May 27, 2022


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Written by Vixen Banks

Soon he had pushed the straps of my top aside, exposing my heaving boobs which were already begging for more attention. He bent down and kissed me very softly on my already parted lips. I felt his tongue brush my teeth and I opened my mouth further, pushing my tongue into his mouth which tasted of toothpaste. Our tongues wrestled and then he lifted his head and looked deep into my eyes.

I stared back dumbly as he bent his head and kissed me again but this time it was a rough, demanding kiss and my mouth voluntarily opened up to him. I moaned softly when I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth and going into my throat. It was a brutal kiss which left me panting and heaving as he pulled away but with his hands still on my boobs, pinching the nipples, squeezing the flesh as if he would pull them from their root.

My top was by this time bunched up on my tummy, leaving him unhindered access to the upper part of my body. My hand had sneaked out of their own accord to wrap around his massive cock. I rubbed at the head, staring at the precum already coating it hungrily. I couldn’t help myself as my head shifted forward and I found myself licking the precum off the cap causing him to gasp and go all tense. I then moved my lips downwards to his balls, holding each of his tender balls gingerly and then wrapping my lips round them. I could feel the tension as I touched him with my tongue.

I could also feel how heavy he was and I knew that those balls would soon be sending a load of cum into my mouth. I sucked on it like a lollipop as he grabbed my head and pushed me further on to it. a few minutes of this, then I ran my tongue back up his cock and closed my mouth over the immense head. I used my tongue and lips on the crown for a few seconds, but then felt the pressure on the back of my head.

He wanted me to take all of this massive rod into my mouth. I tried to relax as I felt his stiff cock going past the roof of my mouth. Then his immense crown was driving into my throat. I choked and tried to draw him out but he held my head tightly. Tears were burning at my eyes. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. Slowly he relaxed the pressure on my head and allowed me to gasp for breath. But then his huge tool was once more driving into my throat.

I willed myself to relax and found I was able to move my mouth up and down his rod the way he wanted. He sighed and some of the pressure on my head was relieved. My mouth was stretched further than it had ever been! I kept sucking up and down as best as I could, it was such a long cock and I still had far to go before I could get all of it in. then I felt him push forward and my throat just gave up the struggle as the whole length of him was shoved further down my throat.

I felt the hair on his balls rubbing against my lips and nose as my eyes opened wide and tears streamed down my face but I was also very excited down there as my pussy gushed pussy juice and the scent filled the room. Then I felt his cock expanding in my throat and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I worked my throat faster on the rod to quicken his cum because truth be told, I was already getting tired and my jaws beginning to ache from the unaccustomed stretching.

Then I tasted a little of his salty cum striking my throat and he grunted and pushed further into my throat ‘’Ngggghhgggg, ohhhhh, ahhhhhhh’’ as a thick glob of salty cum erupted in my throat and I swallowed it down. Then another and another and another, until my throat was deluged with cum and though I tried to swallow it all, some of it escaped the corners of my mouth. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and smeared the little spurt of cum on his cock tip on my lips, then bent down and kissed me hard on the lips, again as if he wanted to pull my lips from their root.

I could feel the taste of cum in the oral fluid we were exchanging. It was so hot that I looked up at him all but begging him to fuck me with my eyes.

He laughed, then pulled me up and led me to the bedroom and in a jiffy had my shorts off, exposing my quivering bald pussy to his hungry eyes. I needed something shoved inside me to cool the heat that was threatening to burst out of me. Unconsciously, my left hand went to my pussy and then I had one finger, then two in my pussy, while my right hand played with my nipples. My eyes were closed as I was already close to exploding but a short laugh stopped me and Kunle got into bed with me.

‘’You are one hot bitch, can’t wait to have it in you. Don’t worry, I will give it to you good’’ Kunle said

I flushed, further excited by what he was saying. Im such a sucker for name calling, just that word ‘’bitch’’ had got me flooding the sheets with pussy juice.

‘’Spread it whore, spread that pussy for me’’ he commanded and like a zombie I quickly did. I stretched out on the bed and spread my legs as wide as it would go. Then watched as he knelt between my legs, his head buried between my thighs and I shivered as I felt his tongue flicker out and touch my cunt lips. Kunle’s hot tongue slithered into my cunt and touched my aching clit. His tongue ran over the hard bud up and down until my hole was dripping juices and I was moaning at the very top of my voice. Then I felt something hard shoved into my mouth.

