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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 3) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Visitations (Chapter 3) [18+]

I was stark naked looking at my delicious Latino patient thinking of better ways to pounce and devour her. Suddenly, the emergency alarm went off and killed the mood. It was one of the work hazards I hated most. 

Just when I was about to enjoy myself someone came in with an emergency and my attention was immediately needed. I sighed and looked around for my trousers. I was not the only one disappointed though, my patient was red-faced. I had done a lot to her body and she was far too deep in the mood to be cut off like that. She understood my predicament like every adult. 

I liked that maturity about her. She started to put her clothes on just like I was but I finished first. It was not my first time in this situation. I went to my table to scribble on a paper I handed her.

She meant to ask how she was going to take her medicines thinking I had written her a prescription but I pulled her in close and gave her a deep kiss before she could utter a word. My hands gripped her backside firmly. 

Those ass cheeks were one of the softest my palms had ever touched. It solidified my intentions to fuck this woman. This is a proper bad bitch and I would not fumble her. I left almost immediately knowing that I had made her hungry for me. I know she would be happy to see that on the piece of paper, I had handed to her, I had written my phone number and my home address. 

I stepped into the hallway arranging my hair into a ponytail ready to go and save another life. One of the newly employed doctors joined me on my way to the patient’s ward and started rambling off all the information they had about our new patient.

My face suddenly turned to the side to look at the young doctor beside me. She was eager to work no doubt. But those slim lips on her face were fire. She looked away in her innocent shyness but I know what little miss Natalie was. A proper pussy eater. 

That was what she was. I would not have known if she had not come into my office one day as a fresh doctor looking for an appointment. I put her on probation which was to last two months then I would decide if she was good enough to be employed in my hospital or not. 

Those two months were never completed. She came into my office on one of those days I was on the night shift to make a deal to shorten her two months of probation. I laughed it off and asked if she could eat pussy. She did not hesitate at all. 

Natalie came straight to my desk and knelt at my knees. She spread my legs and dived into my thighs. My fresh bare pussy was there waiting for her and she did a good job eating it. My head was lost on the backrest of my chair, it was one of those nights where medical attention was not needed much. 

She ate my pussy to the bone. I know that for sure because when she was done, I had cum and I could see my pussy juices all smeared on her lips and chin. I got up and pulled her close to myself I gave her that kiss that she deserved and felt her ass with my palm. Firm and succulent. 

I whispered if she would like to fuck in her ear. She went out of breath and nodded her head softly. I told her to take her trousers off and went to my back and selected a nice long strap-on. I keep my toys in my bag. I love pleasure and sometimes I depend on myself to give it to me.

It was the longest strap-on I owned. She was about to get employed so it would not be easy cake. I thought to myself as I buckled it. I was a little shocked to see my plastic dick continue to disappear into her pussy till my crotch could reach her firm ass. I was all in with my 7 inches. 

I love how she moaned with my lips kissing down her neck and my crotch pulling back and fucking its way back inside. One of my hands grabbed her full boob and caressed it. It was a sexy scene if anyone had watched it and we did not stop fucking till her pussy became sore and I was tired. 

Two days later, I cancelled her probation period and fully employed her. I also increased her salary because it would not be the only time I would call her to have fun with her. Who knows, I might need my pussy ate some other time.

She did eat my pussy many times after. Blissful moments I have to say. I walked into the ward with her and we looked at our patient. After a few running here and there by Natalie under my command, we had him stable to a large extent and he was sleeping. I looked at him proud of myself. 

That’s the thrill that my work gave me. I looked at Natalie hoping she could give me the other thrill that I wanted and had been cut short by my new patient. I still needed to get that fuck too. But Natalie would have to look after our patient for the rest of the day and I would have to go home. 

My other option was to get a call from my Latino patient. Foolish me did not take her contact. The other option I could get was the young guy in my apartment. He had just moved in months ago. The Landlady had introduced him to us as a “Fine boy” and she did not lie about that. 

I liked him immediately but I was unable to establish contact with him.

I can bet he would have a nice long dick that would be useful for my hungry pussy. slutty thoughts always ride in my head I know but young guys know how to handle mature pussy properly and I have a mature pussy. 

As I left the hospital premises, my car was flagged down by another of my staff on probation. He had my attention too but I preferred to go after guys that showed signs of digging me. I love to know that I would not be embarrassing my old self. Guys are quite easy to get though and I have not been turned down by many. 

This guy boarded my car and started a quick conversation. His concern was that Natalie had been employed with an upgraded salary and he had been with my hospital longer than Natalie yet he remained on Probation. He wanted to know if he had done anything wrong.

My establishment is owned and fully controlled by myself and I could do whatever. Sylvester had done nothing wrong but he had not done something right. I told him that Natalie worked under me and I also asked if Sylvester was willing to work under me too. He was eager to answer with an affirmative and I understood he had missed the point I was trying to make. 

I spread my legs and grabbed his hand then led it to my bare pussy. I was so horny. He pulled in hand back in shock before I could place it on my pussy. He looked at me wide-eyed and told me that he was married and could not cheat on his wife. 

I was amazed. I had not heard something like that before. I pressed him and said I would not tell his wife about us. He shook his head and left my car. I watched him walk to the hospital.

Wonders shall never end. Matilda had finally been turned down by a young chap who was also married. It increased my interest in him and I wished I could fuck him in front of his wife or fuck his wife in front of him. That would be fun and I craved it. 

I drove out of the premises and headed home. I needed to do something to this hungry pussy of mine. When I got home, I faced another issue. The “Fine Boy” in my house also walked towards his apartment. It looked like God was playing a joke on me today. I pressed the horn to get his attention. Let us see if Matilda would be turned down twice in a day. 

I decided I would not go straight into trying to get him in bed. Instead, I asked him if he knew any electrician around so I could fix my bulb. He laughed and said nobody calls an electrician for bulb fixing. He offered to help me fix it. I brightened up immediately and led the way to my apartment.

Written by Reezy Sama

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