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Short Story: Dyyke Journals – House of Sin (Part 2) by OffWorld Tales (18+)

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Short Story: Dyyke Journals – House of Sin (Part 2) by OffWorld Tales (18+)

Stephanie was an only child to her Dad, who as a single father catered for her ever since her mom passed away at the tender age of four. It was tough being without a mom, but somehow, she pulled through with her Dad in tow. 

Mr Stevens, a man in his 50s had cared and still does, for his daughter until the age of 19 when she was now enrolled into the popular school of Lagos; the University of Lagos, also known as Unilag. 

And it was also where he met a woman, Josephine, who fell in love with. Who would think after all this time, he would suddenly find love? Josephine was also a single mother like him, but with two kids; both girls, Rita 24 and Lani 22, who also attended the same school as his daughter.

Dating was something he had to relearn, seeing as he had not been in the game for decades, but they hit it off nicely and soon after they got married, much to the dismay of both their kids, but pretty soon, tolerance gave way to compromise and they got by.

Stephanie initially disliked Josephine for “stealing” away her father, but soon after learnt to adapt since that would mean depriving him of his happiness… which in turn would hurt him. 

Stephanie was a vivacious girl, but a smart one… She was slim and tall with moderately sized assets all around, but with a pretty face, unlike her step-sisters who were both voluptuous and gorgeous just like their mom. 

Compared to her, they were all goddesses, but that didn’t stop her from being happy and doing quite well in school, since she had the brains to prove her mettle. She related well with her sisters, even helping them with school work when needed, even her new mom was cool to hang out with to the point you’d think they were all related. 

But Stephanie had just one problem, she loved them… lustfully. Does it surprise her that she would lust after her family, yes? But then, she had always liked girls, which was a result of her time in a girls’ high school; which started from occasional touching to kissing, before escalating to oral sex, and to those brave enough to try; actual sex, but with a dildo or strap on. 

How some of the seniors had them still was a mystery as only those selected or targeted by them would get such treatment and in her case, she was amongst the selected. 

At first, she resisted, until it became a constant battle of sanity till she gave in, which from henceforth got her completely hooked to it, to the point she started doing it to other students when she got to senior level as well. 

The only time she actually had sex was with her roommate in the hostel at the university.

Moving on, to the first encounter with her new family, she was totally smitten when she spied on them when her Dad took her to visit Josephine. From afar, anyone could tell she had giant boobs, same with her daughters as they piled outside to greet them. 

Stephanie had to keep it together when their eyes locked, and as she was wrapped in a warm, friendly embrace—resisted the urge to grab any of the ass in her grasp. Nothing prepared her for that visit, as she not only remained somewhat silent, she had to resist the temptation of touching herself. 

And now, with them all under the same roof, her morality meter was running low to the point she might have to act on her impulses. Each sibling had their own room, so getting off was easy for her until Rita almost walked in on her pleasuring herself. 

Swiftly, stashing the dildo under one of the pillows. Rita wore a black nightie that did her huge breasts no justice as they sought to burst free, Stephanie, who by now was still horny stared at those boobs with intense lust that she couldn’t hear her name being called at first.

“Steph? STEPH!!!” Rita yells.

“Wha… What?” she replies, gathering herself to see her older sibling at the door. “Yes, what is it?”

Rita, rolling her eyes, walks into the room chattering about her assignment on calculus and how she needed help to understand it. Steph on her part stared dreamily at the boobs that swayed with each body movement, before jiggling as Rita jumped unto the bed playfully. 

“Hey, easy.” Steph said lightheartedly as the force causes her to bounce a bit on the bed. Steph couldn’t concentrate as she most times found herself pausing as her eyes locked onto those magnificent breasts, seconds turned to minutes before she even realized Rita was already distracted—by her indecency. 

Steph was already clad in a white top and a very short blue skirt with nothing underneath, and from her expression, she must’ve also noticed her wet pussy. Embarrassed, Steph closes her legs…

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t…” Steph began apologetically.

