December 6, 2023
Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc V(18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc V(18+)

With both hands and legs tied to the bed posts and a dick in her mouth with a firm grip holding her head in place so the dick could get to her throat, Ndoko could not mount resistance and Ade’s finger eventually entered her asshole. It tightened around it in reflex and the boys all laughed at the look on her face when her ass was penetrated.

She heard the other one call her a little, hot bitch and tapped her left boob. It bounced and he did it again and again saying she was too hot for her age. The way the boys were explicitly complimenting her physique while doing all sorts of derogatory things to her made her feel sexy and hot within herself.

Her pussy became wetter and now Ade had started fingering her asshole. Her eyes were all red from the dick she was blowing but the guy did not look like he planned to stop soon.

She saw the boy look down at Ade’s position but had no idea what they had planned for her. They started to untie her. She knew something else was coming, she could guess what it was but part of her had also accepted and wanted it.

She was taken aback when the guy tapping her boobs lay on the bed holding his dick up but she knew she was to ride the dick. She mounted it without being asked and she went down on it letting the nasty feeling through her body, the boy fucking her mouth earlier held her down and the one whose dick she had in her held her ass cheeks and spread them apart.

They were about to fill both of her holes at the same time. Her pussy dripped more just at the thought of it. She relaxed her body more hoping the penetration would be smooth if she relaxed.

The first contact between her pussy and Ade’s dick stung her, she had to cover her mouth with both palms to reduce her screams but she did not dislodge the dick.

The guy under fucked his dick into her gently and his gentle thrusts pushed her back gently letting Ade’s dick sneak into her ass. She did not know when she had up to half Ade’s dick in her ass but she felt full and when the guy below thrust into her pussy, her body was passed to Ade who fucked her ass hole gently passing her back to the guy under and promptly returned her to adé with his dick.

Her body shook furiously and she came harder than she had ever cum in her entire life. She heard Adé call her a bitch and say something about the orgasm she just had.
She cared less about what they said or did to her body. She wanted more of what just happened to her.
That orgasm hit her body like wildfire and she wanted to taste it again.

“Please, please, fuck me, fuck me harder” she whispered through her sobs and the boys laughed at how shameless their dicks had made their lecturer become. She heard someone say
“Plug that bitch’s mouth, make her not go shout because he go soon begin hot”. Before she could deduce who made the statement, the last guy was already standing on the bed pushing his dick into her mouth without permission and grabbing her hair.

Ndoko did not let him fuck her mouth before she started to suck his dick so that he does not choke her. Adé however had other plans as he held her wrists behind her, over her ass and the guy beneath her also reclined himself on his elbows.

They started to fuck her again but they fucked her harder this time. She could not scream as there was a dick in her mouth.

The three of them went quiet and focused all their energy on fucking Dr Ndoko. Her tears mixed with the sweat on her face.

Adé would not let go of her wrist, the boy held her waist and the one fucking her mouth did not let go of her hair. They all held her in vantage positions to help them fuck her with lesser fuss. She enjoyed every hit of dick. There was no way she would not be dick àti ed by these boys. They hit her harder, she knew they were getting close but she was close to her orgasm too.

The boy in her mouth quickly pulled out and came on her face and inside her opened mouth. He gave her the opportunity to moan and scream out to her heart’s content. The boy under her also came in her pussy forcing another aggressive orgasm through her body.

Her body was still shaking from that orgasm when Ade grabbed her waist and began to fire hard into her ass hole. It drove her wild and her boobs bounced everywhere before the other boys grabbed one each and began to suck on them driving her more crazy. Adé continued fucking her ass hole hard till she started to squirt.

He pulled out and came all over her ass cheeks. She lay there, thoroughly used. All her holes were sore and they ached a little by the time she woke and the boys had left her with a scattered bedroom. When she spoke to Akemi later in the evening, she had lost her voice and Akemi started hyping over the phone telling her the boy must have done a great job. When she revealed to Akemi that it was three boys instead of one.

Ndoko felt shy as her sister hailed her from the other side of the phone saying she was the latest hottest bad bitch in town.

Ndoko was urged to narrate how things went down between her and the boys. After she told Akemi, Akemi teased whether Ndoko could invite them over so they can fuck both of them at once.

Ndoko tried to scold Akemi for her naughty suggestion but Akemi quickly responded saying Ndoko was just being stingy with the dicks and that if it were not for her advice, Ndoko would most likely still be sexually frustrated.

Ndoko thought of it for a minute after dropping the call, she and Akemi, blood sisters, whored by freshers. Maybe it could be fun, she thought.

Ndoko was prancing all around her house all through the weekend. She was just happy for no reason. Those boys helping her hit back-to-back orgasms have helped her enter a phase of happiness she had not reached in a long time. She could not wait for another encounter with them.

The new week started with a fresh attitude. She greeted people with an original smile on her face. Even the ever-annoying old secretary could not annoy her that morning and when Prof Kolade sent for her about three times that morning, she did not get angry at any point, not even when he complimented the shape of her big boobs, she took the compliment with a smile and told him to thank you.

He must have been taken aback by how she reacted to him but he did not show it.

When Ndoko returned to her office to finish some paperwork, there was a knock on her door. She predicted it was her new favourite student, Ade. She pulled her blouse down a bit to serve him the sight of her luscious cleavage, he deserved it for the splendid work he and his friend did last weekend.

She would urge him to touch her boobs and give her some smooch before he leaves her office for sure and if things degenerate into a quickie, so be it. Prof. Kolade walked in as soon as she asked the person outside to come in. She was disappointed. He started a small talk about being thankful that Ndoko was taking care of his son for him.

She smiled and said no problem. In her mind, she laughed at the fact that it was his son that was taking care of her.

The man did not stop to sit, he walked close to where Dr Ndoko sat. He stood over her, she thought he was looking at her paperwork until he stated that Ndoko has nice boobs and he finds it so hard to take his eyes off them.

That was when she remembered that she had pulled her blouse down earlier and she did not pull it back up when Prof. Kolade came in.

She looked to her side and his hard-on could be clearly seen in his trousers. Her mouth opened in surprise. Why would this man own a dick as long as that? She then remembered that his son was also just that long so it must be hereditary.

She felt like grabbing the dick and having the Professor focus her right there based on what she heard the girls in class talk about in the group but she controlled herself and looked away. Everywhere felt quiet and suddenly, two palms grabbed her boobs from behind.

She forced her moan back down her throat. Then prof came close to her ears and whispered, let me take care of you. He said those words as softly as he could and squeezed her boobs too forcing her to moan. He said,

“I love that sound of yours, let’s do it, please”.

Ndoko wanted to turn him down, she couldn’t sleep with father and son but her pussy was beginning to become wet again.

Written by Reezy Sama

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