September 28, 2023
Short Story: Cold Blooded by Sixtie 9ine [Part 4] (18+)


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Short Story: Cold Blooded by Sixtie 9ine [Part 4] (18+)

Please note that this story and the characters are works of fiction. Any names bearing any resemblance to any individuals are totally coincidental. Also, this story contains themes of blackmail and coercion.

“You should take up a career in blowjobs,” I said to Mayowa, “You’d make a lot of money,” I said, and I meant it. The way she worked her lips along my shaft, tickled the head with her tongue, and then deep-throated was a real skill.

Feeling the back of her throat with my dick’s head was nice, but the slurpy sounds she made really did the trick. Holding her head, I could see my dick head pushing out on her cheek when I unloaded right in her mouth. Mayowa struggled a bit, but I held tight.

“Open your mouth,” I told her, and she obliged. I asked her to go to the bathroom to spit it out but thought it was a waste. Sometimes I am just too nice, otherwise, why would I let my precious semen go to waste?

When the Uber driver arrived, she had finished wiping her face, and grumbled “Tomorrow we end this, you son of a bitch.”

“It ends when I say so bitch, and not before, and a lot of that depends on the bail hearing tomorrow, so keep that in mind. Your actions got you here, so remember that while you’re at it.” As she made to open the door, I forced it closed, and said, “I don’t recall you asking to leave.”

She shot me a bitch look, then said, “Can I leave?”

“Tomorrow morning, 8am” I replied, then jerked the door open and simply said, “Now get the fuck out.” I took a good hot shower. I felt on the top of the world, as I drifted off to a well-earned sleep.

The hotel was quite close to the office, so I was there when Mayowa arrived, 20 minutes late as I expected, but still there was time. I held the door for her and gave her a hostile “Good Morning.” As we passed Amaka at her desk, I observed that we were on time, then led Mayowa into my office. Amaka being here gave her comfort I was sure. If she only knew.

“Look Mayowa,” I told her, holding Tomiwa’s case file. “You made my life hell all those years, so one night seems like a fair trade.”

“Fuck you, Chinedu Nwokocha,” she said hatefully, “Fuck you…” Looks like someone was feeling aggressive today.

“Look here, woman,” I retorted, “With the love notes you wrote to me, the worst I can get is a query from the bar. The pictures from yesterday sent to Tomiwa will end your marriage before it even kicks off, so think before you act.”

Seeing her cross her arms, huff loudly, and look away, I continued. “There’s a good chance that the judge will put Tomiwa on a rehabilitation program, which cancels out jail time, so it looks to me that your ‘investment’ in me is about to pay off.”

Mayowa stared at me, and almost smiled. “well, maybe there is a bright side to this charade,” she remarked, “So it’s over?”

“Let’s head to court” was my only response.

At the hearing, the judge directed Tomiwa into a rehabilitation program and he was to engage in community service for three months, which was good news for all. He shook my hand vigorously, thanking me, and repeatedly apologized for the past. The bailiff came and took David off for his paperwork processing.

Mayowa was seated on the first row, just behind me, so I turned my chair to face her.

“It IS over.” She beamed. Her statement referring to much more than the hearing.

“Well, not quite, “ I responded. “Remember, the judge specified that he will have to complete his rehabilitation and then proceed to community service. Let’s not count our eggs before they’re hatched my dear.”

“It is over!” Mayowa replied, hissing.

“Well, perhaps.” I replied. “One other thing I had not mentioned. Tomiwa’s lawyer would have to sign on the bi weekly report from his rehab program, so you still need me. Now I learnt that after all these years, you and Odunayo are still close, even after that whole prom-thing. Now just because you didn’t get caught with drugs doesn’t mean you aren’t doing them.”

“So what if I do?” Mayowa asked, “I’m not on trial.”

“No, but I know Odunayo, your cousin, does them too.” I responded, “So here is what you’re going to do. I want you to give he police Odunayo Mobolade; you are going to set her up, and you are going to make it easy for them. Then, you’re going to direct Odunayo to see me.” I finished with a knowing stare.

“God!!!! You’re crazy!!!! Why the fuck would I do that, to my cousin?” Mayowa said indignantly.

I smiled as I could see Tomiwa coming down the hall towards us, cops in tow. “In 2 weeks, Tomiwa will need my signature, remember? I’m going to stretch someone’s asshole that night. The choice between yours or Odunayo’s is completely up to you.”

The old saying that Revenge is a dish best served cold has never been in doubt.


Two weeks later, my black AMG G 63 SUV pulled into the same hotel.

“Here is where you prove your commitment” I said to her.

She sighed and hung her head. “Is this the only way?” Odunayo Mobolade asked, “Chinedu, if I could change what happened, I swear…”

“We all swear, Odunayo” I cut her off. “and you can’t change what happened, so stop dreaming. Let me know if you’re not down for this and we’ll let you take your chances with the regular lawyer, or better still you can pay my standard rate of ten million naira, oh let’s not forget the consultation fee of N500k.”

She looked out the window for a moment and took a deep breath. “I don’t have that kind of money,” and with a tear rolling down her cheeks, she finished by adding “So let’s go.”

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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