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Short Story: Dyyke Journals – Doctor Patient Confidentiality (Part 2) by OffWorld Tales (18+)


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Short Story: Dyyke Journals – Doctor Patient Confidentiality (Part 2) by OffWorld Tales (18+)

Dr Jenna was lost in her thoughts… sexual thoughts of the event before, her romp with Chioma was mind-blowing, courtesy of her new “toy”.

“Is this how men feel when they fuck and cum?” she thought. The feeling of being buried deep inside a tight, juicy pussy lingered on in her mind. It felt so real, so much she even thought it was part of her body. 

Slowly, she found herself reaching for it—that amazing “tool” kept safe in her bottom drawer. She wanted to feel it again, but sadly, Chioma… won’t be available until lunchtime or worse, closing time. 

“Is this how Carol must’ve felt when she used it?” she thought of her friend that introduced her to this… 

“Bless her soul for such a wonderful gift.” She continued as her right hand slid open the drawer revealing the strap-on in its box—running a finger along its latex-rubber veins pensively.

“Was it magic?” she thought, since it looked and felt like a regular dildo, but then… Jenna pauses as a smile appears across her face as she recalled the appointment that awaited her. 

Surely, this might work out again in her favour, she thought as she closed her drawer, after all, as a medical practitioner, every theory MUST be tested to know its authenticity and what better way to do it than with a “volunteer”… and another, just to be really sure. 

Jenna licked her lips as several sexual thoughts crossed her mind about the patient…hopefully, she should be a drop-dead gorgeous piece of ass or she’d not be interested. 

Jenna was a picky person and if her standards are not met, she wouldn’t budge, she was a total sucker for sexy women… like Chioma. 

“That ass, that delicious ass… mmm, mmm, mmm.” She said as she pictured Chioma’s big jiggly ass in her head as she pushed the buzzer for her “volunteer”.. no…patient to come in.

“Good morning Doctor, sorry I came way too early…” said a pleasant voice almost immediately as the door opened, revealing a figure that caught her eyes. Jenna was awestruck, her eyes widened as she saw the eye candy that walked into her office. 

It was like a miracle, a prayer answered as she saw the beauty standing in front of her; wearing short hair that touched her neck, she had a voluptuous body on her, which would pass for a really curvy BBW in porn. 

Judging from her height, she would pass for a 5”9, but the most mesmerizing things about her weren’t her height nor sexy body, no, no, no… they were her boobs and ass—by god, they were the biggest she’s ever seen, like much bigger than both hers and Chioma’s, both well hidden underneath the black skirt and green blouse she put on. 

Jenna’s swallowed her saliva as she kept staring at that body, before resting on her luscious lips that seemed to be saying something, which was when she broke off from her “trance”, clearing her throat in the process like a professional deep in important stuff before scribbling some nonsense on her notepad.

“Oh, sorry… haha.. I didn’t see you there. Please have a seat.” She said, jokingly as she gestured for her to take a seat. “So… Lisa…” she said, casually peering over her file as she stole quick glances at her huge melons the moved as she breathed. 

“What brings you here today?” she continued as she checked the report written on it.

“Um…” she began and stopped, blushing as she tried finding her voice.

Jenna smiled, she immediately knew this was a young lady and would be easy to… “persuade.”

“Go on, it’s okay, this is a safe space—everything you say here is strictly confidential.” Jenna softly said as she watched Lisa gradually relax.

“Uh, okay… I came to see you… cause I think I might have a problem…” she said, stopping to make eye gestures to the floor.

Jenna, not catching on, ponders to what she was referring to as she asks; “Problem, where exactly?”

“You know, down there.” She continued, now pointing to her thighs.

“Oh? Oooh… your vagina. Hahaha… that’s nothing to be ashamed of, you know.” Jenna responded as she finally figured out what Lisa was referring to. 

“So, what problem, could that be?” she asked.

“Well… my boyfriend said it was too tight and when we had sex, it really hurt… like a lot. Is there a way to loosen it up? she asked inquisitively whilst looking her straight in the eye.

