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Short Story: One Big Happy Family (Part 3) By Big Mak [18+]

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Short Story: One Big Happy Family (Part 3) By Big Mak [18+]

Hey guys!

How are you? Hope you had a fantastic night. I just have two things to talk to you about before today’s story. First, the planning for the party is going swimmingly well. If you’re part of the people willing to donate, I sent an email last night about the event, there are some details in there that you need. If you’ve not gotten the email, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram (@deolububble). Also if you’ve not registered. Do so now! We’re closing the form soon.

So, the first thing is cleared up.

Now for the second thing, Deolu Bubble is going international!!!! Someone blow the airhorn…

We are hoping to spread into the US in the long term, we are making strategic partnerships, and trying to get more known in the US market amongst African Americans and Carribeans. One idea we are trying is to use mass produce these cute little cards, pictures below, and hand them out to people that we think will enjoy the story. If you’re in the US and want to get someone of these cards to distribute in your area, feel free to write me up at or message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (DeoluBubble), and we will ship it to you. You’re such a big part of us.


I gasped, it was so incredibly fearful that she could read my mind so clearly. 

“I… I.. Just don’t want go.” I stammered. 

She refused to look away and instead reached out to touch my face again. I felt the rush of blood to my loins and my prick rose to stiffer attention.

“And why don’t you want me to go?” She inquired.

I blinked and tried to look away but I couldn’t; I felt like prey caught in the web of a predator.

“You’re my… sister in law..” I stammered.

“Is that all?” She whispered fiercely.

My heart slammed against my chest as if it would break out of my ribcage.

“Why else would I want you to stay?” I tried to put some strength in my voice.

“Now I know I’m not important to you. I’m not wanted in this family.” She said and pulled away.

I felt empty and followed after her, holding her hands.

“Why will you say that? Of course, you are wanted. Just because my brother is stupid doesn’t mean we are all the same.”

“When Hanatu left, I saw how deflated and dejected you were.” She whispered as she drew near me.

I gasped as she placed her lips so close to mine, I could smell her rich, sweet breath laced with minty mouth wash. Her revelation shocked me! So, she knew about Hanatu and I!

“Hanatu?” I started, “what are you talking about?”

“I know about both of you. I’ve stood outside your door some days as I listened to how you fucked that girl.” She whispered. 

This time, her lips touched mine so briefly and I felt my heart stop, I was afraid I was going to have a cardiac arrest.

I gaped at her and my breathing came in shallow gasps like a man fighting to catch his breath after a marathon race. The way she spoke the word ‘fuck’ seemed so seductive and so provocative in my ears that it was as if I had never heard it before.

“But.. Why will you do that?” I asked, my words were breathed right into her open mouth.

I felt her hands resting on my thighs and her fingers playing with my trousers’ flap. My raging erection pushed up and she touched it, stopping right there. It was as if I would explode.

“Why?” She repeated. I saw the pain in her eyes. “Who wouldn’t want to be loved? I want what you have with her.”

I gasped and broke out into a fit of sweat. The palpitation of my heart was pushing me toward a panic attack.

“What  we have?” I stammered. “What are you saying?”

She crushed her lips against mine without a warning and leaned into me as I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. It was as if I was in heaven, romantic heaven.

Her fingers found my zipper and tore at it, I heard her groan in my mouth and she pushed me to fall back on the bed. I couldn’t stop her, I was so incapable of doing anything at that time, my body wanted her, despite the fact that it was forbidden. She was my brother’s wife!

“Dicky!” She rolled over me and straddled my waist, bending over my prostrate form. “I want what you gave to that Fulani girl. I want to be able to make you sad and happy the way she’s been able to get you to do.”

She didn’t allow me to talk, as she crushed her lips against mine again, drawing the breath from me, her breathing was ragged and her tongue searched mine as if digging for lost treasure. 

We kissed for a long time and I responded to her demands with equal vigour and passion. My hands rested against her buttocks which were so huge and raised in the air at that moment.

“But you are still my brother’s wife.” I protested feebly when I was able to break away from the breathtaking kiss.

She placed her hands against my chest and watched me for a while, my throbbing phallus strained against her groin and I knew if we continued like this, I would come.

“If you don’t want me to divorce him and you want me to stay, you have to show me the reason why.” She whispered.

I tried to smile but my lips seemed so dry. I raised my hand to touch her hair and she looked at me like she was a baby who was desperate for attention, for approval. She didn’t have to do all that to persuade me to do whatever she wanted.

“I want you to stay,” I begged.

She rose up from my body and I watched her rise like a beautiful gladiator from her conquest. I wondered if she had come to her senses and she was going to leave my room. 

