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Short Story: Dyyke Journals – Doctor Patient Confidentiality (Part 1) by OffWorld Tales (18+)


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Short Story: Dyyke Journals – Doctor Patient Confidentiality (Part 1) by OffWorld Tales (18+)

Jenna sat at her desk in her office at the hospital, it was one of those big privately owned huge establishments that sat at a spot in Ikoyi; “Grace-view Hospital” it was called. 

Dr Jenna was one of the gynaecologists employed there, she was 5”8 in height, with an athletic body as she keeps her fitness a priority, sporting DD boobs and an ass that was fairly big, with a waist that went with it. 

Seeing her in tights while she worked out or in a bikini by the pool would get most men drooling as she had a sexy figure on her. Jenna knew that and flaunted it, even getting favours with it, but then she had a particular taste when it comes to whom she shared her bed with, and that’s because—she liked women, mostly. 

Not to misunderstand, she liked having dicks going into her vigorously, whether it be her mouth or pussy… but she always loved being at the giving end when it came to women. She was a dyke, to put it in short, but a bisexual nonetheless… women. 

Especially the ones with beautiful, sexy bodies as hers were to be appreciated, explored… and worshipped… with a huge strap-on. Jenna in her own fantasy has always wondered how guys must’ve felt when fucking and cumming inside a juicy piece of ass and what it would feel like if she had an actual dick instead of a strap-on.

She was wild when it came to sex, especially with women and she always got that tell whenever she wanted, be it on or off work, and the hospital was her big hunting ground. Doesn’t matter if she’s either an employee or a patient, she somehow knew her target and it always paid off, plus… she was a gynaecologist, so women come to meet her in droves. 

Her last romps were with a nurse trainee and a very hot one; Chioma, who… with a body better than hers got her drooling when she saw her as she was making her rounds on a Tuesday, and Lisa a patient who we’d get to later on. 

Chioma was 5”6 with an extremely curvy body that begged to be released from the confines of her uniform. Her boobs were bigger than hers, same with her ass as they both bounced and jiggled when she walked. Jenna seeing her, controlled herself immensely not to be obvious until she got to her office where she fantasized about undressing her and fucking her whilst she tasted those succulent-looking boobs. 

It was in the early hours of the day and she had to be professional, but then this encounter was different nonetheless.

Opening her lower drawer by her right, was a little box, with inscriptions she couldn’t make out, but from the drawings, it was obviously a dildo and strap. This new toy was something a friend advised to get, normally she wouldn’t be thrilled, but then she could never forget the words that not only piqued her curiosity but chilled her to the bones; 

“It’ll feel like the real thing.” Not telling her more, other than getting on and trying it out herself. It was pricey, but since her friend recommended it, then it must be worth it—on appearance it looked just like a normal big dildo, but then, something felt off when she touched it, but it could also be her imagination. 

Not sure what it was, but she found herself putting it on, strap and all, making her look like a futa or shemale as she admired her new toy that hung between her legs. Jenna smiled mischievously as she held it, twirling it like she was ready to fuck and strangely enough felt an electric current spread all over her… stunned by this, she as well felt her libido rise to unfathomable heights as she squeezed her boobs with her left hand while holding the… penis? Jenna, now stunned, slowly looked down to see… before the door opened causing her to panic.

“Excuse me, Ma. I wanted to…?” came a soft voice, then shock as the person saw her and what she held.

The words hung in the air as an awkward silence suddenly spread through the atmosphere. Here was Dr Jenna standing in full view with skirt hitched up to her waist holding what seemed like a penis, and a big one for that matter, causing her to get flustered.

“Yes?” came Jenna, with a boldness she didn’t know where it came from. 

“Sorry to… bother… you, Ma…” She replied with a shaky voice, pausing to look at the huge penis once again.

Jenna now noticing the effect it had on her, quickly regained her composure and acted on it; 

“Chioma, was it? Please, come in and shut the door behind you.”