Jenna, now seeing this as an opportunity, dove in; 

“I don’t know why you or anyone would want a loose vagina—men always love it tight. But then, I will ask you a few questions to know how to help you, okay?”

“Sure, go ahead.” 

“Do you both engage in foreplay before sex? Jenna began as she wrote unto a notepad.

“Foreplay? No, we don’t. My boyfriend doesn’t see any reason why.” She answered.

“Hmmm. Okay. Do you two watch porn?”

“No, we don’t. But I watch it alone, if that counts.”

“I see… Do you both engage in oral sex?” she continued as she scribbled the answers.

“Uh, no… we don’t. My boyfriend thinks it’s a dirty act to begin with, but I’ve always wondered how it’d feel like to try it out.”

“Okay… do you get aroused, like really wet when wants to have sex with you?” Jenna asks, smiling to herself.

Lisa pauses for a moment, lost in thought before answering; “Uh, not really, but it did get a bit wet though.”

“I see… well, I see your problem,” Jenna said, dropping the pen on the notepad, before leaning forward towards her. 

“Wha… what is it then?” Lisa asked, with fright in her voice. “Is it serious?” she continued.

Jenna chuckles to herself at this sight before speaking; “Relax, all is fine… but the problem, isn’t you… it’s your boyfriend.”

“Huh… how?” Lisa now asked as she looks confused.

“You see, the vagina can stretch to accommodate any size of penis, how else do you think a woman gives birth? To enjoy sex, you both should be sensual with each other… He should be cupping your boobs, teasing your nipples, sucking and licking your clitoris before slamming his cock inside you. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about since you’ve seen it all in those porn videos you watch, yes?”

Lisa starts to blush as she heard those words that aroused her, much to Jenna’s satisfaction as she spied her nipples poking out off her blouse. 

“This is going to be too easy.” She thought as she continued. 

“To have you sucking his dick as he licks your pussy like a hungry, hungry maniac before fucking you ferociously from behind. To make you feel loved, cherished… like a complete woman.” 

“How can I experience these things when he doesn’t do that?” she said in a sad tone as if she was about to cry. 

Jenna, pretending to think for a moment, answers; “ I can give you a full checkup and then a massage that will give you that release your body so craves.” 

Lisa, now brightening up, responds; “Really? Thank you so much.” 

“Ah, don’t mention it, after all, it’s my job as a doctor to help. Please go to the bed over there.” Jenna said, smiling to herself as she pointed her to the bed at the corner of the room.” Lisa, now backing her walked to the bed as Jenna eyed like lustfully—her massive ass jiggling like crazy caused her to drool, she really must taste her as her hunger for it rose dangerously. 

“Oh, wait!” she said as Lisa turned to her, “Let me help you with that.” She softly said as she gently pushed her to bend over on the bed, which put her ass on full view. 

Slowly pulling the zipper down like she was unwrapping her Christmas present, the mounds of flesh were revealed until they popped out. She was wearing black lace panties that hid between her ass cheeks, Jenna now smitten by this, licks her lips and instinctively smacks her butt, grabbing it in the process which startles Lisa. 

“Wha… what did you do that for?” she asked as Jenna squeezed her butt some more.

“You don’t like it?” she coyly asked as she smacked her again.

“Uhm… yes, I mean no… I mean… it’s… nice, it feels nice.” She responds.

“See, I knew you would, now, get on the bed let me check how healthy you are.” She asks as she helped Lisa sit on the bed. 

“Now, let’s take this off too, shall we?” she asked as she helped her take off her blouse, revealing a massive set of boobs encased in a black lacey bra. 

“My god… your boobs, they’re magnificent.” She said as she massaged them from the lingerie with both hands. Lisa not sure how to react to these just sat there taking it as she felt herself gradually get horny. She was loving this feeling and didn’t want it to end, but she couldn’t pull herself to stop it, even though it was morally wrong to let it happen.

“Uhm… Doctor, don’t you think we should stop?” she said as tried to muster up her resolve.

