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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 4) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 4) [18+]

We walked quietly to my room. There was nothing for us to talk about. It was not like we used to talk like that before that night. The bigger problem is that all the bulbs in my apartment are well-fitted and have no issues. I had lied to get this fine boy in my apartment. 

I hoped that he would not be disappointed when I tell him all I needed was for him to fuck me. What if he ends up like Sylvester and curves me? That would be an embarrassment to my cred. I took a quick look behind me to see whether he was admiring my ass as he walked behind me. If he was, it would make my work easier. 

Well, he was not. His eyes were glued to his phone. I had no idea what he was checking on there but he seemed pretty occupied and it unsettled me. It immediately felt like I would struggle to seduce him.

And now that I had no bulb to fix, I may be setting myself up for the biggest embarrassments ever. For the first time in a long time, I was quite nervous. Once we stepped in, I was thinking hard about the perfect lie or maybe I just told him the truth that I just needed company and did not want to fix anything. He spoke first with his eyes still glued to his phone. 

He started with an apology and asked if he could come and help me fix my bulb the next day because his momma was waiting for him. I was happy I did not need an excuse anymore but I was surprised a grown man like him was having his mum over so I just emphasized it like, 

“Your mum or your girlfriend?” he smiled and said, Mom. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He laughed and said I know how these things work now.

I was more confused at this point. What was he talking about? He replied that it was his sugar mummy. I was more surprised now not because he has a sugar mummy but because he mentioned it so freely like that. What kind of wild shit is this guy into? He smiled and said he had to go. 

At this moment, I regained my wits. It could be my only opportunity to get some fun in the tank so I blurted out after him and asked if I could join him and his sugar mummy for the night. He paused and looked back smiling. 

He asked if I meant what I was saying and after confirming he smiled and said he would call me after checking with his momma. He took my contact and left my apartment. I watched him leave and sighed before heading to my bathroom.

This lonely life was just not it. When I got back to my bed, I checked my phone and did not see any call from my young neighbour. God was having a lot of fun with me today. Some pleasure with my fine Latino patient was cut off, I tried to get Sylvester and I got curved, but now my young neighbour had left me out. 

To my right were dildos and a couple of vibrators that I could make use of but then, I was craving a real dick. If I was not, I would have asked Natalie to come and eat my pussy in my office. Maybe I should dress up and hit a strip club. 

The chances of finding a pussy hungry guy that would bend me over in a car, at the back of a car, or some dark spot in the club is quite high and I would be sated but I had a patient that I would have to examine the next day. 

It was a job that I could leave to Sylvester and Natalie but I still wanted to be there myself.

It was just me, my sex toys, and my thoughts in the room and I was beginning to doze off when I felt a vibration. It jerked me out of my doze and I quickly grabbed my phone. 

Talk of the Devil! It was my young neighbour – better late than never. He spoke on the phone and said his momma said I could join them. My excitement jumped through the roof. 

I pulled a kimono over my naked body and headed for his apartment. I rang his bell once and the door was opened to me. I got in and was led to his bedroom where the show was happening. There was someone on the bed and truly she was a MOMMA. There was a big, black, woman on that bed, stark naked. 

She looked me over and said her baby told her I wanted to join them. I nodded my head like a naïve little girl who wanted candy.

She continued to look me over and I was so gone in her assessment that I did not know when my neighbour got behind me, his hands came from behind and took hold of the obi of my kimono and loosened it. 

He brought my kimono apart and started to slide it off my shoulders revealing my nudity to his momma. She assessed me more and nodded her head in satisfaction before telling my neighbour to offer me a seat. It felt cute. 

But, as a professional woman, my instincts kicked in and I crossed my legs as I sat. She told me I could not sit like that. She wanted me to seat with my legs well spread just like hers were spread on the bed because she wanted to keep looking at my fine pussy. I blushed a bit hearing her compliment my vagina. Hers was cuter too but well thicker than mine and her clitoris was also much bigger than mine.

In my quick assessment of the woman, she had a wedding ring on, her body was stacked everywhere. She was a sexy goddess. I would be her daughter if she adopted me just to eat her pussy too. Francis! She called in a firm tone and that was the first time I got to know my neighbor’s name. 

She asked him to entertain me since I was their guest. Vodka was poured for all the three of us.  Francis was the youngest in the room and he served. We the older ladies started to discuss and this woman let me know of all her sexual cravings. She loved to fuck a lot and it was what made her take Francis under her wing. She set him up and ensured he did not need anything. In return, he made his sugar dick available for her anytime she needed it. 

But since he mentioned that someone wanted to join in the fun, she asked him to bring me in to spice things up.

Her husband died a long time ago but he was so good to her so she kept his ring on to remember him every time. I wondered in my mind what her husband would think every time Francis was fucking the senses out of his wife. 

Out of nowhere, I heard her ask me to finger myself because she wanted to see my pussy get wet. Oh, I loved that naughtiness from her, and vodka was also in the system already making things look good. I put four of my fingers in my mouth and sucked on them making them wet before putting them on my pussy. 

I rubbed on my pussy gently, getting some goosebumps, and closed my eyes before letting one finger slide in my pussy. when I pulled that one finger out, I let two fingers go back into my pussy. when the two came out, I let three go back inside, and fuck it was sweet. 

My eyes could not remain wide open with the way I was fingering myself with three fingers. When I went too deep in my pussy hitting a painful spot that became so sweet. 

My eyes suddenly opened wide and I saw Francis on the bed with his momma. Hand holding her head upright as they kissed in bed and his other hand grabbing her big boob – squeezing. They suddenly reminded me that I have boobs too and they needed attention. 

I was getting so turned on at this point and my pussy was getting so wet so I raised one of my legs so that our mama would see my wet pussy. I was still fingering myself with three fingers but I was pulling on my hard nipple now too. 

It was the most unplanned sexy thing ever. Especially when I heard her tell Francis, “Go and lick that pussy up, baby”. My soul is about to leave my body. This is a wild ass visit!

Written by Reezy Sama

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