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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 9) [18+] by Sixtie9ine


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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 9) [18+] by Sixtie9ine

The dress probably had a fancy name, but I don’t know what it was. The skirt was pleated and stopped just above her knees. It moved with her body when she walked. The back of the dress was completely open, so she couldn’t wear a bra. The front was revealing and held up by two thin straps tied behind her neck. The fabric was a bright red colour and felt like the material used for women’s slips. It was very smooth, thin, almost see-through, and very attractive. I couldn’t stop looking at her nipples because they were visible through the fabric as her breasts moved.

She was only wearing a white thong beneath the transparent dress. You could see its outline through the see-through dress. She wore bright red high heels that made her beautiful legs stand out. Her long hair flowed around her shoulders, moving like her skirt. She looked like every man’s dream. Just seeing her turned me on, even though I knew she wasn’t dressed like that for me.

Eniola had only worn the dress a few times before, and every time she wore it, she got excited and reached orgasm when we had sex. I was the only one who had seen her in the dress, but now she planned to wear it to her high school reunion for Kitan. Her nipples were showing through the dress and she was getting turned on. I was worried that I was losing my wife. I wondered if we could get past this reunion.

I quickly got dressed, and fifteen minutes later, we checked in for the banquet. Dara and her husband were at the table assigning seats, and Dara was surprised by Eniola’s outfit. Her husband openly stared at Eniola’s chest. They stayed silent for a bit. Eventually, Dara gave us a numbered card and struggled to explain where our table was. I followed Eniola as she confidently walked across the banquet hall.

Eniola knew that the men were staring at her nipples, but she was being bold and flashy. She kept moving her body, and everyone could see the outline of her breasts as they moved under the thin, red dress. Her high heels made her hips sway, and the dress showed the shape of her backside and her thong as she walked. As I followed her, I could smell her despite the perfume she was wearing. I felt turned on, then quickly lost interest when I realized I wasn’t the one she was interested in.

Eniola and I were sitting at table number twenty-seven, a four-person table tucked away in a corner in the back of the banquet hall. It was at least ten feet away from any other tables, so Dara had understood Eniola’s request and complied with it. I went to the bar to get drinks for us. When I came back, Efe and Kitan had arrived and sat down at our table while I was gone. Kitan sat next to Eniola and Efe motioned for me to sit beside her, saying “We’ll let the high school sweethearts sit together, right Kunle?”

The stern look in her eyes completely contradicted the pleasant sound of her voice. This woman certainly knew how to deceive people! Well, that ability was part of the reason we were in this predicament, wasn’t it?

Kitan got up to get drinks for Efe and himself.

While he was gone, I couldn’t think of anything to say, and I sat in complete silence and compared the two women. Efe was dangerously beautiful and had a much sexier figure overall, but tonight Eniola looked hotter.

Efe’s elegant and simple black dress covered most of her body, and she was wearing a bra. Eniola’s dress revealed her nakedness and the movement of her breasts as she breathed. Every male who saw her felt an overpowering urge to mate with her. I was among them, and I couldn’t do anything. I was dizzy with frustration. Once again I was fully and painfully erect.

I should have felt proud, but instead, I was consumed by jealousy as waves of pity washed over me. My conflicting emotions were intensified by my arousal. I could smell Efe’s perfume, but also Eniola’s wet scent, even from across the room. I knew she was aroused too from the way she moved. I wanted desperately to fuck her in that moment and make it known she was mine.

I heard Efe asking, “Are you all right?” And I realized I had been making little grunting sounds as I fought my psychological demons. I turned toward her and nodded. Her eyes opened wide from whatever she saw on my face. I turned back toward Eniola and I immediately felt a chill ripple down my spine. Her look of pure, naked lust mirrored my own emotions, but she was staring in the direction Kitan had gone, not at me.

Kitan came back and took a seat, but there was an awkward silence between us. He and Eniola were sitting backing the wall, and I was sitting directly across from Eniola. She glanced at Kitan and shared a small smile, and that’s when I noticed they were holding hands under the table. Efe caught on too, looked at me, and silently asked what we should do. I didn’t have a clue and shook my head slightly. She looked disappointed and turned away. I was confused—what was she expecting from me? My emotions were all over the place; I felt sick and a bit dizzy. My dick kept throbbing.

During the meal Eniola and Kitan couldn’t hold hands thankfully, and the four of us managed to engage in small talk. We were kept waiting for a long time for dessert to arrive. “Your wife really seems to be enjoying my husband, doesn’t she?” Efe whispered in my ear as she slid her hand into my lap and began to rub my erection through my pants.

I was afraid I’d lose control and cum if she continued, so I pushed her hand away. She leaned closer and whispered in my ear. “Look at Eniola’s face. Watch Kitan’s shoulder move. What do you think they’re doing under the table?”

As I glanced at Eniola, Efe grabbed my hand under the table. Eniola’s nipples were very hard and could be seen through her clothes. Her mouth was slightly open, and her lower lip trembled a bit. She was breathing oddly, and her body twitched slightly. She shut her eyes briefly and then opened them, looking unfocused with dilated pupils.

Eniola suddenly moved her chair back and said she needed to use the restroom. She signalled to me with a touch to her lips, our secret sign to talk privately. I excused myself and accompanied her to the bathroom. I was so physically excited that walking was difficult. When we reached the lobby, she told me to wait there and entered the ladies’ room. Before I headed into the men’s room, I stared at her ass and wondered if it still belonged to me. I wondered if it ever really had. I couldn’t understand why I was so aroused.

In spite of my erection, I managed to urinate, and I washed my hands and waited for Eniola. She came out of the ladies’ room and pressed something into my hand. I looked down and saw her white thong. There is perhaps nothing either as sexually explicit as a woman handing a man the panties she is wearing. Instead of exciting me, I felt as if she had hit me in the stomach.

I started to say something but she stopped me. “He was rubbing me through them at the table. That’s as far as he ever got before. I came. I want to fuck him. You can have Efe if you want.” With that she turned and walked toward our table. I shoved her thong into a pocket in my jacket and squeezed it as I followed her. It was noticeably damp and I could feel her sexy, sticky wetness clinging to my fingers. It became very clear to me that it was Kitan who had turned her on, not me.

This was the deal that Eniola and I had made, but I didn’t know if I could let her make out with Kitan in front of me and still stay rational. I was even more jealous than before. And I was still incredibly aroused at an intensively primitive level.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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