December 6, 2023
Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc VII(18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc VII(18+)

When Joy made her way into Prof. Kola’s office, she locked the door and proceeded to his table. His trouser was already halfway through his thigh with his hard dick out. She was going to kneel and suck his dick but he stopped her instead and bent her over his table as he stood.

He pulled down her skirt and dipped two of his fingers in his mouth wetting them with saliva before running them over her pussy and sliding them in. Joy moaned and arched her back more. Prof. Kola ẹ thrust his fingers deeper into her pussy making her arch her back more and his other hand squeezed her left boob through her shirt.

His dick however was still net with a little resistance as her pussy was still not wet enough to allow him smooth entry.

He thrust a bit harder and his dick forced its way deeper into Joy’s pussy. The hand on her left boob quickly covered her mouth to minimize her scream.

Joy’s pussy only became more wet after Prof’s dick was all in her pussy and with her body more relaxed, he was able to easily pull out and slam back in. Joy arched her back better with each of Prof Kolade’s thrusts hitting all the nice spots in her pussy. She could not moan, she was only gasping for air as she could feel his dick restricting her airways.

She felt like her body was on fire, she quickly stepped out of her skirt and spread her legs wider so he could go deeper into her pussy. He grabbed her waist on both sides and thrust harder spanking her ass with each thrust before he finally came in her pussy.

After making sure all of his cum had been deposited in her pussy, he fell into his chair to catch his breath and zip his trousers. She also stood up and started to straighten herself out.

Before she left, Prof Kolade gave her some money for post pills and assured her that if she could keep their relationship up, Joy may never need to attend any of his classes before she passed his course with flying colours. She reclined herself on the edge of his table to properly catch her breath. She took a moment to look at Prof Kolade from head to toe.

How naughty she was, Prof Kolade’s son is her friend with benefit – the benefit being his big dick and nice stroke game. Prof. Kolade is also her lecturer, with benefits. He might think he was taking advantage of her by sleeping with her to increase her grades but she was enjoying his dick. She enjoyed it more because of the risks that come with it.

Every sexual encounter they have had so far had happened in his office. Sometimes he called for her and many times she teased him in class with her cleavage knowing he would send for her once the lecture was over and he was in his office stroking his dick.

Her relationship with Prof. Kolade helped her live her nonchalant bad girl life and she was getting good grades she did not work for and a good dick. The last person that completed the rondo for her was her innocent-looking friend, Tunmise.

She looks small in stature, has small boobs, and a little bit of ass. Her dress was a bit more modest but all that was a facade to hide her true naughty self which Joy did not believe when she first encountered her. She shared a hostel with Tunmise and since they were both Classic majors, it was easy to become friends.

Joy was a bí sexual and she never hid her wildness from everybody unlike Tunmise who was more reserved. During one of their girls’ talks, Joy revealed to Tunmise that she was into girls the same way she was into boys, and from that day, she noticed that Tunmise checked her out more and touch her erogenous zones more when they played around.

On one of those days that she snuck out of class to get fucked by Adé, she had to retire to her hostel tired. She was so tired that after her shower, she crashed into bed naked. It was in that naked state that Tunmise met her and started tickling her nipple.

When Joy opened her eyes and saw what Tunmise was doing, her nipples had already become hard and she was turned on again so she left Tunmise who soon started sucking her boobs. The next time Joy opened her eyes, it was because she sniffed pussy and before she knew it, she was sucking Tunmise’s pussy. Tunmise also returned the favour and Joy could not believe how good Miss Innocent was with her tongue.

Her tongue caressed her pussy that had been bullied by Ade’s dick and since that day, they were not just roomies and coursemates, but sex partners. Tunmise’s boldness sometimes took Joy unawares. She may have a bigger physique and sex appeal but she did not think she could stand Tunmise’s wildness which everybody could not see

Tunmise once begged Joy to fuck her before they left for class but Joy refused because they were late already and she had to make that class so she dragged Tunmise to class. Tunmise surprised Joy when she made sure they sat at an angle in class and directed Joy’s hand to her pussy.

All through that class, Tunmise was cumming on Joy’s fingers. It was also Tunmise that offered herself to Prof. Kolade and fucked the man to the extent he gave her a rate 40/40 CA score when she submitted an empty sheet. It was also Tunmise that linked Joy and Prof. Kolade.

When she felt properly rested, she quietly left his office for class when she met Jason smiling from ear to ear. All through the classes for the day, he kept on sending hails her way with a mischievous smile.

Joy knew something was up but she found out what it was when she got home and Jason texted her saying she really tried with all the fucking she took earlier in the day. Before Jason could threaten her with blackmail, she asked him if he would like to fuck her.

He greedily answered and fixed a meeting for the weekend but they disagreed over the location. Jason wanted it to be in his hostel and Joy would have had no issues with it but Tunmise asked that she bring Jason over instead.

Even though Tunmise claimed it was because she did not want Jason and his friends to gang up on Joy and turn her into his sex toy with blackmail, Joy understood that Tunmise wanted her to bring Jason over so they could gang up on him and share his dick.

The matter did not drag on for too long as Jason was desperate to have sex with Joy so he agreed to come to her hostel with the assurance that Tunmise would not be around.

For the rest of the days of the week, Dr. Ndoko prepared herself for the weekend. She hoped in her mind that Ade would keep his promise and not sleep with anybody till the weekend. She needed his tank to be full so she could empty it. She got home that night only for Akemi to arrive some minutes later.

She knew her sister would not leave that night but she expected Akemi to leave the next day before Ade arrived. The next morning, Akemi was touring the house in her undies and did not look like she had plans to leave.

Ndoko wanted the house to herself and Ade, she had prepared all week for this and she would not have her plans ruined so she asked Akemi when she would leave. Akemi jokingly told Ndoko that she was hanging around to see if Ndoko’s boys would come around and maybe she could get down with one of them.

Just the thought of it made Ndoko flare up. How could her blood sister think of sleeping with the same boys she was sleeping with? She scolded Akemi and Akemi quickly played it off as a joke so that her sister would calm down. Ndoko went in for a shower and Akemi prepared a cup of tea for her. Once she finished the shower, Akemi went in to take a shower too and by the time she returned, Ndoko was lying flat on the bed asleep with her towel wrapped around her chest.

She put her hands akimbo and smiled at a work well done. She rínsed the remaining undissolved sleeping tablet out of the teacup and replaced it. She untied her towel to admire her Sexy body when the doorbell rang. She quickly tied her towel and went to check who was at the door.

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