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Short Story: One Big Happy Family (Part 1) By Big Mak [18+]

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Short Story: One Big Happy Family (Part 1) By Big Mak [18+]

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My name is Dick, I am the third born in a family of four children. 

My eldest sister is the firstborn, a brilliant doctor who was now married to a bald-headed intellectual goon, who taught in a prestigious university in the city.

The second born is my elder brother, an accountant and a very good one at that. He was saddled with the family business after our father suffered a stroke and was forced to handle the helm of the affairs of the family business. 

My brother, Anthony was an averagely tall, dark man who was married to a tall, slim, fair-complexioned, beautiful architect who worked at a successful firm also in the city. 

She was a very nice woman whom we all saw as the perfect wife to my brother and knew to be his moral support, for my brother was a bit like my father, he had a notorious knack for partying and for being in the company of a couple of popular women in town.

My younger sister, Francisca was the princess of the family. She was beautiful in every sense of the word. She was also a lawyer who had just graduated from a prestigious law school and she was now working in the family business. 

She was my favourite, well, outside of my eldest sister (who had never abandoned the idea that I was like a son to her and not her younger sibling of six years her junior). 

We all lived in an eight-room family villa where I grew up in, childhood till my eldest sister got married and left to live with her husband somewhere in another part of town. 

I was never interested in the family business, I had always wanted to be a writer and after graduating from the university, (where I majored in mass communication) I began to write for a magazine as a columnist and occasionally as a correspondent while working on my novels by the side.

My girlfriend, Rosemary was an upcoming actress and model; a beautiful, slim, young woman 25 years old. She had a pair of delicate-looking brown eyes that always captivated me and I guessed they were what attracted her to me more than all else… 

Ah, well, I think another thing was her backside. 

Rosemary had the most amazing buttocks I had seen in a woman. Not that I had actually gotten to see them in the nude up to the first six months of our relationship, but looking at them in her skirts, wrappers or trousers always set my heart racing. 

It was true that her bum was not the biggest I had ever seen nor were they extravagant but there was something about them that always set my heart racing. 

I loved staring at her as she walked and when she sat beside me, my eyes would travel all over her body and rest on her derriere, as I salivated, wondering what it would feel like to have her naked in my arms.

I knew it would be almost impossible for that to become a reality; Rosemary was a conservative, church-type of a lady who was brought up in a strict Christian home. She had always warned me there was no way we would have sex before marriage. 

But I was a virile and potent young man, I had those occasional fiery magma burning in my loins, threatening to explode at the slightest provocations.

Somehow, I always found a way to ease the tension and pent-up desire when I was alone with my phone or my laptop. I had enough videos to take care of the situation.

My saving grace came one day when I suddenly stumbled on the young Fulani girl my mother had hired from her parents whose cattle ranch was not far away from our residence. 

Her name was Hanatu, she was about sixteen but she was slim and provocatively built.

I entered my mother’s room without knocking that fateful evening and met her struggling to put on her panties as she stepped out of the bathroom. She apologized and tried to explain that she was pressed and had to quickly use the bathroom but I was not interested in her reasons, I was staring at her thighs.

She noticed and shyly retreated from the room. But after that, I began to keep tabs on her dutifully, watching her every movement and she took notice of that. I thought she would be angry at first, for my obvious stalking of her movements but I was surprised when would smile at me whenever we were alone together. 

As much as I would have loved to have the opportunity to do something with her, I couldn’t, the villa was always busy with people and domestic staff. 

One fateful morning, fortune smiled at me. I woke up with an erection and it was quite a huge one. I had my hand around it as if trying to soothe it but it was making me feel hornier and I knew I had to do something about it or there was no way I could function well throughout the day. 

That was when I heard a soft knock on the door to my room. I quickly covered myself up with my duvet and invited the person in. To my surprise, Hanatu was standing by the door.

“Good morning sir.” She greeted with a respectful bow, in my local dialect. 

“Ah… Good morning.” I stammered. 

My eyes swept over her body as she stepped in. She was clothed in a blue dress that reached above her knees. She was a pretty, fair complexion girl, with long tresses of ebony hair that was weaved in stylish braids. 

“Sir, I’m here for the bedsheets and your dirty laundry.” She said, avoiding my eyes which were obviously undressing her. 

I blinked, trying to concentrate and smiled at her. She looked down shyly and my raging cock seemed to desperately want her as it pushed against my duvet. 

I was naked under the sheets, and I was afraid my stiffening cock would embarrass me. 

“Ah…I am just waking up.” I stammered. 

“Maybe later, when I’ve gotten out of bed.”

She fidgeted a bit and looked around my room as if she was seeing it for the first time. That was when I remembered that my mom had taken my dad to the clinic the previous night and my father was said to be admitted there. They were not home yet. 

This could be the awaited opportunity to bang this girl, I thought. 

“I will like to wash the curtains too.” She said timidly. 

This girl wanted something, I knew that since she was not in a hurry to leave. 

“No problem,” I whispered in a hoarse voice. “Come, let me show you something,” I said rather stupidly. 

The testosterone pulsating in my body rushed against my temples, disallowing me from reasonable thinking.

She looked up shyly and smiled at me. I was afraid she would turn around and run off but to my surprise, she shuffled forward hesitantly toward me.

When she reached my bed, I lifted the duvet and revealed the pulsating prick that was ragingly erect, the veins around it so clearly evident and I heard as she gasped loudly.

“Help me out!” I almost pleaded and looked up to meet her eyes. She looked at me with a rather pitiful look and smiled again.

“Sir, what do you want me to do?” She asked, in a trembling voice.

“Help me to bring it down, to make it no angrier,” I suggested.

