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[Short Story] Meet Madam Rachel, the Iron Lady by Offworld Tales [Part 1] (18+)


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[Short Story] Meet Madam Rachel, the Iron Lady by Offworld Tales [Part 1] (18+)

Rachel, a 42-year-old spinster was an extremely focused career woman, and all she ever knew was work—fun for her was a luxury she couldn’t afford and it showed in her almost nonexistent social life. She was wealthy, had her own company and was too serious, even for the most trivial things.

A thing, she had never thought to change, even for once—for to her, she believed everyone was at her beck and call, except for her very small circle of friends that kept her company. Her life was a routine she never got tired of; work, with the little things like food that she squeezed in between.

Partying was not her thing; her friends found out the hard way and never bothered with again.

Even her sex life was almost zero, not that she hadn’t had sex, but the hassle never seemed important to her, which caused her dates to drop her days after. “Why go through all that trouble just for sex, when you can have alternatives?” she openly told one of her dates that lasted the longest, which caused him in return to break up with her on the spot… at a five-star restaurant… in front of everyone.

And this was six years ago… At her age, you’d think she was some old croon that no one wanted, but you’d be wrong there. Character aside, she was drop-dead gorgeous, with a face that would mesmerise anyone that caught her gaze, accompanied with the body of an alluring goddess— a 34HH bust size, slim waist, wide hips with a huge backside to go with it. She was a huge distraction or eye candy, but being alone to that point was something, and even those who knew her got perplexed as the days went by.

Waking up each day by 5 am to work out until 7:30 am, after which she meditates, has a light breakfast and prepares for work. As usual, her staff greeted her with serious faces as she walked by, all grim and fierce—until she spied him… tall, dark and handsome.

And from the way the suit hugged him showed he worked out, but that was not all as she felt herself go weak on the knees. His lips, as he talked, his eyes, as he looked at his audience, who seemed to be listening to his every word, before turning to meet, which almost immediately, caused her to blush. Rachel stood confused, but only for a moment before gathering her thoughts to say something as everyone turned to face her—putting on her usual straight and serious face, as she walked towards the small ensemble of her staff standing before the elevator.

Her HR, a woman in her mid-thirties, all dressed in suit and pants walks towards her with the man in tow and another lady who appeared to be younger.

“Good morning Madam.” The younger lady said as she took her bag. “I have already prepared your schedule for today, as requested.” she continued, taking the portfolio as well, before stepping back.

“Thank you, Janet. Please, have my coffee ready and tell Andrew that the documents in that portfolio need to be sent by courier to the client.” Rachel responds, casting quick glances at the guy as she did, who in turn held his gaze.

“Good morning, Ms. Rachel, I have the reports for the monthly budget ready for your perusal on your desk.” her HR replied, catching her gaze.

“Thank you, Mrs. Jones, and this is…?” Rachel asked as she gave the man a steady gaze, who in turn held it.

Rachel felt impressed by this, she loved a confident man—she thought to herself as she found herself taking a quick look at his crotch.

“Ah, yes… where are my manners? This is Mr Toby, the new manager I emailed you about two weeks ago, he just resumed today and so I thought me and Stella would give him a tour of the place, and make him feel right at home.

Mr. Toby, this is our wonderful Chairlady, Ms. Rachel.” Ms Jones happily said, introducing them both as Toby extended his hand towards Rachel.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Madam. It’s an honour to be a part of you… sorry, the team.” He began as they shook hands. Tobi was smitten by the woman standing before him, his boss… she was quite the stunner.

Rachel felt her heart flutter, like a butterfly in the open as goosebumps spread over her skin. She was intrigued by this guy, slowly finding herself getting aroused as she slowly bit her lower lip staring at him. “Why was she feeling like this?” she thought as the tingly sensation ran all over her.

Her body was craving him and she knew she had to have him, until…she saw it, the dreaded object, wrapped around his fourth left finger… The ring. Which quickly caused her to retract her hand…

“You’re… married?” she asked briskly as she felt her craving sadly go down the drain.

“Well, haha… engaged Madam.” he said, blushing a bit as he did.

“Alright, I’ll leave you two to continue the tour. I’ll see you later, Mrs. Jones.” Rachel coldly said as she left them. Mrs. Jones looked at Toby who just shrugged as they both were left perplexed by her action. Toby, now continuing the tour, quickly catches a glimpse of Rachel’s big ass that jiggled as she walked. “What a woman.” he thought as the elevator doors shut before them.

Rachel never felt so sad in her life as she was that instant, she found herself feeling like a loser as the one thing she knew she wanted was not within her reach. And for the first time, she wanted a man and that man, was Toby.

Nearing her office, she spied Janet typing away on her computer, who immediately rose from her seat when she saw her.

“Here’s your coffee, Madam. I’ve already informed Andrew and he’d soon be on his way to deliver them.” her assistant and secretary began as she handed her the beverage in a paper coffee cup.

Rachel grabbing it, suddenly notices a ring on her left fourth finger, scoffs as she exclaims; “Are you engaged as well?”

