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May 9, 2021

Shon Eze : Episode 2 Prelude
Shon Eze ( The Diary of a Daddy's Girl
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Shon Eze : Episode 2 Prelude


That was a close call. I took the stairs two at a time like I wasn’t wearing this pair of fuck-me heels. Finally, I stopped and I was sure I was about to have one of my famous asthmatic attacks that only came when I was frightened,

“God, please not now and not here”, I cried as I frantically searched my bag for my inhaler or the pack of Aminophyllin tablets I never left home without. I popped two tablets into my mouth and I could feel the constrictions in my chest loosen it’s hold a bit and I did a little shoki dance in my head. At least I was getting out of here on my legs not a stretcher.

Oh God! Why did I have to be this vulnerable around Chike? It had always been this way. There was no time I’d see him and not become a nerve wreck, that was besides the wetness at the junction of my thighs. But then why did he have to be so sexy? I’d feel better if he was some “Plain Jude” I was crazy in love with. After four months, he still tasted familiar like I fed on him yesterday night.

My phone was ringing again, jolting me back to reality. It was Da-da, my pet name for my Daddy since I was little. “Hey Tornado”, Da-da called my pet name and I groaned inwardly. He was obviously in the mood for some father-daughter gist and I was so not in the mood. “Hey Da-da”, I said and feigned gigging; I hope he bought it because that was the best I could do.

“Someone is in a mood! Wrong timing?” he replied. God! Why did he have to be this sensitive, he even knew when I faked the famous giggles.


“Not really Pops… it’s just been a long and busy night. Speaking of which, my other phone is on fire now. Talk to you later Big Man”

“Later my angel! Love you!” he replied and hung up as I sighed in relief. Imagine the stress of trying to talk normally to Daddy in my present state.

Like Karma had it in stock for me, my phone was ringing and it was The Boss.

“Hello Sir.” I said.

“Shontelle, are you still at the venue?”

“Yes sir!”

“I need you to go talk to the sleazebag TK-CRUZ and tell him to chill his fat ass. He’s talking about extra money when he knows the agreement. I’m in a meeting at the office right now and I expect you to join me as soon as you can.” he said in his softest voice like he knew I was looking for the slightest provocation to explode.

“I’m on it, Boss.” Where the hell was that douche? Why didn’t he call me instead of making me seem like an incompetent employee?

I stomped into the hall where the show had held. I was determined to take it all out on TK-CRUZ or whoever I saw first. I saw him and he was smiling “Shon Baby! You know you’re my personal person o! Don’t blame me now; I’m sure your boss has labelled me bad cos of the little discussion we had now o, but you know I have bills to settle.”

“Lil Rems, the agreement stands and like I told you, you’ll get an alert by 3pm. If you disturb me before then, you’ll see my trouble.” I gave him the evil eye and stormed out.

It was just 9am and I had already completed someone’s full day job. I love my job o, but this was one of those days when the urge to quit was strong. Well, on to the meeting then, I just hope there were no egos to stroke or babies to babysit there either cos I didn’t have the energy for that at all. As I drove off, I remembered I hadn’t dropped the rant I promised myself.

45mins later, I was in the elevator to the 5th floor that housed my office. I had pulled on my emergency blazer to look a bit professional from my car where I always left it for purposes such as this one when I wasn’t dressed for the meeting. Plus I didn’t want anybody, male or female, concentrating on the outline of my boobs instead of my face while I spoke. I walked into the conference room, and there they were, laughing out loud over their glasses of wine like they were at a viewing centre instead of a meeting to discuss the planning of the biggest award event in Nigeria music.

I scowled at my boss as if to say “Looks like somebody is having fun without me” as I took my seat beside him.

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