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My “Not-So” Detty December II by Olukay
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My “Not-So” Detty December II by Olukay

Glasses shrugged like a little boy that had been told to put away his toys. He furrowed his brows and exhaled deeply. I could tell he was trying – with little success to bring his raging hard-on under control.

By now I had relaxed the seat to give Tinted Hair full access.

“Ohhhhhhh, yes baby!” I cooed. I promise you I wasn’t trying to frustrate Glasses. It was just that Tinted Hair was doing a madness with his tongue where he was suctioning my right tit and simultaneously flicking his tongue around the tip in quick circular motions.

His chest was on the headrest for support with his frame hovering over me, his left hand on my left tit, kneading, flicking, teasing and thumbing the tip. I was gasping with my toes curled.

From the corner of my eyes, I faintly saw Glasses leave the car to get the Suya. Did the guys at the Suya stand just catch a fleeting glimpse of me in all my erotic goddess pose? The door had been open for a few moments…

The thought fueled my voyeur alter ego as I reached for my clit. My brain was too foggy to process anything. I needed to cum or I’d die. Literally.

Tinted Hair was a pornstar. A very senior pornstar. The things he was doing with his tongue and fingers – he had no right to be walking free. This guy was a delicious demon!

‘Dear Father in heaven. Eh God o’

As if I was on cue, he used his free hand to join in the ministrations to my pussy. This was pure collaboration. I was circling my clit with a vengeance as he slid a finger in my dripping wet pussy.

Why I didn’t have panties on to the concert, I can’t even tell. I think the fact that I had no panties on somehow fired Tinted Hair on. He slipped in a second finger. He was thrusting upwards and stroking my G spot before withdrawing and thrusting again.

The rhythm was pure paradise. I was exploding. Then he started to nibble my tips lightly while still swirling his tongue. His left palm lay flat over my tit, gently grazing my taut nipple. I let out an animal scream.

“Oh fuckkkkkkkkkk! Yessssssss!! Fuck yesssssssssss!!!”

I was riding wave after wave of pleasure as my soul flowed out of my body. I locked his fingers firmly in place with my pelvic muscles but Tinted Hair continued to torture my tits until… The second wave hit!

“Ohhhhhhhhhh. Godddddddddd! Nooooooooooo! Fuck yessssssssss! Pleaseeeeeeeeee, yes! Fuck noooooooooooo!!!”

I faintly heard the car door open and slammed shut hurriedly. I heard Glasses exclaim: “Guyyyyyyy!” from a very far distance as I gently shoved Tinted Hair’s hands off and softly nudged away his face.

‘Nor be you go kill me one week to New Year, Alaye’

I felt very faint and lightheaded as I slowly recovered to the sight of Glasses’ cute face and puppy eyes.

Something started to stir in my nether regions. I locked my gaze with him and smiled as the look of despair quickly evaporated from his face to be replaced with excitement.

I licked my lips, seductively as I slowly got on my knees on the seat with my hands and face on the door and my ass towards Glasses in a semi squatting position. I was still dripping.

“Strap up and fuck me senseless”, I ordered faintly.

Glasses was deft with his hands. In a flash, he’d fished out a condom, tore it open and strapped. Now he was gently teasing my clit, pushing upwards from my pussy lips. I reached under my belly to feel it. It was full and stout and long. Not long… long, but long enough not to be called a short dick.

“Ohhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Without warning, Glasses suddenly slid his dick into my sloppy pussy and started thrusting away. Tinted Hair was back at it, worshipping my tits from underneath. I couldn’t even think how he managed to contort himself into that position.

Glasses was really hitting it from the back. Rapid, urgent thrusts. Then he switched to a rotating motion with his waist while thrusting. He was reaching every wall of my pussy! Another wave of ear-splitting orgasm was building…

“No. No. No. Nooooooooo!”