“Oh, yeah… sorry, let me check for lumps then.” She said, quickly pulling out each breast that hung heavily on her chest, beckoning to be ravished. With a hand, she grabs one, feeling it slowly, before stealthily running a finger across the nipple made her release a soft moan. 

Jenna was on fire and needed to quench the fires of lust that burned within her badly. Slowly, she teased each nipple, but not before she gave in to her desires—that she quickly found herself sucking like there was no tomorrow. Lisa was shocked at this but weakly protested as Jenna’s lips found each nipple—teasing them separately with her tongue, then together as she sucked on them both. She found herself loving every bit of it as passion swept through her body like an electric current.

“Is this what foreplay feels like?” she thought as Jenna kept suckling on her boobs, this feeling was quickly overtaking her as she closed her eyes, savouring it, before she felt her lips leave her breasts. Lisa, now wanting more opening her eyes to contest it, felt those lips again, but this time, on hers—as Jenna sucked on her tongue and explored her mouth with hers. This continued for a while as she gently squeezed and caressed Lisa’s boobs, before stopping; 

“You… like the… foreplay?” Jenna asked as she looked her in the eyes before taking one of her large boobs to suckle on, interrupting what Lisa had to say. 

“Now, would you like me to check your pussy?” she seductively asked Lisa, who just nods in return… “Good girl… now, spread your legs.” She ordered as Lisa responds accordingly.

Lisa was wet, like soaking wet as a wet patch was visible on her panties. She suddenly started getting conflicting thoughts plaguing her mind;

“She should be loyal… this is cheating. Was she a lesbian now? Why is she letting this happen? Is this some fantasy she’s found herself in and about to wake up?” she asked herself—only to moan in response as she felt a tongue run along her pussy from her panties that sent chills all over her body. 

Her legs were already spread out and Jenna was already in between them, teasing her from her lingerie, which already got her shaking like a leaf. This feeling was new to her and was so good she personally moved the panties aside for her to devour her already soaking kitty. 

Jenna didn’t need an order as she lapped up her juices, bit and sucked her clitoris with so much hunger Lisa fell back on the bed trembling. She couldn’t contain it as she squeezed both melons on her chest, sucking each one as Jenna gave her the business before switching to finger-fucking her.

“So… this was what she was missing?” she thought as Jenna stopped to get her to pose, doggie style—Lisa knew she was a sexy, eye candy and knew her assets made her deliciously desirable to all and the doctor was no exception. 

The only thing was that she had never gotten down with a girl until now and so far… it was blowing her mind. Warm hands grabbed her massive butt several times before spanking it. The pain, even though it stung… only got her hornier and, she was loving it, passionately. 

Jenna was thrilled, she was so stunned at the dish right before her that she almost lost it, all that ass, tits and juicy pussy was now hers for the taking. Lisa was inexperienced but eager… as the sight of her panties now hiding in between her massive ass riled her up the more as she played with spanked them hard, causing Lisa to moan. 

Pussy juice dripped from her pussy as Lisa immediately got up eating her once again; tongue in, licking all over her pussy walls as her entire mouth covered up the sweet hole as she sucked and swallowed it all. 

Jenna had to fuck her doggie style and stopped to get strapped up—Lisa, on her part, moaning no more, now checked to know what went wrong, and found Jenna standing with a huge… cock.

Her eyes, widening at this sight, found herself mesmerized as she licked her lips seductively as Jenna approached her.

“Is it? Can I ?” she asked as though she was both entranced and begging for her approval.

Jenna smiled, stroking it as she pointed it at her; “Come, help yourself.” She said as she grabbed her by the hair, pulling her off the bed and towards her, kneeling. 

“Suck it” she ordered as she pushed it towards her mouth. To which, after a brief hesitation, found Lisa giving a sloppy blowjob like her life depended on it. Lisa felt like she was possessed, she had never given anyone a blowjob, much less her boyfriend, as she sucked, spat on and stroked that massive cock like a lifeline. 