She looked at my face and back to the nodding phallus and I stroked it for her as if to tell her I was in need of her help. She stepped closer and I reached out to grab her by the arm, pulling her closer to me.

She gasped and fell over my body as I pulled her by the hair and pushed the cock to her mouth. She obediently opened her mouth and allowed me in. I felt as if my penis was coated in icy-hot oil. I gasped loudly and she looked up into my eyes with wide frightened light-brown pupils.

I pushed and pulled at her long braided hair to make her give me the really needed blow job. She was cooperative and I smiled my encouragement as I continued, feeling the passion increasing. I pushed her to lie down on the bed and straddled her face, fucking her almost like a crazy person as she wretched again and again, but I was not bothered. 

I looked behind me and saw that her legs were raised, her dress had ridden up and her blue panties were exposed in the open.

I reached behind me to touch her and drew away the pant as I found my way to her wet, hairy cunt. She gasped against my phallus, sliding easily in and out of her mouth, which she wrapped so tightly around me. My fingers touched her clit and she moaned before I pushed further down to her opening. I entered the wet orifice and she gasped.

After riding her face and playing with her cunt for a while, I climbed off her face and stood by the bed, looking down at her as she lay on there, staring up at me helplessly. 

I drew off her pant, which I flung aside and raised her legs. She watched me with wide eyes, I could see fear and wonder there as I stroked my phallus which seemed so interested before I aimed it toward her bushy hole. She screamed, as I slid into her nether region and I put my left finger to my lips to shoo her. 

She nodded her understanding but as I dug deeper, she resumed the scream. At first, it was really tight to find my way in but I pressed on, crouching over her supine form, as I felt my member easing its way into the slimy passage. 

I leaned over and planted my mouth over hers. She moaned against my lips as I ground my hips against her offered loins.

After a while of withdrawal and forcing myself in, I found myself sliding in smoothly now and I moaned involuntarily as the most pleasurable feeling I had ever had coursed through my body. 

She blinked at me, our lips still locked, while both her arms were wrapped under my armpits, holding me tightly as if her life depended on it. I used my right hand to hold her buttocks in place as I invaded her cunt, which I had now opened up to my rough incursion; the wet, slurpy sounds it emitted, a testament to our passionate coitus. 

I fucked the slim, innocent girl under me with calculated, slow drilling and she moaned gently against my mouth as I refused to let her lips go. 

Sometimes, she would look me in the eyes and then she would shyly close her eyes. But she was submissive to my demands and that really got me fired up. I was like a beast in heat and I knew I behaved as such but I was not bothered. 

I wanted to fuck this girl and leave a lasting mark on the affair. 

Soon, her constant loud moans filled the room, even as I refused to cut away from our kiss. Our saliva coated the sides of our faces and she didn’t make an effort to move away from my tongue and lips that greedily searched every nook and cranny of her oral orifice. 

I wished I could keep the frenzied fuck going for as long as I wanted, as the pleasure was like nothing I ever experienced but soon, I felt the climax approaching and I jerked upright, pulling my coated phallus out of her widely parted cunt; aiming the jet stream of white cum on her lower belly, I groaned as the climax hit me like a shell from a gun. 

She opened her eyes and stared at me, as I convulsed and groaned as if I was being beaten by an unseen hand. Her eyes moved down to the erect member in my clutch which was spitting out life-giving seed at that moment. 

She watched me with interest for a while and then giggled. 

“Sorry.” She whispered, obviously intrigued by my reaction as I orgasmed.

I smiled at her and she smiled back as the spasm ebbed. I fell down beside her and stared into her face, she made no move to cover her naked lower body and I admired her maturing body which looked so good and succulent.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered and she smiled shyly, looking away. 

“You don’t have anything to apologize for.” She replied in her small voice. 

“Is this your first time?” I asked. 

She shook her head, turning to look at me. 

“No, but this is the first time I’m seeing a man’s sex waters.” She answered.

I frowned. “Where do they pour their waters?” I asked. “Those who have been with you before?”

She smiled. “I’ve been with only one man. He’s in my village. He said he wants to marry me.”

“He does this to you all the time?” I asked. I was getting jealous. 

“Don’t you know you can get pregnant?”

She giggled. 

“No. I can’t. My mother gives me herbs and concoctions to help prevent pregnancy.”

I stared at her. 

“But you’re sweet and tight. You obviously have not been fucked well.”

She giggled and covered her face in her hands. I smiled at her and I took her hands in mine. She looked into my eyes and I felt like I was falling in love with her. But there was a lot of difference between us. 

She was not educated and she was from a nomadic tribe whom I learnt hardly allowed their wards to get married to other tribes.

“I don’t allow him to get as deep as you just went with me.” She replied, bating her wide brown eyes at me.

I felt proud of myself. “Why did you allow me?”

She looked into my eyes again and giggled and I leaned forward to kiss her. She shyly opened her mouth and I knew she was not experienced in such matters.

“Can I do it again?” I whispered in her mouth and she giggled.

“If you promise to be gentle with me.” She replied. 

“You can have me anytime you want.”

I felt like a god as I pulled off her blouse to reveal a pair of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen before I descended on them and sucked on them one after the other. I felt so proud when I heard her groan, moan and whimper under my carreses and kisses.

I fucked her again that morning and soon had her gently sobbing in my ears as I slid my raging phallus in and out of her wet cunt that seeped her cream on the bedclothes almost like a running tap.

I knew her whimper and moans could be heard outside my room but I was not bothered, I had discovered a new way of satisfying my constant urges and I aimed to make use of it well.

What I didn’t know was that our sexual escapades were going to bring me to the reason for writing this piece, my elder brother’s beautiful wife was going to seduce me into a fierce and passionate affair that would make me flee from my home.

To be continued

Written by Big Mak

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