I reached behind me and pushed Glasses off. No way I wasn’t gonna compare notes. I slid to the backseat to my sweet demon, Tinted Glasses. He sprung from his lying position to speedily position himself behind my ass.

“Protect yourself”, I whispered.

Again, a condom appeared and in a flash, he was all strapped. Do men randomly tuck condoms in every hidden pocket of space in their cars? This was definitely coming in handy.

“Come here and fuck my face”, I ordered Glasses as Tinted hair filled me. His dick wasn’t definitely bigger and better.

Lawdd! Tinted Hair stretched me. I could hardly take in the overwhelming feeling when I felt Glasses poking at my mouth with his dick. I welcomed him with a very sloppy kiss on his cap.

“Arghhhhhh”, Glasses moaned in pleasure.

My brain sparked! Nothing sexier than a grown-ass man moaning. I gobbled his entire length greedily, deepthroating.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkklkk. Babe you’re fucking me the hell up!!!!!!” Glasses cried. He began to thrust, fucking my throat. I pushed him off a little before he triggered my gag reflex.

Now, I focused on lick-suck-slurping his cap while jerking him with my left hand and playing with his balls with the other hand. This seemed to be his thing.

Tinted Glasses was picking pace. He wasn’t doing the circular motion thing that Glasses did but boy, was he filling. I felt like he was inside me, literally. And what a cusser he was!

“Fuck you, bitch. You’re gonna ruin me with your creamy pussy, yeah? Why is your fucking booty so soft. Fuck baby, Imma fuck you good so bad!”

Love me a man who can fuck me good and talk dirty. I felt it coming again.

My phone chimed. Again. And again. Must be the girls. Glasses was getting rough. He cupped my face on his palms and was face-fucking me urgently now. He was close.

Tinted Hair cussed on. Then a gentle rap on the driver’s window. Fuck. The rap sounded again. Then again, more urgent this time. My phone chimed again. Then started flashing. A call

I think the urgency got to all of us. Glasses thrust deeply, shooting his seed into my throat as O gagged and choked. Tinted Hair started to smack my bouncy ass as he thrust frantically. I was losing it. Another urgent rap on the window and a very mean voice.

“Oga you dey block person wey e wan commot na. Shuo?” the voice bellowed.

My phone started to ring again…

“I’m comingggggggggggg. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Yessssssssssss. You fuck me so goooooodddd, baby!!!!!!

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What da fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!”

Tinted Hair and I came together, panting, cussing, creaming, dripping.

I felt the car start to slowly reverse and jerked my head up. I hadn’t noticed Glasses slip back in the Driver’s seat.

“That was sooooooooo damnnnnnn gooddddddddd”, I enthused.

“You don’t fucking say!”, Tinted Hair replied

“Babe, you blew my mind like dammmmmnnnn!!!”, Glasses chipped in. “Where are we headed now?”

“Shit!”. I remembered my phone had been buzzing. It was the girls asking if I’m still coming back. I just called and let them know I’m on my way back.

“You didn’t fuck that cute guy again?”

“Is he on his period?” *Laughter emoji

“Such a waste of fine man-meat. Sister don carry ghey”

The messages kept coming. I put my phone away, chuckling. Then I started to straighten out my dress. I lightly brushed my weave to look more presentable and less I-just-fucked-two-friends-in-a-car -ish

We had just passed Walter Carrington and were ascending the bridge to pass over Bonny Camp.

“Babe, we should hang out again soon”

“Yeah, sure. This was one hell of a crazy night. Here.”

I stretched out my phone to Glasses to type in his digits. We were at Federal Palace gate now, slowly pulling up. I dialed the number and abruptly aborted the call before pressing the phone against my ear.

“It’s not going. Will try it on my way,” I announced as I alighted from the car. I gave the call gesture with my left hand as I walked away. Then I deleted the number from my dialed calls.

Tonight never happened. Or so I’ll tell myself if I ever get tempted to – erm, no number to call actually.


Written by OluKay

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