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Kunle JJC: The Problematic Neighbour (Part 2) [18+]

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Kunle JJC: The Problematic Neighbour (Part 2) [18+]

He started a series of questions trying to find out why and he could see the disappointment on Eunice’s face, what was he thinking? This is the only neighbour that talked to him, he accepted her request and escorted her.

Eunice wanted to get fruits, but on their way, she warned Mike to not speak to her in the presence of her sister, and he began to smell trouble. She further revealed that her sister didn’t want her talking to him and her sister doesn’t let her out of the house every time.

She is only outside now because her sister’s boyfriend is around and her sister gave her money to go get herself something.

She knew it was an excuse for both of them (her sister and the boyfriend) to have sex in the room that’s why she wanted to spend her free time with Mike, he understood her plight and tried to make her walk fun.

All the fun died prematurely when they returned home and an angry-looking Eunice’s sister was waiting at the doorway. Eunice quickly ran toward her sister, Mike didn’t change his pace, he’s had it with this lady.

He watched her slap Eunice and the poor girl ran in, she waited for Mike to get close, and they shared a menace-filled stare before she hissed at him and dashed off to her room to beat Eunice more.

Hours later, as Mike stood outside to enjoy the evening breeze, Eunice’s sister accosted him and started what was akin to a storm of ill-stitched words on him all to one end, she wanted him to have nothing to do with her sister.

He understood clearly because just like her sister, she managed to speak half-baked English. Mike breathed through the aggressive session and let her finish, he watched her go, not whispering a word in his Defence. The message was clear, stay off Eunice, there was no need to talk over it, it was not a negotiation.

The following days saw Mike avoiding both ladies, he just wanted to go to work and be at peace, if that meant not talking to his Co-tenants, no problem.

The only problem that existed now was that Eunice spent the entire week trying to pacify him. Every time her sister is a bit far and Mike was close, she would tender an apology and ask him if he was still angry, Mike would always reply no.

Of course, he was not mad at Eunice but he had developed a hatred for her sister and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon. Eunice was trying and he knew this had gone beyond just an apology, the girl had grown some liking for him and she wanted to be with him.

He shrugged it off his mind and faced his job, that was his primary purpose. Any other thing was secondary.

All was secondary till the weekend came around again bringing Mike another dose of Eunice. The girl seemed to be daring her sister and Mike had become her tool. He was balls deep in office papers trying to sort them out before the next work day.

The familiar knock came again, Mike ignored it three different times but she was persistent, he had no choice but to attend to Eunice. He stood in the room and let the net be a barrier between them. Mike was expecting Eunice to ask for his phone or ask that he escort her again but she asked if she could come into his room.

He was taken aback by her request. Was this girl crazy or she just wanted to put him in trouble?

He unlocked the barrier between them and let her in. Some part of him wanted to see what she was up to. She told Mike that her sister had gone to see her boyfriend and wouldn’t return till evening. It gave him the respite he needed.

Before he could ask what was her business in his room or offer her something for entertainment, she asked if he had a girlfriend. Mike answered that he did have a girlfriend, trying to check how Eunice would react but he could not make out any expression on her face.

She asked if Mike could have sex with her even though he had a girlfriend, before he could ask why she said she needed to give Mike something for all the insult she made him go through also, her sister had gone to have sex, there is no reason why she should not too.

Mike thought about it for a second and decided he deserved to get something positive from the insults he had received the other day. He bolted his door from behind and walked toward Eunice who was now on her feet walking towards him too.

Both parties stood toe to toe, Mike elapsed his palms around her waist. There was quite a difference between their height and she had to look up to see his face. He lowered his face and caught her lips with his. Eunice was greatly turned on by the way Mike’s lips held hers, she wriggled like a worm that had sunk in a lump of salt. She circled her hands around his neck, and he shifted his palms below her waist to grab a palmful of ass flesh.

Eunice took hold of one of Mike’s palms and placed it underneath her shirt right over her boobs. Her hard nipple tickled his palm, he caught it and fondled it. She had her eyes slightly opened, Mike knew he had pushed her to some serious level.

Without waiting time, he had her ass facing his crotch and hands grabbing the table. It would be stupid of him to get her fully naked so he raised her skirt instead and shifted her pants. He bent to catch a whiff of her pussy, she smelled delicious, and she wouldn’t mind a taste.

The moment Eunice felt something wet and soft crawl over her pussy, she lost the little home training she had left.

Mike had a little trouble holding Eunice’s ass in place to get a good angle to eat her pussy. She kept wiggling about. Mike did not take it as a cue to stop, he knew she wanted more because she continued to give him juices to lick up.

He licks the one in her pussy, he would also go after the one trailing down her inner thighs. One of his palms gently stroked his dick cap as he ate pussy. Eunice was left breathing heavily by the time Mike got up and started to tease her pussy with his dick.

Mike feared she would cry out in pain from his penetration but she took it well. Her breath became shallow as he began to fuck her in slow motion letting her get used to his dick.

Eunice was sweating profusely now, with her back on the bed and her boobs spilling out of her shirt. Mike stood at the foot of the bed fucking her.

Eunice is such a sweet girl with loads of stamina. After Mike had cum for the second time she asked him to lie in bed, she climbed on him and rode his dick. It was Mike who was taking short breaths. He didn’t think that Eunice would be that wild, no wonder her sister didn’t want any relationship between them. She rode him till he got close to orgasm and jumped off.

Mike was about to cuss when she replaced her pussy with her lips. It felt hot and his dick slipped into her throat, Mike couldn’t hold it anymore, he came in her throat. They both lay there trying to find their breath.

After exchanging kisses, Eunice left for her room. Mike went to take a shower.

On his way back Eunice’s sister walked toward him and released a loud hiss before heading for her room.

The End

Written by Reezy Sama

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