September 28, 2023
Short Story: The Lagos Corper & Her Students [Part 2](18+)


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Short Story: The Lagos Corper & Her Students [Part 2](18+)

It didn’t help that they were slightly older and looked more mature than their mates. They would never pay attention to lessons and their works are always the hardest to mark because they do not always make sense.

I always tried to help my students so when another test approached, instead of making them write essays, I decided to have them take a spelling test.

Everyone grinned gleefully as I called the words they were to spell. I took their scripts to my office to mark expecting all of them to pass with flying colours which they did except for Rashidi and his female counterpart, Iyanu.

I had to make some corrections and they still got below five out of twenty. It was worrisome, I sat there thinking of what to do about their situation. As though he knew what he had done, Rashidi knocked and came into my office. I was glad to see him thinking he would ask for help on how to get better so we could work something out. Since he could not speak English correctly and I didn’t understand Yoruba, he was making gestures with his hand so I could understand him better.

With all of his gestures, I had a hard time following what he meant, not until he made an “O” with his left hand and repeatedly poked inside that O with a finger on his right hand.

He would say, “Pass me” then stick his finger into the O on his left hand. That was when I understood him. He wanted me to pass him and in return, he would have sex with me. The audacity! His boldness at thinking I would accept that kind of offer.

I sent him out threatening to report him to the principal. I watched him walk away with his head bowed but I wished he would have walked towards me and fuck me instead, I would have let him, that’s what I wanted. I wasn’t done mulling over what just happened when another knock came on my door.

My eyes brightened up, Rashidi had come back to exert his authority on me. I was disappointed to see a female head poke in before the body followed. It was Iyanu. She timidly walked across the room and stopped in front of my table, hands on her back.

I gave her permission to sit. She seemed like a well-natured child. Her English was much better than that of Rashidi and I had no problems understanding her. She admitted that she didn’t do her test well and she might fail it but she didn’t want to fail.

So, she wants me to give her a pass mark, and in exchange, I could have sex with her since I was a lesbian.

It wasn’t her audacity that took me by surprise but her claim of me being a lesbian. Did Rashidi tell her anything? Did both of them plan this? She quickly added that she knew I was a lesbian because of the anklet I wore.

To her understanding, lesbians wear anklets. That sounded funny, so I softly asked her out of my office and made it known that if she repeated that kind of request, she would be reported to the principal. I had a long time to think about the encounters I just had with Rashidi and Iyanu.

I was turned on by their approaches. It had been a long time since I was approached that way and I could feel some wetness in my panties. The fact that they were younger than I am and are my students made me imagine what could have been if they had taken their chances.

Everybody received their script with a smile as I shared. Rashidi and Iyanu were the only ones left out, I didn’t bring their script. I was going to give them a make-up test to help them pass. Since it was already the end of the school day, I dismissed the students that had gotten their scripts and asked Rashidi and Iyanu to stay behind.

The rest of the class didn’t need to know about the test. When we were alone, I gave them new papers for another test but this time, I gave out words that were very easy to spell. Both students sat in different rows and I walked around to monitor their work and correct their mistakes.

There was no denying my sexiness. I have fair spotless skin, not much of an ass but my behind still poked out of whatever I put on. On this day, I had on me a t-shirt and a skirt a few inches above my knees.

You can call me a walking Coca-Cola bottle with the way I was shaped. Could feel my student’s eyes on me but they weren’t bold enough I guess. I made some corrections to Rashidi’s work. As I walked away from his desk, I felt it, it was swift and firm.

Did this stupid boy just spank my ass? I loved his audacity, it was what I’d been looking for but, I am his teacher. What kind of boldness would make a secondary school boy in SSS2 class spank his teacher’s ass?

That was what my brain was trying to process when it happened.

This stupid boy was breathing down on my neck. Why was he? How did he? When did he get so close to me? My brain was all over the place trying to figure out what was happening but my body was there, motionless.

He was dry humping me from behind and one look at my face would tell you I was greatly turned on by it. My pussy was on fire and my panties were soaked already as I waited for his next move. His breath on my neck made me hotter, I could feel his palm crawl over my soft fresh thighs and his other one grabbed my boobs.

God, this was torture. My eyes were closing but I could see Iyanu coming toward me.

To be fair, her lips were soft and tasted nice, she smelled nice too. I was not a lesbian but I didn’t mind that I was getting kissed by a girl and I was getting turned on. Rashidi had started to finger me now, my pussy exploded on his fingers.

His other hand had snuck into my brassiere and he was playing with my nipple. I was sandwiched between my dumb students. I haven’t had sex in a while, I was more than happy to spread my legs wider for Rashidi to properly finger fuck me. I could feel Iyanu’s lips on my face down to my neck.

Before I knew it, she went lower and bunched my skirt up. Her tongue reached for my clit sending me waves of pleasure. She licks my pussy and then sniffs it.

Poor Rita, I almost lost balance. I didn’t know Rashidi had left my back already and had climbed onto a desk in front of me. His presence was announced by his dick running over my lips. I opened up and let him in. It had been so long since I took a dick in my mouth and I almost cried tasting a sweet cock.

Iyanu and Rashidi held me so I wouldn’t fall off my feet as they used my mouth and pussy making orgasms hit my body. I was still feeling hazy when they bent me over the desk and Rashidi took position behind me.

Like he was testing my pussy, he dips his dick cap in, pulls out, dips in, pulls it out over and over, and as I was getting used to that feeling. He plunged his full dick into my pussy without warning.

Iyanu, who was seated at the desk, caught my head and directed it to her pussy. It was my turn to give her a head.

Rashidi held my wrists above my ass and continued to fuck me hard giving me no opportunity to use my hands.

It was my first time eating pussy but I did not doubt that Iyanu enjoyed it because she messed my face up with cum. When Rashidi finished with me, he sprayed his cum on my ass.

I was knackered at the end of everything but all my students passed this test with flying colours. That’s how good a teacher I am.

Now, my NYSC year has just begun…

The End

Written by Reezy Sama

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