh-looking baton which stood like a weapon before me.

I grabbed her without a word and drew her toward me. She stepped into my arms and I kissed her, hating the defying look on her face.

She gasped into my mouth and I loved her sweet smell. Her lips were so full and lush, I grabbed at her backside and was surprised that despite her height and slimness, she had such succulent buttocks. I was never a violent person but what I did next surprised me.

I grabbed at her dress and tore open her buttons. Revealing her naked bosom, with small but erect breasts and the largest nipples I had ever seen in a woman. She gasped and tried to step back but I caught hold of her waist and pulled her toward me.

“You dare challenge me? You’re just a housemaid! How dare you try to defy me?!” I asked with fury.

She didn’t say anything but pushed her bosom into me, as if challenging to do my worst. I dragged the torn uniform off her body and she stood in immaculate white, lace panties. She had no bra on her. I turned her around and bent her over, still standing. She obeyed and faced Ralia who was on the bed, staring at us, still in the nude and legs spread apart just as I left her there.

I tore away the lady’s panties like a piece of paper and smacked her ass, which reverberated under my slap. She gasped and flinched! I spread her legs and first played with my raging prick before aiming it for her hairy pubis, which was so openly displayed for me to see.

I pushed the head of my phallus into her pussy and she cried out in pain and pleasure. I found out she was so tight but so wet too. Grabbing her arms, I held onto her and began to fuck her as my hips made loud noises against her offered buttocks. I met Ralia’s eyes and she kept staring at me in surprise.

Well, I was surprised at myself too. I didn’t know what I was doing! I must be going crazy, I thought.

For about five minutes, I pumped my thick cock into the woman’s dripping vagina. My eyes were on her opening, which was so obscenely forced apart by my huge member. She moaned and whimpered, while I held her in place as I fucked her in the presence of the other woman I had been with since I arrived here a couple of days back.

I watched to my surprise as Ralia began to play with herself. Her fingers touched her spread pussy as I took the woman before her with relish and passion. Pushing the woman away, I walked back to Ralia on the bed and took her thighs in my hands, before finding her cunt again. She gasped as I invaded her soaked tunnel.

I began to drill my way into Ralia again and she laid back to take me, without any protest or rebuff. Turning toward the door, I watched the other lady stood in the middle of the room, where I had left her, watching us. I glared at her in the open challenge as I fucked the Fulani lady under me.

I stood up after a few minutes and walked back to the woman who stared at me like a rat would look at a snake. I grabbed her arms and drew her into my arms. She submitted to me and I kissed her again. She responded and I played with her ass, spreading the cheeks to find her dripping cunt, before I pushed my fingers into it. She moaned into my mouth and I pulled her into my body.

She was a tall woman and though I was a pretty tall man, she was almost my height. I took her left leg in my hand and raised it up. She maintained eye contact with me and I drew her close to me as I pushed my prick into her spread pussy. She grabbed my neck to keep herself from falling and I sawed myself into her Inner cavern, while still standing together.

I held her waist in my hands and gently began to seesaw into her gaping hole. Her left leg was raised and placed against my shoulder, while she stood on her right leg as I opened her up without the slightest hindrance to my deep incursions. She looked at me with pleading eyes but didn’t say a word as I held onto her and kept fucking her standing up. To my surprise, I felt hands around me and turned to meet Ralia’s face as she hugged me to her body and kissed me, while I continued to hammer my flaming rod into the slim woman I had in my arms.

Every reasoning was lost to me. I was in the highest pleasure cloud I could ever hope to get to. Was this a dream? If it was, I didn’t want to wake up from it. I slammed again and again against the pubis of the woman before me for a while before letting her go and turned toward Ralia who hung onto me as I fucked the stranger I just met a few minutes ago.

When I let go of the woman, she staggered and fell down before me. I turned to Ralia and kissed her passionately.

Why was she allowing me to fuck this stranger? Who was this woman who brazenly had interrupted my time with her? Why was she so free in the presence of the woman even as we made love together? Had they done this together before?

So many questions raged through my mind as I kissed the young Fulani woman who was gasping into my mouth. I felt someone touch my hanging phallus and looked down to see the woman on her knees beside us, stroking me.

I allowed her to play with me for a while before she opened her mouth to take me in. She sucked me professionally and I gasped. I had not had anyone do it to me like this. The pleasure was beyond description! Her lips were like suckers, expertly pulling at my cap before her tongue slid the entire length of the phallus that was now eager to cough out the fiery liquid boiling in my scrotum and prostrate.

I drew back and pushed Ralia to the bed, where I made her kneel on the edge of the bed. She obeyed me without hesitation and I stroked her flared buttocks as she spread her backsides open for me, before I dipped two of my fingers into her battered and dripping cunt.

I turned to see the other woman kneel beside Ralia, offering her own backside; both women had their heads on the bed, waiting. I smiled! This must be paradise! I thought. What kind of dream was this? Was I under some kind of hallucinogen?

I poked at Ralia’s pussy first and held her hips to fuck her for a while. She moaned as I dug deep into her wet, sloppy, farting vagina, her cream splaying over my thighs before I withdrew and stepped up to the other woman. I slapped her buttocks first and she jerked in pain before I used the cap of my penis to find her wet opening. I pushed forward, my huge prick spearing her cunt wide apart, the lips holding onto me as if they were afraid I would withdraw suddenly.

For a while, I fucked both women interchangeably, until I felt the climax approaching. I was with the new woman when I felt the tingling feeling growing strong, I slapped her rolling buttocks sharply as I fucked into her wet hole and she screamed.

Ralia looked into my eyes where she lay on her chest, her backsides raised up into the air, I could recognize a new look in her eyes for me, something resembling respect and awe.

I roared my release and felt my body jerk in spasmodic dance. My phallus seemed to increase in size inside the vagina that held it captive as I felt the sprout left me into her inner recesses. She moaned deeply and uttered guttural nonsense, her hands clamped the bedspread and I held her fleshy backside tightly, not ready to let her go. There was something electric about the stranger! Something that really affected me in a strange way I couldn’t describe!

I crashed down beside them on the bed and breathed heavily. Ralia lay beside me and wrapped her arms around me, finding my lips with hers. She kissed me deeply and caringly.

“You’re a horse.” She whispered in my ear. “My lovely horse.

I smiled at closed my eyes. My heart raced like I had just ran a marathon and I touched her face with care. I raised up my head to look at the other woman who laid beside her and she met my eyes.

“Sorry sir. My intention is not to be disrespectful but I wanted in on what Ralia was enjoying.” She spoke in a sweet voice, apologetically.

I smiled back. “I tend to enjoy that disrespect,” I replied.

She giggled and Ralia chuckled.

“I am Rosie.” She introduced herself.

“She’s the house governess,” Ralia added. “She’s my oga.”

I smiled again and stretched out my hand over the pretty Fulani babe, to shake Rosie’s hand. Her hand was soft and tender.

“So, where have you been since I arrived?” I asked.

“I was out of town when you arrived but I have been around since yesterday.” She explained with a soft smile. “Ekanem has already told me all about you and how you’ve already captured Ralia.”

I grinned in pride, still holding her hand. I want this lady. Something about her appealed to me and I wanted to explore it.

Written by Big Mak

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