Lisa was still amazed by it, it felt so real, even its reaction looked so real as though she was born with it… these findings would’ve been a topic to dwell on, if only her mind wasn’t so focused on getting a taste of pleasure… real pleasure. 

Jenna knew Lisa was enjoying herself too much and had to stop it—pulling her head off her “cock”, she pulled her up for a deep kiss, as she both teased her nipples and dripping pussy.

“Please… Fuck me. Pleeease… Fuck… Mmmmhaaah!!!” Lisa said passionately as Jenna pulled away, turned her around before sliding that “gorgeous” dick into her wet pussy. 

The “dick” slid in all right, but not all the way through because of its tightness.

“It won’t fit.” Lisa sadly said as she felt the “dick” meant for her now stuck halfway.  

“Is that right?” Jenna said as she pulled out before plunging it back in with a bit of aggression. Lisa, feeling the whole force of the dick invading her, screamed with pleasure as Jenna’s thighs now met her ass jiggled. Grabbing their ass cheeks by the sides, she guided the speed as she thrust into her like a maniac. 

“Oh, my god… Oh, my god… Yes, aaah, yes… That’s the spot, fuck me… Fuck me harder.” Lisa found herself saying as Jenna pounded her from behind—Lisa’s pussy muscles contracted around her dick so tightly that it caused Jenna to moan… 

She was loving the feeling, Lisa’s pussy was like an uncut drug, it was immensely intoxicating and was tighter than a vice grip on a pipe, Jenna had to even stop thrusting for a while as she felt herself nearing climax, to grab and squeeze Lisa’s huge boobs as she moaned uncontrollably, before kissing her passionately as she slowly began thrusting again. 

Lisa’s ass jiggled as their bodies slapped against each other, her body trembling several times over as she had already lost count as to how many times she had cum. Jenna’s strong arms guided her as she also pushed her ass back to meet up with the intense thrusting, the dick slid in and out from her effortlessly as she moaned nonstop, it wasn’t the painful experience she had always had with her boyfriend… it was more satisfying and addictive. 

Lisa couldn’t think straight as the pounding continued, her eyes rolling back as her pussy tightened once more around it, she was being fucked like a slut and was loving it—Jenna, on her own part was already lost in ecstasy as she watched that huge ass smack her thighs as Lisa creamed all over her dick. 

She was already getting addicted to this magical toy & if not careful, she might lay off men entirely—this was the most voluptuous body she had fucked and would continue fucking as she increased her speed, causing Lisa to moan louder. 

Pushing her ass back out more, Lisa readied for another wondrous climax that slowly overtook her senses as she felt the dick twitch inside of her. And for the first time, she wanted to be filled with cum as she begged Jenna; “please, pl…ease… fill… me… up. Fill me… up with… your… delicious cum.” as her body neared crescendo. 

Jenna couldn’t tell if those were trigger words or not as she found herself bucking like mad and moaning as she neared ”ejaculation”… it was overwhelming, as she thrusted in hard, flooding her insides with cream and this time, it was thicker when it slowly dripped out after she withdrew from the delicious pussy. Lisa, still dazed by the climax stayed there as she slowly caught her breath until she felt Jenna’s lips on her pussy once more, causing her to moan.

“Oh, shit…” she said ecstatically as Jenna briefly ate her and stopped… before she could react, she found Jenna’s lips locked with hers as a liquid found its way into her mouth, which Lisa could help but swallow. It tasted differently, and since she hadn’t done a blowjob until this moment, she couldn’t tell if that was cum, but she, somehow… liked it.

“That’s pussy cream, baby… delicious, isn’t it?” Jenna said as she looked at Lisa’s inquisitive expression. “Your pussy is the best I’ve tasted and I’m not done with you.” She continued as she watched her now compliant cum dump stare at her dick.

“Is that a real dick? Are you a… um, shemale, Doctor?” Lisa asked as she slowly worked the glistening rod.

“Now, wouldn’t you like to know?” she responded as she turned Lisa to her back and plunged it in, causing her to moan.

