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Short Story: One Big Happy Family (Part 2) By Big Mak [18+]

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Short Story: One Big Happy Family (Part 2) By Big Mak [18+]

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How are you? Hope you had a fantastic night. I just have two things to talk to you about before today’s story. First, the planning for the party is going swimmingly well. If you’re part of the people willing to donate, I sent an email last night about the event, there are some details in there that you need. If you’ve not gotten the email, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram (@deolububble). Also if you’ve not registered. Do so now! We’re closing the form soon.

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For over three months, Hanatu was my fuck doll. I took her wherever I wanted; in the bathroom, kitchen, her room, my room, living room, my car and even in my mother’s room, when I was sure the coast was clear.

She became so friendly with me that she would sometimes sneak up on me when no one was around and wrap her arms around me from behind. Sometimes, she would nibble at my ears or plant kisses on my neck.

I bought her new things; clothes, bracelets, earrings and underwear. She cooked for me and that almost got me in trouble with my mother who wanted us all to eat at the table at dinner when I nibbled at my food.

I was enjoying the best time of my life during this period, I believed my secret escapades were known to me and her alone, even though I knew that was highly probable; her screams and moans were not really so silent. A few glances from the other domestic staff were enough to make me know we were not really a secret after all.

It was during this period that I noticed my sister-in-law, Antonella becoming more friendly with me than she had been since I had known her for over five years now. She would pick conversations with me at the dining table, during breakfast or at dinner and I was enjoying her attention. 

It was as if someone had suddenly placed a spell on me that made the opposite sex give me all the attention I wanted. My girlfriend was still coming around, but nothing really changed between us. She was still the reserved, ‘good’ girl she had always been and we kept our relationship on friendly terms. 

Suddenly, one morning, I woke up to the news that Hanatu had left us and had gone back to her village; where her suitor was making advanced plans for their wedding ceremony. I was so sad when I heard the news that I avoided everyone and even food for a couple of days. 

Five days after Hanatu left, I was in my room alone one night; there was a storm outside and the lightning and thunder were loud and crazy. I sat before my laptop and sadly typed the keys to add to the story I was working on when I heard a soft knock on my door.

I frowned. I was supposed to be alone in the house, except for the old cook and I had already taken my dinner. My mother had gone to the village with my father to stay there for a while, as my dad requested he be taken back to his ‘roots’ if he was going to die.

The door drew open and I was surprised to see my brother’s wife step in. She was dressed in a long, maroon-coloured dress that reached her ankles. 

She looked like a queen, the long tresses of her natural hair reached her shoulders, I knew that she was of mixed racial parentage. Her mother was a Spanish woman from Puerta Rico, while her father was a Nigerian.

“Hey, young stud.” She greeted, using the usual amiable language and tone she had started using for me. “Are you free?”

I looked up and forced a smile. I nodded and she stepped forward as another thunderclap rocked the building.

“Where is Steve?” I asked after her only son.

“He’s gone to stay with the Aderonbi’s for the weekend.” She answered.

I nodded; we and the Aderonbi’s were family friends and had gone way back together. 

“Do you have a minute? I have something to share with you or should I say something I want you to help me out with.”

I nodded again and she stepped toward my bed, where she sat down. I was sitting by my desk and the chair which I occupied was the only furniture I had in the room.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, frowning. “You don’t look too good.”

She was the epitome of beauty and she knew it. The gossip columns and magazines were not helping matters too. The news about the bewitching Annabella Duromaye was spoken about almost every week, when she graced any occasion or if the family was reported about.

She looked so angelic in her expensive gown and I wondered where she was coming from. Was she drunk? Was she sick? Was my brother sick? Questions raged within my mind.

“I have a question that has been troubling me for a while now.” She opened up. 

I frowned, wondering what she wanted to say. 

“Have I wronged you in any way?” She asked. 

I gasped and shook my head. 

“No! You haven’t wronged me in any way.” I said loudly. “I.. I.. just don’t..”

“But you don’t like me.” She interfered. 

“No one likes me in this family.”

I chuckled. 

“Like you? Why won’t I like you? You’re my sister-in-law for goodness sake.” I replied. 

“And where do you get the idea from. We all like you. I like you, very much.” I assured her.

She smiled so faintly. 

“You like me? You have a strange way of showing it.” She continued and stared at me with large, grey eyes.

I tried to smile but I couldn’t find the strength. I wanted to defend myself; to make her realize that I had always admired her but it was impossible to show her.

“I have always liked you. I think I have always admired your enchanting beauty.” I was forced to confess.

 “You are a very beautiful woman, Ana.”

She looked at me strangely and then laughed. I felt embarrassed, I didn’t know if I had gone too far already with my revelation. 

“You think I’m beautiful?” She inquired, touching her heavy bosom. 

I nodded and tried to smile. 

