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Short Story: Fola’s Abeokuta Journal (Episode 2) by TheMindsloot [18+]

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Short Story: Fola’s Abeokuta Journal (Episode 2) by TheMindsloot [18+]

I decided to take a short holiday to sort myself out, and took myself to my grandma’s place.
One day, on holiday I took a walk around the village, It was a brilliantly sunny day. I stopped in a field of long grass.

I was miles from anywhere so I decided to do a bit of thinking after my aunt busted me, I had to come clean, the shame sent me away from her place, from my own home, and straight to my grandma’s. Thinking about my life, and where I got it wrong, my own Aunt?!?!!

I closed my eyes and the thought of her kept coming. I was just about to stand up and keep moving from where I sat when I noticed a gangly youth who had been watching me. I said
“ Who are you?”

“I’m sorry,” she said

“You just looked so lovely I couldn’t stop myself watching.”

She turned to go. My behaviour of late showed I was shocked because I felt I was dreaming and to tell her to clear off maybe it was a prank or something, but there was something about her that made me say

“You don’t have to go do you?” she turned and answered

“No” with a big smile on her face.

Her name was Nike, a 20-year-old lady, older than I was. We went out for a walk to my grandma’s house. She was shy at first but soon we were chatting and I felt at ease.

“I’m sorry I was watching you but I’ve never seen any guy stare at a particular spot for hours without moving”

I had been staring at her boobs and I think she noticed. She moved the dress that she had been clutching next to her body away and said

“Look all you like”

Her bright eyes stared, I looked closely and intently at her boobs.

“You can touch them if you like,” she said.
My shaky hands gently pawed her boobs lightly rubbing her nipples.

“May I kiss them?” I asked

“Of course”.

Nike’s POV

He gently kissed my nipples and then sucked them like a puppy. Then he looked closely at my pussy, I opened it wide

“I’ve only seen these in magazines,” I said

“It’s like a beautiful flower only no flower has a scent like this”
He gently kissed my wet fanny lips and licked them

“It tastes divine”

He was making me ache for it.

“Do anything you like to me”

His tongue was like an eel probing deep inside me then sucking hard at my clitoris. I pulled his shirt off, he undid his jeans and pulled down his pants. I couldn’t believe my luck it was as long as my ex’s but not quite so thick.

I could feel my juices gushing inside of me.

“I want that inside of me” I gasped, arched my back and held my soaking pussy wide open. He got on top and pushed his brute into me. I was in ecstasy.

“Fuck my pussy” I screamed repeatedly.

This he did for a full 20 minutes while I had orgasm after orgasm. Eventually, I passed out for a few seconds.

“Are you alright?” he said worryingly.
“I’ve never experienced a fuck like that before,” I said
“Please let me take you in my mouth” I begged weakly

“I think I’m about to cum”
Incredibly he hadn’t come during that long hard fuck

“Do you mind coming in my mouth?” I asked sweetly
“Oh no, not if you don’t mind”

I put my head right back as he knelt behind me and fucked my mouth, I sucked for all I could as his balls banged against my jaw.

“It’s lovely” he screamed as cum gushed down my throat.
“Oh, that tasted lovely”.

Over the next few weeks, I taught Fola all I knew and he was eager to learn. His stamina was amazing, but then things started to go wrong.

It started with one of our spanking sessions, he was hitting me much too hard saying

“You love it, don’t you”
But not in a playful way but in a spiteful menacing way

“You go with other men, don’t you? You whore!!”
He was hitting me really hard now

“Swallow any man’s cum wouldn’t you”

By now, he was punching me all over
“On your knees… You bitch! I’m going to fuck you doggie style because you’re a dog.”
He fucked me hard from behind but it wasn’t an enjoyable fuck.

Then he took it out and said
“Suck it slag”

I was afraid and did as he said then as he was about to cum, he took it out of my mouth and came over my face and hair saying

“Clean up you fucking slag.”

I told him I hadn’t been with anyone else since I met him and asked why he was doing this to me. He said

“It’s only a game, I thought you’d like it.”

I couldn’t believe the change in him. It was as though I had taken this innocent young lad and turned him into a monster. I was afraid of him.

He would arrange to meet me and not turn up and other times he would come round in the middle of the night. One night he seemed even more violent than usual.

“Get your clothes off bitch” I did as I was told

“I have just fucked another slag” he said taking out his penis

“So you had better lick my dick clean”

I did as I was told as I was licking it his cock grew

“Right! Get on it” He said as he lay on his back.

I obeyed, the strange and frightening thing was the more violent he was the quicker he came

“Bounce on it harder you useless slag” he said slapping me round the face.

I did so even though it was painful as I naturally was not sexually aroused by his behaviour. Soon he came the instantly punched me in the face breaking my cheekbone and knocking me over

“What did I do wrong,” I asked my face bleeding

“Don’t mess about I didn’t hit you hard”

“This started turning me on so much. Meanwhile, Fola was tonguing my pussy which was foaming with juice. Then he fucked me doggie. With Fola shagging me like a piston we both came together. Fola collapsed.

Fola’s POV
“Would you be my girlfriend, Nike?”I asked
“No,” she said. I stood up, got dressed and walked away.
Something is definitely wrong with this boy, Nike thought to herself

Written by themindsloot

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