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Short Story: Office Hubby by Nurture (18+)

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Short Story: Office Hubby by Nurture (18+)

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Jumoke had not had sex in 90 days! It has not been her intention obviously, as she loves sex and everything around it. After ‘breaking up’ with Samson, her fuck buddy whom she caught feelings for, she has been careful in her dealings with men so as to avoid the same thing happening. 

For the last 90 days, however, her dildos and vibrators have kept her company but she has missed black veiny dicks. She wanted the real thing and she was determined to get it.

Jumoke is a beautiful 26-year-old lady; the type that would make men turn their necks when she walked by. She works in a bank and was always dressed ‘to kill’ literally. 

Jumoke is tall for a lady as she stood at 5’9, she had the most alluring physique. A real light-skinned goddess with glowing skin, slim but has the right amount of fat in the right places; her friends Lola and Sandra call her Coca-Cola as she looked like a Coca-Cola bottle. 

She has this very commanding and attractive scent that never leaves even when she leaves a room and makes it virtually impossible for her to not get noticed when she walks into a room her voice isn’t perfect soprano, but she sounds just like a beautiful woman should.

91 days after her break with Samson, on a Thursday, Jumoke and her colleague, Joshua Adigun while on break decided to go to the new eatery two blocks from the office for lunch. 

Joshua happens to be her work husband. They often caught each other at the water dispenser in the banking hall and would joke around a little before heading back to their respective workstations. Joshua had joked several times that Jumoke was crushing on him but she doesn’t want to ‘shoot her shot.’ 

Joshua as usual looked like a whole meal on this Thursday as he bodied his blue suit that made some eyes stare longer than they should. On their way back to the office after eating, Jumoke who has been starved for far too long and needed some action asked 

‘Josh, what’s your weekend going to be like?’

‘Err, besides Chelsea’s game with Man Utd, I just have sleep planned. Why?’ Joshua replied with his eyes focused on the road.

‘Well, I’m having a movies night tomorrow till dawn with a few of my friends and I was thinking you’d want to see a movie with me’

‘Count me in oh.’

‘Cool. Be there at 7.’

‘Oya naw.’ He said as he pulled over in the parking lot of the bank.

Jumoke couldn’t stop thinking of what would happen tomorrow. Of course, there was no movie night planned and she just wanted to get laid and get laid badly. 

She caught Joshua staring at her ass when she walked by a couple of times so she believed he was going to be willing. 

Friday came quickly but it wouldn’t end. Jumoke kept zoning out at work thinking about how she would get Joshua between her legs. Eventually, closing hours came and after the usual formalities with other colleagues and the fake smiles and laughter, she headed for Joshua’s office, knocked and stood at the door but before she could say anything, he said ‘I didn’t forget. I will soon leave here myself.’

‘See you then’ she said and she walked away. 

Joshua being a ‘guy man’ didn’t leave his house without a condom. He got to her house and she came to get the door with a big black T-shirt that he believes covered the bum short she had on. The first time he was seeing her in such clothes and he tried not to look down. They hugged and she led him in. 

There wasn’t anybody in her living room so he asked about everybody, to which she replied 

‘Give it a minute, please. While I go shower, make yourself comfortable.’ He couldn’t help but imagine himself bathing with her, and Jumoke? 

Jumoke’s heart was in her mouth as she hoped her plan would work. 

After a few minutes, she came out and met Joshua head down on his phone scrolling through Twitter. Her scent made him look up and beheld the most beautiful girl he had seen. 

She had only a short flail purple gown that showed a lot of cleavage and made it difficult for him to keep his eyes on her face. She had a bowl of popcorn in her hands and said 

‘Josh I am so sorry. I just got texts and unfortunately, it’s going to be just both of us tonight’ 

She added with a baby face that was meant to be manipulative, ‘or just me. If you decide to leave me too.’

He patted the part of the couch by his side and said 

‘Which movie are we seeing?’

She had Fifty shades of Grey already prepped and ready. They were cuddled up with Jumoke in his arms. Thirty minutes in and in utter silence between the two of them, Joshua’s member was seriously throbbing in his shorts while she was impatient and didn’t know how to initiate action. 

He roamed his hand around her body slowly while the movie was going on. She thought that was her cue then she looked up at his face, his eyes were focused on the TV, and then she moved to kiss his lips. 

He didn’t respond and maintained his focus like nothing happened. She felt embarrassed and wanted to walk away after muttering an apology, he then dragged her back roughly and kissed her lips passionately for what seemed like a whole day, only it was just for a few seconds. 

He let go and they were just staring at each other before she kissed him on his lips roughly whilst moving to sit on his legs. His hands were roaming around her body at this time, fondling her boobs whilst her hands moved to untie the straps on his shorts. 

In no time, Jumoke had found her way into his pants and immediately she grabbed his dick, it nodded twice, then she gently moved her hands to the tip and then started stroking the long, fat, veiny piece of erectile tissue, and he responded by pressing hard on her left boob with his right hand now. 

She let go and was ready to sit on him like a sex-starved cheetah before he stopped her and moved to strap himself. She declined and said in a tone like she was going to cry 

‘I’m on the pill and I’m clean.’ 

She went ahead and sat on his dick and let it fill her before she started thrusting herself up and down. She was dripping wet and his dick kept slipping out, then he decided to lay her on her back and press her right leg far up on the handle of the sofa before pushing his dick into her wet pussy. 

Joshua rammed into her violently and Jumoke was screaming, and making sounds that didn’t make any sense. Her eyes were shut and tears were rolling down as she screamed 

“YESSSS! YESSSS! YESSSS!” repeatedly. Joshua had been on it for several minutes and didn’t look like he was going to end soon. He continued while using his left thumb to synchronously nibble at her clitoris, and that drove Jumoke to the edge. 

He continued ramming into her until her body started jerking and her eyes wide open with her eyeballs sunk back, her toes curled up and her muscles tensed with her pussy gripping his dick as her orgasm gripped her for what seemed like ten minutes. 

That was his cue also as he let out a groan and exploded deep inside her.

They both lay in her living room, filled with the intoxicating scent of sex, breathing loudly as they felt the pulse of each other. Jumoke made to stand up and ease herself but she just wobbled around like she was going to fall, her legs still jerking. 

She managed to use the support of the wall and when she came back, Joshua, half-conscious asked her 

“Shebi you have Supersport that I can watch the match tomorrow afternoon”

“You don’t feel like going again abi” she said with a smirk

“Except you chase me oh.”

She had a bottle of malt in her hand and offered it to Joshua and said 

“It’s still 10 pm. Why don’t you drink up and meet me in my room.”

He raised his head up and saw her standing unclad and immediately, he felt his member nod twice. 

He took the bottle from her and watched her walk into her room. 

“Shit, ” was the word that escaped his mouth watching her figure walk away from him.

Written by Nurture

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