Opening my eyes I saw that it was Chucks leaning forwards nude with his cock in my mouth! He must have come in when I was in the throes of pleasure from Kunle’s cunt sucking. Now I had the two of them instead of the one I had originally bargained for. Looked like they had planned it all along, and put their plans in action, I was hopeless and enraptured. two beautiful cocks to play with, i thought.

I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth however, so I latched on to Chucks smaller but also fat cock and proceeded to suck him as hard as I could which was not an easy task as I had to also grapple with the fire that was being unleashed in my pussy from Kunle’s sucking. Chucks position above my head made it difficult for me to control his actions however and in a jiffy he had the whole of his seven inch cock buried deep inside my throat and I managed with grunting and gurgling to work his cock with my throat muscles. My pussy was meanwhile feeding Kunle’s mouth with load after load of dripping pussy juice as he licked my hard clit and labia expertly.

Working his tongue with stabbing motions deep inside my pussy hole causing me to jerk forward and backwards until a rhythm was established between us that felt like he was fucking me with his tongue. Then he would stop and go back to attack my clit, it was pleasure indescribable!

I knew I would cum soon and might choke on chucks cock in my excitement so I gripped his cock harder with my throat muscles, squeezing and rubbing my tongue root on his cock causing him to lose control and spill hot load of cum down my hungry throat. It felt like a tap had been opened and soon I was gurgling, almost choking before he pulled up my hair and pulled out his cock. i coughed out salty sperm as I was finally free of the throat invasion but the onslaught on my pussy was still on and gaining momentum. Kunle had shoved two fingers into my pussy hole and was finger fucking me as he simultaneously sucked on my clit. Loud moans emanated from my throat as Chucks latched on to my nipples like a baby and was busy sucking away.

He would lick and suck on my boobs, sucking my tender flesh into his mouth and bite gently on it even as Kunle was taking me to heights of pleasure.

‘’ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh’’ I screamed at the top of my voice as the tide hit me and I crested. I felt like I had been hit by a locomotive. My body jerked up and up and up and Kunle had to cling to my thigh still sucking away at the juice that was being released in copious quantity into his mouth. My orgasm went on and on and felt like it would never end.

It was one of my most intense orgasms. Soon my breathing stabilised and I could see clearly again even as Kunle knelt between my thigh and made to shove his monster cock inside my unprotected pussy.

‘’Cooondoom’’ I gasped in a stutter, still high on my just recent climax.

‘’No, I don’t use it’’ he answered as he positioned his hard cock at the entrance to my throbbing pussy, watching me. I think waiting for me to say NO and mean it but I was too lust crazed, I just closed my eyes and I guess he must have taken that as a yes as he pushed his massive cock head past my pussy lips, causing me to gasp. His cock was just too big! It was difficult to get in at the first try but my pussy was well lubricated with juice and my walls relaxed from the recent climax.

My pussy sucked his cock head in with an audible ‘plop’ and I gave a loud shriek as without wasting much time he shoved all of that raw meat straight into me till just a few inches was left unsheathed!

‘’nggggggggg’’’was the only sound that could come out of my mouth as he feed my pussy his cock. It felt like a big stick was shoved inside my privates. Chucks was still sucking on my boobs so the pleasure was twofold. All I could do was moan and groan and move my head from side to side. Then Kunle lifted my buttocks off the bed and pushed my legs backward. I gasped as the whole of his cock pushed into me. then he began to pound and all I could see was stars as pleasure enveloped me.

Its been long since I have been fucked bareback and the sheer pleasure of it was making me to hyperventilate.

‘’Fuck me’’ I begged with a crazed look ‘’fuck me hard, give me all of your monster cock, please use me’’

‘’gawdam, John was right all the way’’ Chucks chuckled, pinching my nipples with one hand and rubbing his hard cock on my full boobs with the other ‘’Shes a real slut’’

‘’Don’t worry whore, we’ll fuck you exactly the way you want’’ Kunle answered, slamming into me savagely. Increasing his thrusts as their words only served to make me more lustily crazed. The full import of their words did not register in my brain until much later, I was too lost in lust. Soon I was speaking in a language I myself did not even understand as Kunle worked his cock in and out of my pussy with animal savagery. I loved it and was egging him on with tears of pleasure streaming down my face. Another orgasm overtook me as I screamed ‘’I’m cummingggggggggggggggg’’ clutching Kunles arms and raising my hips even further to meet his thrusts. I now understood the crazed look I had seen on Kunles ex as he was fucking her, I understand her obsession with him.

No girl would ever say no to Kunle after tasting his cock, no girl, he had it and also knew how to use it.

