August 8, 2022

Short Story: Fola’s Abeokuta Journal (Episode 1) by Mindsloot [18+]

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Short Story: Fola’s Abeokuta Journal (Episode 1) by Mindsloot [18+]

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Sitting around with my thoughts in my head is great. They get me through times when I’m horny.

Most of the time, that is what I am… horny! I’ve always thought about if others were like me. Where their thoughts are the same as mine. Having to know, I started looking around on the internet.

Most times you see stupid videos that don’t look real at all. Stories that are so far gone you can’t get into them. The thoughts in my head are just not thoughts. These are events that have happened. I figure why not share them. I’ll start with the very first time.

Background on me, I’m Folajimi. When all this started, I was 17.

I live with my aunty, and never knew my father but met my mom. She was 14 when she gave birth to me. They lived in a small town in Abeokuta, and it wasn’t uncommon for that type of shit to happen. My father was a junior in secondary school, and she was just a goal for him.

Unfortunate for her, she ended up pregnant. My grandparents stayed strong and helped in every possible way. She finished school and went to be a lecturer before she suddenly vanished. I was just an ordinary teen.

I wasn’t over buff in muscles but still a little athletic, I wasn’t also a bookworm. I was just myself. Kept my grades up and had normal friends. That was fine with my grandma. She didn’t want me to be anything like my father. I’ve had girlfriends, and sex once. Afterwards, I knew I couldn’t get enough of it. I was addicted. Which lead me to masturbate every day.

Every time I looked at a female, I would wonder what my dick would feel like in her pussy. Which brought me up to the point it all started.

The first time started during the Coronavirus saga, We were on lockdown, and no way to interact with any females from school. The internet helped, but it was more of the same boring shit.

My Aunt at 29 years old was working a lot as a Nurse. The time we got together to talk was short due to her exhaustion. Most time she would spend some time with me then clean up and go to bed.

Most time I would masturbate while watching tv. One night she never made it to bed. She laid down on the couch falling fast to sleep.

My aunt is a beautiful lady, with Long hair, very fit with brown eyes. All my friends always comment to me about how her ass and breast look so perfect. I guess it sucks for them due to their aunties being a lot older.

She had her legs curled to her chest with her arms wrapped around them. She never even made it out of her facial scrubs.

Looking at her the first thought was no masturbating tonight. I grabbed the wrapper from the bed in the room and went to cover my aunt. Walking to the couch I looked down.

The back of her shirt had slightly lifted, and her pants lowered down. The top of her panties was showing some along with the valley of her ass. I could tell her skin was smooth. I just stared. My heart pounding a little harder in my chest.
My dick pressed hard against my shorts. I couldn’t stop staring. It wasn’t till she took a deep breath in and scooted up more that I snapped back to reality. I quickly covered her with the blanket and walked into the kitchen.

Walking to the sink I quickly grab a cup getting some water. My breath was heavy, and my heart was pounding in my chest. After a quick drink, I looked at the bulge in my shorts. Without even thinking I unbutton my shorts pulling my dick out.

As a teen at 17, it was nice having a dick big enough for my age. Gripping it with my right hand I squeezed hard on it. Watched as precum leaked out from the tip. I was fucking horny at that point. Walking towards the dining room I looked across to the parlour.

Glazing at my sleeping aunt, the thoughts raced. The good nephew in me says no, and the other side of me says go. Without really knowing I walked back to where my aunty lay. Slowly reaching down, I pull the wrapper where her ass is slowly up. Once again, her ass in view.

This time her pants had slid a little further down. Must have been she moved earlier. They were resting just past halfway down. In one hand I have the wrapper and on the other a raging hard-on. I got to feel it. I need to feel it. I wanted it.

Lowering the wrapper to her hip slowly not to wake her, I just stared. I stepped back just admiring what I saw. Right then and there I decided what I wanted. I got rid of my shorts. Picking them up I hid them just in case she was to wake, and I can leave in a hurry. Moving back to the couch I kneeled. The couch was short enough that my dick was right where my aunty’s ass was.

I released my aching dick and balls. With one last deep breath, I moved forward. Her ass was in the perfect place. Right at the edge. I gently pressed the tip of my cock to the valley of her ass. Her skin was as smooth just the way I thought.

Gently I pushed inward. Her firm ass checks just the right size and felt wonderful. I could feel a slickness starting to form with each push. I knew my precum was leaking onto her ass. Pulling back slowly, then pushing back in slowly. With each push, the leaked semen lubed her ass checks more with my dick sliding further between her checks.

The feeling was hot, and with the next push, it felt like my aunt’s ass pushed back. I froze in mid-push. Sitting there staring right at my aunt I waited for her to turn and see me. There was nothing. She was still asleep. I looked down once again at her ass.

The heat still surrounded my dick. I noticed my dick couldn’t go any further. I had also noticed the tip of my dick felt just above her pussy. Wanting to go further, I had just one choice.

With my thumb, I hooked the waist of her shirt and panties. Slowly I pulled down. Just enough to go further. I couldn’t risk pulling them down all the way. Holding them firmly I pushed further in. the precum leaking even more as I went. That’s when I felt it.

The heat from her pussy. Her lips were smooth as could be. The tip of my dick grazing over them. With each push her lips parted.

The slickness now comes from a turned-on sleeping aunt. As the tip of my dick slid against the entrance of her pussy, I knew I was where I wanted to be. I was hoping it would slide in just a little.

Every time I pushed it wouldn’t go any further. Which makes sense. She never went out or dated. Only a couple, but never keep them around. Her pussy was soaking now. Her hips moved in a slow rhythm to my stroking dick.

Still very much asleep as she did it. I could feel her pussy trying to swallow my dick with no success. Me, I was on the verge of blowing my wad. I knew I couldn’t cum here, but I didn’t want to stop.

Her pussy lips slid along the side of my cock. I could feel her lips trying to grip my cock. My breathing was heavy. I was sweating extremely. Looking at my aunt’s face I could tell by her closed eyes she was dreaming.

Her mouth was slightly open, breathing heavy. With another push, I felt the tip of my dick push into her entrance. Her pussy muscles gripping the tip. It felt like a hand squeezing the tip of my dick. I just stayed in place.

Her hips push back again. A little more entered her wet pussy.

With just what I had in, felt better than the first time I had sex. Her pussy pulsating driving me to the edge. With another movement of her hips, I went in further.

With this push, my aunt’s pussy started to contract. Looking at her face I could tell she was having an orgasm. This drew me over the edge. Holding my dick at the base I squeezed hard. Slowly I pulled out.

Once away from my aunty’s pussy, and ass I turned. My cum shot across the room. It was painful, but the greatest I ever felt. With my dick in hand, I look back at my aunt. Eyes still closed, she laid peacefully.

I turned back towards the couch. Slowly I replaced her shirt and panties back to form. I pulled the wrapper back over her ass. Standing up I looked at her once again. I knew right then, and there I needed to have her again.

Just don’t how or when.

Written by @themindsloot

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