March 21, 2023

Short Story: Full Disclosure by Anonymous (18+)

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Short Story: Full Disclosure by Anonymous (18+)

“So you want me to believe that both of you were alone in this room together and did nothing?”, my boyfriend asked, sitting up on the bed and lighting a cigarette. He had just returned from a two-week trip that felt like forever.

The moment we got home from the airport, he unwrapped me like a Christmas present, fucked me and gave me the nastiest cream pie. I was on birth control and this wasn’t even my ovulation period so I was just laying there enjoying the weird feeling when he started asking questions about my friend who came over to visit three days earlier.

“We’re just friends, baby, what did you think was going to happen?” I said, shrugging him off.

“If it was any other friend of yours I might let it go but her? I’ve been watching you two so better start talking. Don’t make me force it out of you”, he threatened.

That got me a little excited and curious about what it would be like if I actually let him carry out his threat. So I laughed, sat up and put out his cigarette.

“You could try”, I said as I laid back down stretching my hands over my head, daring him to make me say it. I’ve missed playing with him like this.

He laughed and said with a little menace in his voice, “You’re gonna spill”.

He smacked the side of my ass and signalled me to open my legs up. I obeyed daddy and did just that. Then he plunged his finger into my cum filled pussy and started to work his magic, licking his thumb and playing with my clit.

He knew exactly what he was doing and it felt so deliciously good that I was under his spell in minutes.

“Mm baby that’s so good… right there”, I moaned, twisting my nipples and arching my back.

He replaced his thumb with his tongue and drove another finger even deeper into my pussy, almost driving me over the edge. I was peaking and just when I was going to cum, he pulled his fingers out and sat back.

I actually screamed. I think I heard him laughing while watching me scream in frustration. He knew he’d won and I’d do anything to make him keep going.

“You know if you just tell me, you wouldn’t have to go through all this torture. Although I admit, I’m loving the sight of you squirming over there”, he said chuckling and kissing my ankles.

“Okay”, I sighed.

I was going to tell him anyway this was just way more fun.

“I’ll tell you”.

He smiled and said, “I’m all ears”.

Then he continued to give me little butterfly kisses all the way up my leg while reaching to slowly caress my pussy. Good enough to keep me breathless as I told him about my little rendezvous with my old friend.

“She reached out to me on Instagram after my last post. She told me how busy work had been and that she’d love to come over after closing that day.

She usually gets off at 6 pm and it was around 4:30, so just I did some chores while I waited for her. Three hours later, she still wasn’t here yet so I showered, oiled my skin and pulled on a tight white tank and those little denim shorts that you like.

I rolled up a nice healthy joint and stepped out onto the balcony to smoke.

I saw a sleek black Toyota pull up downstairs and I wondered if that could be her. I reached out to ash my joint when I heard my phone vibrate in my back pocket. It was a text…

“Hey mami, I think I’m outside your gate. Please be quick my Bolt driver is pissed. We’ve been all over trying to follow the map here”

Finally! I let out a little squeal as I ran down the stairs to meet her. She stepped out of the car just as I was opening the gate. She looked sexy as ever, her dark skin glistening in the moonlight.

She wore a denim jacket draped over a tight-fitting black dress with straps that makes one wonder how they don’t snap under the weight of her boobs.

“See my babe!”, she screamed.

“You look so good. It’s been months, come here!”.

We gave each other a big long hug and immediately started chatting about god-knows-what, completely forgetting the driver.

He horned loudly and said something I couldn’t register. She paid him and I apologised for keeping him waiting but he didn’t care for that and frankly, neither did we. I was just so happy to see my girl.

We kept talking as I walked her in, catching up on the kinda gist you can only give your friend in person.

As we got within a safe distance from nosy neighbours I gave her breasts a little squeeze and said

“No bra as usual?” She laughed and playfully spanked my hands away. But when I turned around to lead her up the stairs she reached between my thighs and grabbed my ass saying,

“No panties as usual.” This girl! That made me jump and we both started laughing again.

When we got to the room, I poured her some wine, put my library on shuffle and lit the joint I was smoking before she got here.

Then she said,

“Put that out I’ve got something stronger for us to start with”. I watched as her slender red-tipped fingers reached into her purse and came out with a nice slim joint tucked in between them.

“This is the loud I told you I got from my friends at the concert last week. I saved you one last joint”
“Oh my God, you’re lying!” I jumped from the sofa and landed right beside her on the bed.

“You know I got you boo! Wait until you smell it” She placed the joint between her full glossy lips. We locked eyes as I sparked it for her. She took a couple of puffs, then it was my turn. I took a few puffs and it hit just right.

It literally tasted like flowers. I smiled as I exhaled, letting the smoke out slowly. She laughed and said, “I told you so”

One more joint and half a bottle of wine later, we were snuggled under the covers and her leg was wrapped around my waist causing her dress to slip up exposing more of her thick dark thighs and a peak of her bright pink thongs.

The vibe was so right, slow music playing and the only light in the room was the scented candle on the nightstand. We were talking almost in whispers now, my hands slowly going up her thigh as her fingers trickled down my spine.

That would ordinarily tickle me but the wine and loud was such a heady combo that all it did was get my pussy wet.

All of a sudden she sat up straight and asked, “What’s the time?” Oh, right, she told her uncle she’d be home by ten o’clock. I rolled my eyes and told her it was a few minutes past ten, to which she shook her head and started to get up.