Chioma, now herself again, tried leaving but was stopped when Dr Jenna asked her to come in. Her boss stood before her with a big dick hanging between her legs that somehow turned her on, but then… she knew it was inappropriate and thus tried, not to look at it.

“Is there something you need?” Dr Jenna asked, taking slow strides over to Chioma, with whom she kept steady eye contact with that caused her to shyly look away.

“No… I mean… the report…Em… Your dick…” she said, before quickly covering her mouth with both hands. 

“I’m… so sorry, Ma.” she said apologetically.

Jenna smirking at this development, knew this secret was safe as her right hand slowly pumped her dick, she could feel it, like it was a very part of her. It looked and felt like a dildo when touched, but she could feel the sensation of it.

“No, need to apologize… and please, call me Jenna. You’re the new nurse here, yes? And my, I must say, you’re very beautiful.” she said as she watched Chioma blush.

“Thank you, Ma. I mean… Jenna. I could say the same about you.” she replied as she couldn’t stop staring at the huge member hanging in front of her. 

“Well, Ma, I came to deliver a report and…” 

“Shh…!!!” Jenna said cutting her off. 

“Now, you’re here, I’d like to talk and know more about you.” She continued, slowly walking to her and locking it.

“Stand up by the desk,” she commanded as walked back to her. 

“Have you checked yourself up before? Do you know women should always see a doctor to keep their bodies in top shape?” she continued.

Chioma, now flustered, shyly replied; “Em, I don’t have the money for check-ups and besides, I exercise regularly to stay healthy.” 

“I can see that. But then it wouldn’t hurt to get an examination to prevent illnesses like cancer, yes?” she said, slowly licking her lips. 

“And since I’m free, I’ll do this one free favour for you.” she continued as she stood awfully close to Chioma causing her to smell her exotic perfume. 

“Don’t worry, I’m a doctor after all.”

Chioma, not sure why she was allowing this, felt Jenna’s finger take off several buttons exposing her boobs encased in a white bra. Jenna, now seeing this sight, felt her brain go haywire and she wanted to see more… 

“You have beautiful breasts, they’re really big. What size are they?” she asked as she cupped beach breasts hidden behind the bra, gently squeezing each one as she ran her thumb slowly over nipples that started to poke through.

Chioma was turned on, but didn’t want to show it as Jenna slowly massaged her boobs; 

“Um… G.” she said, stifling a moan.

“No wonder, now, how often do you check for lumps? You don’t want to have any form of breast cancer, it’d be a shame to lose this entire treasure of yours.” she continued, slowly squeezing and rubbing her now pointy nipples beneath the bra. 

“Now, let’s take this off so I can do a proper examination.” Jenna smiled as she said, slowly taking each breast out of their entrapments.

“Wow, they’re even more beautiful than I thought.” she exclaimed as she cupped both boobs in each hand, suddenly feeling a sweet sensation in her penis, touching herself, she could tell her pussy was there, but it wasn’t at the same time as instead of her juices to be flowing outside, it was flowing into the now connected penis, causing it to throb.

“Is this how men feel?” she wondered, smiling at such a nasty thought. 

“They look healthy,” she said as she gently squeezed her left boobs, kneading the nipples as well. Her penis throbbed the more as she stared longingly at those boobs, nipples pointing to her as they each called on her to taste them. 

And taste them, she did… Slowly sucking, clicking her tongue across the nipple as she teased the other breast. 

Jenna was a pro and paid attention to each breast as suckled with a hunger she never knew she had. She was going crazy and she wanted to taste every bit of Chioma before fucking her… Chioma on her own part didn’t resist as she fought hard to keep from moaning and failed. 

It was an ecstatic experience as this was her first time with another lady… she was no lesbian, but this felt so good, she didn’t even stop Jenna from kissing her. Sucking each other’s tongues like they were lovers—Chioma could feel her pussy twitch with excitement as it was brimming to overflow with juice. 

