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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc [Finale] (18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Naughty Scandalous Doc [Finale] (18+)

For the rest of the week, Ndoko could not believe she allowed a boy half her age not only to make love to her but also, he made love to her sister in her presence. Her pain lay in the fact that she enjoyed every bit of it but her conscience would not give her breathing space.

She could not openly admit that watching her sister get fucked turned her on more than ever, she could not admit that when Akemi lay on her back and Ade was giving her some wild backshots, it made her wet more than usual.

She wanted to join the duo of Ade and Akemi when Akemi was riding him right in her presence but her conscience played a great part in turning her away from that act. It was a sexy sight and she could see her sister’s cunt juices running down Ade’s shaft.

She put her all into using her thighs to squeeze her pussy as her wetness found its way into her towel but she could not join still for her conscience and a mixture of morals and a lot of jealousy.

Ndoko was unhappy with the fact that Ade took a liking to Akemi. This had become a worry for her but her major source of worry was that she craved pussy juice. She wanted to eat pussy and suck the juice out of it but she would not want it to be her sister’s pussy, that would oppose her morality even though she knew Akemi would be more than willing to bust her pussy open for her to eat against especially as she had forced her to eat the pussy twice in one day.

She could still taste Akemi’s juices in her mouth but she knew she would never ask Akemi, however, she needed a pussy to suck. The urge was so bad she started to see the female students in her class differently and it did not take long for her to remember a particular “JOY” that was called out for lesbianism in the anonymous link she shared when she was fishing for a student fuckmate.

Once the name rang through her head, she knew she had an outlet already but she needed to get to joy first and after she satisfied her cravings, she would find a way to get back at Ade.

Joy, how would she approach Joy without seeming like a desperate oldie? It was easy with Ade because he sought her out, how does she seek a lesbian out? Akemi could not be sought for advice at this time, and Ndoko understood Akemi would offer her pussy instead.

After a lot of thinking, she stepped out of her office for some air and coincidentally, she saw Joy slip into Prof. Kolade’s office as usual. She made sure to wait around and stay hidden. It took about 30 minutes for Joy to exit the professor’s office. She straightened herself and wiped her mouth clean after stepping out of the office.

She watched out of the corner of her eyes as Joy disappeared and a naughty stroke of idea popped in her head. She gave it the day off and the next day, she sent for Joy to meet her in her office. Once Joy sat, she started a conversation by asking Joy how Professor Kolade was treating her. Joy did not budge and she claimed there was nothing between her and the Professor other than academics.

Ndoko realized her plan was not working as she had hoped then she quickly switched up by telling Joy that she knew the Prof was blackmailing and harassing her and she could help Joy put an end to it because the Prof was harassing her — Ndoko too.

Joy had nothing to tell Ndoko especially because what she had with Prof Kolade was mutual so she said nothing and Ndoko had no option but to dismiss her with a frustrated sigh. Just as Joy got close to the door, Ndoko asked if Joy would rather remain as Prof Kolade’s toy to suck his dick every day or if she would like to get her pussy sucked by her.

Joy immediately stopped before she slowly turned around to face Ndoko who was now walking towards her. Ndoko let Joy know that she knew of her sexuality and unlike Prof Kolade who had turned her into a cocksucking fucktoy, she would like to pleasure Joy but in exchange, Joy had to cooperate with her. Joy stood there mummified as Dr. Ndoko grabbed her boob and gave it a firm squeeze before she gave her kisses on her neck and started to go down on her.

Joy’s brain went into override, she never imagined Dr. Ndoko would be involved in this sort of thing. While her brain was doing a lot of thinking, her body was doing a lot of reacting to Dr Ndoko’s touch, and by the time her trouser was pulled down, she was already a wet mess.

Ndoko had her work right there in front of her, especially because Joy wore no panties. She took a lungful sniff of the pussy and it scented deliciously already. She wasted no time in diving into the pussy with her mouth making sure to first clear off all the juice it had before.

Ndoko grabbed both of Joy’s legs apart as she dived deeper into her pussy making Joy lose her balance as she came furiously and needed to stretch one of her hands back to hold on to the door before using her other hand to hold on to Ndoko’s head. Ndoko was not ready to let her go and she ate the pussy more with more aggression trying to satisfy her newfound hunger for pussy juice. This time when Joy came, she begged Ndoko to stop.

When both of them locked eyes, Ndoko’s nose, mouth, and chin were all smothered in Joy’s juices. Joy pulled her up and shared a kiss with her licking up all the juice on her face. After they broke their kiss, Ndoko returned to her desk with Joy trailing behind and once she sat, she asked Joy once again what the relationship between her and Prof Kolade was. Feeling more relaxed, Joy rambled on about how the Professor was sleeping with her and her friend to help them pass his courses and how they are obliged to answer his call every time he beckoned.