I felt the shame coming over me but to my surprise, she pushed her long dress away from her shoulder and drew it down to fall smoothly to her feet.

My heart literally stopped beating. I stared at the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! Naked before me! She had no panties or bra under the dress and she was so spotless!

Her pair of breasts were so cute and heavy without the slightest sag to them, they pointed at me as if challenging me to a duel. The nipples were fiercely erect and the areolas were so dark and shiny.

My eyes swept over her entire tall, busty frame with her hourglass figure and olive-brown complexion. They stopped at her midriff and I focused on her hairy pubis, I had never seen such thick hair on a woman in my life.

“Dicky.” She called. “I’m all yours. If you will have me. I want you to show me you want me to stay.”

I jumped out of bed and lunged toward her, I couldn’t wait any longer. She didn’t have to seduce me anymore. I was already captured. I was already willing to go all the way with her in whatever this was, ready to damn the consequences!

I tore off my clothes as she stepped back from me gently as if she was afraid of me as I approached her. She had a frightened, innocent look in her eyes that drew me after her and when she reached the wall behind her, I grabbed her and crushed my lips against hers.

We were both naked and I felt my cock hit her stomach as she whimpered in my arms, my mouth not letting hers go. I held her hands and pinned her against the wall as she submitted to my crazed passionate demands.

“I’ll give you what you want,” I assured her. “You’re not going anywhere! I will keep you here.”

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. 

“All I see is a young handsome man who is just talking.” She whispered into my mouth. 

Her legs wrapped around my back, she rested her back against the wall and lifted herself off the floor to hang around my waist. Our loins merged and I felt her wetness on my midriff. 

“Show me what you can do with me.” She challenged. 

I groaned from the rushing passion as I lifted her in my arms as she stood with legs wrapped around my waist and I felt her hand reach down to my phallus and help push it into her warm waiting dripping cunt.

As it slid through, I gasped and almost fell for the pleasure that coursed through my entire body.

“Take me.” She whispered, 

“I’m ready to stay if you can make me yours. But you have to fuck your baby. Fuck me like you own me.”

I didn’t need further encouragement, I held her in my arms still standing and pumped my hips against her spread cunt.

She screamed my name as I undulated my waist and pushed my phallus to find more space in her vagina that made wet, slushy sounds as I dug deeper.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me urgently, her saliva coating my lips and mouth.

“Baby, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me and make me yours.” She whispered fiercely in my ears. 

I couldn’t stop the frenzied drive of my hips as I slammed her against the wall.

She stared into my eyes as I continued screwing my sister-in-law with vigour and unbridled passion. She had tears in her eyes and I wondered why. Was I hurting her?

“Make me yours, baby. Make me feel like I am a woman truly wanted.” She pleaded.

I held her by her heavy, soft buttocks and hurried with her to the bed and dropped her down, quickly covering her body with mine, I found her hole again and invaded it as she gasped and wrapped her arms around me.

I fucked my brother’s wife like I had not fucked anyone before, not even Hanatu. 

She whined and whimpered and moaned under me as I crushed my hips against her offered orifice, which dripped her cream unceasingly as I drilled into her incessantly. She begged for more and I gave her. 

She confessed she was ready to give me her love and submission to me if I could make her mine and it drove me on like a maniac, trying to make her cry and beg me to stop but she was relentless in her demand. 

I explored her body and she willingly submitted to my incursions without complaints. I had never seen a woman ready to do anything for a man like Annabella did for me that night.

I loved watching as my raging phallus penetrated her dark cunt; as it spread her labia apart and I loved the white cream that coated my cock again and again as I dug into her without mercy or reservations.

Whenever my climax came, I spread her legs widely open and pushed into her inner-most recesses to unleash my white release as she screamed, holding my head and kissing me as if her life depended on it.

She would crawl to my cock, hold it in her lovely hands and first stare at it for a while before she licked off her cream and my sperm. She would stare into my eyes as she sucked and cleaned me, smiling at me in contentment.

In the second round, she knelt on the bed and raised the heavy-set buttocks in the air for me to explore. I first ate her hairy pussy and licked at her clitoris, my face buried into her ass as she squirmed and screamed my name in pleasure.

Then, I rose up and positioned myself against her offered backside, which was so clearly displayed for my pleasure. I held my throbbing penis and pushed the tip against her wet orifice. She giggled as I teased her opening and I met her eyes as she laid her head on the bed and stared back at me over her shoulder.

“It’s all yours baby.” She said in a seductive voice that sent shivers through my entire body. “Take it as you want.”

Written by Big Mak

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