Chioma wasn’t really a wild one, but this whole thing drew out something she couldn’t imagine she would do… but then she also wondered if Jenna was packing a real penis or dildo and she had to taste it. 

Slowly, she felt the hem of her gown go up revealing her wide hips underneath stockings. Jenna was going crazy as she saw her panties underneath as well. 

“Well, we need to get this off,” she said, swiftly tearing a hole to access her panties, before licking it. Chioma didn’t seem to mind as her mind was already sinking into the black hole of pleasure to care… she was loving what was being done to her.

“Perfect. Just, perfect.” Jenna said, shifting the panties to the side to reveal a clean-shaven pussy. 

Without any need for permission, she dove in, slowly running her tongue on it upwards before fixating on her vulva. 

“Is this… part… of the… examina… examination… aah.” Chioma said as her mind melted with each stroke as Jenna ate her.

“Yes… indeed. You must really ensure your pussy… is… properly… cared… for…” she retorted as she kept pleasuring her. Jenna was going bonkers and couldn’t believe this was happening and fast. 

But something else tugged at her mind… something else wanted pleasure… and it was… her toy, or rather, her dick… And it wanted, no… had to be sucked. 

“Please…. Let… Me… Let me… Suck your dick.” Chioma said as if she read her mind. 


“Pleeaase… let… me.” She begged.

“Okay, baby… come this way.” Jenna said as she walked to her big examination table close to her table that was hidden by a cubicle curtain. Standing there, her dick throbbed, going erect like it was an actual penis, causing Jenna to smile. 

Chioma now on her knees, with her gown, hitched up above her big ass and resting on her waist, marvelled at the sight of the dick as it throbbed, even holding it felt real enough, even though it looked like a dildo. Chioma now overcome with desire, quickly went for it, sucking hungrily… saliva spilling from the side of her mouth as she took it all, deep throating the entire it. 

Jenna, new to this new sensation, squirmed and moaned as Chioma’s tongue circled around the tip, before licking it up from under and swallowing it. Jenna felt her legs grow weak as Chioma ferociously worked her, even grabbing her butt to shove it deeper into her mouth. Jenna, not giving in, felt a renewed energy that prompted her to grip Chioma by the head and face fuck her. 

It was quick and sweet, as Jenna rammed her cock deeper into her mouth—the pleasure was super amazing and she wanted more with each thrust. Chioma grew wetter with each punishment as she buried the dick in her mouth, getting face fucked by her boss. 

Jenna, now close felt her dick tremble before squirting cream into her mouth, it was a sensation to die for and she loved it. Chioma, now suddenly caught unawares by this action, had her entire mouth filled with cream. 

“This was obviously a dick.” she thought as she swallowed, but then the cum tasted like pussy juice, as she had tasted cum before. Chioma now about to finish, suddenly felt Jenna’s lips on hers as she sucked some out of her mouth.

“You can’t have all the fun… I wanna taste it too.” she said as her curiosity was still piqued about her “ejaculation”. 

“My God, I taste so damn good.” she thought, licking her lips with relish. Chioma, now standing, went to the table and positioned her ass to her. 

Beckoning her with her index finger to come and fuck her—Jenna, standing there, admiring what was laid before her, never has she hungered for anyone this way and with someone as sexy as this nurse—who bent over her examination table, plush ass out, panties to the side and pussy wet. 

Her dick responded, twitching upwards as her eyes ate up that juicy piece of ass…

“Please, fuck me,” Chioma begged earnestly.

Jenna smiles as she pushes the dick into her soaked pussy. Her dick felt trapped as she couldn’t move it out as easily as she put it in. Her pussy gripped like a vice around her dick and wasn’t letting go… the sensation was killing Jenna and she was loving it. 