Ndoko was absent-minded to Joy’s ramblings and all the vivid explanations she was giving, she instead fiddled with her phone, and by the time Joy was done talking, Ndoko had sent a text to Professor Kolade asking him to meet her at her place by the weekend for that thing that he had always wanted.

Joy finished her discussion and was dismissed and Ndoko reached out to Ade later in the evening asking if he could pay her for a visit by the weekend if he was not busy. Ade happily confirmed that he was available that weekend and quickly chipped in the question “Will Akemi come too?” much to the annoyance of Ndoko but she swallowed it and told Ade she had a surprise for him that weekend.

Everything was set in motion, Prof. Kolade would spend the next few days stroking his dick by the mirror while he checked whether his stomach had not grown too big, Ade snuck into his dad’s chamber to steal another tablet as he had done the week before, he needed to put on that kind of show again. The ladies would not know his secret but he would fuck the shit out of them.

On Friday night, Ndoko paid Akemi a visit and the end of the visit required Akemi to go on a trip to check on their mother the next day, another plot by Ndoko to keep her sister away from coming to her house and ruining her weekend plans. By Saturday morning, Ndoko’s plans had begun to materialize with Akemi calling to notify Ndoko that she was already on her way to see their mum.

She spent the rest of the morning preparing the room and bed and by the time Ade arrived, she was just preparing to shower. She gave him a naughty welcome kiss which involved grabbing his hard dick through his trousers and Ade was more than eager to tear into sweaty Ndoko but she asked him to sit and let her shower and also wait for her surprise. Ndoko enjoyed the warm water splashing on her body.

Ade, on the other hand, got himself butt naked and laid on the bed with his dick standing upright as he awaited Ndoko and Akemi. Ndoko came out and saw the man-meat on her bed, she was tempted to jump at it and ride it like a horse but she was saved by the doorbell which prompted her and Ade to look up in delight.

She went for the door stark naked and opened up for Prof. Kolade. He almost had a heart attack seeing Ndoko in her full glory. Perky boobs, snatched stomach, well-rounded hips, and hard nipples. She gave him a happy hug pressing his head into her lush boobs and he rose to the occasion with immediate effect by locating her nipples with his mouth.

He sucked them with aggression as he had always wanted to and while he sucked her boobs, Ndoko undid his buttons and they clattered to her room to meet a surprised naked Ade. While he was stark naked his father was almost stark naked as his trouser was just sliding off his ass revealing his hard-on from his boxers.

They said no words to each other but started to pick up their clothing and were preparing to leave when Ndoko grabbed her phone and plated the confession she got from Joy over her sound system.

Father and son stopped in their tracks and Ndoko made them understand that her demands were simple, she has sex with the professor and his son watches them, if they do not agree, the audio would be shared with the school authorities before they got home and she had several copies in hands of people that would share on her behalf if they did not hear from her in four hours.

The professor had no problem with her demands but Ade was almost close to tears knowing he could not jeopardize his father’s career and knowing he would remain hung while he watch Ndoko get fucked. He stood beside the bed watching his father whip out his long hard dick, Ndoko lay on the bed with her legs spread apart, Prof. moved close to her and held her legs, bent them, and rested them on her boobs.

He penetrated her slowly absorbing the hot sensation his dick milked from just penetrating her pussy. Ndoko had both hands covering her mouth. She knew the man had a big dick but she never knew he would penetrate her so deep. After the first few gentle thrusts, she began to get accustomed to his size and he was able to gradually increase his pace. Ade watched on with his dick getting harder in his dick and was left with no other choice than to start stroking his dick.

When Prof turned Ndoko around and got busy spreading her leg, Ade slipped into the kitchen like he did the first day he visited Ndoko, he found the oil again and quickly poured half on his dick before joining them in the bedroom. This time, the room was filled with sexual aroma, he watched in awe as his father’s dick furiously slid in and out of Ndoko’s pussy, and her whitish pussy cream coated his dick.

Professor Kolade was having a nice time with Dr. Ndoko’s pussy as he held her by the waist and continued to ram his dick into her. He was spanking her butt cheeks and driving her wild before he eventually came at her with a loud groan before he pulled his still-hard dick out of her. Ndoko gestured to Ade to come over.

He quickly let go of his hard dick that has refused to release even with his aggressive wanking. When he got to her, she opened her pussy to him and asked him to eat her pussy. He was sceptical since his father had just cum in her pussy but she pushed his head down and urged him on. When he licked her pussy clean, Ndoko beckoned the Prof to come and start round two.

The End

Written by Reezy Sama

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