Then Kunle pulled out of my drenched pussy and I protested causing them both to laugh.

‘’Don’t worry slut, the show is just beginning, we aren’t stopping yet’’ Chucks said as Kunle lay down beside me and pulled me on top of him. I knew what he meant and I wanted it to as I knew it was going to be very delicious. I quickly sat on him placing a leg each on the outside of his thigh. then I gently impaled myself on that massive cock once more. It was easier going as my pussy was flooded but it still wasn’t easy. That guy is endowed.

Soon I had taken all of him inside again and started moving first very gently.

‘’Bounce on that cock slut, I need to see those boobs bounce’’ Kunle instructed and I needed no urging as I intensified my up and down motion, causing my boobs to bounce all over the place. Then I grind my hips on his cock, making him gasp as his hands came up to fondle my dangling boobs and pinch the erect nipples. I was seeing stars. I had cum very quickly again as I grind on him. Meanwhile, Chucks had positioned himself beside me and was rubbing my buttocks, I felt one finger sliding into my ass and in a jiffy the finger went deeper inside my ass, I moaned loudly, feeling the sensations in my pussy spreading to my ass.

‘’Damn slut, she likes both holes filled. We are going to use you tonight. Your cousin says you like being used. Pity you guys have refused to fuck each other. But we don’t have such inhibitions and so will use you like the whore you are, you cheap dirty slut’’ Chucks said, slapping my buttocks with his other hand as his finger in my ass wiggled deeper and deeper inside.

My pussy gave a loud convulsion and screaming I came again, not only because of the cock punishing my pussy or because of the finger ravaging my ass but largely because of the words coming out of Chucks mouth. I was drooling and making animal sounds as my pussy pulsed and convulsed all at the same time as it gripped Kunle’s Cock in a vice grip.

‘’She’s such a natural. You’ll do great in the porn industry whore! Bitches like you are so rare these days’’ that’s chucks as he leaned his weight against my back and spitting at the entrance of my ass, his cockhead pressed against my anus. I relaxed my ass muscles as he pushed against my sphincter muscle. After a few push, it gave way and Chucks cock slide deep inside me causing me to howl in ecstasy.

The feeling, that exquisite feeling of being impaled on two cocks at the same time! Gibberish came out of my mouth for sound as my eyes rolled into my head in a massive cum that let me shaking and juice splashed all over Kunle’s cock.

The rhythm of both cocks was first haphazard and not synchronised but after a few thrusts, they both got into the rhythm and the pleasure became intensified. I could feel the pressure from both cocks deep inside and I could also feel each cock rubbing against each other with only a thin membrane separating them. As one thrust in, the other pulled out and it became a sort of tug war.

‘’oh, oh, oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ was the only sound coming out of my mouth again and again and again as both guys kept thrusting inside both of my holes over and over, the one in my pussy seemed as if it was getting bigger than normal while the one in my ass was thrusting at almost the speed of light. I could feel a Tsunami like explosion building up from deep within me, threatening to drown me in pleasure.

The pace of the pummelling I was receiving in my pussy and ass became faster as the two men sensed my excitement. I knew they were laughing at me because of my wanton display of lust and because it was obvious that they owned my body. I didn’t care actually, as I was exactly where I wanted to be and doing what I wanted.  I never wanted to be released from their cock as I wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked!

They began fucking me savagely, Chucks slamming into my ass hard as he squeezed my dangling boobs and Kunle was driving his massive cock into my grasping pussy so furiously it was almost like he was trying to puncture it, I felt Kunle lean forward and grab my right nipples in his mouth and then bite down hard on it. I screamed as I crested the wave and my orgasm, a very mighty one, flooded all over me just as Kunle filled my pussy with loads and loads of hot cum.

I had to grip the sheet hard as I almost passed out from the pleasure of my release and the cum flooding my insides.

I couldn’t have passed out if I wanted as Chucks was still pounding into my ass and it didn’t look as if he would be stopping anytime soon. Kunle just lay there underneath me with his cock still throbbing and spurting cum but at a reduced rate, deep inside me. I have been fucked several times but that was one of my most intense fucks. Chucks kept it up for minutes after Kunle had cum and although Kunle’s cock had initially gone soft, it was still embedded in me and then I noticed during the course of Chucks pummelling my ass that Kunle’s cock had grown hard again and I could feel tiny jerks of it as it responded to the thrust from Chuck’s cock in my ass.

