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Short Story: Buy & Test Market (18+) by Anonymous


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Short Story: Buy & Test Market (18+) by Anonymous

Since mosquitoes won’t let me sleep, let me pen down my sexcapades. I decided to end my celibacy after 1 year and 6 months… the experience wasn’t funny, tbh.

I’m questioning the fact of how I did it. I gave it to a girl that I kissed in a taxi after a late-night party. I can be crazy like that. We fucked and I discovered that junior wasn’t performing at his peak… I wasn’t feeling it, so I decided to work on myself.

I started working out, read all the sex books I could lay my head on to gain that alpha male ego back. I learnt breath control and holding my perineum so I can last longer. Horny as fuck, I had another chance of fucking the same girl, I kissed in the taxi.

The foreplay was crazy, I initiated everything, and she called me a demon because I discovered new erotic zones. This babe just wanted me to be an animal without her giving in. I grabbed her ass to put my dick in, only for pekus to deny me from my pleasure cruise.

OMG!!! I boned and acted as if I was fine, hell no! I wasn’t…

I got home and told my gateman about it indirectly. He said I shouldn’t worry that he will call me when his herb seller (agbo) comes in the morning. I was indoors cleaning my crib, when my doorbell rang. Lo and behold it was my gateman.

He said “Oga, she don come”

I came out to see the woman. fuck, she’s pretty with curves in the right places. Her clothes were seductive kinda. Oshey!!! Buy and test market. I greeted her, while my gateman told her what I wanted. He said he’s my doctor.

Abu teased her and told me that he will marry her. Lol, fuckaholic.

She asked the amount I wanted. I told her, I don’t do herbs because of the taste. She said
“I need it for my health… ” Wow, she speaks English well to an extent.

She told me to take the one for Jedi first. I gave her 200 naira because I know Abu will want me to pay for his own.

I drank it even though it was hot and bitter. Chai!!! No pain, no gain. I felt light the next day. It flushed my system… I saw her later in the evening. She asked me how I felt, I explained and she said

“Praise God”
“Praise God, that what?”

That you feel light and better.

I bought another one and did my kegel exercise later at night to test my control because my next fuck must shift somebody’s womb.

Oh boy!!! I learnt new tricks.

On Friday, I decided to take a stroll outside when I saw her arguing with Abu over money.

“Hey, good evening,” I said

“Good evening”

I told her, I think I need that manpower today for weekend cruise. She smiled… I told her no babe yet ooo.

She mixed the concoction together and told me that it would give me energy like that of a stallion.

Oshey… Kharl Drogo don jam sex god.

I drank it and thanked her. She said if I need any help I should call her. She gave me her phone number…

Home alone chilling and having phone sex with random girls on the phone. Misleading them by making them horny as fuck. I noticed junior was at attention. Jeez, the herb worked.

I need to test my rod in a wet and edible pussy. I wanked, while I called Sugar up. Phone sex with her is always crazy even though we were miles apart.

Omo my spunk was thick and white. Oshey!!!

I slept happily.

The next morning, I woke up early, and called her that I need her help.

“Sir, how can I be of help?”

I said my dick is hard because of the herb and I need to release it.

She said that’s not a problem. My job is to satisfy my customers and meet their every need. I will be at your place shortly with my herbs.

20mins later.

The doorbell rang.
I came out and Abu signalled her to come. I greeted her and led her in.

Fuck, she came prepared.

She wore a lovely gown that showed her curves. I told her to give me another portion to double the dose in me. She teased,

“E be like say you wan shift my womb today. Haba na!!!”

I drank the potion and told her to chill while I went to get a condom. A nigga must play safe. I saw her observing my space. I stood in front of her. Signalling her to start.

She said “let me check out your package if my medicine worked?”

She pulled my shorts down and was shocked by what she saw.

“Yepa!!! U carry something. Weapon of destruction” she said.

Your tool is making me wet already.

She knelt in front of me and worshipped my dick. She sucked me good. Rubbed my balls and sucked every detail of my dick. It drove me wild that I held her head while I fucked her mouth.

She’s a pro, born to suck dicks.

She rubbed her clit while she sucked me. She was dripping. I was tempted to give her head though. I wore a condom ASAP, I jacked her up and inserted my dick into her wet pussy.

She welcomed me in by taking the full length of my dick. I walked to the wall, her pussy on my dick, grinding and letting out soft moans as she meets my thrusts.

Days like this I wish there was a peeping tom seeing what I was doing to somebody’s daughter.
I pinned her to the wall and fucked her pussy good. Her hands rubbed my head and scratched my back.

My ministration was driving her wild. Her moans were becoming intense with vibration while she was trying to meet my thrusts. I knew she was going to cum soon so I continued pounding her pussy.

“Ye, don’t stop, stop, ha! Yes…like that…” Acting like someone possessed… she came hard but this stallion needs to cum.

I carried her off my dick so she can relax. I rubbed her clit and boobs while she sat on the couch. I knelt in front of her while I introduced my cock into her pussy, giving her slow strokes, exploring every part of her pussy.

I raised her legs over her head, I don’t know what came over me but she knew she was in for it when I started pounding her like a beast.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

She started talking dirty for me to cum cos her pussy was on fire.

I said, “I love your pussy, tight and wet”.

“Cum for me…cum for me, yes, fuck me…”

“Not yet, kneel in front of me.”

Immediately she gave me that doggy position. “Good”

I rammed into her rubbing her clit. Her pussy walls hold my dick tight to let go of my cum. Few more thrusts while she climaxed, releasing the floodgates. I could feel that I was going to cum soon.

I spanked her butt while I thrust cos I was going to let go of my cum finally.I grabbed her butt hard and released


She removed the condom and sucked me clean. She loves my dick *Winks*

She cleaned up and got dressed and told me that she has to go…..

Written by Anonymous

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