March 20, 2023

Short Story: A Girl’s Naughty Awakening by Anonymous (18+)

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Short Story: A Girl’s Naughty Awakening by Anonymous (18+)

My name is….

Oops, sorry I don’t want to mention my name but I am a girl tho….did I just say girl?? Is that even appropriate cuz I mean I’m 25… I am a lady joorr!

Ok, I don’t know if it’s just me but omg I’m really so scared of marriage!

Can I just skip marriage and enjoy my life with whoever catches my fancy at the moment?? Or better still where in Nigeria or even in the world can I get a very open-minded nigga that would marry me and then we do naughty shits together?

When I say naughty things I mean like very naughty things..imma just be like, babe, let’s switch up the game! Bring a girl home let’s fuck her together!

And yes, I’m a bi…lol!

Yes, I like girls! I can see you wanna judge me but don’t even try it! I mean we are all hypocrites and pretenders for this Naija, you might even be worse than me!

Anyways back to my gist, I was pretty much young when I had my first experience with a girl. I think I was 9..ish or thereabout, I can’t quite remember but then she was even like

2 years younger than me. We were friends, her name is..oops! I keep forgetting I don’t wanna mention names.

She came at me, touching my already developing boobs, Cus I had a very rapid growth.
I was taken aback, like I mean, I didn’t know girls could do that to girls too.

So I didn’t know how to react. She kept touching me but at some point, I stopped her. This happened a second time and then again but the third time, it was different..she wanted me to touch her back but I couldn’t. I had to totally stop her.

That was how it ended, we kept on being friends anyways, although today I don’t even know her whereabouts, we lost contact, such is life I guess.

Now let me tell y’all about my second girl experience… you might call me a bad person after this but who cares?

So I had this friend, we were teenagers but well adults too, because I mean we were in our first year of university. We were in different schools anyways so she visited me a day after matriculation.

And it happened that I was in my then boyfriend’s lodge in school, she came there anyways, we were all together gisting and stuff then my guy stepped out to buy some stuff and I didn’t know what came over me but I spontaneously made advances on her.

At first, she was like,
“Are you ok? What are you doing? Your boyfriend will find out!” And I told her that he isn’t gonna find out unless she tells him, then she relaxed.

I touched her breasts, damn it was soft…that was the first time I ever hit on a girl.

What made me do it?? I don’t even know because we’ve been friends and I have never had that type of feelings for her or any other girl and I was what?

I was 17! That experience changed everything for me because that was when I realised that I might be part of the LGBTQ family anyways.

“Shiiiit” I diverted again! Anyways I kissed her and her lips were so soft, I couldn’t stop, I kept squeezing her breasts and nipples and kept kissing her lips, as I stopped it, my boyfriend came back.

Pheeew, I knew that was close but don’t worry there was no ‘caught’! But at that moment, I knew I had to cook up a lie in order for me to go back to my own lodge with my friend and that was exactly what I did.

On arriving at my lodge, this babe didn’t even allow me to close the door properly, she has already started kissing me, she stripped me naked before I could say jack, she sucked on my breast and touched me down there, I was already wet and so was she.

She fingered me and kept on fingering and lord help me, I was enjoying her touch even more than I enjoy my boyfriend’s.

I didn’t realise how we got to the bed but we were on the bed anyways and she proceeded to give me head, that was the first time a girl went down on me it was magical, I kept on moaning as she sucked me clean, then she did this thing with her tongue on my clit, she twirled her tongue in a circular motion on my clit then suckled on it and held it there for awhile!

Then when she released it, it was as if she released a mountain of fluids from my pussy because my orgasm hit me so badly. I was shaking uncontrollably and moaning so loudly.

I wanted to reciprocate this energy so we had to switch it up to position 69, I sucked and licked on her pussy like my life depended on it, she was moaning my name and I felt so sexy hearing that!

Then we tried out the scissors style but being that it was both our first time, it wasn’t that successful so we switched it to missionary!

Yess!! girls can do missionaries too😌 I was on cloud 9.

Everywhere was so soft and full and juicy! I kept asking myself, so na this thing wey boys dey enjoy Abi!

Like I mean softness everywhere! Na from that day I vow say I no go ever leave girls for boys alone oo!! Never!

Written by Anonymous

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