May 23, 2022

#OniranuAdventures: 3 young Nigerians share their weird but funny sex stories

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#OniranuAdventures: 3 young Nigerians share their weird but funny sex stories


Read about the funny, shocking, and sweet adventures of Nigerians Millennials and their sex lives at different times.

We all know sex can be a magical experience, but sometimes it can be funny and traumatizing, we asked Young Nigerians to share their experiences with us, and the stories below are real, but their names have been changed to hide their identity.

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Close to marriage but uncle has a toothpick and zero bedmatic skills…

I have a guy who we have been dating for a while but you know the no sex rule, we maintained that for long time. We were almost at the point of him proposing but I wanted to be sure of what I was getting myself into, so I threw out the rule. 

He came visiting as usual and I sha got him into the mood. Sincerely he would have been the worse mistake ever, if I had not done it that day. We sha got down and I didn’t even feel anything was inside of me and before you can say  Jack Robinson, he don trowey. 

I was mad. Like I didn’t feeling anything in me and he kept asking,

“Baby did u cum”, 

Right in front of him, I carry my finger fuck myself. After that, I told him the relationship was off. He was a half-minute man. I can’t suffer in my marriage, dat one no fit happen.

Cynthia, Benin


Small breeze, this babe don off my trouser

This here one na confirm bro,

I’ve been knacking this babe without even knowing that she has a super weak spot. 

We are really close and we do play all this rough play whenever she’s around, so I just told her I want to tell her something in her ear, not knowing it was her super weak point, as I just breathe inside her ear Baby start shaking 

Me just throway face oo before I know it she’s trying to take off my belt 

I looked at her face and I felt guilty that I’m using her weakness against her but if I no fuck her that day I go know say I fuck up because she’s ready

We fucked but after that day, we became distant and, no longer close friends again.

E pain me but e no pain my dick, WE MOVE!

Femi, Lagos


Na Confidence almost finish my BBC friend 

During my undergraduate days, I had a friend Muyiwa, his dick is the biggest I’ve ever seen. 

When boys measured, it’s about 4-5 inches, when erect the dick dey enter 10-12 inches like those BBC guys own. He dey literally tear ladies coochie. I mean literally, wey babe go dey limp waka go house. I mean babes wey on a norm, na babes wey go finish average guys like me. 

Olosho babes wey be say na only fuckery dem know, the babe wey finish am, na one churchy unassuming babe called Confidence. Omo, my guy went overnight to the next morning. 

That day na Saturday, we wan go play ball early mo-mo, we knock my guy no answer. 

The next wey we hear be “Confidence, sho fe pa mi ni” (Confidence, do you want to kill me?)

Hostel scatter that day, even till today na the nickname wey we dey call am be that 

“Sho fe pa mi ni” the babe na unassuming babe, I mean it literally. 

She no get ass no boobs.. nothing. For Confidence case, iro ni o(Na lie o). 

U no go know say she dey house gan

Femi, Ife

**Names of real owners of stories have been changed to protect their identities**

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