“Yes, you are a very enchanting woman. Even the news media attests to that all the time.”

She sighed and waved her hand. 

“I’ve stopped believing all the rubbish in the media.” She answered. 

“I only consider the opinion of those I hold dear to my heart important.”

I frowned, wondering where all these conversations was going and why she was really here in my room. 

“It’s true, Ana,” I assured her. 

“You’re the most beautiful woman I ever met in my life. My brother is very lucky to have as a wife.”

She looked at me for a while and suddenly bent her head in her hands and began to sob quietly. Her body shook strongly to the spasm of her quiet weeping and I was confused. 

Have I said anything wrong? Have I spoken too much? Have I said something I shouldn’t have said? I wondered as these questions tumbled around my mind. 

I was shocked. I had never seen her like this. She always portrayed the picture of a strong, beautiful and capable woman. 

Rising up from my seat, I walked over to her as I could no longer bear the embarrassment. I hesitated for a moment or two not knowing what next to do before I sat beside her on the bed and heaved a sigh.

The fragrance of her perfume hit my nostrils as I sat so close to her. I couldn’t smell any alcohol on her and I wondered what was really going on. She seemed sober enough.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered. “Is it anything I have said?”

She shook her head and kept her face in her palms as she sniffed a couple of times. I rushed over to my wardrobe and retrieved a new handkerchief which I handed over to her. 

“Here! Have this.” I offered. 

She raised her head, I saw her face drenched with tears, her makeup was smeared and despite the odd colours splattered all over her face, she looked stunning, she was a really beautiful woman. She grimaced and accepted the handkerchief. 

I tried to smile and console her; whatever it was that was bothering her but I knew I was not doing a good job at it. 

Sitting so close to her, I noticed that her lips were wide and lush. Her upper lips seemed to be slightly uplifted showing a few of her teeth. Her eyes were electrifying, they were iron-grey. Her cheekbones were high and her chin was jutted with a cleft dividing it.

She glanced sideways at me as I watched her use the handkerchief to wipe her eyes and blow her nose and giggled, probably from the expression on my face. I frowned.

“What’s wrong? Why are you laughing?” I wondered aloud, surprised by her action.

“Why are you so rigid?” She asked, reaching out to touch my hand. “I’m not going to bite.”

I smiled, was it so obvious? I thought. I didn’t want to do anything that would send the wrong signals.

“I… I don’t want to..” I tried to speak.

“What? You don’t want to do what?” She interrupted. 

“I’m your sister-in-law. I’m family to you for God’s sake. You have to be freer with me.”

I looked into her eyes and smiled nervously. “Ok. I just don’t want to do anything stupid.”

She smiled. 

“Yes. I’ve always known that with you. You’ve always painted the picture of a saint. Except recently…”

I frowned, as she let the sentence hang without completing it.

“Recently? What are you talking about?” My heart was racing. Was she aware of anything I had done? Or was she aware of Hanatu and I?

“I am here to talk about my issues, not yours.” She reminded me and reached out to touch my face.

I was shocked and thought, I didn’t recoil from her touch, I was taken aback.

“What’s going on with you?” I managed to say.

“It’s your brother and I.” She whispered. “I think I want a divorce.”

I gasped. “Divorce?” I stammered. “Why will you want that? What has he done?”

She shrugged. “I don’t think I can continue like this anymore. I want out!”

I scratched my head. “Can you tell me what is really going on here? What has he done?”

She looked up into my eyes again before looking down into her palms which she opened as she laid her hands on her sumptuous laps.

“Your brother has gotten another woman pregnant and I’ve been neglected by him for some time now.” She whined. 

I could hear the strain in her voice. “Am I not beautiful enough?” She asked suddenly.

I would have laughed at her question if it was under a different circumstance. Beautiful?! This was the goddess of beauty herself personified and who was the right-thinking man who would discard her for another woman? Was my brother sane? I wondered.

“God! Stop asking such questions. I told you; you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life!” I gasped.

She turned to look into my eyes and her grey eyes had gone dark. Something was there now that I had never seen before. 

She sighed and drew closer to me, she rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel her trembling against me, my body was on fire. This was the woman I had admired and lusted for from afar, resting against me.

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” She asked, in a childlike voice and I nodded sheepishly, unable to find my voice. 

“Please hold me.” She begged.

I didn’t need the persuasion, I hurriedly wrapped my arm around her and crushed her mature, voluptuous body into mine. She sighed again.

The lighting outside continued their angry flashes and they were accompanied by rumbling thunders but I doubted if any of them could compete with the sound my heart was making at that point in time.

“Please, do not divorce my brother.” I pleaded, afraid of not seeing her anymore in the family.

She raised up her face and looked into my eyes. I could see a flicker of a smile at the edge of her lips.

“Are you begging for him… Or, is it because you want me around here?”

Written by Big Mak

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