“Why, yes madam, I wanted to tell you later today, but it seems like I won’t have to…” Janet calmly replied, looking a bit embarrassed.

Rachel was not having it, was she now being punished for how lonely her life was? Storming into her well-furnished office, setting her coffee on the table, she props on the couch, annoyed. She never felt this way over somebody or anyone for that matter and the thought of the one person she had the hots for, eluding her just makes it the more painful and ironic—after all, isn’t that what she has made some men feel when she left them… over work.

Rachel felt her pussy tingle once she thought of him, she found herself craving him badly as her mind forgot where she was and her hands hitched up her skirt, revealing a juice-soaked white buff cotton string bikini briefs. Rachel didn’t have her dildo, but that didn’t matter as her right hand shifted the briefs aside to stroke her already soaking pussy.

Her body was getting hot and was deeply needing a long hard cock; Toby’s cock, to quench the raging fire that slowly burned within her.

Suddenly, there was Toby, all naked, with a huge cock as he walked towards her and lifted her hips to lick her soaking pussy. “Oh, god… I wanted this.” she said as squirmed from the head he was giving her.

But she didn’t want head, she wanted dick and her pussy demanded it—and slowly did she get it, that glistening lollipop that invaded her insides, that squeezed it in return. That hot body slowly thrust into her, sending her emotions running wild at each thrust, as her legs wrapped around that slim waist, trapping it.

She moaned as her hand rubbed her clits faster as her hips began to thrust upward, her juices flowed intensely as her speed increased, matching his—she was close, close to the edge as sweat drenched her skin, even with the ac turned on full blast. Another moan escaped her lips as her huge boobs swole up from arousal, squeezing her boobs with her left hand from her now unbuttoned suit, she felt herself edge closer.

The quick thrusts completely overwhelmed her mind as she squirted on the sofa… Rachel was in ecstasy as the fantasy lingered a while before dissipating—this wasn’t enough, for she knew, deep down… engaged or not, she had to have him…and for keeps, but how to get him, was the kicker.

Taking off her panties, she adjusts her clothing before proceeding to have her slightly hot coffee… staring at her panties, she suddenly smiles as an idea hits her.

The day went by as it was supposed to, normal with its usual work ethics and all, Rachel on her part found herself feeling a bit nasty that day as her shirt which was normally buttoned up tight, except for one, now had two more loose, giving a clear view of her cleavage.

Calling in Toby for a briefing, whom she noticed had his eyes fixed on it most of the time… and now pantyless, she couldn’t resist the urge to touch herself as all she could think about was having Toby ravish her.

“The reports you brought in were excellent, I must say… you’re amazing.” She said as her finger teased her clitoris.

“Thank you, Madam,” Toby responded calmly as he looked at her with a smile. “I always do my best.”

“Well then, how about I treat you to lunch for all your HARD work.” She continued, imagining Toby in between her legs, licking her pussy.

“Uh… um… I don’t think I should.” He replied politely.

“Ah, don’t be so prude, it’s just lunch, not a date… sides, this would be a chance to get to know you and keep you a—BREAST of things, and get the… THRUST of the know-how here.” Rachel said as she seductively bit her lower lip.

Toby, could feel a hard-on, as her words hit home… was she flirting with him or was that his imagination? He thought as swallowed saliva. “I’m sorry Madam, I already have it booked with my fiancée… maybe, some other time.” He said, as he slowly stood, using the file to cover his boner.

This woman is and will be trouble if he doesn’t control his urges, and it would be worse if it turned out to be him just imagining it if he were wrong about it… But just to be certain, he replies; “But maybe, you could squeeze me into your TIGHT schedule, today?”

Rachel, hearing this, smiles, shocking Toby… “Maybe, I would… I do love a man who can HANDLE a big workload.” She replied calmly as she handed him a small parcel from her drawer.

“A little welcoming gift for you. I’m sure you’ll make a great ASSet to the company.” Rachel now practically hornier than a dog, had to stop herself from jumping him as he accepted the gift, she wasn’t sure if that would be proper, but then… she was no quitter and got anything she wanted, especially what she wanted to keep.

“Uh, thank you, I appreciate the gesture.” He said, inquisitively as he pondered on what he was given since it felt weightless.

“Anyways, I’ll be headed out for lunch now, could you… please help me with my bag over by the table?” She asked as she slowly stood from her chair.

“Not a problem,” Tobi replied, quickly turning away to avoid Rachel from seeing the tent poking from his pants.

“Uh… about that lunch… maybe we could… Woah!” Tobi exclaimed as he felt a hand grab his crotch from behind, gently squeezing it.

“Is that a pen in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” Rachel said, whispering in his ears that sent chills down his spine and his heart racing. Her hands, firm and soft, slowly caressed his crotch, further causing the tent to enlarge.

Tobi, not sure if he should flee or not, stood there as she sensually massaged his dick hidden beneath his pants.

Written by Offworld Tales

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