December 6, 2023
Short Story: Obidience or Sacrifice by Sixtie 9ine


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Short Story: Obidience or Sacrifice by Sixtie 9ine

After my Master’s program, I got a job with the UN and as such, I had to move to Abuja. Having gotten through the interview process, I gained employment and arrived at work for my first day excited to get started but apprehensive about starting in a new environment. 

On arrival, my nervousness was eased by the fact I wasn’t the only one just starting out in the organization, they had also taken on a new member of entry-level staff who were of course to me. 

Dressed smartly in a sharp business suit that showed off her hourglass figure, Amarachi looked just as nervous as I was as we waited to start our arrivals process in the admin office. We said our hellos and I took a moment to appreciate this beautiful woman in front of me.

Average height, thick and had long black silky hair which she tied up and was about two to three years younger than I, she had a touch of naughty librarian in her looks, but what got me most was her smile which immediately put me at ease. 

Something between us clicked, perhaps it was the fact that we both were staunch supporters of Peter Obi, I found this out when I overheard her phone conversation with a friend when she was preaching the gospel of obedience. Whatever it was, we were soon chatting away and fast became friends. 

As the day went on, it became obvious that our work description and roles would mandate us working quite closely which I didn’t have a problem with. 

During the first few months of working together, our relationship, both professional and personal, progressed. As work colleagues we were very effective, there were a few clashes of ideas over work issues but it was always sorted out amicably and nothing affected our friendship, which saw us exchange a bit of naughty banter between us. 

We regularly had tea breaks together and we told each other about our lives, it turned out we both had just gotten out of messy relationships, and we also vented our frustrations to each other when we felt the need to.

Late one evening we were about to leave the office when Amarachi’s phone rang. She answered and as we walked to my car, I usually dropped her off at home before heading to mine. She was visibly upset over the phone and I wondered what went wrong. I stopped to ask if everything was okay and soon she screamed into the phone in anger, hung up, and then sighed frustratingly.

“What’s up?” I asked, seeing that look in her eyes that said she was fucked up again. 

“We were supposed to hang out tonight but this b*tch cancelled on me last minute just cause her boyfriend called her” she replied angrily. 

Knowing how annoying that could be I suggested we grab a drink at a lounge nearby before going home in order to calm her down.

When we were settled down with our drinks Amarachi told me about how her best friend always had a habit of cancelling every time her boyfriend came calling and how when they had issues, she suddenly remembered her. 

I tried to calm her down, reminding her things like this happen all the time and I’m confident that her friend didn’t mean to treat her like a second fiddle and that she should try to give her a break now and then. 

When we were done with our drinks, we headed back to the car and as we got in, she gave me a hug, a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for putting up with her nonsense. 

“No problem” I replied 

“You just need to blow off some steam. A night out with your girls should do it. Either that or you need a fuck buddy” I said with a smile and a wink hoping to get a smile. Mission achieved as she laughed out loud and replied 

“Do you know anyone who may be interested?”. 

“Well I’d do it but I don’t think I’m your type” was my jovial response as I drove off and soon enough dropped her home.

Over the next few days, Amarachi seemed a bit off and not her usual self, certainly not around me. I wondered if I had crossed a line and wondered how best to speak to her to see if my parting comments were the cause and to apologize. 

I tried a couple of times to start that conversation but she quickly shut it down saying I had nothing to apologise for but things weren’t the same. One of the days during our lunch break, after deciding to give her some space, I stayed back in my office to eat when suddenly she came in, closed the door and locked it.

“I don’t want to be disturbed,” I said just as she sat down and looked intently at me. Just as I was about to speak again, she suddenly said 

“Shut up, don’t say anything until I have finished”. 

“Say what you came here to say” I replied and suddenly her focus was fully on me, intently. After a few seconds Amarachi started to speak. 

“To start, you have nothing to apologise for so stop it. You were a friend trying to get me out of a bad mood and I really appreciated it, even if your last comment struck a nerve. In fact, your suggestion of a fuck buddy has been stuck in my head and I’ve been thinking about the idea more and more. Now I want to trust you with my biggest secret. 

I’m taking a massive risk here so before I go on, I need you to promise not to tell anyone else”. 

Of course, I agreed, my curiosity got the better of me, running at full pelt to hear what she was about to say.

I came round and sat on the chair close to where she also sat, composing herself before she spoke. 

“Okay, I’ve never really spoken about my past with you but I’m going to tell you so please don’t judge me. Before I started here, I was an escort for corporate giants” She paused to see my reaction but I gave nothing away except to say go on.

“I decided to stop that line of work as I was about to get married and thought I would try to live a more conventional life, unfortunately, he broke up with me eventually. I met my ex as an escort so I did not hide anything from him and I enjoyed it, meeting new and interesting people”, she smiled at me, 

“I decided to leave that life behind me but I am starting to miss the variety I had with my sex life. I loved making people’s fantasies a reality and I got off doing it. The thrill of not knowing what each day brings is such a buzz and I especially loved getting it on with horny corporate men who only wanted to use me.