Rita, still silent, hushes her before responding mischievously, 

“No need to apologize, I should be the one doing so, since I’m the one that’s distracting you. But, then… I want to know, do you like me that much to lust after me?” 

Steph, now shocked by this response, was now short of words as she didn’t know if this would get her in trouble or not. The only word she could mutter was, “Uh…?”

“Don’t pretend, I’ve seen the way you look at me, heck, you didn’t think I wouldn’t see this…” Rita said, before brandishing the dildo she hid under the pillow.

“How did you?” Steph asked, now totally embarrassed at this development as Rita burst into laughter.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell on you… yet. Not until you do something for me.” Rita said after laughing at her.

“What, do you want then?” Steph asked inquisitively

“It’s pretty simple… tell me what distracts you on me… and truthfully.” she replied while slowly rubbing the dildo down her face.

Steph, pausing for a few moments begins talking about her boobs and how their motion distracts her, including her ass. “You know I can’t control the way they move, they’re big,” Rita replies.

“Were you thinking of me when you were using this dildo, & my lord, it’s big, for such a small pussy. How do you even fit it all in?” Rita asked as she inspects the dildo.

Steph, not sure how to respond, nods to which Rita exclaims; 

“I knew it!” causing her to blush. 

“I knew you liked me, but didn’t realize you were into me that way.” she continued, watching Steph as she shyly turned away. Now feeling guilty, she moves closer to Steph in an attempt to comfort her, was met with a kiss. 

Rita stunned by this outcome, watched as Steph planted another kiss on her and this time it was intense, while she gently fondled one of her breasts. Now turned on, Rita finds herself returning the kiss, but briefly before disengaging.

“Wait… this isn’t right. We shouldn’t be doing this.” Rita said as she stopped to catch her breath.

“Do what?” Steph sensually replied as she slowly let the right strap of Rita’s gown fall and pulled at it exposing her right breast. Not waiting for Rita’s reply, Steph starts to suckle on it… slightly squeezing and kneading the nipples with her tongue. 

A moan escaped Rita’s lips as she found herself cradling Steph’s head as she pulled out the other breast—it was now too much to resist, and her inhibitions were long gone once Steph’s lips touched her breasts.

“This feels so good,” Rita says as Steph continues to suckle on each boob like a baby. She was enjoying it and didn’t want it to stop. Her pussy was getting wet and further aroused by Steph as she used her right hand to rub her down before fingering. 

“How is she so good at this?” Rita pondered as she felt hands take off her panties. 

“I want you to come on top,” Steph whispered as she ran her tongue down the side of her neck.

Rita, not sure why she’d obey her younger sibling, suddenly found herself straddling her face—her pussy, wet and dripping on top of her. Steph couldn’t believe her eyes, as she watched the buxom figure mount her, presenting her equally clean-shaven pussy to eat. 

She was in heaven and would savour every bit of it—as she put her tongue to work whilst grabbing her jiggly ass. Rita moaned, squeezing both her boobs together, even putting a nipple in her mouth as she quickly sunk into ecstasy. 

Steph ate her, licking her coochie walls like they were ice cream, teasing her vulva as juices flowed out uncontrollably that had her lapping it up like a thirsty dog. 

Rita now overwhelmed, goes on all fours with her head resting on the pillow that stifled her moans as Steph spanked her big ass that enveloped her entire face—save for her hand that occasionally spanked Rita’s ass, Steph’s face was buried beneath a big jiggly ass, until Rita spasmed from orgasm.

“Now, service me,” Steph commanded, watching as her older sibling turned round to lick her pussy as well. Steph was feeling glad about this development as she had always wanted this from the get-go; to savour every bit of Rita and more. 

Rita was new to this as she could only lick it slowly and with less vigour as Steph did, but it was fair nevertheless. Steph squirmed each time Rita’s tongue touched her vulva and sucked on it slowly… She was learning, no doubt about it and doing a nice job too, Rita kept at it before Steph asked her to stop.

