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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 10) [18+] by Sixtie9ine


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Short Story: Entangled Desires: A Swinging Affair (Episode 10) [18+] by Sixtie9ine

I could smell Eniola’s scent as I followed her. As confused and hurt as I felt, I couldn’t understand why I was still turned on. Did the thought of her fucking Kitan excite me? Was it Efe I really wanted to fuck?

Not even up to a minute after we were seated, I already noticed the excited look on Kitan’s face when he realized he had unrestricted access to Eniola’s pussy. Her eyes were halfway shut, and her breathing quickened. I could see Kitan’s shoulders moving in a steady pace, and I knew he was fingering my wife. Eniola’s upper body started making small spasms and jerks. Her nipples protruded even more against her dress. Kitan was gazing at Eniola’s face but she was staring blankly above me.

As I observed my wife getting more and more aroused by her ex, Efe nudged me as she shifted her body under the table. I heard the quiet noise of a zipper opening, then she nudged me again as she raised her hips from the chair and sat back down. She took hold of my hand and pulled it toward her lap.

Eniola’s body began to flinch every few seconds, and she turned her head to look at Kitan’s face. She made a little gasp, then her mouth opened and she held her eyes closed. She tilted her head back and her lower jaw began to tremble.

I also flinched when my hand felt Efe’s bare thigh. She pushed my hand between her thighs, and my fingers were in the bushy area of her pubic hair. She had on no underwear. Efe separated her knees and I started to stroke her vagina matching Kitan’s shoulder movements. I stared at the growing excitement on Eniola’s face as I rubbed Efe’s slit. Dammit! She told me I could have Efe, but this didn’t feel right. Efe moaned and spread her knees further apart.

Eniola started to make small squeaking noises and her whole body spasmed. Then it spasmed again. And again. Kitan had clearly brought her to an intense and prolonged orgasm. She finally stopped moving and opened her eyes. She partially got up from her chair as she rhythmically pushed her hips against Kitan’s fingers. She made no effort to hide what she was doing.

Efe was now wet, and I rubbed her clitoris. Her moans got louder as I looked at her. She was staring at Eniola. Efe turned her head and whispered in my ear, “Fuck me with your fingers!”

As I did so I felt her unzipping me and feeling for my penis. I lifted my hips and she quickly moved my clothes aside and grasped me.

I started sliding my fingers in and out of her as she stroked my erection. Eniola’s body shook as she climaxed again. Her head was back and her mouth was open wide. She clutched her nipples with both hands through her dress as Kitan kept fingering her. Her body was trembling as she moved her hips back and forth against his hand. Anyone looking her way would know what she and Kitan were doing.

Dessert was finally served, but the four of us ignored it. The scent of pussy was so strong I could taste it. Eniola had another climax, and I continued to finger fuck Efe. I noticed the frown on Jack’s face and this made me smile wickedly.

After I had been fingering her for some time, Efe made a small sound and her body tensed up as she reached orgasm. She shook for a few seconds and then relaxed. She had been squeezing my dick during her climax and resumed rubbing it again afterwards. I was getting close.

I continued fingering her. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and tried to stifle my groans. I wondered where Efe would aim my dick when I ejaculated. I didn’t really care if it hit Eniola or Kitan. I just wanted to cum. And the idea of doing it on them was enticing. I could feel the tension rapidly building in my groin. I was only seconds away.

Before I could ejaculate, Eniola and Kitan suddenly stood up and headed for an exit. Their abrupt departure brought Efe and me back to earth. It took us a couple of minutes to get our clothes fastened so we could follow them. I used Kitan’s napkin to clean Efe’s pussy juice from my fingers, and she reached over and used Eniola’s napkin to clean her own pussy.


When we got outside, they had disappeared.

“Kitan has one of our room keys. But we’d be able to see them if they went there.” Efe said.

“Let’s check there.” I pointed to the park. “I’m sure they went to that bench where they were kissing this afternoon.”

Efe looked around once more before nodding, and we started towards the park. Putting our arms around each other felt natural. Our hips brushed together as we walked briskly. Our feet crunched on the ground as we strolled along. I was turned on but still very confused.

As we approached the bench, we noticed they were sitting together on it. Efe and I stood in a hidden area where it was hard for us to see each other because we were wearing dark clothes. Her skin was lighter, so I could just about see her face and arms. Kitan and Eniola couldn’t see us at all. We held onto each other tightly and looked at each other quietly.

Kitan was seated on the bench, and Eniola was sitting on his lap, facing him with her legs spread and wrapped around his waist. She had her arms around his neck, and they were kissing. I couldn’t see what Kitan’s hands were doing. Efe reacted with a brief gasp, then leaned against me, taking off her shoes one by one.

As my vision adjusted to the darkness, I could see them more clearly. Eniola’s dress was pulled up around her waist, partially covering her bare bottom. Her top was undone and had slipped down onto her lap. Kitan was touching her breasts while they were kissing. She was essentially undressed as they embraced each other.

While I observed, she removed Kitan’s shirt, leaving his upper body bare. He pulled her close, pressing her breasts against his chest without any clothes in between. I knew how amazing that must have felt.

Efe wrapped her arm around my back and grabbed my shoulder, squeezing me. “Look at them!” she whispered. “Wow! They’re so into each other!” I put my arm around her and drew her close to me. While she was adjusting her dress or doing something, I was focused on the couple and didn’t notice what she was up to.

Eniola swiftly got off Kitan’s lap, and they both stood up. Her uncovered breasts moved as she leaned forward to undo his belt. Squatting down, she lowered his pants to his ankles and pulled down his boxers, revealing his erection.

After kissing him, she guided him back toward the bench. Even though it had been fifteen years since they were last intimate in this way, their connection was so strong that it seemed like it wasn’t only their second time being together naked.

Efe began to undo my pants, and I put my hand on hers and stopped her. I felt really jealous in my stomach when I saw my wife acting so intimately with Kitan. She was going to break our agreement and fuck him even though I wasn’t with her! But I also felt my penis throbbing with excitement. I struggled between two powerful urges. First, I wanted to kill them both. And second, I wanted fuck Efe.

Kitan sat on the bench with his pants down, and Eniola lifted her dress. I saw her breasts bouncing as she sat on his lap. I watched as she moved slowly forward on his legs. They were both focused on watching as he entered her.

When she reached the end of the bench, they looked at each other and kissed. As they paused, staring into each other’s eyes, they moved further on the bench. A moment later, Eniola let out a loud yell of joy as Kitan was completely inside her. I felt my legs shaking intensely as I witnessed my wife being intimate with another man. Suddenly, I felt angry and jealous, and I took a step toward them.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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