That’s why your fuck buddy comment caught me off guard and I know you said you’re not my type, but you actually are and I could so use a fuck buddy right now”. She paused for a moment, still wondering what I might be thinking, 

“I’ll be honest, I’m horny and frustrated and I just want to blow off some steam”. She stopped talking and this time it was clear she was done talking. I took a moment to consider what I heard and make a decision.

“OK, I’m a pretty open-minded guy about things so your past is of no concern to me, although it probably explains how you find it so easy to relate with people ” I began. 

“Now, you trusted me so I’m going to trust you. My girlfriend and I are not exactly setting the bedroom on fire at the moment, in fact you could say its non-existent. Basically I caught her cheating with an older man she claimed was her uncle… I read their chat on Whatsapp.” 

I stopped to look to see what her reaction would be but she showed nothing so I decide to carry on. 

“Honestly I am sexually frustrated. And again I’m here with you, who I find hot as fuck and telling you this to has turned me on as well”. 

She paused for a moment and glanced up at the clock, it was about halfway through our lunch break and the office was usually empty during the hour. Amarachi looked at me, and my eyes lit up. 

“Tell me one thing that turns you on.” 

“Lace panties”, I replied. She stood and moved in front of the desk, 

“Well today’s your lucky day” and her hands moved to her skirt.

She grabbed the hem of her pencil skirt and started teasing it up her legs. As it slowly went up, my dick continued to stiffen and I begin to squirm and try to get comfortable watching, my eyes alternated between her legs and those gorgeous eyes of hers. The skirt continued up until it reached just below her panty line. 

“Black or red?” She asked.

“Red I hope” I reply. “Well you’re going to have to find out and by the way let me see what you have there,” She said reaching for my dick. As though being controlled by a remote I stood up, undid my belt and trousers and dropped them to the floor allowing my now erect dick to stand proudly upright I saw a contented smile appear on her face, saying 

“Oh you’re so big papi, we are going to have some fun together, now sit back down and slowly jerk off for me”.

Once settled back down she grinned. 

“You’re going to love this” and started to lift her skirt, revealing the line that confirmed that she was indeed wearing red lacy panties. 

My wanking began, first tentatively, then increasing in pace as I got more turned on, not believing my luck. Finally, her skirt was around her waist, showing her red lace. 

“I took a wild guess and I’m glad you like it, Papi,” she mused, causing me to moan load as I furiously stroked my dick. 

“Slow down Papi, we don’t want you cumming too soon” she warned me as her hand slid inside her panties and she begin to rub her pussy.

“Feels so good doing this with you in here knowing we could get caught. I was turned on earlier hoping this might happen that my juices already soaked my panties.” She rubbed her clit furiously and watched as my desire for her plainly showed on my face. 

“Would you like a taste, Papi?” she asked and off came the lace panties to reveal a clean shaved wet pussy as she leaned back and opens her legs. 

“You can eat me only if you promise this would be the first of many.” 

“I take it you want me to be your fuck buddy then?” I said as I moved to kneel in front of her. 

“Fuck yes, you and me, no one else finds out” she replied. 

“Well then, I best get to work” and I leaned into her and started kissing her legs.

I started just above one knee, kissing my way up her leg while I slid my hands up and down, caressing the back of the legs. Once my lips reached her thigh, I alternated from kissing to letting my tongue lick its way further up until I stopped just above her pussy lips and I allowed myself to pull back for a moment to take in the view. 

“Fuck me that’s beautiful” I whispered as I glanced up, spotting a smile.

After a few seconds of me admiring, Amarachi has had enough and grabbed the back of my head, telling me 

“No time to waste, eat me” and pulled me in. I started by licking around the edges but this still made her moan, part frustration, part lust and again whispered

 “Not much time babe.” 

With that reminder, I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and worked my way up to her love bin. Finally, she moaned out 

“Fuck yes, Papi” as I lavished her clit my full attention. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow I worked on her, occasionally slipping down to run my tongue up the full length of her labia before returning to her clit. I checked the time and realized we didn’t have time to fuck, I didn’t mind cause I knew there would benefit other times so I decided to make sure she had a lunch break orgasm. 

Every obidient woman deserved that much.

With my tongue now dedicated to her pleasure button, I pushed a first finger, then a second one into her soaked pussy and began finger-fucking, causing her to gasp and moan in joy. 

Feeling her tense up as she approached her climax I suddenly crooked my fingers and hit the g-spot, the final stimulation she needed as she cried out 

“I’m cumming babe….oh fuck me I’m cumming” and I kept teasing and caressing as she rode the wave of joy. Finally, breathlessly, she begged me to stop, not able to carry on as her clit was too sensitive. 

I stood up, pulling my trousers back into place and watched as she caught her breath. Amarachi finally looked at me and smiled, still gently heaving and said 

“God I needed that, oh and you’re good”. She leaned into me and whispered, 

“From the moment I knew you were Obidient I knew were going to be more than just friends. Cheers to a greater Nigeria papi”, she said as she arranged herself and stepped out of my office.


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