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[Short Story] Damsel in Distress by Sixtie 9ine (18+)


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[Short Story] Damsel in Distress by Sixtie 9ine (18+)

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. Any characters, names, places, or events portrayed in this work are purely fictional and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. This work also contains themes of violence and non-consent, and may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

My name is Femi. I work in IT for a large phone company, but we do some side jobs occasionally. I work for companies with their networks and email, and sometimes people call for help with their PC’s, to remove spyware and viruses, work on printers, etc. One day I got a call from a woman named Hannatu. She said she got my number from a friend. She asked me if I could help her with her PC as it was running slow, and she was getting pop-ups. She lived in the outskirts of town, but who am I to turn down a job?

She emailed me her address and I drove out to her house. She lived in a nice house outside of the city. I knocked on the door and Hannatu came to open it. She was beautiful. Tall with long black hair, she was wearing lovely red blouse and a short black skirt.

She smiled as she led me into her home, saying “Thanks for coming on such short notice.”

“No problem”, I said. “What is the matter?”

She said she was getting pop-ups, and it was running slow. I thought maybe her husband was the culprit; it usually is the husband, they’re always sneaking around, watching porn.

“Does your husband use the computer?” I asked. I usually try to be discrete, no reason to get the guy in trouble.

“No,” she said. “He’s at work and never around anyway. I’m the only one that uses this computer.”

I looked at Hannatu again. She had smouldering eyes, and you could see that she wasn’t too happy about his absence. She had a bit of a lonely look, which was surprising as she was very hot. She had a sense of passion about her that was hard to miss. But she also had a bit of sadness.

She must have thought I was looking at her a bit too long, because she suddenly turned away, blushing a bit.

“I am dressed up for a show I am going to tonight. I was hoping you would be able to fix this before I had to go.”

I replied, “I will try my best, show me the problem.”

We moved to the computer desk, and I sat down as she started the computer. She was standing behind me, and as she leaned over to start the computer, her breast brushed on my shoulder. She seemed to linger there a minute and I definitely took note of it. When the computer came up, I started to look around at the programs for anything obvious. Lisa asked if I would like a drink, and I replied in the affirmative.

As soon as she left, I went into the browser history. I wanted to know what she had been looking at. There were lots of websites about submission and a few movies she had been watching. I turned one on quickly and saw a long-legged woman, with her skirt around her waist, bent over a man’s knees and being spanked. Now I knew what that look in her eyes had been, and I knew what I needed to do. I turned the video off just as Hannatu was walking into the room.

She was carrying a Budweiser and had a glass of juice for herself. “Got to get ready for the show” she smiled.

I began to work on the computer and clear out the history and start up files, removing the spyware and apps that were slowing it down. While I was working Hannatu was moving around the office. She was picking up paper and tidying up. Every time I looked at her she was bent over a table or chair, her ass always in my direction and her skirt riding up. It was a show I was enjoying, and her teasing was definitely turning me on. After about half an hour I was done with the computer, but not ready to go.

Hannatu was finished with her drink, and asked if I wanted another beer. I said yes, and when she came back, I stood up to take the drink. She was standing right in front of me, and as she handed me the beer, I let my eyes run up and down her body. When I got to her eyes, I noticed she was staring at me, but she wasn’t moving. I held her gaze for a minute until she looked away again. She stepped back and put her drink down. I moved forward and took her hand and pulled her body against mine, my other hand wrapping around her waist. When she looked up at me, I kissed her. I kissed her hard, my tongue forcing its way between her lips. She kissed me for a second and then began struggling to get away.

She pushed hard against my chest, “No!” She screamed. “Stop!”

She was backing away from me. I stepped forward, following her until she reached the wall. When she was backed against the wall I stepped right up to her body and put my arms against the wall, pinning her arms to her sides.

“Please stop,” She said, “I can’t do this, I don’t want to do this!” She was trembling. I reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling it down until she looked up at me.

I looked into her eyes and said, “You will do this!” And then I kissed her again. This time she struggled and tried to push me away, but I had her pressed to the wall, my hand holding her hair, and my other hand on her ass pulling her against my body.

I felt her body give in just a little and push against my cock. I reached up and began rubbing her tits through her shirt. Her nipples were rock hard, and I heard a moan come from her lips while I was kissing her.

“I knew you wanted it, I could feel it. A woman like you, home all alone, you need this!”

“NO! I said stop! You can’t come in here and do what you want! Take your hands off me!” Hannatu was struggling again, trying to push me away, but I wasn’t moving.

“Shut up.” I said and kissed her again. “I can and will do what I want. You are just a slut waiting for me to take you.”