I quickly straddled her and pushed her against the headboard with my body.

“I think I remember you saying you’d be home by 11” she laughed loudly and rolled me over so she was laying down on top of me, our big boobs pressed against each other, it felt perfect.

“What are you up to ?”, she asked. I replied,

“You know, come here” and I reached for her hair with one hand, kissing her as I pulled her closer with the other. She wasn’t surprised, this wasn’t exactly our first rodeo.

We’d been sneaking kisses and not-so-innocently groping each other for a while now. After that day at the sauna, where I got so close to tasting her pussy before the sound of another guest’s footsteps ruined the mood, I’ve been looking forward to doing this again.

She kissed me back eagerly, raking her fingers lightly through my hair and holding my face. I grabbed her full ass with both my hands and pulled her hips down harder onto me, it suddenly felt like we couldn’t get close enough to each other. I bit down on her bottom lip and she moaned out, asking me to help her with her dress.

The AC made the room so cold, her nipples were pretty hard and I could feel mine poking through my top. I helped her pull the tiny thing over her head and watched as her boobs bounced down. I could watch that on replay all day.

I took one of her nipples in my mouth, taking my time to savour it with my tongue while I twisted the other between my thumb and my finger.

She moaned and pulled me closer while I continued to suck on those perfect tits.

She pulled my face up to hers and kissed me again as we rolled over so I was on top of her. I broke the kiss for a moment to stare at her pretty face, I trailed my fingers slowly over her lips then stuck two of them in her mouth.

She closed her eyes and sucked on them. I pulled my fingers out and trailed them all the way down until I felt her wet pussy. I ran my fingers through the length of it, slowly spreading her juices all over her lips and massaging her clit with my middle finger.

She started to moan and push her hips closer to me, urging me to keep going. So I lowered my head to kiss her neck, drowning in the scent of her perfume while I slipped two of my fingers into her pussy, she gasped and moaned louder and I could feel her tighten herself around them.

I continued moving my fingers in and out at a delicious pace making her pussy leak and spill. I pulled them out and stuck them in her sexy mouth again, then I kissed her, sticking my tongue in her mouth, getting drunk off the feeling of her kissing me, the taste of her pussy on her tongue….

“Fuck! Baby I’m cuming” I screamed at my boyfriend as I felt my body being wrecked by an orgasm.

It took me by surprise, I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t realise when he’d slipped two fingers in my pussy, swirling them round and round my spot until I’d reached my limit.

He smiled at me, like a satisfied evil genius,

“That’s it baby, cum for me”. He knows how much talking like that gets to me, I was overwhelmed and I tried to push my hips away from him but he pulled me back to him, drawing me closer by my waist.

“Finish your story”, he said, his fingers now moving to slowly close over and caress my whole pussy.

I sighed and a took a deep breath to steady myself. He took one of my nipples in between his mouth then bit it and blew on it.

“Finish your story baby” he said again, taunting me. I know he would only keep on like this if I don’t indulge him, so I keep going, my voice quivering after the orgasm I just had.

“Ummm… She pushed me back and pouted.

“This isn’t fair, I’m butt naked and you’re keeping that body away from me under all those clothes”
I laughed and sat up to take off my top, next went my tiny denim shorts and I was back on top of her, kneeling with my legs on either side of her waist as she rose to grab and mould my boobs in her hands.

She moaned at the sight and started to suck on them, alternating between one and the other. She ran her hands all over my ass to my slender waist, drawing imaginary lines with her nails. I wanted her bad. I wanted to taste that pussy I’d been dreaming about.

So I pushed her back and started to kneel between her thighs, making her hold her feet up with her hands. We locked eyes as I lowered my head to her pussy, sticking my tongue out to taste the tip of her clit.

She kept looking at me eating the fuck out of her pussy until she could no longer maintain eye contact. I watched her head fall into the pillow and her whole body quiver just because of my tongue and it was maddening. I pushed my fingers deep inside her while licking the spot right above slowly at first, then faster and faster. The music drowned out all the moaning and I just let her let it out.

Then she said, “Get up let’s 69, I want to eat you out while you’re eating me out”

My eyes lit up at the idea and I did as I was told. Her mouth felt so relentlessly good on my pussy. I’d never had head so good in my life. She switched from using her mouth to suck and lick on my clit, to rubbing it with her slippery fingers, in her mouth again.

I couldn’t focus on eating her out anymore and I just started to kiss and bite and hold on to her thighs.

It drove her wilder, and she started to stick her tongue in and out of my pussy, licking my clit before sticking it back in.

“Holy fuck!” I screamed and sat up on her face, uncontrollably grinding my whole pussy on her tongue. She grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled me even harder onto her face and encouraging my delirium.

I opened my eyes and the sight of us in the mirror tipped me over and had me cumming and shaking until I fell forward on her, my head facing her pussy and seeing it wet with her juices.

She spanked my ass hard and laughed as it jiggled in her face. I laughed, shaking my head and getting off her so she could get up too.

I ordered her a ride back home after we had both cleaned up, smoked again and gotten dressed. On her way out, she gave me a final kiss that left me feeling a little stunned.

Then she said, “Next time I’m coming, please let’s make it a sleepover”.

Written by Anonymous

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