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Short Story: Night with the bartender by D’John


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Short Story: Night with the bartender by D’John

I had just gotten off work and needed some place to cool off and get some fresh air, it was 6 pm, so I decided why not go to the bar, and get drunk, but not too much because I’ll need to drive back home, to my lonely bed.

Since I and Tobi had broken up, I’d not been intimate with anyone, not even a one-night stand and I badly needed one at this point. I need someone to pound and stretch my pussy so hard till I cum.

Whew! I started to feel my g-string get wet at the crotch already. Maybe if I’m lucky tonight I may just get laid, even though the chances seemed low, considering my location even.

Let me give a bit of an Introduction on myself, I’m Kiki, Kikiola Balogun a 26 years old hotelier by profession, I currently manage a hotel in Kano, I was sceptical at first cause I was leaving all my friends in Lagos, and the fact I knew no one in Kano, but the pay was fucking good so I compromised of course.

In six months, I’d be done and leave this state once and for all! Anyways I am petite, 5’3 to be specific, smallish with big tits and wide hips but not so much bum, but my huge tits made up for them, wherever I went I could see both men and women ogling at my titty size, some went as far as “mistakenly” brushing them.

One woman had gone as far as to ask me which Doctor got my tits done, I just gave her a small forced smile and said “It’s an all-natural babe”

I got into my car and drove to Mingle’s Bar. Getting into the bar I noticed it was empty, except for a couple and an old man who looked like he was in his late 60s, not my type.

I sighed, so my dream of getting pounded wasn’t going to come through. Might as well drink this loneliness off for a while then.

As I head towards the bar, I noticed the bartender’s arms first, they were toned and I could see the vein lines, my eyes went further up and I noticed he wore a black button-up shirt with the first four buttons opened showing off his tattooed neck and chest area, my eyes decided to linger there for a few seconds before I hear a masculine voice clearing his throat.

My eyes jumped startled and embarrassed, my gaze met him, his grey eyes staring me down and landing on my chest for a split second.

He spoke up first, what will you like to order Ma’am?

I’d like a glass of Flirt vodka please, I say almost in a whisper tone.
“Going strong all at once I see,” he said chuckling.
I noticed he had a slight Hausa accent, but not a very pronounced one.
“Half-caste?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, the name’s Alamin, dad’s Arabian, mom Nigerian. He said as he poured me a glass of Flirt vodka.
“Ah that explains it all then, I’m Kiki”
“So Kiki, what’s a fine babe like you doing here all alone?” he said.
“Hmm… so I can’t enjoy some solitude”, I say giving a cheeky grin.

“You’re lying, I can tell.”He replied.
“Wait, is this the line you use for every girl that comes here alone,” I said trying to sway the conversation.
“Well, maybe so,” he said with a grin,

But you’re not changing the topic so fast. I groaned. Slightly tipsy and still horny, I whisper,
“Do you want to hear the truth or a lie “

Truth, he says, his eyes lingering back to my open chest, I had removed my blazer after work so the corset I had on was in full reveal.
“I came here in hopes of getting fucked, and fucked hard.”

Alamin’s eyes opened, and I could see a glint of surprise.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have been so blunt.
“I want to fuck you,” Alamin says catching me off guard.
“Where? In my car”, I ask.

I could already feel my g-string start to get wet at the crotch again. Whew!

“I’m sorta a manager here, so I have a makeshift office, come with me.”

I follow him into a smallish room with a table and chair at one end of the room, and a sofa by the other end.

Closing the door behind him, Alamin went straight for my lips, without warning, he kissed me roughly, tongue kissing and exchanging saliva, while his hands are squeezing my ass. I
could feel the heat build up already.

His hands then go up to my chest trying to break my tits free from my corset, I put my hand behind my back to loosen the hold of it, and my tits bounced out, letting loose, he grabs one tit in one hand and puts the other in his mouth, sucking and using his tongue to tease my nipple and areola. I let out a moan

“Fuck this feels so good,”

Then I put my hand into his briefs and begin to massage his already hard dick, gently, while rubbing the top of his head. This move gets him distracted and he lets go of the tit in his mouth.

Getting down on my knees, I put his already hard dick in my mouth, sucking and licking, I start to deep throat him making choking sounds, th, this turns him on more cause he starts to moan louder,

“Fuck woman, I’m going to cum soon”
This only gets me turned on more and I start to deepthroat further.
“I’m going to cummmmm,”

I quickly remove his dick from my mouth. I could taste the precum already.
“Cum on my tits”

He sprays his seed all over my tits while I use my hands to rub them to cover more areas and then lick my fingers.

“Do you have condoms in here?”
Yes, check the second drawer of the table.

I quickly get it and roll it onto his dick. Pushing my g-string aside, I straddle him. I start riding him, making slow, drawn-out up-and-down motions. I lean forward and put a nipple in his mouth while riding.

I tease him, making it hard for him to suck my nipple properly as it keeps bouncing out of his reach. Increasing the motion, pausing in between thrusts to milk him with my pussy, contouring and squeezing. I repeat this move three times and then continue riding him hard.

Alamin groaned out loud, he could feel himself about to cum again.
“Fuckkkkkk,” he says as he comes fast, heaving and gasping.

He lays down for a few seconds, then he gets up.
“My turn to make you feel good.

We switch positions, me laying with my back on the sofa, with my legs wide open. He goes in between my legs, opening them wider, and he starts to finger me, using two fingers, my wetness acting as a lubricant. I moaned loud, it felt so good.

He kept going at it for a while using his tongue and mouth together. I could feel an orgasm building up, I was soon going to climax.

Oh my gawd, fuck baby
I’m cummming, I Squeezed my legs hard, and he kept going at it, till I came all over his fingers.

He licked his fingers and then asked me if I wanted to taste myself, I nodded he came up and I licked his fingers.

He went back in between my legs, rubs my very wet pussy for a few seconds, then thrusts his hard-on dick in my pussy, he started with slow thrusts before he started to increase his pace, pushing in and out making me go wild.
Arghhhhhhh, I moaned.

He lifted one of my legs higher, giving him more room into my pussy, fucking me deeper. Ramming in and out of my pussy.
“Oooh ahhhh”

He pulls and tells me to turn around and bend over doggy style. He thrusts from behind, going harder this time.

My pussy was going wild, I could feel his dick start to twitch inside of me. He was going to cum soon, I wanted us to climax at the same time, so I moaned and shouted, “Faster”

We both say at the same time as we cum, my juices flow freely on his now limp dick.
“This was good,” he says in a tired tone.
“Mhm, “ I respond smiling.

I had the night I wanted after all.

Written by D’John

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