September 27, 2022

Short Story: Fola’s Abeokuta Journal (Episode 4) by TheMindsloot [18+]

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Short Story: Fola’s Abeokuta Journal (Episode 4) by TheMindsloot [18+]

I’m back home, feels strange and uncomfortable probably because my aunt was still around and it was her house, the good news was she was leaving the next day for a trip which we didn’t talk about but by the looks of it, I feel it has to do with an unknown man.

Clearly, I needed a distraction from sex after the whole saga so I decided to get a job at a photo studio which I asked my aunt about and she agreed to it. It was a lovely environment, lots of faces, girls and boys of different sizes and shapes and then my boss; she was attractive but I dare not go close to her because her facial expressions every day were like a red traffic light signal.

Two days passed and work was going great, made new coworker friends who apparently I found out came for their IT, whatever that means.

Oh c’mon it’s a photo studio, you don’t expect to hear about a sex scene, do you?!.

A couple came on a fun Friday, they came for a nude shoot and with the physique of the lady, I really wanted to partake in the helping of the lights or camera or whatever as long as it got me to stare at her nipples or ass.

My coworkers could see how thirsty I was and they all laughed at me terribly in a silent corner.
“what’s so funny!?” I asked,

“Nothing o, stage director, don’t let the light sha fall because of woman,” Precious said(one of the interns).

I ignored and kept doing my eye service just to get called and eventually I wasn’t called, which made their laughter even worse. I went back home angry, horny and stressed as fuck. I decided to make food for myself and sleep off while watching tv when a knock came on the door by 9 pm,

“Precious? what are you doing here?” I asked clearly in shock because it was late and she’s like the oldest coworker who barely has a conversation with others asides from petty one-liners.

“I came to drop your attendance book, you forgot it,” she said.

I was in more confused because coming to my house just for a book that could be given to me the next day was technically a faulty lie on her path but I played along with it.

“Your house is fine, can I come in,” she said.

I had to take the credit for owning a house that big, oh and they all think I’m about 21 years of age because I told them that and that I was in the university of Ilorin which if you think of it was a thirsty lie.

I invited her in, it was the longest 10 minutes of my life with no conversation, just staring and smiling like morons, I had to cut the awkward silence by asking if she was hungry and if I should package it to go home for her.

“Oh no! I’ll eat here, thank you,” she said.

I went inside, dished a bowl of rice and stew with meat and brought it to her. I turned on the tv and continued watching the movie I stopped watching about two days ago.
I know what you are thinking, C’mon guys don’t expect me to start banging my coworker, Isn’t that like against the law in America, well, we are in Nigeria.

I started deviating from the movie and staring at her to check her out, realising she wasn’t wearing a bra but her shirt was big enough to cover it up. She was done eating and I asked if she was ready to leave.

“why are you chasing me from your house, it’s too late for a lady to go home,” She said acting remorseful.

I knew the devil was after my life again, I agreed for her to stay and we talked about our colleagues, she talked about school and how many boyfriends she has had and how her present boyfriend chased her out of his house and why she was at my house.

She was beautiful but I was avoiding intimacy because I knew it would definitely get me in trouble at work.

“I’m going to bed, let me show you where you’d sleep tonight,” I said.

“Okay babe,” she said.

Babe ke? I said in my mind, hope this girl is alright or Because I said I owned the house!?

I showed her the room and I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep feeling uncomfortable that she was at my house, I read so many stories of ladies dying in guys’ houses without even being touched.

With that thought, I ran back to the living room to see her live on Instagram dancing nude. I cleared my throat and she stopped and left the camera view to grab her shirt.

I was still silent as she explained what she was doing and if I wanted to join her so she can get more views, I definitely said no, not because I didn’t want to but because my face was going to be everywhere.

“I didn’t know you were this naughty,” I said

“so what did you think about me,” she said in a seductive way.

It all seems too easy to me so I decided to walk back to my room and back to bed.

“I want you to eat me out on my live, someone is willing to pay 70k,” She said holding a mask used in parties.

I didn’t care about the money but hearing those exact words from her already took me to a different universe.

“It’s just for the money,” I said lying.
She took off her big shirt, laid her ass up on the chair while tossing the mask to me.

“Hurry up already,” she said.

I wore the mask and took walked shyly towards her, looking at the camera as well as I stuck my tongue in her wet hole.

“Ermmm yess” she moaned

I kept licking like a dog hungry waiting for his night meal as she continued to moan, I still kept staring at the camera while she kept thrusting her ass back to match my tongue’s movement.

I felt a warm sensation on my tongue, too late to realise she was peeing in my mouth which everyone calls squirting while she was screaming and vibrating,

She accidentally knocked her phone down which she didn’t realise till she was back to her senses.

“God, you are so good,” she said.

Me feeling like Vin Diesel with a machine gun with the taste of pee in his mouth.

She took up her phone and said bye while cutting the Livestream. She turned to me and asked if I was really doing it for the money or the pleasure.

“You peed in my mouth,” I said laughing.

She laughed and told me she was feeling sleepy, I let her go to bed realizing I didn’t get to bang the living daylight from her.

I agreed I was going to finish what she started by going to seduce her into having sex properly. I went to the secret hoard of sex herbs which I always hide; drank a lot and drank garri.

I heard a car drive by which freaked me out, thinking it was my aunt who decided to return from her trip earlier than expected but it was a regular car just driving by which was normal because cars are everywhere.

I waited about 30mins for the herb to settle in, 30 minutes felt like forever so I started practising all the styles and asking her who her daddy is.

“The hour has come to liberate this dick,” I said to myself.

I knocked on the door she was in, no response, so I walked in and Princess Rapunzel wasn’t in her room anymore. I went to the parlour to check if she was there dancing again or in the kitchen eating but she was not there, Rapunzel used the door and ran home, my dick all standing as I said to myself , I think I have been used

Written by themindsloot

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