I was totally lost. My voice had grown hoarse from the screams and all I could do was moan and groan as both cocks started on the rhythm again. I opened my eyes after a while to see Kunle staring at me with a grin as he pinched my nipples hard, sending me over the edge again. I had cum a number of times I could no longer count.

The orgasms seemed to flow into one another and it felt like I was cumming continuously. Then with a savage thrust, Chucks slammed into my ass and proceeded to deposit his cum inside my asshole, leaving me quivering as I came again.

Chucks got off my back and gave my rump a slap, causing a mini cum to ripple through me again. I thought to slide off Kunle for me to get my breath back. But he flipped me over face down and pulled my waist up, telling me to assume the doggie position.

Damn I thought, doesn’t he get tired? But my slut of a body was already on her knees, waist arched, knees wide apart leaving my pussy gaping open. His cum of a few minutes ago trickled dripped from my open pussy and slide down my thigh. My lower region was such a mess as cum flowed from both my pussy and ass but the guys didn’t seem to mind.

Kunle, shoved his face inside my pussy and gave me a few licks causing me to jump and shiver. Then he pushed me back face down and once again positioned himself behind me. and this time around without any preamble, he shoved all of his cock deep inside me again. It was smooth sailing as the hole had already taken several loads of my own cum and one of his.

Once again he was slamming into me like a piston engine. It felt like his cock was touching the back of my throat. My pussy felt like it would burst from the pressure of the size of Kunle’s cock. I just knelt there, overwhelmed by the onslaught on my pussy. Only grunts could excape my lips. I guess that was what prompted Kunle to give me three spanks in rapid succession on my butt or my betrayer of a cousin must have told him that side of me too.

The spanks were like catalysts as once more I was screaming as another massive orgasm ripped me apart. On and on the pounding on my pussy went and the alternate spank that always seemed to make me cum. Then he pulled out of my used pussy which made an hissing sound. I staggered to my feet on his instruction and saw Chucks standing beside us obviously coming out of the shower as water dripped from his body.

Chucks sat on the bed and motioned to his erect cock. I needed no additional prompting as I immediately took it in my mouth while Kunle once again positioned himself behind me. Effortlessly he pushed into my sordid pussy and once again I was servicing two cocks, one in my mouth and one in the pussy.

The guys showed me no mercy and I asked for none as they both worked my mouth and pussy over. Kunle was once again pummelling me from behind and I was deep throating Chucks cook. Soon Kunles thrusts became erratic and very fast once more, pistoning inside me like a steam engine. I knew he was close as I could feel his cock swell deep inside me as he fucked me brutally for another minute or two also making my orgasm to build up again. Once again he grunted and slammed into me hard, emptying his balls deep inside my body as I also came hard and my pussy gripped his cock and milked him dry of all he had to offer.

I was gasping and grunting with the cock in my mouth when Kunles finally deflated cock pulled out of me. Chucks got up and took Kunles position behind me once again filling my flooded pussy with cock. Chucks cock was thick but not as long as Kunle and I enjoyed it greatly as it did not have any of that slight pain Kunles gave me. Kunle sat on the bed and motioned me to suck on his messy cock. I gladly did, licking it clean of all the cum of my and his orgasms.

Chucks was pounding into me from behind and manhandling my already bruised boobs. I replied in kind by pushing back at him and wiggling my hips the way I could not do with Kunle. It was intense pleasure and I was again cumming. Chucks kept up the pounding for minutes on end and when it felt like my pussy could not take the punishment anymore, he deposited his own load of cum inside me causing me to have a massive climax and then pass out in the process.

I regained consciousness a few moments later to see the guys still nude but dragging on joints and even had one ready for me. I collected it and puffed away while the guys told me, while rubbing their hands all over my body and fondling my boobs, how they had been wanting to fuck me since my cousin told them about my sluttiness while they were still in the States and that my cousin was aware of their plans too. That they had orchestrated my seeing Kunle fuck his ex as John, my cousin told them I had a thing for long fat dicks and watching other people fuck.

To cut a long story short, I didn’t go back home for the four days my cousin was in Abuja. The guys used me good and hard for all four days and nights. Our outings only consisted of eating, buying weed and drinks. Majorly, we fucked, anytime of the day and Kunle even told reception to tell his ex that they had checked out of the hotel. In fact, my cousin caught us fucking as we had forgotten to go and pick him up at the airport on his arrival and on his taking a taxi back to the hotel room, met Kunle fucking my ass and Chucks fucking my boobs. He just laughed, called me slut, congratulated his friends and went to take a bath.

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