Slowly, with each gentle thrust she pushed in, she finally got an allowance to pick up speed, which changed to slapping sounds as their bodies clapped against each other. Chioma’s ass jiggled with every movement, causing Jenna to go harder and deeper with each thrust, her ass was too mesmerizing to not go the extra mile. 

Jenna was in cloud nine, her senses were going off the chart as this new sensation slowly wrecked her brain.

Chioma was already lost in ecstasy as Jenna ploughed her from behind like an animal. Things stopped making sense as she descended to the point of no return—she was no lesbian and had a boyfriend, whose name she clearly couldn’t remember anymore as intense pleasure overwhelmed her. 

She wanted nothing more than to be filled and pleasured by this dick—even pushing back to meet up with her thrusts as her ass wobbled and jiggled like water-filled balloons.

“Cum… inside… me. Fill… me… up” she said as she neared orgasm.

Jenna, already close, quickly obliged as she flooded her insides with thick, sweet cream.

Stopping to catch her breath, she stepped away for a moment and watched as “cum” dripped out of Chioma’s pussy. Her delicious ass was a sight to behold as Chioma rested. 

“Damn… that was intense…” she said exhaling deeply, but then… the sensation wasn’t leaving her brain as she still wanted more. 

“This is too good.” she thought… 

“Maybe, one last round.” 

Chioma was breathing heavily and smiling, this was obviously the best sex she’s ever had and she had no regrets. But then, she had work to do, which was the reason she was there and the reason before… she found herself turned over on with her legs in the air as her back rested on the bed. 

“Oh, shit… not again…” she thought as she felt the dick invade her pussy once more. “Oh, my God… Fuck me!!!” came her reply as Jenna began to pound away at her.

Slowly wrapping her legs around her, she didn’t want it to get away as the dick went in and out of her in quick succession. Jenna fucked like with so much vigour, barely slowly down as she took turns sucking her boobs and kissing her. 

Even when Chioma knew it was enough to stop, she couldn’t push back, not when both her hands were held by Jenna’s as she kissed her, thrusting away her inhibitions to oblivion as she did. Jenna really loved this sensation and from the looks of things might be the only pleasure she’d want for the time being. Jenna was close and wouldn’t stop until she had filled Chioma’s delicious pussy with cum. 

“I’ll fuck you like this every day.” she whispered, causing Chioma to lose it and cum uncontrollably, moaning like a maniac after which Jenna followed soon after with a mind-blowing “ejaculation”. 

Good thing, her office was soundproof enough for this sort of thing, she thought as they both briefly rested and freshened up. Jenna lusted after Chioma again, but there was work to be done as she took off the strap-on. 

“Wait… that was a strap-on?” Chioma exclaimed as she saw Jenna take it off. “It looked and felt so real, even ejaculated to that effect.” she continued. 

“I know, right?” she said in agreement, even though to her it was a whole different experience. Her friend was extremely right and this was worth it… in fact, way worth it and she’d most definitely, try it again…

“Oh, that reminds me… I wanted to inform you that you had a patient by 9:00 am today.” Chioma said, remembering the reason why she came into Jenna’s office before being thoroughly fucked by her. Just thinking about it made her smile and pussy twitch, as she knew it wasn’t going to be the last time.

“Oh, really?” Jenna said as she quickly glanced at the clock which read 9:55 am. “

Okay, send her in.” she continued. 

“And Chioma… you were so delicious.”

Chioma, hearing this, beamed a smile that radiated the room; 

“Thank you, Jenna… I’m looking forward to it again.” she said as she left.

Jenna looking at the strap-on in her drawer, now clean as it laid there, smiled… 

“She definitely was going to try it out again and… soon?” she thought as she spied her patient—a voluptuous lady that walked in. On her report read the name, Lisa… 

“Good morning, doctor.” 

“Good morning Lisa. Have a seat.” 

Jenna smiled, as she felt a slight tingle all over her body… she had found a new target to try out her “dick” on.

Written by Offworld Tales

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