“Wait, I’ve got something even, better.” she said, whilst getting up to get a strap.

Rita, sitting speechless on the bed, marvelled at the size of the dildo hanging from the strap that she was so turned on that she wanted it badly. 

“Hold on Sis, don’t be greedy. Why don’t you try sucking it first?” Steph said, shoving the dildo into Rita’s mouth who in turn started to suck it hungrily. It was sloppy, it was wet as the dildo glistened with spit went in and out off her mouth in quick succession. 

Steph looking down at her, smiled as Rita licked the sides of the dildo while locking eyes with her. Tongue out as she slapped her face lightly, several times before Rita squeezed her huge boobs together against the dildo, tit fucking it. 

Steph was living the dream like some porn star with her mind going wild at the fact she was going to fuck her sexy sister. 

“Suck it, baby… Suck it like it’s all you want.” Steph told her as she quickly stopped with her breasts and resume sucking. Steph, now in command, held her head as she in turn moved her hips, bucking the entire strap on into her mouth several times before abruptly stopping. 

“Turn around.” She commanded.

Rita, obviously obedient turns around to show her big well rounded fat ass that caused Steph to drool, so much that she had to lick, kiss and bite her ass. Rita, moaning as Steph’s touch aroused her the more, shook her ass at her, causing Steph to stop and slowly shove it all in, into her already soaking pussy. 

Rita moaned and thrashed around as Steph thrust into her harder—the big dildo ramming into her caused her to see stars as her pussy gripped it firmly, slowly sucking it like it wanted to milk it dry. 

Rita’s ass in full view of Steph, sent nasty images into her brain that only caused her to pound her harder. Rita’s ass was hers now and this will obviously be a daily routine.

“Rita… you have such a sexy ass.” She said amidst thrusts, Rita who was already deep in ecstasy could only moan in reply as her younger sibling gave her the business. “You know, for an occasional jerk you are, you sure love cock.” She said, teasing her as she also slapped her ass… 

Even as they moved further onto the bed, the slapping sounds from the rigorous pounding made it all the more intense for Rita as bouts of orgasms came and left her body nonstop. Rita was way past cloud nine as she got ploughed doggie style, only to recover when the dildo was pulled out of her pussy.

“Pleeease, put… it… back… in” She asked, only to be told to mount her cowgirl style.

Obliging her request, Rita found herself riding Stephanie’s strap-on, moaning as her sister’s hands held her by the waist and occasionally spanking her ass as it jiggled and bounced with each stroke as with her massive boobs. 

“Suck my boobs,” Rita asked, bending slightly for Stephanie to start sucking on one of them. Steph was elated as Rita rode her, gyrating slowly at certain points before bouncing on her as she wanted every bit of the dildo to reach her insides. 

Steph already too deep in ecstasy, runs her hands all over Rita’s body, slowly caressing and feeling every part of her body as she thoroughly enjoyed this fantasy-made real encounter. Rita, now too overwhelmed with orgasms started to slow down as she rode the delicious cock to catch her breath. 

Deep within her, she knew the slut in her wanted more, but she had to stop because of her assignment which was to be submitted tomorrow.

“My, my assignment. Must finish it.” Rita weakly says as she tried getting up after stopping. 

Stephanie in response, grips her waist tightly, before pulling her down towards her…

“I’ll do it for you and besides, who said you could leave,” Stephanie responds authoritatively. 

“Oh, God!! Ahh… Fuck Me!!!” were the words that escaped Rita’s lips as Stephanie pounded her from below. Rita was gone completely past the point of no return as her ass bounced on the dick. Stephanie knew she now owned Rita as she kissed her stifling her moans. 

Stephanie smiled as she pounded her sister viciously, not even stopping when she noticed a shadow peeping from the slightly opened door. She knew who it was and would be waiting to break her in as well, just two more to go and she’d be the mistress of three beautiful, voluptuous women.

Written by Offworld Tales

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