I reached up and grabbed the front of her shirt, ripping it open, the buttons flying across the room. Her nipples were hard and exposed. I grabbed and twisted her nipple and her screams of protest turned to a whimper of pain.

“Please stop, I don’t want to do this.” There was a hint of a tear in her eye. My hand slid up her thigh, under her skirt and up to her pussy. The heat was emanating from her body, and I could feel moistness on her panties.

“Yes you do.” I said as I was rubbing her pussy through the velvety material. “I can feel how much you want this, you are already wet, bitch.” She softly groaned as my hand, under her skirt was rubbing against her pussy. I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth, licking around it, until I suddenly bit down. Hannatu’s sharp intake of breath allowed me to pull her down to her knees by her hair. “Take my dick out, you are going to suck it now!” I demanded.

She looked up at me, “No I said I don’t want to!” She was defiant. There was a little fire in her eyes now and she began to struggle to her feet. I reached down and slapped her face. “I said suck my dick!” I growled at her. Her face flushed a little, but she looked away and reached up to undo my buckle and open my jeans.

Hannatu pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees and my dick jumped out to her lips. I pushed her head forward until my cock slipped past her lips and into her hot mouth. I started to fuck her mouth pushing my cock deeper into her throat until she had swallowed my cock to my balls. I was looking into her eyes,

“Suck my cock, bitch. Suck it like the slut you are!” Her head started to bob up and down on my dick, I moved my hands to hold her head on either side and really began to fuck her. She was moaning and I had never had a blow job as good as this. “Ohh yes, fuck you are hot. You love my cock in your throat” I could feel her moan when my cock hit the back of her throat. This bitch loved to suck dick and was about to make me cum. My dick was about to explode, but I wanted her pussy.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the couch. Hannatu was fighting, trying to get away from my hold, but I was too strong for her. I found a scarf draped over the back of the couch and wrapped it around her wrists. I tied her wrist together behind her and pushed her over the arm. I reached down under her skirt and flipped it over her back. I rubbed her pussy through her panties, she moaned as I rubbed my finger across her clit. She was soaking wet. I slapped her ass hard, feeling the silkiness of her underwear on her ass. She screamed when I grabbed it in each hand and ripped it apart. I was now able to touch her bare ass. I kicked her legs apart, grabbed my cock and pushed it against her wet pussy. I rubbed my dick up and down, getting it wet as it opened the folds of her pussy, I slid just inside the entrance and grabbed her hips and slammed my dick into her pussy.

Her body stiffened up as my dick hit the bottom of her pussy. I fucked her as deep as I could. She was now pushing back against me, fucking me back. I was pounding her pussy, slapping her ass and I felt her body shudder. She screamed “NOOO, Stop, I’m cumming!” and her body shook and convulsed as I continued to ream her sopping pussy.

I slipped my dick out her of her gushing pussy and put it against her tight little ass. “I am going to fuck this tight little ass of yours!” I said.

“No please don’t!” Hannatu cried. “No one has ever done that!” I couldn’t believe that. Her ass was so nice and round, it was perfect for fucking! I had to have it! I pushed hard until the tip of my cock, slick with her pussy juice popped into her tight little ass. I pushed as she screamed until my balls pushed against her clit. I began fucking it fast and faster until she could take all of me. All I could hear now was some grunting as I was fucking her ass. Hannatu started to respond, pushing back against me as I continued to fill her ass with my hard cock.

On the table next to me I saw the bottle ofe Budweiser she had brought me. I grabbed it and slid it under her hips. I started to rub the tip of the bottle against her pussy and clit.

“What are you doing?” She yelled.

“I am going to fill you like you have never felt before!” I growled at her, and then pushed the bottle into her pussy.

Her body tightened against me and then she shuddered and screamed in the loudest orgasm I had ever heard. I was fucking her with the neck of the bottle and my cock buried deep in her ass. I could hear her gasps for air as I continued the assault on her body. She was shaking and quivering and I was about to explode.

I felt the cum rising in my cock. I dropped the bottle and grabbed her hips and pushed my cock as far into her as I could. My cock exploded with blast after blast of hot cum. Squirting into her ass and oozing out around my cock. I had never cum so hard before in my life.

Hannatu was slumped over the arm of the couch, I pulled my dick out with an audible pop and walked around to her, grabbed her by the hair and thrust my dripping cock into her mouth.

“Suck me clean, bitch!” I said and she eagerly began slurping and licking my dick and balls. Lisa licked my dick and balls until all of our juices were gone. I let go of her and her head dropped to the cushion. She was at that moment a beautiful site. Still bent over the arm, dress on her back, shirt ripped open with a small smile as her ragged breath escaped her lips.

I pulled up my jeans. “Your computer is fixed I said. Let me know when your printer breaks!” I walked out planting a kiss on her lips.

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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