“I’m not, but I can tell you’re loving every bit of it.” She continued, as Lisa nodded in agreement amidst thrusts. “And please, call me Jenna.” She went on as she bucked into her wildly than before, Lisa’s boobs bounced uncontrollably as their bodies met. 

Lisa couldn’t hold back her moans as her pounding continued, even getting much louder as Jenna feasted on her boobs like a hungry baby. Lisa, not wanting this to end anytime soon, wrapped her legs around Jenna like a vice, trapping her. Jenna, on her part, wasn’t stopping either as she sucked each boob and increased her thrusting speed which got Lisa moaning uncontrollably.

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me good! Fuck me like a slut!” Lisa demanded as she neared orgasm.

Jenna, already enjoying this, needing no coaxing as she pounded her long and hard, her hips gyrating as she did. It wasn’t long before they were both overcome in euphoria as they ascended to cloud nine. Jenna now bucking a few times slowly, kissed Lisa while caressing her boobs, passionately, as they lay at each other’s arms.

“My lord, you were just amazing,” Jenna said as she watched Lisa catch her breath. “How was the treatment? Was it… to your liking?” she asked seductively.

Without any verbal response, Lisa pulls in Jenna and kisses her… “Does this answer your question?” she asked as they slowly disengage. “I love it and I want more of your delicious…dick.” She continued, smiling as she stroked it. 

“Oh? What about your boyfriend?” Jenna asks, already aware of the answer she would get.

“Forget that fucker. He deprived me of this experience and made me think I was the problem. But now I’ve tasted this—I now know he’s not for me, my pussy only wants you and your sweet, sweet dick.”

Jenna laughed and kissed her in return; “ You bet your sweet ass baby, there’s nothing I’d rather do than fuck you into submission.” She said, smacking Lisa’s ass and groping it. Jenna, now smiling, looks at Lisa with intense lust; “You know, there’s something we’ve not done yet.” She said as she kissed Jenna who pondered on what she was referring to.

For a while, moans filled the room as they both pleasured themselves in a 69 position. Jenna slowly bucked as she licked and sucked on Lisa’s pussy, who in turn sucked and worked her dick before deep-throating it. Lisa seemed to have some talent at this, she thought as lapped up her juices, this was her sexiest conquest and was not going to stop… Lisa’s massive jiggled as she spanked it, she was totally gonna keep her as she lay buried in that mountain of ass. 

But then, there was also Chioma, who was another epitome of sexiness she wasn’t going to let go of, either. 

Strangely, she thought of having a threesome with them both… Lisa on her bouncing that ass as she rode like a cowgirl and Chioma on her getting her sweet pussy eaten as she kissed Lisa—not long after that, overwhelmed by her thoughts, she came, and intensely… in Lisa’s mouth. Lisa happy at this, swallowed it out as she dismounted—”we NEED to do this again” she said as she readjusted her lingerie with Jenna watching her as she popped her boobs back into the bra and hid the pussy behind the panties after wiping down. 

“My, god, you’re so sexy…” Jenna said as Lisa bent over to pull up her skirt.

Chuckling in response, Lisa smiled back as she wrote her number on the notepad on the desk. “I’m hoping to see you soon, baby?” she asked, now surprised Jenna was standing behind her.


“Can’t leave without saying goodbye? Gotta give you something to remember this day.” Jenna said as she pulled her in for a deep French kiss while squeezing her breasts. Lisa, stunned by this, felt herself get weak as hands hitched her skirt up and above her ass.

“Please, we can do this… some other… time.” Lisa said as her inhibitions crumbled as Jenna kissed her and squeezed her ass.

“Sure, but your pussy is sooo wet, it’s begging for another go.” Jenna whispers as she shoved the panties to the side and dove in, banging her in quick succession as she moaned.

“Oh, my god, yes… fuck me.” Lisa said as she bucked her massive ass in response. 

Jenna was lost and so was Lisa… and it was until they heard a gasp that they both realized they weren’t alone. Jenna must’ve forgotten to lock the door as someone else was also there with them… 

Chioma, who was standing there, seemingly shocked at this sight.

The End?

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