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[Short Story] Ololade; a Timeless Connection by Sixtie 9ine (18+)


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[Short Story] Ololade; a Timeless Connection by Sixtie 9ine (18+)

I met Ololade while posting a story on my Instagram page. Instagram had suggested some accounts to follow, and being bored, I clicked on the first profile. It turned out to be hers. She was also a student at the same institution where I was pursuing my Master’s, but in a different department and level, so I’d never met her.

Ololade caught my eye with her adorable charm and amazing slim figure. We started talking, and we developed a strong connection between us, which led us to have frequent mind-blowing sex.

Ololade wasn’t just attractive; she was a joy to be around. Her company brought a whole new level of fun and excitement. Every moment with her was like discovering a new chapter of joy. Our connection wasn’t just physical; it was built on a foundation of shared interests and an easygoing vibe that made being together an absolute joy.

Every moment spent with her was magical, but I am compelled to reflect on the evening I finally bagged my master’s degree. She took me to a whole new world of sex. I was lying on my bed as she lustily sucked my penis, which I love. She looked up into my eyes as she rubbed my wet cock all over her face.

She said in a low voice, “This is the most beautiful dick I’ve ever had.” It felt as though I was under her spell.

I gently reached out and took hold of her hair, guiding her mouth to my penis. She slowly lowered her lips over my penis while looking into my eyes. One of her hands cupped my testicles, while the other roamed all over my abs. Her tongue swirled over and over the head of my penis. Her lips moved up and down my shaft, and soon the level of stimulation became very intense.

I was about to cum, so while still looking into her eyes, I removed her mouth from my penis and held her face. She played with my testicles as I felt my ejaculation building up. I relaxed all my muscles, and in a split second, my penis erupted. It throbbed twice more, oozing more cum.

I kneeled back up and she quickly began sucking me again, eagerly, and my penis began to throb once more, her moans got louder.

“Ughh,” I knew I was about to cum again…

Her moaning increased the intensity of my orgasm. I was turned on by the fact that she was reaching orgasm while I was ejaculating into her mouth.

She kept taking my cock in her mouth, looking at me the whole time. I was turned on and breathing heavily. She kept licking, sucking, and rubbing her lips against my erect penis; it seemed she was enjoying it. I wanted her to finish, but she kept going, so I gently guided her back onto the bed and she spread her legs.

I held her knees and lifted them next to her ears, tilting her hips and revealing her vagina. I moaned as I moved my face closer to her vagina and took a deep breath. I gently kissed her vagina, making my penis very hard. Soon enough I was getting my entire face wet in her vagina. Her moans were pleasing to hear.

“Oh shit, fuck me,” she said.


“Stop teasing me; fuck me already!” She said it in a frenzy.

I entered her pussy and she moved her hips up, causing my penis to go all the way in. I started to give her slow and powerful thrusts in missionary position, holding myself up so I could see her breasts and my cock going into her pussy.

I watched her for a long time as my hips rammed into her vagina, listening to her moans and cries. Eventually, I noticed she was quiet, but I didn’t stop. When I looked up at her face, her eyes were tightly shut, her hands behind her knees, spreading her legs straight out from her hips like a gymnast.

I started thrusting faster, but still deep and long. She threw her head back and wailed as her orgasm began. I continued to penetrate her deeply throughout her orgasm.

She licked my ear and whispered, “cum inside me.”

I pushed my penis into her vagina one last time, holding onto her hips as I came inside of her. She held me close and told me it was the best sex she ever had, then started crying. I didn’t understand why, but we held each other for a while.

After taking a short break, my libido hit the roof again. I got up on my knees. Lolade had a mischievous look as she began to suck my penis again. It felt amazing! As my desire for her grew stronger, I pushed her onto her back, held her hips, and turned her onto all fours, pushing her shoulders down onto the bed.

My penis was rock hard as I pressed it against her pussy. I thrust hard, sinking into her, and began to fuck her fast and hard. I used my hands to pinch her nipples and clit, rubbing her torso and back without stopping. She came, crying out as I pounded her hard. I rolled her onto her side, sliding one leg up to expose her pussy, and once again I pushed my penis into her. I fucked her deep and hard till she came again.

“Cum for me, Daddy!!” She screamed amidst moans.

I turned her onto her back without pulling out my penis from her vagina. She spread her legs wide as I gave her one last fast thrust. She put her hands on my nipples and played with them using her fingernails. That was it for me. She had found my weak spot.

I moaned in pleasure as she ran her nails in circular motions around my hard nipples. My hips bucked, my back arched, and I held completely still as I came into her pussy.

She wiggled under me, and my penis was so sensitive. “Stop, stop.”

Just wait, baby, let me be inside you,” I said as I looked into her moist eyes. She just wrapped her arms and legs around me, engulfing me in her. Eventually, I slid off her, and we cuddled, both drifting off to sleep.

A little later, I woke up with an erection. Lolade was sleeping next to me. I turned her onto her back, but she seemed to be unconscious.

I kneeled up, got between her legs with my penis twitching. I spread her wide. She was very sleepy. I slid my penis against her pussy lips and thrust… to my delight, it slid right in.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” she moaned in a whisper as I thrust inside her.

I came after just a few thrusts, then rolled her over and cuddled her, my penis still swollen and between her thighs. It was all wet there as my cum leaked out of her vagina.

We are both done with our programs, and she thinks we probably would never see each other again, but with a magic wand like mine and a magic pot like hers, I assured her we will always find ourselves as the north and south poles of magnets are sure to attract each other.

Ololade, a memory etched in my heart.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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