August 8, 2022

Short Story: David & Tessa by Nurture (18+)

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Short Story: David & Tessa by Nurture (18+)

David and Tessa are living together now in a rented two-bedroom apartment.

They both worked in different places and exhaustingly except on weekends. David is a doctor and worked in his father’s private hospital whilst Tessa works in an advertising firm.

On this fateful Tuesday, Tessa was off, David came home earlier than expected after making excuse from work that he was unwell because he wanted to spend time with Tessa. 

When he got home at about 2 pm, she still had the nightgown she had slept with on. 

She was in bed under the sheets scrolling through her Insta when he came in. David went to the bathroom and freshened up without saying a word to her, then he came to meet her with just his “round the house” shorts without even his briefs on.

She turned around to him and kissed him briefly and after a brief conversation about how his day had gone and why he was home early, she told him she was feeling sleepy and turned her back, then he wrapped his arms around his waist from the back. 

His member was already throbbing and pressing on her ass. He gently and slowly moved his left hand from her mid-thigh up, till he found out she wasn’t putting on any pants. 

He then groped her butt and move his hand round it gently. He then used his left hand to find her vulva and when he did, he gently pushed his index finger inside it and it was really warm and wet. 

She then instinctively opened her legs to give him room and when he saw that, he then flexed her left knee to give him more room and then freed his already agitating member and slowly pushed it into her tight, wet and warm pussy. 

She started breathing loudly and her moaning became louder as he moved in and out of her keyhole rhythmically. She matched his thrusts and they continued in that position for several minutes

His dick slipped out and before he could put it back in, she turned, kissed him passionately on his lips whilst stroking his very hard and glistening dick. She then came to lie on him whilst he freed her boobs from the zip that held them captive. 

Her gown now formed a hip around her waist. He kissed her lips and fondled the boobs simultaneously with both hands and at the same time she was stroking his dick that had her juices all over it.

Then she sat up and holding his dick with her right hand, she gently sat on it taking the full length into her welcoming pussy. 

Her mouth was wide open and she was breathing really fast with her eyes partially shut whilst he fondled her boobs and then grabbed her ass, he spanked her repeatedly a few times and when he did, she moaned louder. 

She started moving up and down on his dick slowly. She increased her pace and her moaning became louder with concomitant hyperventilation

His dick slipped out a couple of times and she hurriedly grabbed it and put it back in and after several minutes in the same position, she stopped and let his dick slide out and lay on her back with her legs spread out. 

Without much talking or none at all, he was already between her legs and sliding in. He was already close to reaching his stop and he rammed in with such voraciousness and she arched her head back and beneath the pillow, she let out a scream and held the sheets tightly as her muscles tensed and her toes curled up in the air. 

Being so close himself, after a few seconds, he let out a groan and he deposited streams of his seed inside her.

They lay there for a few minutes then she stood up, put on her gown, went to the bathroom to ease herself then she went out and after a few minutes, she came with a can of malt and some fruits then kissed his forehead and said 

“Babe, hope you’re not sleeping”

Written by Nurture

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