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Kunle JJC: The Randy Lagos Landlord II (18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Randy Lagos Landlord II (18+)

A video message came in from the landlord, I quickly opened it hoping it was the rest of the sex tape but it was not. It was just the landlord stroking his 8-inch dick and the caption on the video said, “there’s enough to go around”.

Did this man just try to flirt with me? My pussy purred as I read the text over and over while I replayed the videos. I was beyond wet now and the idea of judging Margaret and her mother for being bitches for the landlord was gradually disappearing from my brain because even I would pull my panties down or aside if I had the opportunity but I do not want to make the first move and look like a cheap slut. If he intensifies his efforts and comes after me, I will happily spread my legs for him.

As someone who has not always been interested in porn of any sort or type, I had to make an exception for this sextape I received.

It excites me. Maybe because I know everybody involved in the video or maybe because it was so hot, I cannot say which for sure but for the next couple of days, I find myself watching the sextape, the video of my landlord stroking his dick and then I read the caption he sent with it.

It was a bug turn-on for me but then, something was missing. I needed to know the backstory of all of these to make them more interesting. How are Margaret and her mother having sex with the same man who is our landlord and the mother has no issues with it?

With my curious personality setting in, I was psyched to get answers but I could not get it from Margaret’s mum whom I felt would give me the information easily if we spoke as mature women and maybe I would even hint to her on my interest in our landlord’s dick even if it is just a one-time affair.

She was never available and whenever she was, she did her best to blackball me. I needed no one to tell me that Margaret’s mum was a dead end and it all but made me more interested in investigating the matter.

How was it possible for the landlord to have both mother and daughter under the control of his big dick. Then I remembered a small detail, when I was trying to caution Margaret and I told her I would report her to her mum, she smirked.

I did not think much of it then but now I understand she must have done that knowing that my reporting her to her mother would bring forth no consequences, therefore, my threat was void. Margaret would talk to me, I hoped in my mind as I waited for her to show up in the compound.
She bounced in as usual and her perky boobs bounced along. One look at her buttoned shirt and you know she had no brassiere on.

At this stage, I am convinced she does not own a pair of a brassiere. The shirt struggled to house her breasts as they stretched the shirt and made sure there were visible gaps between each button that showed the flesh of her boobs and stomach.

This is how they just strolled the streets in that manner, may God help all the guys outside.

An idea popped into my head, I beckoned on her and she started bouncing towards my quarters. Margaret is always respectful, and I have to give her that so I needed a way to ask her what I wanted but then, I needed to conduct myself respectfully.

The idea was to engage her in a talk that would eventually lead to her revealing everything without me asking her. I was dressed in just crop-top singlets and bum shorts, intentionally revealing so much skin so that Margaret would feel at ease with me. Without further ado, I asked if the landlord is the only guy eating her work.

Asking in that manner too was intentional to make her feel at ease and it worked.

Margaret had assessed my mode of dressing and my choice of language and was able to conclude that I was not about to start scolding her but we were about to start some mature conversation.

She jumped right into it and started to brag like,

“No ooo, only him cannot be eating my work now, he has other women and girls too so he cannot be available every time I want to fuck”. In my head, I noted that her mother was also on the list but I did not interrupt her. She continued by saying she has a boyfriend from school whom she loves but he is not good in bed so she cheats on him with other guys.

The landlord is her favourite because he has a big dick and knows how to use it well.

She started fucking the landlord because her boyfriend can not fuck her well. One time after sex with him, she was far from satisfied and needed more fucking but the poor guy was done. She put her shirt on and headed home, frustrated. Getting home, she tried to charge her phone but the light to their quarters was cut.
She grabbed her gadget with the charger and headed for the landlord’s quarters to charge. The place was not an unknown place to her, her mother had sent her there on numerous errands just like she does to her other male friends all of whom have sex with the mother.

Her mother was divorced because of her promiscuous life and she continued after the divorce living with her only daughter who knew all about her affairs. Margaret knew all her mother’s partners, she runs errands to their places but never had a thing to do with them.

She crossed that line this day. She went into the landlord’s apartment to charge her device. The television was on and so, she decided to stay behind and watch the movie rather than go and remain bored in her mother’s apartment. She noticed the man was stealing glances at her and tried to figure out why.

She realized her shirt was revealing patches of her boobs and also her nipples were hard and poking against her shirt, she was still horny from the encounter with her boyfriend.

Margaret said she quickly used her palms to cover her nipples through the shirt but it looked like she was grabbing them for a smooch and her body betrayed her because she moaned right after. Baba landlord looked at her and smiled asking what she was doing.

She said she was covering her nipples so he would stop staring at them. He laughed and asked him whether she was not a big girl who has started having sex already. She confirmed that she was a big girl who has started having sex but it does not mean she wants the landlord to look at her boobs because he is not her boyfriend.

The man laughed and teased that when small girls start to fuck small boys with small penises, they start to do shakara.

He was just teasing her but it hurt because he said the truth. Not wanting to lose face, she made to bruise his ego too and said the landlord’s dick is so old it probably does not work anymore. She expected that to silence him for good but he laughed hard and started a wager saying he would show her his dick and that if it hardens in under two minutes, she would have to pull her shirt off and let him see her boobs.

She looked at his wrinkling face and looked at his crotch, it looked like nothing was there so she accepted the challenge. There is no way this old man has a working dick.

He got off his seat and pulled his trousers down to reveal a semi-flaccid dick. She licked her dry lips at the sight of the dick, her horniness taking over her more.

She left her eyes on dick and watched it gradually grow in length and breath till it fully hardened. That did not take long at all, she lost her wager and also noted that Baba landlord is not one of those male friends she just collects money from.

To fulfil her end of the wager, she placed her hands over the buttons and told the landlord he would only look for two minutes. She undid three buttons and pulled her shirt aside like a curtain to reveal her big, dark boobs with hard nipples.

She took a peek at her boobs and looked back at the landlord’s dick and could swear it had grown longer.

She held the shirt apart for more than two minutes and kept staring at the old man’s dick. His eyes were glued to her boobs and it made her pussy tingle. Buttoning her shirt would end the moment but she needed something out of the moment. The man did not make any move toward her then did one of her buttons and said the man just has a big dick and would not last long.

He claimed he would have her screaming for over an hour and she claimed he would just break his back. The argument was short as they quickly both agreed to see who would lose. He led her to the bedroom where she quickly removed her skirt and got in bed.

Baba Landlord climbed over her and rubbed his dick in her wetness. When he slide his dick in, reflex made her grab him by the neck as she groaned from the way his dick pushed her pussy walls apart. He started to thrust slowly before picking up his pace but soon pulled out and came on her stomach. She was disappointed but her point was proven, the man would not last long.

Once he was sure he had no more semen to dispense, baba grabbed his still-hard dick and wiped the cap over her thighs before fully penetrating her again. This time, he did not start slow. He continued with the speed he left off and she could feel him penetrating her womb with his dick. The more she tried to conjure a sentence, the harder it was for her and she was just gasping for air.

He held her thighs firmly apart and continued pounding her pussy making his point clear. They were there for close to an hour sweating profusely and Margaret could not count how many times she had cum already. Even though he was hitting hard and fast already he suddenly picked up more pace and Margaret knew he would cum soon. She helped him wipe the sweat from his forehead as he finally pushed deep and came in her.

“We were tired after that and we just lay in bed and slept off, that’s how my mum caught me in bed with him”. I readjusted my sitting position.

My pant was damp already but the story looks like it was about to get more interesting.

Written by Reezy Sama

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