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Short Story: Cold Blooded by Sixtie 9ine [Part 3] (18+)


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Short Story: Cold Blooded by Sixtie 9ine [Part 3] (18+)

Please note that this story and the characters are a work of fiction. Any names bearing any resemblance to any individuals is totally coincidental. Also, this story contains themes of blackmail and coercion.

&After I had been stroking for a bit, I had a good rhythm going, and I noticed that Mayowa was really taking it. But I wanted her to pay, so I grabbed her ass cheeks and roughly pulled them apart.

“Ah-Ah-Ah…” Mayowa moaned. Now her moans were laced with something else. Something between pain and pleasure “Ahh Chinedu.…please….take it easy on me…” she implored.

“Shhhhh” I responded. Completely ignoring her, I increased the intensity of my thrusts for a while and then pulled out. “You must be tired of that position,” I said, and, grabbing her arm, I got her on her feet. I walked her over to the bed and said, “get your ass on the bed and on your back.” Giving her no time to react, I added “Hurry up woman, we’re not done yet.”

Mayowa was trying to say something, but I pushed her onto the bed. She was trying to pull away from me. But with the back of my fingers I gave the inside of one thigh a little smack making her spread her legs and, I wrapped my arms under her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed., I had her right where I wanted her, and she was going nowhere.

Mayowa clearly did not like being tossed around like an object and objected “For fucks sake! Stop pushing me around? It’s not like I belong to you.”

“Actually, you belong to me, you and your pussy till I say otherwise, so shut the fuck up.” I responded, “You just say the word, and…”

“Holding her hand up in submission, he said “Ok fine, at least let me adjust.”

I let her go for just a moment and picked up the vibrator. Standing at the side of the bed with Mayowa’s ass at the edge & in front of me, missionary style, knees up. I handed her the vibrator. “Use this on your clit, you obviously know how it works.” I said staring at her with an expectant look.

“What now?” Mayowa asked, as she turned on the vibrator. I simply smiled at her urging her to go ahead. No matter how much she hated me, the application of the vibrator on her clit was enough to take her mind off it. She refused to look at me, she looked instead at the vibrator, and for someone who hated this moment, she sure reacted as though she liked it.

“OH-h-h-h-h……” she said, in a soft moan, biting her lip.

She was panting and even moving her hips, her voice again trailed off in that slight whimper that made my dick hard. ‘Damn she’s close to cumming’, I thought.

“Now we get to see if you are truly committed to saving your husband.” I said. I had already applied some lube to my fingers, and I smeared some on the head of my dick, though it was already well lubricated with her juices. Mayowa got the idea when I began to rub some on her asshole.

“No no wait!” she said, as I repositioned myself. Seeing as her plea fell on deaf ears, she tried again. “Wait, Chinedu, wait!”

There was no ‘wait’ in me. I pushed down on my rock-hard-cock slightly against her asshole, just enough to hold it in place. I could feel her asshole on the tip of my dick. It felt tight. “Remember why you’re here Mayowa, remember what got you here.” I said and pushed just a bit. I could feel her asshole open just a tiny bit.

“Ohhh fuck” Mayowa said in a panicked tone. “Chinedu please…” she asked.

“Just like those times I begged you and Tomiwa, right?” I responded. Pushing my hips forward, I could feel her ass open to me a bit more. “Mayowa, breathe, then push your rectum into me. It’ll go a lot easier”.

“Ahhhh!” Mayowa grunted. She was trying to move back, but my arms were holding her thighs. I could feel her asshole give in to my pressure.

“This is not your first for time.” I told her. Her anus was slowly giving.

“Uhmmm….fuck!” She responded “Yeah, bu-but not in a long….ah shit! Long t-time….” Mayowa responded.

She wanted to stop, but it was no use now, and she knew it. Her ass was opening to me and there was nothing she could do. Again, she was being betrayed by her body.

Mayowa threw her head back. “Ah Shit! Shit! Shit!!” she screamed out.

I pushed just a bit more…and with a last gasp, her asshole gave way, and the head of my dick popped right in, with a small shriek from Mayowa. “Yeah…” I grunted. I was past the waiting room and eased myself inside the living room. It felt all silky, like a glove, her anal walls squeezing my dick. Wow it was tight, but it felt good.

“Stop-stop-stop!” Mayowa exclaimed, but it was no use. She had put up a brave face for a long time, but no longer. Her mascara had since run down her cheeks, some of which had stained the back of her hands from wiping her face. I squeezed one nipple as I was sliding in and out of her.

I really hated that I could not get a picture of my dick inside Mayowa’s ass. If I could have gotten it, I would have it framed and keep it by my bed at night, I was so proud of my accomplishment. Her anal walls continued to grip me, though not as hard. Her ass felt very different from her cunt. At last, I got what I was here for. Mayowa Lawal was a broken woman. She just lay there, weeping, while I pumped that hole, taking what I wanted.

I could have gone longer. I could have stopped, wiped off, and plunged my dick back in her cunt, or maybe her mouth. She was mine now after all. Right now I had my dick in her ass, her legs on my shoulders, and my hands squeezing her breasts. I was on top of the world. I could feel my balls whirl up. There was no turning back. As I felt the eruption coming from deep inside me, I switched back to grabbing her thighs, and with a mighty roar perhaps mightier than Simba’s, I dumped every ounce of my load inside her ass, rope after rope, and anything else her twitching asshole could milk from me.

After I finally pulled out, I went to the bathroom to clean up and freshen up. Mayowa got up, still weeping, and walked gently to the bathroom. Mayowa washed her face, and came back in, looking like complete shit. I pointed to the other chair, and naked, she had a seat.

“Now you have an idea of the pain you put me through.” I said.

Mayowa was silent for a bit, then “is it over?” she asked numbly.

“And yet you still haven’t learned.” I responded.

Looking dead at me, she responded, “Oh, I have. but I cannot turn back the hands of time.”

“No. you can’t. Which is why I am taking every pound of flesh you owe me. Now get dressed.”

As Mayowa dressed I told her, “Tomiwa’s bail hearing is at 9am, so be at my office at 8.” I took her phone out of my briefcase, switched it on and flipped through her pictures. I found a picture where she had a black gown on. It was a classy look. “You will wear this, and dress like you’re going to church. No heavy make up or any of all that glamour.”

“Ok….” Mayowa responded as she came back. “You never answered my question.”

“Over? you would get that answer tomorrow. I still have to prepare for court tomorrow to keep Tomiwa out. While you may hate me, I am still a man of my word, and as said, tomorrow’s court date will answer your question.” As Mayowa sat timidly, I fiddled with my phone, then picked up the remote and flipped on the TV, all while totally ignoring her.

“Are-you…going to take me home?” she asked.

“Your uber driver will be here in about 15 minutes.” I told her. “That gives you about 10 minutes to suck me off, so you need to get that bitch-mouth over here and get to work.”

Is Mayowa’s debt paid in full? Is it all over? Find out in part 4. Don’t miss it!!!!!

Written by Sixtie 9ine

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